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20 Nov 2014

Benitez vs. Klopp: Who should replace BR? LFC fans give their verdict & the winner is....

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When it rains, it pours. Daniel Sturridge's latest injury setback means that the pressure on Brendan Rodgers is set to intensify, and with Liverpool's attacking players abjectly failing to score goals, it's conceivable that Rodgers' Anfield reign could come to an end sooner rather than later. In my view, the manager doesn't deserve to be replaced mid-season, but in the ruthless world of football, there's every chance it will happen. If FSG give Rodgers the red-card, who should replace him?

According to UK Bookmakers, there are currently five leading candidates to replace Rodgers:

* Rafa Benitez
* Jurgen Klopp
* Laurent Blanc
* Martin O'Neill
* Roberto Martinez

Earlier this week, I conducted a poll on the site asking which of the above managers is the best choice to replace Rodgers:

* 16730 visitors (approx) participated in the poll (which is still ongoing)
* 50% chose Benitez; 45% chose Klopp

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-19at215220_zpsff8ceedf.png

Clearly, Benitez still retains an incredible level of support amongst Liverpool fans, and whilst the speculation over Rodgers job continues, the Spaniard will almost certainly remain the fans' number one choice to take over.

Given a straight choice between Klopp and Benitez, I'd take Klopp, but despite his success with Borussia Dortmund, there are no guarantees that he'll be able to replicate his success in the Premier League.

And please, for the love of God, enough with the calls for Guus Hiddink. Every time there's speculation over the Liverpool job, fans suggest the Dutchman for the role, but for me, it makes no sense to make that appointment.

Hiddink is 68! He's clearly far too old to be anything but a short-term stop-gap, and he hasn't managed a club side (full-time) for over 8 years. FSG appointed Rodgers with the (obvious) goal of building a long-term legacy at Anfield, and if he is replaced, the next manager should be given a similar brief, and that means appointing someone much younger than Hiddink (!)



  1. Dortmund are currently hovering in the relegation zone of the Bundesliga. Sure, they had some good years, but if the criticism of Rodgers is current team form and the inability to replace star players who have left well ... Dortmund are in a far worse position. I'm not really convinced of what Klopp would therefore bring to the club? He can't stop players leaving for big clubs, so he's obviously not a draw-card as a "name" manager. Tactically speaking his team are currently total rubbish in a league that I think we could fairly say is not as competitive as the Premier League. I think the risk that Klopp would fail in England is therefore quite high. All his shortcoming as a manager are on the table right now. Benitez, on the other hand, has proven himself at multiple clubs in different leagues. He'd be far less of a risk.

  2. Stick with BR this season.

  3. I stated on here weeks ago that I thought Brendan Rogers is not likely to survive until next season.
    Rogers should be given until the end of this season and like with Kenny Dalglish IF after spending over £100 million of FSG's Money doesn't achieve a Top spot he should be moved on.
    Let me firstly say that no one can say that FSG have not backed either Kenny or Brendan.
    WHEN Brendan is replaced he cannot ARGUE he wasn't given funds, backing or time.
    I also going to repeat what I said weeks ago, which is that BR is a YOUNG Manager and a very good one at that.
    When he was sacked before at Reading he learned from it and went on to Swansea and look how well he did.
    Liverpool is is FIRST big time job and he's making mistakes as we can all see.
    The problem as I've said is that I have always felt that another CLUB will benefit from it not Liverpool.
    He's the kind of manager that in 7 years will probably be one of the best in Europe.
    However right now he's not and he's somewhat overwhelmed and has behaved like a kid in a sweetshop with his purchases.
    BR doesn't have the ability to bring in the truly elite players due to most of them not knowing who he is.
    Take the Champions League game against Real Madrid, at the press conference when Steven Gerrard was sitting next to BR, it was clear that Gerrard had far more experience in the Champions League than BR did.
    Players DO read forums, players do go on what Managers have achieved.

  4. Neither, Benitez is old hat, and we don't need to be looking backwards, only forwards.. Klopp can't keep his best players for some reason, I don't claim to know what it is, but If your the 2nd best team in the country and all the best players want out, you have to wonder why.... Klopp is all about the image, but why are we all over him in the relagation spots, and want rid of a man who is 4 pts from 4th.. There is some failed logic going on here...

  5. And thats with superstar players such as Reus, Gundogen, Bender, Hummels and a few very good players to compliment them... Compared to LFC they are of superior quality... It's not always about the manager, players have to take responsibility for their own performances when they cross that white line... A manager can only guide the game... Man U scaked Moyes and brought in the Name, but he isn't doing any better than Moyes. The players chose to let Moyes down...

  6. First off the German League has become very much like the Scottish League. Bayern have so much more spending power then any other team that nobody can compete with them and due to the current rules it will only get worse.

    It is next to impossible to keep your best players when they know they can move to another team, get paid twice the money and have guaranteed CL football every season.

    Secondly, Klopp has at times this season had up to 8 first team players out injured.

    Take Chelsea's 8 best players out of their side for a few weeks and see how they do.

    They have been absolutely devastated with injuries this season.

  7. But who is a better option? Would Rafa really do a better job? Rodgers produced the best season of PL football by any Liverpool team in over 20 years. Isn't that something we should try and replicate?

  8. Zvawada Unozviwana7:32 am, November 20, 2014

    No need to press the panic baton yet. Win two cosecutive games and you are in top 4. After all, BR is not naive. He will correct the situation. I retain my faith in BR. Re-hiring RB in my book is not the solution. Might as well raid Southampton for Koeman!

  9. Why should the club go backwards with Benitez??That would be really stupid. He's had his chance.
    Klopp could work but I'm not sure he'd suit LFC.Unless we bring in Pep, Ancelotti or someone of that calibre, I reckon we should stick with Rodgers.
    He's shown us he can produce, given the right players.
    Bad transfer deals means we take the responsibility away from him and have a dedicated scout/recruiter who understands his philosophy.
    Lets not be another Chelsea hey.

  10. and the next I reckon.

  11. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:37 am, November 20, 2014

    "Rodgers should be given until the end of the season"

    imagine if chelsea thought like you with AVB they would have no cl or fa cup
    imagine if crystal palace thought like taht with ian holloway they would be in championship
    imagine if sunderland gave di canio till the end of the seasons and not appointed poyet they would be in the championship
    imagine if liverpool left roy in charge we would be in the championship

    you could counteract me with sam allerdyce and alan pardew who were kept in their jobs but they have more pedigree and experience then rodgers

    im sorry but relegation is possible if you don't have a goalscorer you cant win games our situation reminds me of nowrich under cris hughton last year we . nowrich had fantastic midfilders like snodgrass,redmond ,johnson and fer

  12. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:40 am, November 20, 2014

    Why should we not be another chelsea
    do we not want to win games and trophies ?

    chelsea are the perfect example on how to build a strong sustainable club look at the profits they are making
    maybe their fans are not great but as a club they are perfect . chelsea ,bayern and juventus should be our inspirations

    mourinho came back but chelsea have not gone backwards but forwards best chelsea side since 05/06 mourinhos team

  13. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:43 am, November 20, 2014

    give BR a ten year contract
    maybe he might win a n power championship in that time

    what has rodgers done to deserve another year and dont give me we finished second last year that was all suarez and the other teams having new managers ?

  14. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:43 am, November 20, 2014

    no suarez produced the best season of pl football by any liverpool team

  15. NONE of those names will be the next manager.
    It'll be another cheap, 'up and coming, yes man', under the age of 40.

  16. You can't seriously argue that Rodgers had nothing to do with it and was simply an accidental passenger. If the manager is blamed for the current poor form then he is to be equally acknowledged for the good form. He played his part and set up the team for Suarez to do well. Suarez also didn't really hit his best form until he played under Rodgers.

  17. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:51 am, November 20, 2014

    simple logic as to why that was the case
    suarez was at his peak
    like torres was at his peak in 07/08

    but even then look at arsene wenger he survived after RVP left he replaced them fantastically

  18. Chelsea wrote-off 600 million pounds of spending from Abramovich through financial trickery. It was that money that got them in such a good position in the first place. They'll never pay that money back, not in 100 years.

  19. Nevergonnacrackthecode7:52 am, November 20, 2014

    i just had an idea ARSENE WENGER as manager
    arsenal fans don't appreciate what they have there is a wengers out campaign

    we appreciate our managers more and wenger will get much more respect here

    good idea?

  20. Chicken vs egg. Did the manager make the player or did the player make the manager? Torres spoke highly of Rafa's influence on his career. Suarez continues to speak very highly of Rodgers.

  21. Because BVB pay minimum wage

  22. Hmm, you have left me speechless.

  23. Oh really? All Suarez? What about that 14 match un beaten run where Suarez only scored 4-5 goals? That was our best run of form with BR making all the right tactical descisions. So please stop talking BS. Yes suarez was a big part but BR deserves most of the plaudits

  24. think before you talk, Suarez has played more than one season in LFC, according to you then LFC should be on top every season, mmmmm i don't think so, use your brain :)

  25. Maybe you need a name change hows abouts ................. ...I am never gunna sack the coach.

  26. Brought Swansea up and bringing us down

  27. I hope Rodgers turns it around and we can talk about more positive things, but I understand the frustration. I would like to see us hire someone to work with our beleaguered defence - how about Martin Keown? I watched one of his 'master classes' on BBC during the World Cup and it's just what our back 4 need.

  28. People are asking whether Rodgers *can* replicate that.

  29. I'd probably give Rodgers till the end of the season unless shit gets really bad, but the problem with BR is he doesn't *pick* the right players.

  30. See good things can come from bad :-)

  31. Imagine there's no heaven....

  32. Are his initials NGCTC?

  33. All Suarez??Shows how much of our last campaign you followed.Lets leave LFC matters to LFC supporters hey.

  34. I'd say Simeone.... if not available Benitez

  35. Simeone is the one. But only if BR fails terribly this season.

  36. tho doubt he'll ever come here.

  37. Elsewhere......Bony signs new 1 yr deal at Swansea....

  38. Klopp is the obvious one of course, he also has a good eye for players. I don't think we would see Klopp spending £15M on Allen.

    Currently he isn't doing too well but if he wants a home feel then Liverpool is the club.

    As for Benitez, I feel that he hasn't really done much since he has left apart from his stint at Chelsea which I do no begrudge him at all.

    If he comes back would he be a better manager than when he left? Has he improved on his weaknesses? Would the brand of football he plays be appeasing to the owners?

    One thing is for sure...under him we would not concede 50 goals. He is another coach who "gets" Liverpool too.

    Simeone is a good call too. For me... Klopp, Simeone or Benitez although I have my reservations.

    Under Benitez Sterling would probably become a solid AMC.

    And he would likely say to Henderson: " You run too much" like he did to Gerrard when he 1st came to LFC.

  39. Probably with a clause inserted.

  40. So Rory Smith, amongst a host of other journos, are saying that Sturridge has a crappy mentality towards his injuries, and Rodgers is getting increasingly pi**ed off with him about it. Makes my belief that Daniel needs to harden the f*** up even stronger.
    Smith: 'On both occasions, the striker was told by his medical team that he was ready to train before he felt he was', i.e. Sturridge is super anal about making sure he is 100%. Also, Sturridge needed twice the amount of rest normally needed for a thigh strain (usually 12-20 days), and about a month for the calf strain. Seriously, since when do people need that much rest for a strain!?

  41. I think people are falling over themselves for the likes of Klopp and Benitez. Sure, it would be pretty cool for Benitez to make a return and lead us to success once more. And, if an English club did take a punt on Klopp I'd be happy if it was Liverpool some time in the future.

    But, both managers play 4-2-3-1 which everyone is having a cry about this season, and would either bench Gerrard? Would any incoming manager address the real issues that the team is facing right now? I'm not so sure. If Rodgers wasn't so egotistical we'd be at least 4th this season. Rodgers should definitely stay but the clock is ticking, the club needs to turn performances and results around before the season is a write-off.

  42. We all haven't got a clue apparently.rogers took great lengths to say Sturridge was injured with England squad due to the incorrect programme being used and once he back at lfc all will be well,blah blah,we'll this special program that we have clearly isn't working is it ,maybe Rogers should devise a special training program that will enable Sturridge to return to his other special program then he can return to training as normal.give me a break.its never gonna happen but how about ., Hello daniel ,here's 100k for this weeks work,we would like you to run around a lot ,get fit then be available for our next match,if by any chance you feel a hamstring or calf,inform us and if we think you should carry on then just do until we let you know otherwise,but by if you say you can't play unless completely problem free ,you aren't going to play many games ,as the100k comes with the risk of a calf or thigh strain etc,the club can't keep on waiting for you to be100% as that's never gonna happen,so if YOU think you can't at least try to train then I'm sorry but next weeks 100k is on hold,until you think you can rejoin the normal world, These now men have been indulged since childhood in some cases, just get on with it ,let our medical team decide if you can't play,stop being so hairy fairy, I'm currently in work on break ,arthritis in spine,dodgy knee, on 10.00 per hour, with 4 kids,you will earn more this week while INJURED than I will in next 5 years,get on with it or go

  43. There is nothing wrong with any formation so long as you have the players who can fill those roles that are required of it.

    BR is sticking to a formation and tactic that does not suit the players he has available. That is why BR a decent manager and not a great manager.

    A Great Manger is able to adapt to any given set of circumstances, so far BR has yet to do this and is blindly sticky to something which everybody is in agreement with, does not work.

  44. No we need klopp hes a brilliant coach also we wont have to change our style of play which i like benitez has had his chance plus Klopp is younger more loyal to the cause has got a brilliant record developing players has won loads of trophies Klopp PLEASE!

  45. Yes and I will use my private jet.

  46. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:13 am, November 20, 2014

    as i said suarez was at his peak the best player in the world last year

  47. Nevergonnacrackthecode11:17 am, November 20, 2014

    suarez and a bit of sturridge and sterling
    i am a big lfc fan a fan who constantly thinks of the well being of his club
    if you think keeping Rodgers is best for lfc fine thats your opinion

    but i believe there was a reason why reading sacked him
    at swansea he inherited martinez project and at liverpool kenny daglishs players

    he had his chance to stamp his own authority for the first time since reading and is failing right now

  48. If it's really true that sturridge is extending his injury lapse longer than he should be, then I don't understand why he makes all these social media posts about how he's missing the game so much, and how he just can't wait to play again. If he were really that desperate, he'd listen to the doctors.

  49. Think it's a bit of over indulgence,know my own body best,can't dispute the lads ability but ,the job seems difficult enough for Rogers at the moment without this,bigger picture is ,can't see us getting through to next stage of champions league now,would have had some hope with a fit Sturridge,how do you think this will affect our league position by the time he is fit and how will Rogers fare if we are 9th or 10 th after Xmas,with current performances that's all I would expect

  50. Rodgers demonstrated such adaptability last season. No one knows what he is doing this season though. He doesn't even play those who have shown some form.

  51. Pedigree? Rodgers had managed more top clubs than both those men. He has managed in champions league whereas they haven't. Ok all this has happened with us but that still means his pedigree is higher. He had challenged for yhe league they are just challenged. Experience yes but pedigree no. Rodgers is needing to build that pedigree with experience yet for all their experience they have no pedigree.

  52. Well Sturridge is up himself. Most revel in all the social media fame.

    I don't read anything similar to you so I'm not sure about the integrity of the info, but it's an interesting point of view. People return from leg breaks sooner than Sturridge does from a knock. Can't argue against his goals for us, but stats schmats, if it's true it's not a player I'd pick on my team. I'd personally take him out Carra style. Get that into ya!

  53. well somebody had to say it

  54. Well he is getting injured straight away so suggests he isn't fully recovered. I know Rodgers was annoyed by Enrique not taking his recovery period seriously

  55. We'll your popular today aren't we,at least you haven't got your head in sand,agree fully over Rogers, I'm looking no further than Benitez mate.he gets a bit of stick does rafa ,but one mans aquillani is another mans Andy carrol.suporters only remember the Alonso affair, rafas team of 09 against Rogers team of last season ,would back rafas despite Suarez,

  56. Dalglish's players?? Carol? Downing?Hendo? Carol and Downing were flops and rightfully sold.He transformed Hendo into something worthwhile.
    Suarez did very little when Dalglish was around so that's another point, apart from the obvious, that renders your 'Suarez only' talk moot.
    Our players speak highly of him but you can't please everybody.
    And PS. No real LFC fan would have a user name as such mate. You not fooling anyone here.
    You rave on more about Chelsea and how we should look at them as a club role model?? C'mon dude! With all this talk about shifting managers without opportunity and I'd say you're a proper Chelsea fan.

  57. B R has got to ATTACK AGAIN - he could yet save his job but must play people in their correct positions -lets start with LAZAR and BORINI and tell them to work work work - Message to LAZAR - you have told us how great you are - now lets see if you can match it on the pitch - PUT UP OR SHUT UP P S Nathan Cleverley all the way at the Echo on Saturday night - GO GO NATH

  58. B R is a nice guy - not many of those about - I sincerely hope he turns it around - the football we played last year was the best for over 20 years - dont want any more of RAFAS 1-0 up lets defend boys - ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK

  59. Unless you know br personally ,we only see what we are seeing in interviews etc, it's called PR , they are all trained in how to conduct themselves to the media,guess you don't want any more of the calibre of players rafa bought eh, reina anger masch Alonso ,Torres etc,now we are trying to big up mediocre players like ballotelli,markovic ,borini,might have been exiting to watch last season but never gonna succeed with kamikaze defending.take a 1 nil every day mate,

  60. Brendan Rodgers should get till at least the E.O the season. Yes he`s made mistakes but I don`t think he`s been alone. The club in general have been naive in their thinking of signing Balloteli and "others" who as of yet have not performed. The situation we find ourselves at the moment is ridiculous but it wasnt that long ago we where nearly going bust. We need to build on last season which was always going to be difficult once Suarez left. I have no doubt we will be back so for now get behind the team and Rodgers and asses our situation at the E.O the Season.


  62. Try using bold and italics as well. Oh, and throw in a few unnecessary exclamation points. Lots of 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Partially agree with you ,the fact we nearly went bust should be a lesson to all,one point is ,Rogers has signed 23 players inc loans ,so for arguments sake just take 20 in to do the sums , assume that the minimum wage is 50 k and the maximum is 90k on these players ,the average is 70 k pweek ,again some signed 4 some signed 5 year contracts ,so a rough guess is that the total package for the players signed is more than 500 million pound ,215 mill on fees and an excess of 300 million on contracts,then you have the likes of gerrard running to press stating how he hasn't been offered contract,again 2 year deal minimum 100 k per week is another 10 million ,can't keep doing it,the mantra was promote youth so we loan Ibe out and spend 20 million on markovic ,disgusting ,

  64. BR is a young manager who is now at a club where expectations are high. Hes struggling and making many mistakes.

    He would have done better with a DOF but he refused one. An experienced DOF would have helped him a lot. He made his bed and has to lie on it.

    FSG will not sack BR as many think. He might even end next season. But dont see him been LFC manager longterm.He merits at least this season from 2nd place finish last year. However if we dont get top 4 this season and fail to progress in UCL, his position would become untenable. If he gets the sack, BR will look back and his major failing would be his signings. It should have been a mixture of proven and young talents.

    It was inexperience of him to think he could get the best of Balotelli when more experienced European managers failed. He went on an ego trip with Balotelli and its backfiring.

    FSG will have a review of the season and signings. That will be a dent on his record with LFC if his signings dont improve by end of season.

    FSG thought about sacking BR once and will not hesitate to move in that direction if they feel hes not right guy but a new contract will be a strong point in his favor.

    But if BR is sacked, he will learn and be a better manager for next club. It always happen. He said he learned to be ruthless with players who were not up to the jog when he was sacked at Reading.

    Rudi Garcia, Lucien Favre, Klopp, Frank De Boer, Roger Schmidt, Laurent Blanc, Paul Clement, are some candidates. Think Benitez will not be one for LFC. De Boer, might be leading candidate. We went in for him before.

  65. If only we could get some emoji in there...

  66. Supposedly can't speak English.


  67. We appreciate our managers so much that we are calling for our current one to be replaced mid-season after matching our highest league finish in 25 years.

  68. thanks for that productive input mate

  69. well played, sir.

  70. Rafa was a top man during his spell at Liverpool and still much loved by the fans but I don't believe managers should ever go back. Jurgen Klopp is a vibrant young manager who was very successful in Germany until they sold his top players to Bayern. He has style, is happy and very different from the new managers we see today. He nurtures his relationship with the fans and ensures his team do likewise.
    However, it seems unlikely he will leave Borussia Dortmund - but you never can tell until you ask. He would be great for Liverpool - perhaps he could even bring Reus with him.

  71. Ohhhhhhhhh we just missed out on Malky 'it was just a joke' Mackay! we need to act quicker.

    None of the above please......

  72. Ifs, And's an Buts, you can't predict what "might" of happened, all your doing is speculating..

  73. I will stick with BR. Give time for things to settle and will see the results coming our way. We cannot pretend that after increasing the squad with a substantial number of players we have it right away. We have a team that is settling down and a number of promising youngsters knocking at he door of the first team. I am sure that we will make it through in the CL group and be better in the second part of the league. YNWA

  74. I'd take Rafa back with open arms, he has done a lot for our club that doesn't get a mention like his charity work, Hillsborough etc etc. I know he's not everyones favorite but you can guarantee he is LFC through an through, and he does have a decent track record and the wealth of experience needed to turn LFC around.

  75. I have never rated Brendan the only reason he did well with Liverpool last year was because of Luis Suarez and he was brought to Liverpool by Kenny. Rafa is the best man for Liverpool yes he left Liverpool because he couldn't get the money for top players off Hicks and Gilllette. The sooner Rafa comes back the better

  76. Is your intention to make sure that Liverpool never win anything again by constantly changing managers? That's what happens when you do that.

  77. That should not be a problem in Liverpool :-)

  78. Someone needs to stick up for Hairy Fairies. It can't be easy especially at Christmas