17 Sept 2015

Confirmed Liverpool-XI: £29m star ignored; 4 surprises on the bench; surprise start for Rossiter

After the weekend debacle at Old Trafford, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has made eight changes to the team, and brought in a whole host of academy youngsters to fill out the bench.

FULL TEAM: Liverpool team: Mignolet, Gomez, Toure, Sakho, Rossiter, Can, Ibe, Moreno, Lallana, Coutinho, Origi.

SUBS: Bogdan, Randall, Cleary, Chirivella, Brannagan, Firmino, Ings.

* Quite why Mignolet keeps his place is anyone's guess. The Belgian has conceded 6 goals in the last two games, and looked incredibly shaky throughout with his panic-inducing distribution, and poor communication. What is the point of having a back-up goalkeeper 'challenging' Mignolet if he isn't given a chance to play when it's warranted?

* The midfield two of Can and Rossiter is grossly inexperienced at this level. Additionally, they've never played together, so there's no understanding between the two. Plus, Kolo Toure aside, this time is severely lacking in European experience.

* Lallana returns after his injury spell, but as noted in a previous article, he's scored only 1 goal in the last 21 hours of football, so I'm personally not expecting much.

* What is the point in spending £29m on Firmino if he's not going to play? This is a European game, and Rodgers leaves the Brazilian on the bench? It makes no sense, especially since he needs games. Ditto Ings.

* Looking at the players selected, Rodgers will probably go with a 343:

------------------- Mignolet
-------- Gomez ----- Toure ----- Sakho
Ibe ------------- Can --- Rossiter ---- Moreno
------------ Coutinho ---- Lallana
--------------------- Origi

* Whatever the formation, Rodgers is still stubbornly persisting with one up-front, which means Origi will inevitably be isolated for much of the game.

* Plus, if Liverpool go with 343, Ibe will be played out of position (again).

Kudos to Rodgers for giving young players the experience of a European night, but with the team selection, and players left in Liverpool, it's crystal clear that the Europa League is not a priority for the club.


Here are today's predictions:


* 0-0: Great hair, Mike Aitcheson, nX3lemZ

* 1-1: PhillyRed YNWA, LFCNYC74, DaBandit, Donkey Kong, Puga Nesh, FdotM, vvlfc, fkpoh, GodSpunk, Chirag Vyas, Stuart C, DAROVAR


* 1-0: Toni ¤ 911, Gagan Jit Singh Saini, Ahverruz Maritz, Funkdoc, Sav

* 2-0: Ashlee, Not You, Mr. Point Of View, Nirmalya Datta, gilstrap

* 2-1: Dips, bob loblaw, keegan8912, pandle, Stipe, MICK THE RED, adamblfc, enayat, RedWill, Greg, SGMM, romper

* 3-0: nick1811, Glen, Vinnie

* 3-1: Case, Frankie Fletcher

* 4-0: Eric

* 4-2: Linu, Timp


1-0: Joey2771, Nicolas Chamberlain, Horatio17, scotthardy, SidLFC, Peter_Maxwell, hawthorn

2-0: GogesusSS4, Jensen Huddleston, Joe, Loganlfc, Ghost Rider, carl, solitaryreaper

2-1: Jaimiek, imoff, DerBaumMann, Peter BIDsley

Author: Jaimie K


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