23 Oct 2015

Liverpool Nightmare: Klopp confirms 'amazing' £18m star needs 'another scan' and admits he's 'not much better'

Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge has missed Liverpool's last two games, and unsurprisingly, the Reds have struggled to score in his absence. With Liverpool currently 10th in the Premier League table, there's a very real possibility that the club could skip down to 14th by the end of the weekend, which is why a win is absolutely vital against Southampton this Sunday. The possibility of winning will improve exponentially with Sturridge in the team, but based on Klopp's press conference today, there doesn't appear to much chance of the £18m striker making the team.

When asked today about Sturridge's availability for Sunday, Klopp told reporters:

"It [Sturridge's injury] is not much better. We have to see day by day. If he can train normally tomorrow, then he is an option. We have another treatment, another scan maybe, to see the fluid.

As confirmed by Klopp, 'amazing' Sturridge has 'swelling' on his knee, and according to the Mayo Clinic (a nonprofit worldwide leader in medical care):

"A swollen knee may be the result of trauma, overuse injuries, or an underlying disease or condition. Damage to any part of your knee can cause excess joint fluid to accumulate.

"Injuries that can cause fluid buildup in and around the knee joint include torn ligament (particularly the Anterior Cruciate Ligament); Cartilage (meniscus) tear, and irritation from overuse".

If Sturridge has to have another scan, it must mean that the medical team hasn't properly diagnosed the underlying issue.

It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the scan reveals that Sturridge has an ACL injury, and that's what's causing the swelling on his kneed.

Fingers crossed it's not anything like that, though.

On the plus side, Christian Benteke is fit again; the question is, for how long?

Like Sturridge, the Belgian striker is increasingly injury prone, and with the Reds struggling to score goals, the last thing Klopp needs is for Benteke to join Sturridge on the sidelines.

Even if Sturridge is passed fit for Sunday's game, he will inevitably get injured again within a few weeks, so there's no point relying on him.

Liverpool need to find a way to consistently get results without Sturridge, so even if he's fit for Sunday, I'd still start Benteke ahead of him.

In my view, Sturridge should be an impact sub for the foreseeable future. Let him prove he can remain fit playing 20-30 minutes a game (against tired players) before risking him from the start.

Author: Jaimie K


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