6 May 2015

Mega-Transfer: Boss confirms €42m LFC-target 'will' sign deal 'in 15 days'. Liverpool a possible destination?

Earlier this year, Italian newspaper Tutto Sport claimed that Liverpool are favourites to sign 'top-class' Palermo star Paulo Dybala, and the club's president has now confirmed that the young attacker's future will be decided in the very near future.

Speaking to Italian newspaper Giornale di Sicilia today, Mauricio Zamperini revealed:

"At least three teams are really interested in him. In a maximum of 15 days we will know his future.

"We will meet with the player and his agent to complete the deal. Those who understand football realise his potential"

On Monday, Brendan Rodgers claimed that 'exciting talents' are heading to Anfield this summer, and the Argentine fits the bill.

Additionally, the transfer timeline suggests heavy and sustained interest from Liverpool.

* Nov 2014: Reports in Italy claimed that Rodgers had 'singled out' 21-year-old Dybala as the man to resurrect Liverpool's failing front-line.

* Dec 2014: Tutto Mercato claimed that were favourites to seal the deal.

* Dec 2014: In response to transfer speculation, Palermo President Mauro Zamperini told reporters: "He [Dybala] is our jewel. If you want him, it'll take $50 million (€42 million) to get him"

* Dec 2014. In a separate interview, Zamperini made the following exaggerated claim: “He [Dybala] is the best striker in Serie A. Within two years, he's going to be better than Cristiano Ronaldo, [Lionel] Messi and [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic"

* Jan 2015: Zamperini continued his eulogy by claiming: “Dybala is one of the best talents in the world, and a big club from abroad will sign him. Where will he go? England, France, German, or Spain".

* Feb 2015: Zamperini confirmed that he's spoken with interested clubs in England'.

* Mar 2015: Dybala's agent, Gustavo Mascardi told Gazzetta TV: “We have received important offers for Dybala, including from abroad where he is in particular wanted by an English club. Is he worth €40m? Well, a player like him can’t be just given away".

Liverpool are one of the clubs 'in England' heavily linked with Dybala, so it's possible that the Reds could be one of the 'three teams' that remain 'really interested' in the attacker.

Is Dybala worth €40m+, though? A striker's primary role is to score and create goals, so let's take a look at his stats this season:

* 13 goals/10 assists in 34 apps.
* Goal/assist every 128 mins (1 every 1.4 games)
* Passing accuracy: 81%
* Key passes: 1.4 per game.

Stats: OPTA

With 23 goals/assists in 34 games, Dybala is clearly doing the business for Palermo, but despite Zamperini's constant spin, the Serie A club is highly unlikely to get a €42m transfer fee.

For strikers, consistency is the key, and although Dybala is doing well now, it'd be madness to splurge such a huge transfer fee on a player with such limited top-flight experience.

As is always the case, a player like Dybala is an enticing option, but only for the right price.

Author: Jaimie K


  1. last time Rodgers talk about exciting players Borini came, so i guess that mean Ings is going to be the "exciting" player...

  2. Aren't him and Vietto from the same area in Argentina? It is absolutley not going to happen but these two youngsters could surely be a fanstastic partnership. Oh the silly seasona and how it makes us dream.

  3. Looks decent and i like how he seems to battle for every ball (well in the clips he did)

    but my concern is when was the last time a player from serie A came to the premier league and did well esp in their 1st season? might be some but i can think of more that dint do well than did.

    Countinho could be seen as an exception but he spent his last year or so playing in Spain

    i just think it's harder to adapt from playing in serie A (slower and more time) to then play in premier league than the other way around

  4. Any deal now is a gamble but this lad looks the real deal if Liverpool sign Dybala i would be very pleased.

  5. I like Dybala, but I think he's more of a second striker. Our priority has to be a striker who can lead the line by himself (like Cavani).

  6. Milner, Ings, Origini, Alves

  7. He'd be a star in England. Kid has that street ball mentality and goes right after defenders. Reminds me of a younger version of Suarez or Tevez.

  8. Paulo Dybala & Memphis Depay should be our priority targets.
    Both are still very young, but already display enormous talent.

    It'll depend on the size of our transfer budget I guess, as both will be in heavy demand and wont come cheap.

    If they're willing to come, I'd break the bank for them.

    However, with our record in the transfer market, I'm not really confident we'll get either. :-(

  9. I would love to have someone like Dybala at the club.

    If he was 15m.

    For 15m we get Vietto. Both are young argentinian strikers, with almost the exact same scoring record.

    Except one is from the cursed Serie A the other from BBVA.

    So why WOULD we pay that much when his duplicate costs 30m less?

  10. Origini hahaha, it's Origi mate.

  11. Not a hope - FSG will wait until after Chelsea game at least but they must realise they need to back or sack B R publically - rumours are killing the Club

  12. Forget serie A dude, South American players have been exceptional for us in the past and present, I put my money on him. But will Rodgers be able to bring him ?

  13. If the club wants to be successful with a 'buy young and malleable' policy, then this is the level of player we must be aiming to sign. All signings are risky, and young players for big fees especially so, but he seriously has all the tools to make it big. If he continues his progress, 'Dybala' will soon be a name as big as Eriksen, Hazard, Isco and possibly even Aguero.

  14. They were also born only a week apart! Must me some kind of mutant experiments to create the next great strike force of Argentina ;)

  15. He meant Origami, who looks good on paper!

  16. Depay signs for united.

  17. Worried that being beaten to targets will be the ongoing story of the window for LFC.

  18. Same story. Eriksen, Salah, Willian, Costa, Sanchez, Mkhitaryan, Aguero, Sigurdsson (!), Van Der Vaart, Shaqiri, hell even Simao.

  19. Rodgers is saying this to keep the fans on side after a poor third season. Look at me, i'm trying! Just seen that Depay who a couple of days ago was heading to Anfield has decided that Man United is a better option. We will end up with Bolasie, Ings and Austin!

  20. I suppose when you're digging through the bargain bins, anything that is the best of the lot can be considered "exciting", "top-class", etc.

  21. Pretty sure his agent also said he didn't want to go anywhere but Juve... We'll see what LFC can pull off. Hopefully we do better than last window.