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22 Mar 2015

Mega-Deal: Liverpool want 'incredible' €27m attacker with 33 goals/assists. Bye-bye Sterling?

Liverpool are reportedly set to reignite interest in Dynamo Kiev attacker Andrey Yarmolenko, who destrpoyed Everton on Thursday with a man-of-the-match performance performance in the Europa League.

A report in the Liverpool Echo today claims that:

* Liverpool are planning a £19.5m (€27m) move for Yarmolenko.

* The Reds are allegedly 'long-term admirers' of the 25-year old left-footer.

Liverpool have been linked with Yarmolenko several times in the past:

Aug 2013: Ukrainian newspaper Gazeta claimed that Liverpool were 'close' to signing Yarmolenko.

Aug 2013: Another report claimed that Liverpool submitted a €23m bid for the Ukraine international, but a deal could not be concluded.

Jun 2014: Liverpool considered making a summer bid for the attacker, with Kiev reportedly dropping their asking price to £15m.

In September 2013, Tor-Kristian Karlson - A Norwegian Scout, and Former CEO of Monaco - warned LFC to steer clear of Yarmolenko. He explained:

"I certainly wouldn't [spend] £20M on Yarmolenko. He's a decent player, but not worth anywhere near that [and] he wouldn't improve the Liverpool squad"

Ukraine legend Andriy Shevchenko certainly doesn't agree with Karlson's assessment, and in a recent interview, the striker heaped praise on Yarmolenko, who is described by national coach Oleg Blokhin as 'unstoppable'. Sheva told Yahoo Sport:

"Yarmolenko is a great player, talented and quick. Even though he doesn’t play in my position up front, he still manages to score plenty of goals. If he works hard, he could reach the highest level like I did"

Yarmolenko - praised this week by Everton boss Roberto Martinez for his 'incredible' finishing - is not a 'marquee' name, but he has many positive attributes:

* 91 goals/61 assists (152 G/A total) in 247 games for Kiev.
* Goal/assist every 1.6 games, which is a fantastic record.
* This season: 15 goals/18 assists (33 G/A total) in 29 apps.
* 1 goal/assist every single game.
* 18 goals in 46 games for the Ukraine national team.
* At 6'2, strong and powerful, which is a good contrast to Sterling/Coutinho etc.
* Most important: Yarmolenko has never been injured.

33 goals/assists in 29 games is superb, and it's no flash in the pan; as his figures attest, Yarmolenko has a sustained history of consistently making a specific, measurable impact for Kiev, and he allso has the physical attributes to be a success in the Premier League.

I'd swap Sterling for this guy in a heartbeat. Seriously, just get rid of the mercenary already; there are mugs out there willing to pay £50m, so take the money and run. When the going got tough, Sterling did nothing against Man United to justify his scurrilous wage demands, and when he leaves, he won't be missed.



  1. We get it Jaimie - you don't like Sterling (and yes you proved in your last article about him that's it more than just anti-greed).

    Plus who said teams would pay 50 million for Sterling?? I guess the same ones where you're getting these 'wants 150,000/week'.

  2. I'd do the swap in a heartbeat. Although, is he better than Konoplyanka, who is free this summer?

  3. When the going got tough NOBODY played above average to justify any wages.Man Utd dominated Liverpool with long spells of possession.
    Change the Raheem Sterling b4shing record.Incorporating repetitive Sterling attacks with every money related article/transfer rumour are turning your articles into something I could easily pass on.
    I want this topic to bungee jump off a bridge with rope that's longer than the drop! Resume your relentless attacks in the summer, when both sides are talking again.
    Next article please!

  4. Yokohama Liverpool Fan3:29 am, March 23, 2015

    We need consistent contributors: Depay, Lacazette, Yarmolenko and some hard tacklers in MF. No more duds this summer please.

    Allen lost possession 14 times yesterday of which four were getting dispossed. Time for a change.

  5. After last night's Bad result ,with no CL next season im sure Sterling will leave.
    With the loss of income from no CL and europa awaiting, Liverpool is going to struggle to get TOP players this summer..
    Will have to do some smart deals.

  6. I said time and time again before the game that Allen must NOT start .

  7. Mr. Point Of View8:06 am, March 23, 2015

    I got feeling we were being held ransom at sterling contract ! And it shouldnt happen so get lost if $ the only passion to stay here ! I believe liv were paying reasonable wage to him ALREADY base on his involvement ! But his agent keep demanding more is beyond Sterling offered !

  8. Totally agree, he is just about worth the 25k a week. His end product is poor and his greed is sickening. If we have any sense we will sell in the summer. Ibe is going to be a better player than him

  9. Allen was MOTM against City and had a great game against Swansea. Hes a easy target. Ok he played poorly against UTD but so dod the whole team. Hes a great squad player. The one player who is very disappointing is Llanna, offers little and is slow

  10. It was Fellaini, that was a lost battle from the begining..

  11. The last sentence got deleted when I posted it..

  12. Yes by all means we ned to get Yamorlenko or Konoplyanka and rid ourselves of the ungrateful boy

  13. I have said it tima and time again, Allen is not good enough for Liverpool maybe for aston villa hull west ham not Liverpool. he is far too inconsistent

  14. Guys. Seriously. Sterling has been way way under par with his performances. It wasn't just the game yesterday. It's been on for weeks. It's frustrating looking at him play. It's clear he thinks he's bigger than the club. Even if his performances were high, I personally think 130k is a bit too much. For reasons such as him majorly under performing and his lack of fight these past couple of weeks, I'd say, 'the highest bidder wins'.

  15. Maybe he doesn't think he's bigger than the club. Maybe he's just not that consistently brilliant (yet?), in which case we shouldn't be putting all our, er... we should have other brilliant players that we can rely on.

  16. I think your judgement of his performance is a more than a tad harsh, imo he was isolated out at rwb instead of in lallanas position who again imo opinion has been a waste of money, I believe sterling would have shone yesterday playing closer to sturridge I think many would agree with that given his movement at old Trafford

  17. Had to laugh when Sterling went to kick the ball and hit nothing but air. Certainly seems as though his mind is elsewhere despite talk of his postponing contract negotiations until June in order to focus on his football.

  18. no more southcoast geeezers2:30 pm, March 23, 2015

    Not good enuf ad for sterling lets see wen summer comes

  19. no more southcoast geeezers2:34 pm, March 23, 2015

    Depay that type of wide man tiks all boxs kopalinka or wa every his name is shud been bort insted of mercavich last summer we need better

  20. no more southcoast geeezers2:48 pm, March 23, 2015

    my apoligies for last coments on this player mistakenn him for the other lenka. This one is a very good player an his very consistant performer with quality be a good singn

  21. no more southcoast geeezers2:48 pm, March 23, 2015

    Yamalenko is quality

  22. That's easy for you to say.......

  23. We must sign this guy . That kind of stats is not by a fluke ..sell Sterling now before they will realise he can't kick a ball

  24. Yep, my concerns also. Not that worried about Sterling leaving as we just spent £20 million on Markovic who is essentially the same.

    But, without finding a decent striker to cover for Sturridges annual 15 games out injured and the 10 games it takes him to get back up to the required level of workrate etc, we will never get back into the CL.

  25. We need to start buying smart. We need to tap into the Ukrainian league & Portuguese league etc...

    We need quality, not a name (i.e. Balotelli)

  26. Personally i don't think much of Sterling, just dribbles too much. I say get what we can for him, as soon as! Take sturridge with him too.

  27. Moreno cost us most yesterday, lost Mata time and time again, result two goals! Gerrard cost us any real chance of getting a result, crazy first tackle, followed with even crazier stamp. So much for his 'experience', looked like he got sent off deliberately.

  28. Yup agree ,Our real BIG problem is up front with Balo , Borini, Aspas,Lambert clearly Not good enough and an injury prone Srurridge .
    Lets hope the transfer committe can pull a rabbit out of the hat this summer!

  29. Sterling is a right winger and his strengh is his passes into the box from wide.

  30. Has everyone forgot Sterling is only 19 and a starter for one of Europe's most decorated teams. Yes we need someone to come in his position to offer him guidance to further progress his development, but to say he needs to be flat out replaced is ignorant. This is a youth player who's come up through the ranks because of the promise they show and who knows the values of the club. Yes Yarmolenko would be an amazing purchase for LFC, but it shouldn't be at the expense of one of our youth players. YNWA!!!!!

  31. Yes he is only young and IBE is a year younger and TWICE the player sterling is or ever will be, (STUART.C & Co) I hope you are reading all these comments on sterling as I am not the only one who thinks he is crap and should be sold or sent out on loan to learn how to play.

  32. Right winger yes, right wing back no, when you play in that position there is more responsibility defensively and given we couldn't get near them in the first half and were down to 10 men for the whole of the second half I don't believe anyone can hold his performance against him yesterday, unless people have played that right wing back position nobody will understand the difficulty of trying to defend and attack

  33. no more southcoast geeezers9:14 am, March 25, 2015

    It is cos its tru no more rubish at anfeild we have enuf sqaud players