24 Mar 2015

Boss raves: 'Incredible' €27m Liverpool target will be a 'good signing' for the Premier League

Liverpool are currently linked with a summer move for 'incredible' Dynamo Kiev attacker Andrey Yarmolenko, but does he have what it takes to be a success in the Premier League? Everton boss Roberto Martinez seems to think so, and he's explained why the Ukrainian maestro is a must-buy for English clubs.

Liverpool have been linked with Yarmolenko several times in the past, and on Sunday, the Liverpool Echo claimed:

* Brendan Rodgers is planning a £19.5m (€27m) move for Yarmolenko.

* The Reds are allegedly 'long-term admirers' of the 25-year old.

Yarmolenko put Everton to sword last week in the Europa League, and when asked over the weekend about the 25-year old's Premier League credentials, Martinez raved:

“He [Yarmolenko] would be a good signing for the Premier League. He [has] good ability in one-to-one situations and a goal-scoring threat. Our league is very demanding. Yarmolenko controls the game really well. He has good experience and is a good age.”

Not everyone is so enamoured by Yarmolenko. In September 2013, Tor-Kristian Karlson - A Norwegian Scout, and Former CEO of Monaco - warned LFC to steer clear of Yarmolenko. He explained:

"I certainly wouldn't [spend] £20M on Yarmolenko. He's a decent player, but not worth anywhere near that [and] he wouldn't improve the Liverpool squad"

Yarmolenko stats seem to support Martinez's assessment over Karlson's:

* 91 goals/61 assists (152 G/A total) in 247 games for Kiev.
* Goal/assist every 1.6 games, which is a fantastic record.
* This season: 15 goals/18 assists (33 G/A total) in 29 apps.
* 1 goal/assist every single game.
* 18 goals in 46 games for the Ukraine national team.
* At 6'2, strong and powerful, which is a good contrast to Sterling/Coutinho etc.
* Most important: Yarmolenko has never been injured.

33 goals/assists in 29 games is superb, and it's no flash in the pan; as his figures attest, Yarmolenko has a sustained history of consistently making a specific, measurable impact for Kiev, and he also has the physical attributes to be a success in the Premier League.

Worth a bid?



  1. Redboondocksaint8:47 am, March 24, 2015

    I reckon could be worth a try. Another player I rate Liverpool should try and sign is Lazio's Keita Diao. He is going to be a huge player.

  2. Just read another article saying Liverpool wants Falco.
    Surely having injury prone Sturrigde and Lallana the last thing we want is another one.
    We turn down Remy ,Chelsea must be laughing at Liverpool and all the way to the bank

  3. Redboondocksaint9:33 am, March 24, 2015

    I also read the article about Falcoa, don't rate he is worth the risk and his wage is huge. If I was Liverpool I would us Bolatelli and Lucas as bait for Icardi . What do you rate?

  4. I like him, a skilful player with power to boot is. It's great to mix it up, imagine a forward 5 of all couthino size (similar to now). It's very tricky but not strong enough, variety is key. Plus his consistent goals assists is great. Even if that drops a bit in the prem still good. Anywhere around £20 million I would be in.

  5. I can and do deny it. He has won things yes. He is also much older than Rodger and managed some of the worlds best teams in the most lopsided leagues that exist. All this success was achieved a very long time ago and he has not been all that successful for a long time. So please don't tell me what I think.

  6. Yeah he was awful. As poor as we were in that game the difference was their best player on the day went up against our worst.

  7. I didn't say it was a Stoke way exactly. He is great at controlling the ball down. I remember Nevin talking about it when he has his best and last season at Everton. He always controlled it down, usually on his chest.The irony is the football.United are playing is the football Everton were playing before Moyes went to United. This is not just my opinion but the opinion of United fans as well. They were able to bypass us with the high ball and keep it in our half. It wasn't constant lumps but it was very fkin far from some masterclass you seem to want to present it as.
    A long ball every nine minutes is not a lot in your book? We read different literature then bud.

  8. We did it against City. That was a massive game. This is a young team, even compared to the last season and we have had some issues of form. They beat us by one goal though and for me they were not so in control after the first twenty, in fact they hardly created any real chances. They just hemmed us in. Something we broke out of in the second half.Towards the end we were the strongest team with only ten men. I am certainly not convinced that the result of the game was based more on their performance rather than their numerical advantage for the whole of the second half.

  9. He is one of many wingers/forwards who would improve our squad and give us more options. He wouldn't be the first one I bid for, though. But, fortunately or unfortunately, I'm not Ian Ayre.

  10. If a team wants to use the wings is a back four muxch better? Our fullbacks play high up the pitch anyway so without the extra man at the back you still have the gap on the wing but one less CB to cover. Mata is not all that pacey, he just filled in a position that should have been covered, If Moreno had done his job to half of what he should have then may not have lost that game.

  11. Like what I've seen of him, which bar a couple of youtube clips is Europe and a couple of national team games.

    And that's what makes me wary. He plays for one of 2 dominant clubs in an otherwise poor league of 14 teams (and last couple years even Shaktar have shed all their stars), but his career stats are on par with a middling-to-average PL player. Would really expect his goal/assist numbers to be so good they looked fake.

    Obviously having a blinder this season, but just a purp[le patch in a now dominant team in a weak league? Just wary...maybe Voronin has scarred me for life.

  12. Dybala is the one I'd break the bank for. Another Coutinho-esque star. Brilliant control, small and quick.

    Small could be a problem, but don't see him as an out-and-out striker, reckon he'd slip alongside Coutinho playing behind the striker, offering a threat of his own, but brilliant at bringing colleagues into play as well. Ibe one wing, Sterling the other, Studge leading the line, 2 solid CMs (Hendo and Can?) behind, and 2 of the 3 CB's being ballplayers who could bring it out of defence (Sakho + ?)... Reckon that team would pose anyone problems.

  13. Allen against Fellaini is never going to work. This defeat is a belated wake-up call for LFC. Slow starts in the first half of each season has ruined L'pool's seasons for 3 consecutive years and relying on Sturridge to save the second half is rather deluded.

  14. Just reflecting back on the game gone by...I don't want to make this sound like sour grapes, but I still don't really rate United that well. Despite Mata's goal in the 1st half, for all of their possession and control, they didn't actually seriously threaten our goal much. Aldo hit the nail on the head: the only thing going for them this season is their discipline. That absolutely shitty first half came down to 2 things: the players' attitude, and the failure by Rodgers to deploy someone onto Carrick, but I believe the former to be more significant. Guess what happened when around 40 minutes, Liverpool suddenly found some gusto and intensity? They turned back the momentum. Suddenly, it was United making the mistakes. I have almost no doubt that if Lallana scored that goal, Liverpool go on to win. They started the match very slowly, but finally found a rhythm. When Gerrard went off, the rhythm didn't really die down, but we ultimately couldn't match United because, obviously, we had one less player, and committing players forward to search for a goal while a player down leaves you very exposed.

    JK, I don't think many people actually rejected the belief that United would be solid top 4 rivals. But you cream your pants over LVG for no good reason. He has hardly done anything special since the 90's- over 15 years ago. Despite all your talk of LVG getting that 'extra 30% out of his players', United wouldn't be that close to the top 4 if it weren't for our disastrous start to the league. If Liverpool didn't have such a confidence crisis in the months before Christmas, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

  15. You're a touchy one, aren't you, not recognising that I in fact asked you a question and have at no time told you what to think.

    You also called me childish the other day for next to nothing, so I shall give you a wide berth in future, my lad : )

  16. "The irony is the football Man Utd are playing is the football Everton were playing before David Moyes went to United.This is not just my opinion, but the opinion of United fans as well." What I think you've done is taken that into this match and it's given you a false view of what happened.
    Man U controlled us in the first 45.I have no problem admitting that without making 5 long ball excuses for heavily dominated possession in their favour.I'm just telling the truth.Liverpool played like garbage and were outplayed.No need to get sensitive over it.
    What Man Utd played like before is irrelevant.My comment to Jock was about this match specifically.Never have i said they play 5 star football this season.If you read my second to last sentence i clearly don't think they've been playing like 1982 Brazil.
    "They were able to bypass us with the high ball and keep it in our half. It wasn't constant lumps but it was very f3cking far from some masterclass you seem to want to present it as" Stop exaggerating:-7
    "A long ball every nine minutes is not a lot in your book? We read different literature" If you pay close attention, i think you'll be surprised how many times long balls are hit.Five in one half seven in total isn't high.Maybe your confusing the Premier League with La Liga.

  17. Can at CB and Allen at ATM that's Rodgers

  18. Ah, I've just replied to your other post, the one were you had another dig at me. If you're up for discussion, great, but the previous digs are not needed : )

    The way I see it is, in football, you oftentimes only need one goal to win. It's why Chelsea fans grew tired of Maureen initially, as he'd get the one goal advahtage and sit on it.

    That's effectively what ManUre did on Sunday; they go their noses in front then strangled the rest of the first half. Quality football management.

    Second half, a goal to the good and a player up, they weren't looking to press forward, thus conceding the initiative to us, making it LOOK as though we were now more in the ascendancy.

  19. That's a good idea send Allen to the cash point and play someone else ;-)

  20. Its, "unfortunately."

    As in, unfortunately you're not Ian Ayre.

    Don't know who you are, but no-one is as clueless as Ian Ayre. (Harsh and tongue in cheek, sure, but not without grounds).

  21. I honestly think you are having a hard time understanding what I am saying about this match. Look at neutral reports even. They utilised that tactic well to get in our half and used the overload to be able to pass it quickly between our lines. But they did use the long ball quite often and perhaps you are ignoring how well Everton were playing under Moyes before he got the United job. Also long balls are characterised as passes over 25 yards. So this includes crossfield balls but they used the direct route more often. Also where are you getting they only had 7 long balls anyway? If we take out De Gea's 29 (compared to Mignolet's 8) then we have Valencia on 6, Jones on 12, Smalling on 6, Blind on 8, Carrick on 11, Mata on 8. According to whoscored they had 101 for the whole team compared to our 62. You seem to have a good grip of the stats. How many areal duels did Fellaini win? He made more headed pssess than anyone else on the pitch. According to Squawker he attempted 14. More than any defender. Whoscored has it that he won 11 areal duels. So if two sites re both accurate some of those headed passes would have been uncontested. But those 11 areal duels is around double what anyone else won. So still not convinced they used the long ball to Fellaini in the air all that much?

    As for my exaggerations I may have taken some of my frustration out on you from other posters. There is this sickening desire to laud Van Gaal and denigrate our own manager when what I have seen of the two teams this season and in that game there is not much between them.

  22. I would appreciate the wide berth to be honest. I can't stand anyone who will jump to back slapping other managers and can't wait to denigrate our own. It's disrespectful and for me the sign of someone without any real regard for the club they say they support. So please stay away. I would say stay away from anfield too but I doubt you have been there.

  23. We scored despite this control they had. Despite it only "looking" like we were getting anything out of the game. They chose to only have a one goal advantage I assume? They chose to only being one slice of luck away from only getting a draw despite having a man over? Mourinho's teams know how to defend, this Van Gaal team doesn't. Had we not been a man down I doubt the outcome would have been the same. But we will never know. You can be a Van Gaal sikofant all you want but truth is the difference in the game was Moreno having his poorest performance for Liverpool and Mata having his bets for United.

  24. Looks good and at 6;2" he will add some height to a very short bunch up front.
    Rather him than Theo Walcott as back up if Sterling leaves.
    Still struggle to understand why Sterling would turned down 100p/w
    when Kane has just signed a new contract for 45p/w

  25. Which one would be the best buy ,Eduardo salvio or Paulo Dybala or Andrey Yarmolenko ?????

  26. A flat back 4 without your fullbacks pushing up (as hard/far). And 2 at DM so you have a spare man in midfield to double up on the wingers (or drop into a CB hole whilst one of the CBs and the fullback double up) without leaving yourself exposed in the middle. Basically, it'd be a Rafa-style 4-2-3-1. (Or you could go 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 and have width entirely from wingers.)

    Wingbacks are not a good idea against a team with good pacey wingers, you'll end up with countless one on ones through to goal, unless 2 of your CB's are going to cover the run. If 2 of your CBs are going to tack over to cover then the winger doesn't need to beat anyone, just hit it long into the middle and your one remaining CB will be exposed.

    Related note: was also partly the problem against manyoo and Swansea, we couldn't get our wingbacks into play, they kept getting pushed deeper by Routledge/Sig and Mata/Young(&Fellaini, pushed wide a lot against Sterling).

  27. I know it may well have been a personnel issue but we didn't seem to suite then 4231 system earlier in the season. I don't think it suits Coutinho at all. He is (for me) nether a winger nor a ten. He certainly isn't a DM. So it means not getting the best out of arguably our greatest creative player.

    As for wingbacks. We usually play with the box midfield so their are two sitting midfielders. That allows for cover over on the wings. We have been exposed in some ways recently as teams are making a point of overloading on the wings and in the center. Leaving our lines looking a bit static and so not having a connection from defence to midfield. This can be countered by getting behind their fullbacks but that needs a change in shape. Which we used both against Swansea and United. Swapping to the single pivot and turning it in to a 3133. This has it's own problems but means the opposition has to accommodate for your players more pushing their own back.

  28. I'm analysing the game/situation honestly and respectfully. You've been unfriendly in all almost all your replies. It's a great "divorce" O X

  29. I have told you my reasons for being unfriendly. As I don't like supporters taking cheap shots at our manager while lauding United's manager. Call me old fashioned but that kind of talk would not be seen friendly in my local pub and I see the same here. Talk tactics for sure. Just don't blast the our manager while gulping down the jiz of Van Gaal and we would get on fine.

  30. Apology accepted : )

  31. Why did we not buy Remy ?
    Who is injured today again ?

  32. In fairness the Carrol argument doesn't really help.

    They used the tactic to win. Fair pay to them. There was more to it than long balls too (Although 101 longballs is a lot) they made sure they had good passers around Fellaini and had that second ball controlled and it was hard for us to get it back and when we dd we had a lot of numbers around us and with our poor passing we never got it out enough. We did use the longball a bit. Skrtel and Can seemed to want the early ball a few times in the second half. Like you I want to win and in this run I think we have shown more ways to do it than we did last season. We have wasted time and won free kicks like Chelsea do (every game) at times. We have been more gnarly.

    As for plan B we will never know how it may have turned out. Gerrard acting daft made that very very difficult. We made a good go of it in the second half though despite that and lost by one goal.

  33. Sterling and Henderson have put a hold on signing a new contract til the end of the season so let it be till then.

  34. What Daniel gave us last season is worth more than Remy would give us in three years. Plus everything he will give us when not injured, I would never swap him for Remy..

  35. According to reports ,Henderson contract is not on hold they are trying very hard to sort it out .Henderson has made it clear that he is not leaving Liverpool
    Sterling on the other hand is totally different and ,Now with no CL next year Liverpool cannot afford 150p/w so he will have to go !
    So my question is who will replace him
    Theo Walcott or Andrey Yarmolenko or Eduardo Salvio .

  36. With the new home grown rules the FA have released, I highly doubt we will be interested in getting rid of Sterling. Selling Sterling to bring in a foreign player works against us.

    Sterling will sign a new contract. We will just have to wait.

  37. Yep. So many words. So few decent points........

  38. All fair points.

    Out of interest what's the best shape/position for Coutinho in your opinion?

    Personally I think the current system suits him, he's (often, but not always) finding time and space and seems to be creating himself a lot more scoring opportunities. But, not to say there isn't a better shape he'd be even more free in.

  39. I think Coutinho suits this shape but I would have him in a midfield 3 of a 433. Not quite a ten more an 8.

  40. What a genius way of thinking. Why did Inter sell Coutinho for 8m? Or Chester sell Rushie for £600k? That Sami Hypia wasn't big money, must have been rubbish. 21 goals last season for Sturridge but Chelsea had a crystal ball....They didn't want 21 goals las season , thought they'd give them to us.

  41. LOL at length...I struggle to keep posts short as well.

    Yeah, Salah for me too. Mostly because he was 'real'. Had seen him against chavs and spuds, this was someone who you felt could do it against the big teams in the PL...and cos it dragged on.

    Studge - I sh*t you not - was one of my dream signings for LFC. Saw him before he left on the free to chavs in a pre-season against Milan, he twisted and turned no less than Maldini that Maldini, falling to the ground, turned round and pulled Studge's shorts down tostop him! Followed him since then, was blown away when BR signed him.

    But there's others that don't work...Stephen Ireland and Adam Johnson (less said the better) I was gutted we didn't get. M'Vila I was convinced was going to be the don of DM's. Michael Johnson was another, but his career ended through injury.

    Arda Turan, though, I'm still hopeful will one day come. He's still getting better 6 or 7 years after I wanted him.

    (And others I didn't want. Willian, was glad when we didn't get him, thought the money talked about was ludicrous. How wrong I was!)

    Mario, I don't think BR ever wanted. Bar a couple of weeks early when it was soft words, rather than criticism, he's clearly not wanted. Stevie, when he delivered his words on ITV about the Mario penalty, I was critical of - not the words expected in public from a captain. But I think he was just venting what the manager, the captain, and the 'on field' staff at LFC feel.

    Mario was a safe bet financially. At £16m he's young enough and a big enough name that you can offload him without much risk. If he'd scored 15+ goals then the club would easily offload him at a handsome profit (or he might be considered a success and retained). Having failed all the other targets, Mario, I think, was imposed as a last minute compromise on Brendan by 'the committee'.

    Personally I would've preferred Odergaard, should have broke the bank to entice him. Wouldn't have helped this season, or probably for another 2. But if he does come good...£200m? Easy to gamble when it's someone else's money though :)

  42. Spurs signed Kane for £45k pw? Sh*t...that's the way to do business.

    Fret ye not fellow fans, for we have Ian "I flew to Russia for three days to make a desperately needed signing and came home with nothing" Ayre...smh lol

  43. LVG, as much as it pains me to say, has saved that ball club from crumbling like we did under Souey. B*LLOCKS.

  44. What new home grown rules? (Don't worry, gon goog' it)

  45. I don't watch Portuguese, so really not qualified to to give an opinion on Salvio - you'd know as much about him as I do if you have 10 mins to spend on youtube. Yarmo seen a couple of times, against England and a couple of European games, looks good. I've seen a lot more Italian footy - I still love Rafa, so see how Napoli are doing [he got sent off on Sunday! In sympathy with Stevie :) ]

    Seen enough of Dybala to know he's a star in the making. Given that my bias is towards the one player I've watched regularly/recently...Dybala is the one :)

  46. "I honestly think you have a hard time understanding what I am saying about this match." What you said isn't special or complexed:-7 Your condescending sentence has been sh6t out and flushed down the toil4t where it belongs.I don't share the same view as you and your liker.Get over it!
    This conversation has gone from how many times Man Utd play long into Fellani.Now your giving team 25 yard pass stats.My seven pass statistic was clearly talking about balls hoofed into Marouane Fellani.Not a overall long ball team stat.I wasn't even thinking about 25 yard balls.
    Whoscored? They ask the question to visitors because they don't have a clue.Squawker... A football index of trusted stats:-) These websites bring a tape measure and size up long balls.Man Utd played 100+ compared to Liverpool's 62.This is turning into a playground game:) Okay whatever you say.Man Utd lumped it and Liverpool played beautiful short passing football in comparison.
    The fact Man U had more of the ball doesn't effect that statistic whatsoever?! I really couldn't give a t3ss anyway.It's st7pid and irrelevant.
    Marouane Fellani was the talking point.I have watched the game back and your football websites are wrong.JK put up a stat on Coutinho.He said PC gave the ball away 64.2 times this season a few weeks ago.He got it from one of these football know all sites.I questioned that stat made no sense.He acknowledged it was a error, but was adamant it was copied straight from a football stat website.Don't trust everything they print.They can and have made a mistake in this case.
    I can even give you the exact minutes they hoofed the ball into Marouane Fellani, but that would be extremely sad and I have better things to do than go back, watch it again and time stamp long balls.Twice was enough.3 times would be tort8re
    Let's just move on from this thread because I have a feeling this has the potential to quickly escalate into a trash talk burial.How it even got to this petty stage is laughable.
    I have seen both teams and despite the loss think Liverpool are a better more positive team.Stop acting like this forums judge and executi5ner.Posters can like or put down whoever.

  47. Why I said that sentence you recreated was because I wasn't saying the played hoofball. I wasn't saying they didn't do some good things with the ball once they got it on the floor. What I was saying was that they used the long ball up to Fellaini a lot. Which they did as I proved with stats provided by well respected compilers, one of which uses a lot of opta stats. So you mentioning hoofs proves you had gotten the wrong end of the stick and I wasn't being condescending after all. Fellaini attempting so many headed passes shows the ball to his head was a lot. The amount of areal duels he won ( I didn't find how many he lost which would add to the number) also shows that the ball high to him was employed a lot. Not a hoof. Just direct and like I say it was effective.

    You have obviously gotten a bit heated as some of what you have read is hard to read with numbers added in. This happens on my phone a lot and my own grammar is far from the best.

    United had marginally more possession over the game. You mentioned stats, you mentioned numbers of high balls to make your point. So I did the same. It's supposed to be a discussion but I understand your frustration when the numbers make your assertion look wrong.

    If you have the stats to prove your point that's great. I told you mt sources. Please tell me yours. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but as you were shooting down Jocks I don't think it is fair to have a go at me for doing the same to you.

    It is probably obvious by now I am off work sick. Too much time on my hands but I didn't mind finding the proof in stats to what I had seen with my eyes.


  49. Me and Jock agree on many things.I wasn't shooting him down.He knows that.He's the closet thing I have on this forum to a comment twin.I'm sure he wasn't offended.Jock can take care of himself.
    My sources are my eyes not stat websites.They don't make computer errors.Like Opta made with Philippe Coutinho.I have watched the match twice and it's still saved on my planner.Unfortunately I can't send you the game in the post.
    The stats you posted supports your argument and I can't be bothered to check them.That's why your like a dog with a bone wanting me to find some stats.
    What you haven't thought about is how stats especially the ones you posted can be twisted and manipulated.Simon Mignolet or one of our defenders clears a ball up field under pressure.Fellani heads it back.That could easily be used as Man Utd targeting him with a long ball to start attacks.I'm pretty sure they don't distinguish between attacking and defensive heading.
    A corner kick is not really a long ball.Just a set piece.Under your 25 yard long ball guidelines if Fellani puts his head on it can be counted as hoof pass with heading stats because they are not specific.
    I think Marouane Fellani heading numbers have been boosted by defensive heading.Maybe that's why I missed it.I was concentrating on attacking heading.Which was the point of argument.

  50. Very good points there Beast for sure. Just started watching it. One long ball to Fellaini in 9 seconds.The first half would be hard for me to get through. My stomach is sick enough.

    I too am a fan of Jocks. Agree a lot of the time.

  51. Long term future ,
    Where are Chelsea this season compared to LIverpool.
    Im talking ONLY Chelsea and Sturridge.
    Last season Suarez made Sturridge look good. .
    look at Sturridge's poor work rate on sunday against MU

  52. So coming 2nd for one season is good enough for you ?

  53. At 100p/w and NOT the 150p/w what he wants

    Liverpool are the best team in the BPL as far as home grown is concernd .
    There are 5 BPL teams that will be in trouble

  54. if we stick with Moreno next season, we will be playing championship football sooner rather than later.
    let him go for free because nobody will spend a penny on him.

  55. Who says that is all we will get?

  56. Suarez really is Superman. Not only did he apparently singlehandedly carry LFC all last season, he also managed to Make DS look good even when he was banned and not playing!
    And are you REALLY saying Chelsea knew DS would be great for the next two seasons, but knew he would not do as well in the 3rd year?
    What difference does Chelsea's current league position make?
    Give me a break