2 Sept 2015

'I Love LFC': Legendary boss confirms he'd 'like to manage' Liverpool. Rodgers beware?

Back in November 2014, when Brendan Rodgers was under severe pressure after a poor start to the season, several managers were alleged favourites to replace him at Anfield, including Rafa Benitez, Laurent Blanc, and Jurgen Klopp. At one point, Harry Redknapp became 8-1 second favourite to succeed Rodgers, and now, the ex-Spurs boss has publicly confirmed that managing Liverpool is his dream appointment.

At a Virgin Media event on Tuesday, Redknapp - who is currently on a break from football management - enthused:

"I love Liverpool football club. If you said to me ‘what team would I like to manage in this country’ it’d be Liverpool, any day of the week".

Redknapp at Anfield? It sounds improbable, but back in 2010, the Reds allegedly pursued him to replace Rafa Benitez. At the time, Sky Sports reported:

"Liverpool are planning a shock move for Harry Redknapp. The Spurs boss has emerged as a leading contender for the Reds hierarchy as they aim to bring stability back to Merseyside".

In hindsight, Redknapp probably would've been a better option than Roy Hodgson, but whether he'd have lasted any longer is debatable.

Rodgers recently presided over the club's first 3-0 home defeat in fifty years, and if results continue to nosedive, fans will inevitably call for managerial change (some have already reached that stage), and Redknapp's name will probably arise again.

If FSG decide to scrap Rodgers, is Redknapp a viable option to replace him? Not chance (IMO).

Jamie Redknapp will undoubtedly approve of the appointment (!), but I suspect that the majority of Liverpool fans will never accept Redknapp as a long-term option.

Like Guus Hiddink - another oft-mentioned candidate - Redknapp is too old; and when it comes to tactical acumen (especially in Europe), it's doubtful that he's a significant upgrade on Rodgers.

I like Redknapp - he's a straight-talking, down-to-earth, no-BS kind of guy, with good man-management skills, and renowned ability in the transfer market. Ten years ago, he would've been a decent option, but time waits for no man, and Redknapp's time has passed.

A Redknapp-managed Liverpool is an intriguing proposition, though, and it's interesting to think about what that would like. Stranger things have happened, and right now, Redknapp is at 33-1 to replace Rodgers.

'No wonder he's in the f***ing reserves'. Never gets old ;-)

It'll be interesting to see the result of this poll:

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