1 Jun 2015

£70m mega-spree? FSG agree to deals for Liverpool's 4 top transfer targets

Last summer, Liverpool wasted close to £120m in the transfer market, and over the season, the likes of Dejan Lovren, Adam Lallana, Lazar Markovic, and Mario Balotelli utterly failed to make any kind of consistent impact at the club. Things have to change this summer, but based on new reports, the upcoming transfer window promises to be just as underwhelming.

Rumours continue to swirl about a number of alleged transfer targets (thanks to execrable rags like Metro), but according to The Guardian - an infinitely more credible source - Rodgers has identified his four top transfer targets for the upcoming transfer window:

"Milner, Ings [£12m-rated], Nathaniel Clyne [£25m-rated], and Christian Benteke [Buyout clause: £32.5m]: are all transfer targets that have been agreed with Rodgers".

Urgh. I've defended Rodgers to the hilt over the three seasons, but if these are genuinely his top transfer targets, then I have no choice but to officially move into the 'Liverpool need a new manager' camp.

* If Rodgers is unable to attract players of a higher caliber than Ings, Milner et al, then he needs to be replaced.

* Milner, Clyne etc will NOT take Liverpool to the next level. They simply represent another influx of solid (and sometimes averages) Premier League players.

* That policy *failed* last year with the signings of Lallana, Lovren, and Lambert, all of whom suffered from small-club mentality as they struggled to adapt.

* Liverpool need to STOP signing (average) British players. History proves that teams stuffed with British players DO NOT WIN THE LEAGUE, or indeed anything on a consistent basis.

* In their pomp, Manchester United had Brits in the first team, but they had the best of the best, and Beckham, Giggs et al were complemented by top-class overseas players (which, bar Coutinho, Liverpool don't have).

* That was a different era, though. Look at the last 5-years of title wins: None of the winning teams were dominated by British players.

* A team that regularly contains Henderson, Lallana, Ings, Milner, Wisdom, Lambert, Allen, Clyne, etc will not win anything significant.

* There is a reason that England are perennial failures on the international stage: With very few exceptions, British players just aren't good enough at the highest level. This is not xenophobia, it's historical fact.

* Benteke is the only one of the four capable of making a game-changing difference, but he's massively overpriced, and if the Reds pay £30m+, it'll be a huge gamble.

I sincerely doubt Carlo Ancelotti, Jurgen Klopp, or Frank De Boer would make Ings and Milner top targets. Unlike Rodgers, they actually have some pull in the transfer market, and elite players want to sign for them.

As usual, I'm sure people will get on my case for apparently writing off Liverpool's signings before they've even kicked a ball for the club, but with very few exceptions (Lovren, for example. I championed his signing, and got it wrong), I've made accurate predictions about players for years.

During Rodgers' reign, I argued (with specific and detailed reasons) against the signings of Lallana, Markovic, Aspas, Alberto, Moses, Ilori, Mignolet, Borini, Assaidi, Allen, Ilori, Can etc, but look how they've turned out (Can is the best of that bad bunch, but I don't rate him as a long-term success)

Like the aforementioned list of flops, Milner, Clyne, Ings, and Benteke will not help Liverpool qualify for the Champions League, or get anywhere near winning the league.

Collectively, they'll do okay. Benteke will score some goals; Milner will be lauded for his 'industry'/versatility, and Ings will sporadically score goals before fading away as Daniel Sturridge re-establishes himself.

Clyne is the only bona-fide upgrade on players already at Anfield, but he's not worth the £25m that Man United are allegedly willing to pay, and if the Reds splurge that, it will be a travesty on a par with United's Luke Shaw transfer.

It's been this way for 25 years, though: Liverpool's failure to win the league (and recent failure to regularly qualify for the Champions League) is down to negligent mismanagement of transfer funds, and the inexorable influx of average, overpriced players.

Sadly, this negative trend seems set to continue this summer.

It all boils down to one question, which (IMO) FSG also have to ask: Being as objective as possible, and taking into account his history since 2012, can Rodgers be trusted to choose the right players in the upcoming transfer market?

For me, the answer is a resounding, and emphatic NO.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. The manager is responsible for all transfers. Yes, there is a committee, but Rodgers has the power to veto *any* signing, e.g. Remy.

    I don't dispute that players need to be self-motivated too, but the great managers just keep them motivated anyway. Whether we like it or not, Liverpool has an extremely soft underbelly, they throw in the towel and run away from the fight every time it gets too tough. Rodgers is hugely responsible for that. You can't underestimate how important managers are in that regard. That's why managers are there.

    You are right about Balotelli. Rodgers bought him to appease the fans, but had no f***ing clue what to do with him.

  2. If this happens then it goes to show how little the supposed experts know about football the kind of money being touted for these players is pathetic, I am hoping and praying everyday Rodgers goes and FSG give the next manager some slack when it comes to the age of the player it is clear as day to everybody but them that it's not working but still it amazes me they seem to have failed to learn anything. The kind of money they have already spent and wasted could have been used 10x better and would have been with a manager who knows what he's doing. The signings mentioned will be nothing but average additions to an already average squad and the irony is they have spent and continue to spend silly money doing so. I am awaiting with crossed fingers that FSG show Rodgers the door

  3. I sincerely doubt Carlo Ancelotti, Jurgen Klopp, or Frank De Boer would make Ings and Milner top targets........ So who Jamie does Rogers buy?

  4. I still hope Brendan talks himself out of a job tomorrow and we go for Klopp. I'm not hugely anti-Rodgers, but the time has come for a change I think. 3 years have passed and I don't think he has properly built a squad or a team that fits his image or indeed any clearly definable image.

    If we get Clyne for the £15m that has been quoted, I think that would be a decent deal, though I'd be tempted to look at Janmaat as a cheaper alternative. I think Milner and Ings on free transfers are good deals, though not earth shattering. They need to be bolstered by something more transformative.

    Benteke just seems like an outright mistake: overpriced, injury-prone and ill-fitted to our style of football. I see no logic behind that transfer and pray it doesn't happen.

  5. I'm not forgiving the manager of anything. He deserves some stick, but not all of it.

    The players underperformed this year... either because they were out of position (manager issue), injured (no one's fault), or because they flat out did not play well consistently enough (players & manager)

  6. Going to watch La Liga next season, If I saw/heard anymore of BR's 'Outstanding, character' 'The great work that's gone on into the club over the past 2 years' bullshit, I'm going to shoot myself. FSG are the biggest problem and hence rodgers.

    This end of season review is a huge PR stunt and no way in hell is he going to leave because we're already signing trademark BR crap.

  7. brilliant Rodgers at it again!!!!...what a waste!! FSG ...please give us ..a new coach ...who understands what it takes ...for a team like Liverpool to be back on the European stage!!!!...contending for trophies both domestically and internationally ...its sad its so so sad!!!!

    Please remember that this team is the most successful team in England,but because of stupid and petty sentiments we aren't even a seeded team in Europe...Arsenal qualifies for Champions league,without even winning the league,but they are seeded in Europe!!...what is happening!!! ...i remember that even under King Kenny we won the Carling cup!!!!...

    Truth be told..Modern day football doesn't in anyway entertain...weak and uncoordinated managers!! Brendan Rodgers is not doing this club any good...!!! Tell me a high caliber player who will want Liverpool now!!! A big coach attracts Big Players...Players are human beings and they have friends and also watch our matches...its so absurd that players linked with us now are players who are either rejected or past their prime!!! What is this !!! PLEASE SACK THE TRANSFER BOARD!! GET A NEW COACH!!!..before we are now linked to someone that will make us leave the seats empty at our beloved ANFIELD!!! Gerrad is the last Major player we had in recent years...imagine all the encomiums coming in from renowned world players,because of Gerrad and now we are linked to players who are not even known in their own backwards!!! I believe people should be wise enough to see what Brendan Rodgers is doing !!...trying to build a new Liverpool in his OWN IMAGE, forgetting that the club is bigger that his antics!!! we are tired !!! The players that performed last season where not even his BUYS!! Suarez was the pivotal point of our team last season!!! and he brought the best out in all our players!!! his work rate and skills were exceptional!!! but he replaced Suarez with a bunch of mid table players...who haven't won a trophy in their playing careers.

    Please J.K stop giving us sensational headlines about players coming to Liverpool fc!! I love your write ups and you analysis,but we need to call a spade a spade!! 90% of English players are average...and because of the hype and amount paid for these players you wonder where these managers come from...!!

    another statistic we all fail to realize is that the first four teams in England have the bulk of English players in their youth set ups!!! but the Main team is 90% foreign 10% English!!! Get us Quality players from Spain(Like Benitez did) Also go to Holland,Czech Republic South America...Get us players with real Talent...

    Finally, Suarez left Liverpool to go to Barcelona. He already has two trophies under his belt and moreover he is going to win the champions league!! Show me a quality replacement we are trying to Get!! Is it Benteke,Ings??? etc WHAT A JOKE!!!

    Please FSG, should get us a new coach of European pedigree and a new transfer board!! No more sentiments!!! We aren't the only team with Legends!!! let us have a New lease of life!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  8. Rodgers isn't at fault for losing the title.

    There was nothing wrong with the Chelsea strategy. Chelsea did nothing of note that day... they time wasted, and got lucky when Stevie slipped in the stoppage time that they earned through time wasting.

    And we were up 3-0 to Palace before our players inexplicably stopped defending for the last 13 minutes of the game.

  9. If Danny Ings leads our line starting next Season then someone at Anfield needs to be flogged. This is our response to Aguero, Diego Costa,Rooney and Sanchez ?
    6 th would be an achievement to repeat.
    Why doesn't someone look at that Icardi kid from Inter ? Nasty boy who can score and ruffle defenders on his way. That's what's missing from this team since Suarez departed. Need an edge.

  10. Does anyone think dzeko would be worth a punt? Not getting that much football at city..

  11. for me its not even about the pulling power of the manager because even if we dont get world class players, it irritates me that we always seem to have to buy from premier league rivals for ridiculous fees, when we could get some real bargains from the likes of france, holland, belgium etc. whether our scouts are seriously terrible or rodgers / "the transfer comittee" make really stupid choices i dont know but surely it would make more sense to take players from teams who can't demand a kings ransom.

  12. I'd rather buy Dzeko than Benteke and I think he would be cheaper.

  13. Milner is far more than just a hard worker. I'm delighted we're signing him.

    John Henry has stated that FSG only bought Liverpool because FFP was in place.

    It's amazing to think that Liverpool are the 8th richest football side in the world, yet cannot compete for the top players.

    At least 3 of the sides above us are there by grossly unfair means - PSG, Chelsea and City, and Real / Barca have had their fair share of city council funding etc.

    Man Utd and Arsenal seem to be the only financially fair teams.

    We now treat our transfer targets purchase price and wages in the same vein. This means that averaging out Markovic's transfer and wages (£20 million, and £60k p/w) it comes to about £134k p/w.......

    Compare this to a Di Maria (£60 million, and £280k p/w) it comes to £511k p/w......

    That's what we're dealing with. How can we compete? We just have to hope that BR (looks like he's staying) actually knows what he's doing and it wasn't all just Suarez.

    Ings is streets ahead of all of our current backup strikers. Clyne looks like we once thought GJ could be. I honestly haven't a clue how Benteke will fit in, but one would imagine he'd have to be up top, with Studge supporting.

    One last point. I would guess that if the latest hip operation doesn't fix Studge he'll be gone in January, or the summer at the latest.....

  14. Dzeko and Jovetic are real gems. Both better than Benteke, Ings etc. with a broken ankle. We're also after Nathan Redmond(Norwich City). Just imagine what being an LFC supporter is like when we're under Swansea in the table.

  15. Sending some bullets through the post.

  16. Whatever happened to buying players better than what we have already? If we finished 6th with our current squad, how are we supposed to get into the top 4 by buying players of the same standard or lower? We will be starting next season on the backfoot, relying on other teams to slip up and luck from the get-go.

    Rodgers is taking a lot of the blame for our inadequacies, and indeed, he is not fit to take the club forward, however, it would seem that FSG are the real spoilers. They hired Rodgers in the first place, a manager who is out of his depth for a club of Liverpool's stature. They set the transfer policy, they introduced the completely incompetent Transfer committee and they allow us to repeatedly overspend on average players, but penny-pinch with quality players. I actually think this is a deliberate ploy to avoid buying the big names.

    Moreover, they haven't learnt the lessons of the past nor from the examples of the clubs above us. Sad to say, but the future of LFC is bleak unless FSG change tack or just depart.

  17. Surely if he was available round 15-17m mark he'd be a good buy.hes a good footballer and gets plenty of goals.think he would definitely suit our style of play more than benteke. .

  18. The overriding point is that no good player or manager would want to come and work under FSG, it's as simple as that. So we're stuck with Rodgers and and even shittier transfer committee who have no options,
    No one wants to play for LFC and no one wants to work for FSG.
    it's like a match made heaven.

  19. I agree, yes.

    I still think there are better options. I think he's had some injury problems and he's very streaky.

  20. Streaky? You mean he takes his clothes off a lot?:)

  21. If true,then i can't believe FSG are going to give B.R another season to prove himself.He's truly a inadequate manager,and should be replaced as soon as possible by either Ancelotti, or Klopp if they would take up the position.B.R has wasted the money given him to bring in players who would make Liverpool a force in the league,how could FSG trust him with anymore transfer funds especially when you see the new list of players he wants to bring in.B.R has to go.YNWA

  22. Signing these players should enable us to maintain our 6th position

  23. I agree . We've got no hope whatsoever of a top 4 finish . It's ok going for our fourth Southampton player in 2 seasons but we must remember they finished 7 th this season. Rodgers why dont you just apply for the Southampton job and get them all at once for free . Surely your bound to finish in a top 4 spot then ?

  24. Another shameful season coming up for a great club, yet a great team of yesteryear. These four priority signings may have the industry to maybe make it to 5th next year. Forget CL, much less win the league. Sick of vanilla signings. Where's the imagination, panache, finesse, and unpredictability in the player/team. Gotta be over the personnel who play in straight lines. Industrious teams alone never amount to anything meaningful.

  25. I wouldn't even be that optimistic! !

  26. Hearing that Crystal palace are trying to sign cabaye is what's upsetting me most.. even clubs below us have more ambition.. I'm ok with getting Milner on a free but I would choose cabaye over Milner any day of the week..

  27. The problem is Ancellotti is off to AC Milan and Klopp wants a rest,

    What is actually needed (and FSG alas have missed a trick here) is to have sacked BR on the Monday after the the Stoke game and made it publicly known that we're after a new manager.

    Then we might have had a choice between Rafa, Klopp and Ancellotti. Now we only got a choice of BR or another newbie.

    This wishy washy stuff of a season review and whether BR is staying is driving me nuts.

  28. If you'll indulge some Champ Man style speculative nonsense:

    As an addendum to my previous post, I'd save the £32.5m we have earmarked for Benteke and spend £20m each on Felipe Anderson and Carlos Bacca, if they could be persuaded to come (both will be paying Champions League but we could offer them significant pay rises).

    I'd sell Sterling for £40m, likely to Arsenal or City. I'd bring in Perin from Genoa to replace/compete with Mignolet. I'd bring in Trippier for his £3.5m release clause since Flanno is recovering from knee surgery and Manquillo seems to have become a non-entity. At that price even if he flops we'll probably make a profit. I'd bring Garbutt across Merseyside to compete with Moreno and replace Enrique. I'd get a defensive mid as well and spend £15-20m on one if needs be but can't think of one who'd satisfy me and who'd come. I'd like Krychowiak, but he seems out of our reach. I'd bring in Konoplyanka because then we would have two pure wingers in him and Ibe, though both right-footed. It would give us two more direct options to Lallana and Markovic (although when confident he will play more direct, I think).

    Perin = £10m
    Clyne = £15m
    Milner = £0
    Ings = £0
    Origi = £0 (already paid for)
    Bacca = £20m
    Garbutt = £0
    Felipe Anderson = £20m
    Trippier = £3.5m
    A Defensive-mid = £15m
    Konoplyanka = £0
    TOTAL = £73.5m

    Borini = £8m
    Lambert = £4m
    Sterling = £30m
    Balotelli = £10m
    Aspas = £4m
    Coates = £3m (I'm still convinced he'll do very well elsewhere, but a high line doesn't suit him)
    Enrique = £3m
    TOTAL = £62m

    We'd line-up something like this:


    Clyne -- Skrtel -- Sakho -- Moreno

    Henderson -- Milner

    Anderson -- Coutinho -- Markovic/Lallana


    That's only £11m net spend (though there would also be a wage increase) and that would give us three first-team players who would clearly improve what we already have (Anderson, Clyne and Bacca) and two who would probably be upgrades (Perin and Milner).


  29. The 10 things that are good about having B.R as Liverpool manager.
    ummmmmmmm?Wait a minute i'm still trying to think about one.

  30. These Bosnians are a dirty bunch of sods. I'm pretty sure that if you Google the source of all those conflicts they had, it was the ill-timed exposure of some buns.

  31. In the clearest reality, these are the only 'good' players that BR and LFC are capable of attracting at this very moment. It is already to the best of BR's capacity and I do not have a choice but not to fault him for that. English players are known to be over-hyped and over-valued but rather unfortunately, our English management decides the 'go English' policy is best for the club. So there's pretty very little we fans can do.
    FSG is the best set of owners for LFC in a long time, way more than what my beloved club deserves actually. They support all managers with tremendous financial packages that some managers could only have in their wildest dreams (Benitez?) with seemingly minimal interference. Despite all that, I still have to say they are either absolutely clueless or having surreal-like dreams about modern world soccer judging from their foolhardy appointments of English managers since their big money takeover. If they cannot wake up from that very dream of theirs then it's best for them to sell the club before the hole in the pocket gets too big to be mended. All these said not in a jest but with their real interest at heart.

  32. I suspect Klopp taking a rest is in response to realising the Liverpool job is not available, unfortunately.

  33. Also, if it was up to me, we'd bring Monchi in as DoF.

  34. This is not just the case with BR and FSG.. as far back as I can remember we have always gone for underwhelming signings for crazy prices.. over the last 10 years we have spent (not net spend) just a little less than Chelsea and now just look at the gulf in class..

  35. Trust me my friend, BR will not get the job in the place of Koeman.

  36. Reading on the mirror that Rodgers will be sacked if he pushes to change the clubs transfer policy or the committee.. this will give us a chance to see if both manager and owners are dead set on buying young unproven players... it also slightly indicates that Liverpool's immediate success is not on the owners minds at the moment..

  37. You see as sensible as that all sounds, you're basically advocating half a new team, which takes a shed load of time to get them to click - so you basically throwing away any hope of a top-4 finish.

    This has been the problem ever since Rafa finished 2nd. When we should have bought 1-2 top players and complement the existing squad, we had all the Alonso nonsense and bought a sick note for £20m.

    Then after another 4-5 years in the wilderness, we finish 2nd last years and we should have spent the £100m on 1-2 top class players to complement the team. However, Suarez left, and the only star name BR could muster was Mario.

    So we're back to square one I'm afraid - another period of wilderness thanks to BR p**sing the money up the wall.

  38. I believe BR will be shown the exit door after his review with FSG. Hope to see the transfer target change after that.

  39. I know - I just hope FSG are as ruthless as they can be, give BR the chop, and then find a way to woo Klopp.

    That is the only play open to LFC that has any ray of hope on the horizon.

  40. I agree that when we finished in the Champions League, we should have bought more quality players, but that ship has sailed unfortunately. One problem we had last time we got in the Champions League, last season I mean, is that our squad had retracted and wasn't big enough to compete in the league and in Europe simultaneously. That's why we bought lesser players instead of a couple of bigger names like Cavani or people of his ilk. We got the balance wrong, but we did need to fill out the squad.

    This is why I'm in favour of building a robust squad and taking the Europa League seriously. First of all, it offers a chance to get into the Champions League. I'm not saying we can pin our season on that slim chance, but it has to be acknowledged. Secondly, if you get to the latter stages of the Europa League, as we should be well capable of doing, you can get the same amount of money as you do for getting to the group stage of the Champions League. Also, UEFA are increasing the prize money for the Europa League this season. The amount you get for winning individual games. I don't think it'll be a seismic difference, but it is bringing is closer to the Champions League. Also, if we don't take the Europa League seriously, we'll end up being in pot 4 next time we play in the Champions League, which will do us no good.

    Also, I absolutely agree that changing half the team is difficult, but I expect the transition to be made gradually. I don't advocate starting all the new players at once. Furthermore, the likes of Clyne and Milner shouldn't require too much bedding in. If Rodgers is worth his salt, the 3 years he's had to establish himself as a coach should mean that these new players don't constitute a revolution, but an evolution. He should be able to bring them into his well-oiled machine, as Wenger did many times when Arsenal were constantly shedding stars. I have my doubts Rodgers can do that, but I think FSG aren't going to sack him and therefore we have to assume the best of him. You can't bet against your own manager.

  41. For once Jamie... I totally agree with your whole article!

    Even though BR has been said to be a very good manager/coach (by Stevie G himself), he is not big enough to manage LFC.

    Someone like Klopp can attract the so called big players that we need to take us to the level we require and make a serious challenge for the Premier League title.

    I am already fearful for next season, going by the recent (if true) transfer rumours..Inges/Benteke/Milner/Clyne

    Benteke at half his reported fee is worth considering but we require another Suarez type (if at all possible)

    To seriously challenge we need a massive clear out and squad overhaul..Get rid of:
    Jones, Toure (Why new Contract????)
    Enrique, Lovren, Manquillo, Lucas, Allen, Markovic, Alberto, Borini, Balotelli, Lambert, Aspas

    First XI requirements:
    ----------DM (like Mascherano)

    Squad Players:
    Mignolet, CB, Moreno, Hendo, Origi, Sturridge

    So for me, 5/6 new First Team players to challenge..

  42. Rarely read anything with which I so totally agree. 100% right! We continue to follow the Liverpool way - the tried and trusted route to failure.

  43. I'm not talking about the Chelsea game.

  44. The future of Rodgers isn't even decided, not that I expect that silver tongue of his to fail him in his end of season review with FSG. But we really do need more transparency on the transfer committee. Who is choosing these players? Who is just using stats and sell on value to buy players? Who is putting a forceful argument forward to ensure the players are signed? Who is looking at the balance sheet rather than the pedigree of player? A committee in every other walk of life is a democracy where the majority vote wins, does the much fabled transfer committee work in exactly the same way? Does Rodgers really have the final say or is he just saying that to save face? We have a global scouting network, is it really just looking at teenagers all over the world with a view to making money on them? Is LFC now just a brand name for a business group to use for it's own marketing and profit making projects?

  45. Good point! An even better model to look at is Arsenal. Arsenal had always been playing second fiddle to LFC in the 80s even till early 90s. Ever since Arsene Wenger started managing the club, Arsenal has done a reversal and never looked back. Now they have a good enough squad to compete in UCL every season plus a top stadium, in return giving them steady financies that somewhat allows them to begin competing with the two sugar daddies' backed teams by making one or two world-class signings every season.
    That's the difference it will make in having a smart prudent manager compared to a mediocre but recklessly big-spending one.

  46. Good. Some more round holes for our square pegs!

  47. "Liverpool need to STOP signing (average) British players. History proves that teams stuffed with British players DO NOT WIN THE LEAGUE, or indeed anything on a consistent basis."

    Sorry to disagree, but the all-conquering Liverpool sides of the 80s were nothing but British, except for the odd European (Molby), and Brucie.

  48. If Rodgers is to stay, the best we can hope for is a Director of Football. LvG had been approached for the role, but wanted the Manager's role instead. The DoF would need to be a really big name, though.

  49. I choose to forget the unpleasant parts.

  50. Nope I think he died at Waterloo

  51. Haha, that bad, eh

  52. Ferguson's United teams, the most dominant of the Premier League era, were full of British and Irish players. Even after the heyday of Scholes, Beckham. the Nevilles, Butt, Keane, Giggs etc. he won the league with the likes of O'Shea, Ferdinand, Rooney, Carrick, Wes Brown, and Darren Fletcher. In his final season, when they walked the league, Young, Welbeck, Jones, Smalling, Evans and Cleverly all started at least 10 league games each.

    It's just about the balance. It's fine having Jonny Evans if you have Robin van Persie. It would be fine for us to have Milner if we had Suarez. I don't think buying British players is at all a problem, you just need the right blend of skill-sets and English players tend to be deficient in some areas compared to their continental counterparts.

  53. What DoF is going to be a big name? Most aren't. I think Monchi would be the perfect man for us. Look what he has done with Sevilla over the past decade. Deserves credit for some of the youth that has came through as well as the talent they've unearthed.

  54. Nice post , so true !

  55. Liverpool needs a DoF and Rodgers needs to be big enough to accept it.

  56. I read a report which stated that BR is pushing for a change in transfer strategy which can jeopardise his job. If FSG are so stringent with regards to transfer policy, I don't see Klopp coming in.

  57. The Latest news is that BR's job is safe , unless he challenges the transfer committee to be done away with , then he will be fired ?

  58. Milner will be a great signing him and henderson will form a great partnership...I still like lucas but a monster like matic in there (not many of them around) would be nice if going 433...The most important thing this season is that we address our defence...its been awful since brendan arrived...strikers win you games defences win you titles...

  59. Edwin Smeulders5:29 am, June 02, 2015

    FSG are the ones that need to go....along with their stupid transfer committee policy,which Rodgers will be asked to abide by,or be sacked.If FSG are`nt passionate about investing in top class players,instead sticking to a `young promising talent` to make them a profit policy,then I fear LFC WILL NEVER,UNDER THIS REGIME AND TRANSFER POLICY,BE A TOP 4 EPL CLUB AGAIN !!!!!!!TRANSFER POLICY CHANGE,APPROPRIATE PLAYER INVESTMENT THIS SUMMER ARE A MUST, TO GET US BACK INTO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ....SIMPLE......OR WE`RE DOOMED, AS A MID TABLE CLUB WITH A FAST WANING TROPHY HISTORY !!!!!!!!!

  60. Brendan's picks are shit. Why is everyone blaming FSG when BR called the shots last two windows and he has announced to the world his top targets this year. If those choices are accurate we will be looking up at Swansea and Everton......

  61. Whoopee - can't wait for another season of mediocrity. Well- Milner and Benteke will probably prove to be an upgrade IF we get them but under BR, am pretty sure we'll screw up again one way or another. You can bet on it.

  62. Rodgers' fate is said to be dependent not on his particular vision for the future of his club but whether or not he can fully get on board with the club's transfer committee. Rodgers famously did not want to work with a Director of Football, and the transfer committee was put in place to serve largely the same function. If Rodgers can't find a way to work with them, then it's unlikely to be the committee who suffers for it.

  63. Brendan Bodgers6:01 am, June 02, 2015

    The non cl qualification cuts out top players...this is our situation now. We must buckle down become hard to beat and fight our way to the cl next season. That is the time to attract a big player. For now it is pointless we must find the best we can...but not pay stupid money like last season!

  64. Brendan Bodgers6:06 am, June 02, 2015

    Seems Rodgers took a rest all season!

  65. They are pissin our money away its not FSGs fault though we cant attract big names and unfortunately have no eye for players on the way up.

  66. Arsenal managed for 15years just fine.. not sure what your talking about.

  67. There are deep lying issues behind the scenes IMO. FSG would also have gotten input from the players to take before Rodgers in the review. Anyone who wants to believe that every player is happy when looking at the 6-1 thrashing we got from Stoke simply cannot be overlooked. The players did not show one bit of fight or willingness to get stuck in.

    Whatever the case may be, should Rodgers not have the players on his side then he is going to have a very difficult time convincing FSG that he is still the right man for the job and the fact that he made very little use of the new signings and they had very little impact speaks volumes as at the end of the day, Rodgers is part of the transfer committee and would have agreed on every player which was signed so there is no place to hide.

  68. Great Article Jamie - The truth is that the best we can realistically hope for next Season is FIFTH - We cannot financially compete withe the Top 4 - that is FACT but hope I am wrong.And we need a full time Chairman based at Anfield - not a drop in 10 days a year guy

  69. For Benteke = Read Lambert - CARLOS TEVEZ = YES YES YES

  70. Agreed , Clearly a problem between manager and players

    .Why has Sterling turned his back on BR " I will stay if BR goes ",

    Agger had a problem with BR even Gylfi Sigurdsson would not follow BR to Liverpool ?

  71. I would take Tevez anyday

  72. Sigurdsson moved to Spurs because he was offered more money.

    If Sterling has said he will sty if Rodgers goes then that is another thing not working in the managers favour.

  73. Great article! We need a big name manager who can attract the right calibre of player to get us in to the CL. Rodgers appointment is the same as the player transfer policy young, British, potential all of these things are great if your a club who've just got in to the PL and need to cement your place in the league but not for a team who's ultimate aim is to challenge for the title on a consistent basis. PS like all other LFC fans I loved watching the football we played the season before last but I put a lot of that down to the SAS who were on fire rather than any Rodgers brilliant management. I also believe had we had any of the managers listed in the article we would have won the league that season instead of throwing it away within the final 5 or 6 games.

  74. Staggeringly underwhelming.

  75. That's the first bit of sense I've heard from you for a while. None of that hyperbole or management speak. Keep it up and I will continue to support you for another year ;-)