25 Jun 2015

Transfer Update: Rodgers to dump Liverpool outcast after signing 'impressive' £12m international

With 'impressive' Southampton full-back Nathaniel Clyne on the way to Anfield, it's surely curtains for Liverpool full-back Javier Manquillo, and the Reds are reportedly happy to let the Spanish full-back leave this summer.

According to Portuguese newspaper A Bola today:

* Benfica are interested in signing Manquillo this summer, and have approached Atletico Madrid (Manquillo's parent club) to discuss a deal.

* Liverpool are keen to end the €6m-rated Spaniard's two-year loan deal early.

This follows a report last month in the Daily Mail, which claimed:

"Right-back Javi Manquillo is set to return to Spain after failing to make an impact [at Liverpool]"

The reports seem to contradict Brendan Rodgers' take on the situation, though.

When asked in May about Manquillo's future, the manager refuted reports of an early exit, and explained Manquillo's extended absence from the team:

“When the system changed it was obviously a little more difficult for him. He hasn’t played much...but a lot of that has been due to the system change. Hopefully he comes back in pre-season and can work well and work his way into the team.”

Despite Rodgers' protestations to the contrary, an early exit for Manquillo is a good idea, especially if the young defender wants to develop his career.

Manquillo - unfairly labelled as 'poor' by Jamie Redknapp earlier in the season - rarely makes the match-day squad, let alone the first team.

Indeed, since January 1st, Manquillo has been granted just 137 minutes of football, which roughly equates to a 1.5 games in six months.

Quite how he's supposed to develop with such measly game-time is anyone's guess, and with 'impressive £12m-man' Clyne soon to arrive, and Tiago Ilori also returning, first-team opportunities will be even harder to come by.

The writing is on the wall for Manquillo, and to add insult to injury, if Clyne doesn't play, Emre Can - a midfielder - will probably get the nod at right-back.

As such, I seen no incentive for Manquillo to stay at Anfield. The best thing he can do is leave for a club where he'll actually get to play regularly.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. Put simply we just don't need him anymore. Decent player for a mid table team but Atletico aren't stupid and obviously only loaned him out to us as they didn't really fancy him themselves. Gave it a good go when he got the chance but was never of good enough quality. Good luck to him wherever he ends up.

  2. Do or die for B.R this season,what ever hasn't been working,so far as the team goes then get rid of them.Get it right B.R,or your termination papers will be handed to you.YNWA

  3. ...but I don't think the guy is on massive-mother wages is he....?

    ..and flannagan is a bit injured don't even know if he'll get back up to speed anytime quick;thats if he stays injury free, judging by the medics we have at present i dont hold that hope really....

    with GJ gone wouldn't it be wise to keep him for his second year at the £100 odd quid a weeek he's costing....

    ...justa thought...and he wasn't That bad really was he..? he just didn't set the world on fire thats all......

  4. ...ooooooooh i think i upset someone.....

    ...my lovely comment has gone bye-bye.......

  5. ...yeah, I'm known for my controversial opinions.......

  6. We're rumoured to be after Adriano now, who can comfortably play both sides, right? Good stop gap option to replace both Enrique and Johnson until we can determine if Flanno can continue at the top level and whether or not Brad Smith has a future.

  7. Is Clyne confirmed? I know I heard a bid was accepted but haven't seen anything from either club. Would be a very good signing.

  8. We have Andre Wisdom as no 2 right back.

  9. So Liverpool are preparing 25mn bid for Benteke. I think we shouldn't pay more than 25mn for him and if we get him....he will be a great signing. Unlike most people, I think Benteke will be an instant success and lot of fans will eat their words after watching him do well for Liverpool. I am 116% sure of it.

  10. We are also linked with Pedro and Shaqiri again, Its all well and good but we need a DM and LB first.

  11. Adriano and Illarramendi would be my picks.

  12. Adriano is a great player, could have been a consistent starter anywhere but Barca, and if he wasnt completely made of glass. The guy has had about as much pitch time as Enrique, due to injuries and I'd be giving him a wide berth personally. If he could stay fit, it'd be a no brainer but he has proved over a number of seasons that he simply cant be relied upon. If we can get Pedro cheap, he'd be decent, but it still doesnt improve our 'out and out striker' problem. If we got him, I'd be tempted to keep Balo and give him a solid run of games with this new attacking lineup. This wouldnt look bad as a starting xi:
    Subs: Ibe, Can, Marko, Ings, Milner, Flano, Bogdan

    Firmino and Pedro seem to share a trait, and that is a penchant for putting goals on a plate for strikers. If you watch a bit of their youtbe vids (apologies but this is all I have seen of Firmino so far), you'll see they seem to be experts at finding space and squaring it perfectly for a CF to score. This could be perfect for Balo, who we know can score goals.

  13. I dont think he'll be a bad signing, just not one that we'll say "he was easily worth £25m/£30m". If we could get him at 15-20m, probably a safe bet.
    The team would be better with him that without him though, pretty sure of that.

  14. I have my doubts as to whether Benteke will be a success at all but to think he would be an instant success is asking too much he feeds off crosses at Villa and would be expected to fit into a system that does not suit him.
    I really hope i am wrong but he just does not seem to be the man we need.

  15. I think Liverpool should stop singing attackers.Right now there are too many players at the club.Get a DM and maybe a left back.Liverpool should give another chance to players like Balotelli and Markovic.I mean they gave Brendan another chance,why not for these players.

  16. It's very much the same thing here. BR rather played Raheem Sterling out of position as the striker than gave chances to Balo, Lambert and his once-favourite, Borini to prove their worth. I'm not sure about treatments given to young players at other clubs but this is certainly a case of demolishing confidence of players by BR. Of course, I'm not sure what made Joe Gomez said things such as BR's record with young players aided his decision to join the club etc. I'm also not sure if this young boy knows what happened to young players such as Borini (when he joined) and Manquillo at the club.
    LFC has made some swift moves at the transfer market well before the it opens. It's something really nice but there are still plenty of issues remained to be solved: Are we going to get an established striker that is capable of contributing 15-20 league goals a season (luck plays a big part in such gambles of course)? Are we going to have plenty of bedding-in issues with maybe 15 new arrivals since the beginning of last season? Are new players comfortable in being made to play in their 'unnatural' positions (Lazar Markovic as right wing back) which I strongly believe BR is still hellbent in doing so.
    Maybe I'm thinking too much but I'm really looking forward to a repeat of the cavalries-into-peasants style of attacking football in season 13/14.

  17. Totally agree with you there, fairly in expensive wages and from what I saw of him last season although he didn't offer much going forward not exactly someone I would say is so bad that he is better than having no right back option if Clyne gets injured.

    I'd keep him for another season.

  18. When he's not injured...no thanks prefer to go for Bacca and Rondon who are both cheaper and suit the way the team plays better.

  19. except Balo is never in the box

  20. We definitely need a striker.

  21. Totally agree Chirag.

  22. After paying his wages for a year all we get is a set of curtains - sometimes life is so unfair

  23. Why Benteke when we have Balo , whats different ?

  24. Benteke is more mobile. I know people don't think he is but according to me ...he has pace, is mobile, can link up well with other attackers and he will be able to adapt to Liverpool style. I am firmly positive.

  25. and HIS national coach calls him a pole , and we saw evidence in the FA final .

  26. why dump Manquillo for?
    When we have Flannagan out injured? If Clyne gets injured during season also, we do not want or need to be playing any of our midfield or attacking players as full backs anymore.

    We should keep Manquillo until the end of season and let him compete with N Clyne for the RB position, Manquillo is a good defender. Just needs to improve offensively for side

    Whereas Moreno is poor defender but good offensively, Moreno cost us so many goals last season until he learns how to serious defend first and foremost we will still get exposed down the left side at back.

    Manquillo should be kept for season ahead

  27. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/jun/25/nathaniel-clyne-liverpool-southampton

  28. Every Spanish club start laughing the minute an English club are "interested" in one of their players - they know the EPL club will pay double what the player is worth and can invest in younger and equally good players to replace them at a fraction of the cost.

  29. Theycallmemrburt3:21 am, June 28, 2015

    Manquillo did nothing wrong at Anfield as far as I could see. He was tasked with defending alongside the worst triangle of defensive players in the league last season in Skrtel, Lovren and Gerrard. Now he is being made the fall guy when Skrtel should be drop kicked out the club.

    BTW I hope Brendan Rodgers is this quiet for the entire season. I dread the day I have to hear his voice again.

  30. Ghost of Suarez4:55 pm, June 28, 2015

    Well actually we paid nothing for Manquillo, save mavbe a couple hundred grand for a loan fee. He was really intended to be third choice and be bedded in but injury (Flanagan) and loss of form (Johnson) let him in. I don't think he did that bad either. It is a bit unusual we didnt just sign him so we could loan him out but guess we wanted to have a look.

    No harm in it and it was a drop in the ocean dealt in today's terms

  31. BR is the root of liverpool's decline...