17 Sept 2015

LFC Player Ratings: Teen outshines 'amazing' £10m star; 'Sensational' attacker struggles; Rodgers sabotages Origi

It's now four games without a win for Liverpool, and if tonight's game proved anything, it's that boring, creatively bereft performances are pretty much guaranteed, irrespective of the team selected by Rodgers. It doesn't matter who plays, as long as the manager stubbornly refuses to change his inflexible approach (one up-front; square pegs in round holes etc), the Reds are going nowhere.

My Player Ratings

* Mignolet (5): Same old story: terrible distribution, which led to Liverpool regularly losing possession. The Belgian is seemingly incapable of finding a team-mate with any pass over 15 yards, and he continues to be a weak link in the team. I'd go so far as to call Mignolet a liability. He is an accident waiting to happen, and the sooner he is replaced, the better. Bogdan should've started.

* Gomez (6.5): Solid performance overall, but completed only two tackles for the entire 90 minutes, which seems a little light for a player at the heart of the defensive action. Failed to cut out a ball-juggling act, which led directly to Bordeaux's equaliser. Still, composed on the ball, and looks infinitely less likely than Dejan Lovren to make a costly goal-producing error.

* Sakho (8): Arguably LFC's man-of-the-match. Completed more tackles, interceptions, than any other defender (12 combined), and led by example with his direct, accurate passing (89% accuracy). More deserving of being vice-captain than James Milner (as are Skrtel, and Lucas).

* Can (5): Once again, I don't see the point of the allegedly 'amazing' Emre Can. Despite playing in central midfield and defence, he completed only ONE tackle for the entire game. Negligible impact going forward, and, in my view, the defensive unit looked less assured once Toure went off. At one point, Can [cost: £10m] went in for the same header as Gomez, and left a Bordeaux player free at the back post. Luckily, it didn't end in a goal, but better players will capitalise on those kind of mistakes.

* Rossiter (6): Decent debut performance. Completed four tackles (three more than Can), and weighed in with some important interceptions and clearances. 84% passing accuracy overall, which is above Liverpool's team average for the season. Too many mistimed tackles, though, that led to (potentially) dangerous free kicks.

* Coutinho (5.5): Buzzing around as usual, but one stunning shot aside, he contributed very little to the game. Seemed anonymous at times, and lost the ball in key areas on several occasions, which accounts for only 74% passing accuracy. Created two chances, but against comparatively inferior opposition, he should be doing better.

* Origi (4.5): Sabotaged before the game even started. Despite mountains of evidence to prove that lone strikers do not prosper at Anfield, Rodgers played Origi...as a lone striker. As such, he was isolated, and starved of anything resembling decent service. Will Rodgers change anything for Sunday's game? Not a chance. He'll pigheadedly persist with this failed strategy until he finally gets sacked.

* Moreno (6): Busy, and energetic, without really influencing the game. Weighed in with a couple of vital tackles, and played a sublime defence-splitting ball through to Origi, which could've ended in a goal if Origi had stayed onside (or had the ability to hit the target). Much more effective as a wing-back than a standard left-back.

* Lallana (5.5): One of Liverpool's most frustrating players. Pretty anonymous for most of the game. Created next to nothing in attack, and gave the ball away stupidly on 5 or 6 occasions (including, at one point, trying a silly back-heeled pass than went straight to the opposition). Scored a quality goal, but for £26m, Lallana should be scoring against Bordeaux. One goal means nothing, though, and since it's only his second goal in 22 hours of football, the triumphalism of some fans is a little premature.

* Ibe (4): Another game to forget, but that's what happens when a left winger with good attacking instincts is neutered by the manager and played as a wing-back. Ibe's confidence looks shot, and he can barely beat a man these days. That may also have something to do with the worrying predictably of his game, and if Ibe - who, according to Rodgers is 'sensational', 'outstanding, and 'terrific' - is to prove he's more than a one-trick pony, he has to start producing soon. It's 23 games without a goal now, yet Rodgers keeps giving Ibe the chance to play his way into form. Meanwhile, Joao Teixeira is totally ignored. It's a disgrace.

* Chirivella (6): Had a nervy five minutes after first coming on (and gave the ball away a couple of times) but settled into the game after that. To be honest, I forgot he was even on the field for a while, but given his role in the team, that's probably a good thing.

* Rodgers (2): Arguably disrespected the competition by fielding a weakened team. Played Ibe out of position, and probably damaged his confidence further. Persisted with the ineffective strategy of playing one up-front. Continues to rely on Mignolet. Eight changes and the performance remained turgid overall. Plus, the ongoing marginalisation of Teixeira is inexcusable. Inexperienced teenagers like Rossiter, Brannagan, Cleary, Chirivella, and Randall make the bench, yet 22-year old, Championship-experienced Teixeira doesn't even make the Europa League squad? Totally out of order (IMO), and another reason why Rodgers needs to go.

Man of the Match: Sakho

Author: Jaimie K


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