19 Nov 2014

LFC offer £10m star £6m deal after BR calls him 'one of the best in the world'. Mistake?

With his stubborn refusal to play two strikers, and a damaging allegiance to the failing 4231 formation, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is making costly mistakes this season, and his decision this week to offer Glen Johnson a new contract is yet another example of how LFC's manager is increasingly out of touch with the prevailing views of the club's fanbase.

According to the Daily Mail this week:

* Liverpool have offered Johnson a new two-year contract worth £60k a week (£6.2m over two years).

* Johnson is 'reluctant' to accept the reduced offer.

On one level, it's good that the club is trying to reduce the wage bill, but the key question is why offer Johnson a new deal at all?

* Johnson is - and always has been - a defensive liability, and offers next-to-nothing as an attacking force.

* His overall performance has incrementally regressed over the last couple of years, and this season, he's barely making an impact in his primary defensive role. For example, Johnson has completed only 9 successful tackles all season, which is barely one per game. Is that worth £60k a week?

* Johnson is a key part of one of LFC's worst defences in years, not only this season, but last season, too.

* Rodgers signed Manquillo and Moreno over the summer, so Johnson is not even needed at Anfield anymore.

* Roma are reportedly willing to match Johnson's ridiculous £120k a week wages, so why not just let him leave already?

Alas, Rodgers seems to rate Johnson highly, and he confirmed this in a recent interview, when he told reporters:

"We want to keep Glen here, and we feel that he has still got good years ahead of him. He's one of the best full-backs in the world. His [contract] will be a priority for us, especially if he continues in the form that he's in".

The fact that Rodgers genuinely believes that Johnson is 'outstanding' and 'one of the best full-backs in the world' says it all, really, and seriously calls into question his judgement on players.

Rodgers may rate Johnson, but LFC fans clearly do not share the same enthusiasm. I recently conducted a site poll asking fans whether Liverpool should keep or sell Johnson:

* 17450 (approx) people voted.
* A whopping 84% of participants voted for LFC to dump Johnson.

The good news is that £10m-rated Johnson is apparently 'reluctant' to accept the offer, which suggests that - like Rodgers - he has inflated view of his ability to make a difference for Liverpool FC.

On a related note: why is he 'reluctant' to accept a deal that will pay him £6.2m over two years? Once again, greed reigns supreme, and if Johnson really had any affection for LFC, he'd accept the deal and be grateful for it.



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