26 Jun 2015

Next Transfer? After Firmino/Clyne, 'fantastic' £7m Uruguay star flying-in to sign for Sunderland?

In May, Liverpool outcast Sebastian Coates confirmed that he'd 'consider' a move away from Anfield , and with Uruguay now out of the Copa America, Sunderland are determined to quickly seal a deal for the £7m-rated central defender.

The Sunderland Echo recently claimed that Sunderland are 'hopeful' of signing Coates this summer, and according to Newcastle-based newspaper Chronicle Live today:

* Sunderland are 'closing-in' on a deal for Coates.

* Coates is allegedly on Dick Advocaat's 'list of summer transfer targets'.

* Coates is flying 'back to the UK' to 'sort out his future'.

When asked recently about a possible permanent transfer to Sunderland, Coates told reporters:

"Yes, it [leaving Liverpool] is something I’d consider if it became a possibility. It’s good to play. Every player needs games and sometimes that’s the key.”

Coates - hailed in December as 'fantastic' by Gustavo Poyet - has made just 12 Premier League starts for Liverpool since 2011, and with Lovren, Skrtel, Sakho, Toure, Can, Ilori, and now Gomez in the squad, it's obvious that Coates is a dead man walking at Anfield.

Advocaat clearly rates the big defender, though. Coates got a run of games in the final third of the season, and in a recent interview with the Sunderland Echo, the Dutch boss explained why he kept him in the team:

“He [Coates] was very solid in the last couple of games, so that gives him the confidence. We saw him improving in training, so put him in. He’s done well and that’s the reason why he is still playing.”

Clearly, Coates has what it takes to make it in the Premier League, but after two major injuries in one year (including a cruciate ligament tear), selling the Uruguayan is a sensible idea.

Plus, signing Gomez, giving Toure a contract extension, and bringing Ilori back = a gigantic vote of no-confidence in Coates. If Rodgers has faith in Coatez, why sign more central defenders?

As always the question to ask is this: will losing Coates make any negative difference to Liverpool's forward progress? As harsh as it sounds, the answer is emphatically NO, and sacrificing him for much-needed extra cash makes sound transfer sense.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. It makes sense for all involved. I would love to see us trim our squad somewhat in favour of a few quality additions

  2. argentine? i got excited reading the headline thinking we are signing tevez suddenly

  3. Coates is from Uruguay.

  4. Yeah, sorry about that - I meant Uruguay.

  5. Shall we buy a striker? Higuain anyone? He's from Argentina and would be bril.

  6. so everyboby rates toure more than coates?

  7. Coates will be one of many players to leave.

    We are overstocked in CB's, strikers and midfielders. Wage bill needs to be lightened especially when we have signed 6 new players already (Clyne pending) and at least 2 more arriving.

  8. Yeah it does make sense, essentially it had to be a choice between Coates and Illori, and lil Tiago looks more suited to our play.

  9. We should wish him all the best and let him go. With Ilori and Gomez I still don't understand the new deals for Wisdom and Toure.

  10. So far G Johnson, B Jones and I Aspas have been shipped out.
    Whilst our Legendary world class captain has also left club this summer, but these dead wood average players still need to be shipped out as soon as possible:

    S Coates CB, J Enrique LB, J Clue/Useless Allen CM, L Alberto AM, F Borini FD, R Lambert FD and M Balotelli FD

    And hopefully replaced with these class quality additions along with N Clyne to give us serious chance of doing well this season:

    Lars Bender Of Bayer Leverkusen Or his Bro Sven Bender Of B Dortmund for £14-£18M Upgrade on J Clue/Useless Allen DM/CM ( Priority Position still not sorted, A mobile Tough tackling Enforcer is desperately needed at the club this summer to compete with L Leiva)

    L Leiva has been the best defensive midfielder we have had at club for last four years as we have had no class quality DM competing with him. But his lack of energy, legs, mobility and pace is the reason Matic, Schneiderlin, Wanyama and Fernandinho are better at protecting their back fours and GK.

    J Montero Of Swansea for £6-£10M RW / RWF Upgrade on L Alberto to bring some more class, quality competition for places, creativity, goals, mobility, pace, speed and width to side

    K Gamiero Of Seville for £7-£10M to replace R Lambert

    P Aubamayeng Of B Dortmund for £17-£25M to replace Balotelli and to compete with D Sturridge ( To keep sturridge on his toes and if he is out injured and Aubamayeng is scoring goals, Sturridge should stay on bench when he comes back and have to fight to get back in team. As at current moment, he is only proven class striker we have, so we are over dependant on him.

  11. Coates if he hadn't been injured and was given time to develop would have been a good-great player, now though he's not worth keeping which is a shame.

  12. Toure makes a bit of sense because he's experienced (which Milner and Sktrel aside we don't have much of) and can play in either CB position
    Wisdom I don't get.

  13. Allen isn't useless, as for Sven Bender he's almost as injury prone as Owen Hargreaves. Lars would be a coup but Rodgers doesn't appear to be looking for CDMs and Lars doesn't want to leave BL.
    No need for Montero when Alberto wasn't in our squad and we are stocked with AMs and Wingers.
    Dortmund have said they won't sell Aubamayeng and as we saw with Lewandoski, when they say that, they mean it.
    Gamiero is a pointless acquisition at the moment. If Bacca/Ben Yedder are available there's no point in getting Gamiero instead.
    Also if we replace both Balo and Lambert (assuming Borini isn't replaced) we'd have Ings Sturridge Origi and 2 other players (plus Firmino) for the ST role, that is far too many.

  14. Coates should be given a chance ahead of Ilori and Lovren.

  15. Hopefully the club can get at least £5M for Coates.

    And then these players should be shipped out also:

    J Clue/Useless Allen should be swapped with J Mccarthy Of Everton and £5M cash

    L Alberto for £4-£5M AM

    L Markovic for £8-£12M RW / LW
    F Borini for £10-£12M FD
    R Lambert for £4-£6M FD
    M Balotelli for £10-£14M FD

    And then the 5 players above should be replaced by these 4 players:

    Priority position: which has still has not be solved this summer which hurt us badly last season and has not been solved for over 5 seasons since J Mascherano Left club: An Athletic Mobile Tough Tackling Enforcer is desperately needed

    1: Lars Bender Of Bayer Leverkusen Or his Brother Sven Bender Of Borussia Dortmund should be brought to club to compete with L Leiva for the DM position at club

    2: L Vasquez Of Real Madrid for £5-£7M RW / LW to compete with IBE

    3: P Aubamayeng Of B Dortmund for £20-£26M to replace F Borini and to take D Sturridge's place while he is out injured and to compete with him for his position every season as the main striker

    4: K Gamiero Of Seville for £8-£11M to replace R Lambert

    D Ings was brought as I Asaps Replacement

    D Origi should be M Balotelli's replacement

  16. Allen is clue and useless, he does not break enough play up and protect back four well enough, he does not create or score enough goals.

    And every game we needed result in apart from Man City at home he crumbled and got bullied and over rawed with last season

    Key games we needed result we either drew or lost that Allen did no show or was bullied:

    Basel in Champions league at Home
    Man United Home and Away
    Arsenal Away
    Hull City Away
    Stoke Away

    Aston Villa in Fa Cup Semi Final

    J Allen is Clue and Useless, he can pass backwards and side ways better than anyone else. But what else does he offer our central midfield better than Can, Henderson or Milner?

    Answer? Nothing

    Lars Bender should be brought to club for £15-£18M, All the best clubs in our league have athletic tough tackling enforcer who breaks up play well

    Chelsea Matic, Obi Mikel Or Ramires
    Man City; Fernandinho and Fernando

    If L Leiva had energy, mobility and a bit of pace he would be as good as Fernandinho, Matic, Schneiderlin and Wanyama.

    But he is not as he does not have the energy, legs, mobility and pace that those 4 players have to cover ground. And also B Rodgers seems to prefer using his Love child J Clue/Useless Allen over him if he is fit.

    L Leiva only gets in side if everyone is injured, which is not fair as he has been best DM at club for past 4 years as he is only DM we have at club

  17. I realize I will be shouted down by many, but it is in my opinion way too early to give up on Alberto and Markovic. Also (call me crazy), I would keep Lambert.

  18. The 'injury prone' comments below make me laugh... Lars Bender, Owen Hargreaves...
    DANIEL STURRIDGE anyone???

  19. Alberto simply is not good enough, L Markovic looks to feeble and light weight to succeed in the premiership.

    He looks lost in all the games he played last season in only 3 games he looked good. ( Bournemouth Away, Sunderland Away and when he came on against Basel and was sent off)

    Thats not good for the £20M we used to get him at all

  20. I'm in your corner Bob Re: Marko. We saw what he was capable of early in the season when he was played in a position closer to his natural #10 role. But then he was forced to play RWB, didn't play well and now everyone is on his back...makes no sense. BR needs to start playing player in their correct possitions if we're to get the best out of them (Balo, Marko, Can, etc). Its a very narrow view to opt to ship players out after not playing them in their correct position and/or not giving them enough playing time (ie: Lambert)

  21. I can't really argue with the decision since it has been apparent for some time that Rodgers doesn't fancy Coates, but I still believe (and have said so numerous times) that he will go on to be a very good centre-half. I would hope we'd include a sell-on clause.

    I wish him the best.

    We'll always have that QPR goal.

  22. Agreed with without question.

  23. When I look at your posts, and I see "SEE MORE"
    I stop reading, just letting you know, coz I suspect many more do the same.

  24. Stop the Essays.

  25. Welcome back Twist! Long time, no read.
    I like Aubamayeng but Dortmund today said categorically they aren't selling him. Lars would be great but I don't think he will leave either. What's your take on illaramendi? I know nothing about Gamiero but heard Barca or Real Madrid (cant remember) is after him.......100% agree that 1 or two real fast footed clinical strikers are needed because 1. we cant score, 2. Daniel is injured so much and 3. the existing crew (borini, balo and lambert) stink.

  26. Its called passion and sick and tired of club was millions of pounds on dead wood average or poor players. In last 5 seasons about 85% of the signings brought to club have been a waste of time. And the most annoying thing is after we bring them to club, its trying them to get them off books or other clubs to buy them is bloody nightmare.

    The Likes Of L Alberto, J Clue/useless Allen, S Coates, I Aspas, F Borini and R Lambert after just a few glimpses of them most true real Liverpool fans knew they were nowhere near class or quality needed to succeed at our club.

    But still we have had them on books for few seasons on good wages, for what?

  27. Thanks mate, We said we didn't want to sell Suarez or Sterling, but Suarez went and Sterling will be going.

    Money talks, Liverpool should offer £15M and M Balotelli to B Dortmund and see if we can get Aubamayeng

    As we need a mobile pacey quick clinical striker who will compete with D Sturridge season in season out and Aubamayeng should be that striker or T Walcott .

    If Arsenal bring in a next striker it would be very hard to see where T Walcott would start and play, so we would have chance to sign him.

    But Aubamayeng should be brought to club this summer with K Gamiero, he is big strong striker but is mobile and has bit of pace, speed with him and he is a good finisher

    B Rodgers and the Transfer committee should have brought in G Imbulla Of Marseille for £14M

    But he will now join Inter Milan, who have already brought a world class DM in Kondogbia, they are just being greedy now

    Lars Bender is athletic, has size, mobility, a bit of pace and speed and breaks up play very well. Illaramendi is a DM similar to J Allen,

    What would Illaramendi do against the likes of M Sissoko, S Nzonzi, Matic, Y Toure, Fellaini , Fer and Kouyate in Centre midfield battles?

    He would get bullied just like J Allen does most of the time, sometimes he may get the better of one of them but more than not he would be bullied by these centre midfield giants.

  28. As I wrote you, Aubamayeng is simply not for sale. He is out according to His German club president. Lacazette on the other hand would fit the bill more than nicely and he is having contract issues with his club. We may not win him but we should go balls out to get him.....

    R U a Bacca fan?
    Where are you from my friend? We are coming to Liverpool from California in August.....

  29. We have said that with Suarez and Sterling, every player has a price. And if Aubamayeng says he wants to go they may sell him.

    Lacazette is going to cost £30-£60M, the only striker who is worth that apart from L Suarez is S Aguero. ( Messi and Ronaldo are not genuine strikers, they are wide men who have great finishing abilities

    Higuain, Benzema, Lacazette, Cavani, Ibramovich, Costa, Falcao, J Martinez, L Adriano are all world class players but are a level below Aguero and Suarez.

    B Rodgers should offer £18-£23M for T Walcott, as i do not see T Walcott playing man games for Arsenal this season if they sign another attacking player, let alone through the middle.

    Bacca is descent, but he is not great.

    Gamiero who also plays for Seville would cost club £12M cheaper and offer similar class and qualities as Bacca, just Bacca has more pace and speed. But Gamiero is mobile and has bit of pace with him.

    I think if B Rodgers could spend £35M on bringing in T Walcott Of Arsenal and K Gamiero Of Seville to club, those two players alone would guarantee the club another 25-35 goals a season

    Where Ings and Origi will bring between them 8-20 goals a season

    And if Sturridge can play at least half a season fit he would bring another 10-15 goals to club

    T Walcott and D Sturridge should both compete with one another to be the main man at Liverpool for next few seasons, both have similar traits so when one is injured the other slots in nicely and attack would still flourish

    I am from London, but been living in West Sussex for last two Years mate.

  30. I have not sniped or belittled anyone. Just gave honest views and opinions

  31. If Markovic looked the part and played the part IBE would not have been brought back from loan at DERBY.

    Shows poor management of Manager

    L Markovic is too light weight and feeble for the premiership.

    Just like most of us fans knew the likes of L Alberto, I Aspas, V Moses,F Borini and R Lambert would not be good enough for club, L Markovic cost £20M, we cannot wait three to five years for him to become a top class player we need results now after that amount of money was spent on him.

  32. That comment is not aimed at you.

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  33. Sorry my bad Jaimie

  34. I agree! I thought he started playing quite well at Sunderland to reconsider. And all the while we were looking for another CB. Funny thing is we already had him the whole time. I think he will come good and become a solid keystone for any defense going forward for years to come. He is still young.