24 Mar 2015

Marquee Signing? Liverpool to make official move for exciting £44m Argentina playmaker

Liverpool continue to be linked a move for Benfica attacker Eduardo Salvio, and according to new reports, the Reds are definitely planning to pursue the Argentinian during the summer transfer window.

Last week, The Mirror claimed that Liverpool and Man United are 'known to be interested' in Salvio, and according to a Monday report in Portuguese newspaper O Jogo:

* Liverpool will 'try to buy' Salvio this summer.

* He has a €60m (£44m) release clause in his contract, but he's pushing for Benfica to reduce that figure.

Some info about Salvio:

* Right-sided attacking midfielder, who can also play on the left, or as a number 10.
* 37 goals/31 assists in 143 apps for Benfica.
* Goal/Assist every 2.1 games.
* This season: 12 goals/8 assists in 32 apps.
* Goal/Assist every 1.6 games.
* 5 apps for the Argentina national team.
* 7 major trophies with Benfica/Atletico Madrid.
* 2013: Missed 6 months of the season with a serious knee injury.
* 2013: Man City reportedly made a €30m bid for Salvio.

Liverpool may be interested, but under current rules, it will be difficult signing to complete as Salvio will need a UK work-permit.

Extensive international experience is usually a pre-requisite when applying for a permit, and with only 5 appearances for Argentina, the attacker doesn't meet the criteria. Additionally, Salvio hasn't played for the national team since 2012, which doesn't help his case (!)

With recent links to Max Meyer, Hakan Calhanoglu, and Felipe Anderson, Liverpool seem to be on the hunt for Coutinho clones at the moment, and given the Brazilian's growing (but sometimes inconsistent) impact on the club, that's hardly surprising.

Rodgers probably thought he'd found another Coutinho-esque attacker when he signed Lazar Markovic, but it hasn't turned out that way, and if the Reds bring in another attacking midfielder, the Serb will probably find it even harder to hold down a first team place.

Markovic didn't even make the squad for Sunday's 2-1 defeat to Manchester United; Rodgers preferred the likes of Rickie Lambert and the outgoing Glen Johnson to a £20m summer signing, which is not a good sign.



  1. Yep i agree, Markovic has not been good enough.
    From what i have seen of him so far , he is a winger who is scared to commit players . And that is a problem , lfc need more wingers like Sterling and Ibe who love taking on players and can d so effortlessly .
    It is a big regret not getting Salah look how well he is doing at Fiortntina
    where he is getting consistent game time. This is a problem for me , not getting our first choice players.
    Imagine how different this season would have been had we had Sanchez instead of Balotelli, Mkhitaryan rather then Lalllana and Salah rather then Markovic. In terms of moving forwards , i think Filipe Anderson is the best from the players you mentioned because he has that pace and acceleration which Lallana does not and unlike Markovic loves taking on players , remember he is Brazilian and schooled in Futsal so taht part of the game like to Coutinho should be natural.

  2. For obvious reasons I think weshould SELL STERLING AND STURIDGE A S A P -along with Lambert Borini And baloteli -THESE DECISIONS ARE NO BRAINERS and because of his reluctance to sign I would hesitate to give the captaincy to Henderson =I wish he had Flanagans love for the Club =

  3. Plus if we keep losing out on our first choice players like Sanchez,Salah,Mkhitaryan and keep losing our best players . Suarez last year and mot probably Sterling this year . Rodgers will get fed up and leave to join Manchester City. So FSG need to go all out on Sterlings contract , there are not many players like him apart from Depay who we would struggel to sign with Man united interested. In saying that FSG must do their utmost at getting top players , Lacazette fits the profile , he is similar to Suarez and Torres at the same age, he can be world class here.
    Wages should not be a problem , Liverpool should cut the squad in that case , do we really need players like ,Johnson, Enrique,Toure, Lambert. When that game time could be given to youngsters like Sinclair,Smith and Jones . Liverpool in 198os won trophies with at most 14 players .Not a fan of big squads creates disgruntled players , last year everyone knew their roles , the starting 11 picked itself and then the rest knew they were reserves. This should increase team morale . And Barcelona are doing similar this year.
    Messi,Neyamr,Suarez,Iniesta,Busquets,Racitic,Alves,Alba,Mascherano, Mathieu , will start . Pedro, Xavi,Pique ,Adriano bench then youngsters making up rest like Thiago Alcantras brotehr whos name i forgot.

  4. Yep lets sell the only good players we have .
    Lets sell Sturridge,Sterling,Coutinho,Henderson, Can,Sakho.
    That will make other top players join and show how ambitious Liverpool are.
    You are a genius.


    With Gerrard leaving and Suarez leaving last year . Liverpool cannot sell the only players that are actually good, it will show the club are not ambitious enough and open the flood gates if sterling is allowed to leave. Torres knew he had to leave in his own words when lfc sold Mascherano and Alonso.
    Letting Suarez leave was the biggest mistake the club ever made , we should have gone all out , promise him a luxury contract heck even make him the worlds highest [paid player .
    And that is why Chelsea and City never lose their best players because they pay them well . Augero,Hazard,Silva etc are good enough to play but Barcaloena and Real do not want to pay their wages as it is too high and will mean they have Ronaldo or Messi looking for a massive exntention.
    Coutinho,Sterling,Sturridge,Henderson deserve massive contract of over 100k . While Sakho and Can can with more consistency aslo be classed in that rank.

  5. We have signed 2 from Portugal in last two years AND both could be DUDS = NO THANKS

  6. It really annoys me is that we cannot pay Sterling 150k we only pay Coutinho 75k when he should be earning 140k atleast .
    Then spend 40m on guys like Markovic and Lovren .
    That 40m plus Lovrens and Markovic wages would be enough to pay Sterling and Coutinho for the next 5 years .
    And that is how you build a winning team.
    Build around Sturridge,Sterling,Coutinho,Can and add one top palyer every year.
    Big wages , small fees,

  7. The question is ,Why would Chelsea have sold Sturridge for such a small amount of money.????

    Answer , They saw no future with him .

  8. Rafa Alcantara, aka Rafinha.

  9. this team is weak. we need a proper DM and proper wingbacks. Sterling should play behind the striker, before Lallana is even considered.

  10. Mr. Point Of View8:00 am, March 24, 2015

    Seem like next season we are still gamble on signing the NEXT BIG THING !!!! How many season we been doing that without result?

  11. whats the obvious reason for selling Studge?
    Raheem is being a twat and wont be offered any more money so he can go if he wants but selling our best players for some hidden reason is just silly.

  12. suarez wanted to go. get over it.

  13. Liverpool gets Sturridge.
    Chelsea gets Remy

    Makes you think?

  14. Any world class player at any position in the front 6/7, please.

    Preferably a world class striker to come in as our no.1 striker, so that we don't have to endure any more seasons of stagnant offense when Sturridge has his annual 15 games out with injury, followed by another 10 games to get back up to the required level of workrate.

    Sturridge is quality when fit and firing, but is so fragile, we just can't rely on him as our no.1 striker anymore, imho.

  15. He might pull a Van Persie and toughen up in later years, but I agree that we need another top striker.

  16. This kind of strikes me as one of those "Oh... yea... international duty? Sorry Roy, Daniel got injured, we promise."
    At least I hope it's this.

  17. Great post, excellent points.

  18. He has. Just not many.

  19. All.formations are.like that. Tweeks and players actually passing to eachother will make it effective again. We won against Swansea and United beat us by one gaol even though we had ten men for a whole half. They barely created anything.

  20. I do think had Lucas and Ibe played against United we would have looked stronger but in the end they won because Moreno was on another planet and Mata had his best game of the season.

  21. Soooo.... sell every single FW we have (I'm assuming you would throw Aspas in there too). For some reason, that doesn't seem like a great idea no matter who we bring in afterwards.

  22. Keep seeing/hearing similar views everywhere. FA/national association medics review any player claiming to be injured if they so desire.

    This time, Costa is clearly injured. However, he's had to fly to Madrid to be assessed to prove that he is genuinely injured. Sturridge will already have reported for international duty, been assessed and released.

    At club level you can have a fracture and it's up to your club whether you play. National associations don't have that option, they have the player 'on loan' from the club and cannot play him if he's injured (without agreement from the club).

  23. Turns out Raheem is injured too, a doubt for England. Still carrying that toe injury that kept him out a while back, might provide some explanation to his less energetic performances of late.

    BR could choose to play him, Hodgson can't if the medics say he's injured. Could be a blessing, he can get a 2 week break and come back like he's been to Jamaica again.

  24. no more southcoast geeezers12:08 pm, March 24, 2015

    U crazy noooo way u cud get veito an firmino for that.and i no who id spend that money on an its not salvio

  25. no more southcoast geeezers12:11 pm, March 24, 2015

    Fhilip anderson has extended his contract so that probs a no go so id sign jaun cazeres from banfeild ten mill sn he is lovley player ideal for lfc

  26. Stick a fork in us, this season is over : (

    As for Sicknote Sturridge? Quality finisher on his day, but he lacks the durability and workrate to be our no.1 striker if we play with just one up top. He doesn't make enough runs off the ball, imho, even during the 10 games per year he is fully fit, or do any defending from the front, which, while not essential, is a bloody good thing to have in your team.

    Our no.1 priority, for me, is to bring in a world class striker as our number one hitman. Sturridge has too many games out injured per year, then takes too long afterwards to get back up to the required level of workrate for a lone striker to be reilied upon as the main man anymore.

    We've been creating the chances, we just need reliable firepower up front to finish those chances.

  27. I think some of us have entered a land of confusion...

  28. Moreno is a bit of coach killer, imho. A player that has all the tools, looks great when playing, then goes out there and suffers brainfart after brainfart. It's players like Moreno that gets managers the sack!

    Lol, I'm being extreme, he's not that bad, but he's certainly a weakness currently. His first year in the country and team, though, so his future years SHOULD be better.

    Also, I feel Rodgers needs to simplify things so that players are less often caught out of position, but that's a whole new post entirely.

  29. Agree with most everything you say, though i don't think Studge is entirely incapable of the workrate. He has shown that he's capable of doing the work (even without Suarez putting in a huge shift), but his issues seem to be mental. When 100% fit and confident he'll tear round the backline and close down. But he seems afraid to do so in case he pulls/tears something.

    And not sure that we do need an out-and-out striker. I still like the idea of Sterling leading, Coutinho + A.N. Other behind. It needs to be a creative who is a goalscorer too. Think that's where a Mikhitariyn/Salah that Rodgers was after would fit in. Or, now, Firmino. All 3 in the front line would offer the workrate, all 3 a goal threat, all 3 creative and quick.

    Wouldn't object to a Dybala/Lacazette mind. Just not sure that we *must* have one. Studge, when fit, would be an option. Origi is going to a bag of lucky dips, no idea what he'll turn out to be. Have no doubts that Ibe will push further and further into a forward/striker role.

  30. Why should we sell Raheem and Sturridge INTHE SAME WINDOW? Lambert and Borini Yes but Raheem and Danny? No way

  31. I agree with you on this. But Ian Ayre and BR do not seem to have that sort of good brain as regards transfers. The coming window we will likely see off Toure, Brad Jones, Lucas, Balo, Johnson and will replace them with Delph, Butland, MaCarthy (James), a spanish youngster and another overhyped expensive british flop like Lallana

  32. You know what, I think you're spot on with why Studge takes so long to get back up to speed, it is mental, good shout.

    I like Sterling up top also due to the way he pulls defenders so well, opening up gaps and breaking down defensive solidity, But, neither him nor Couts is clinical enough for me. With Sterling being particularly poor technically, at present.

    Combine Sturridges elite level technique with Sterlings offensive running prowess and pow, I'll have one of those please! lol

    Don't know why we didn't just buy a poor mans Suarez and continue the diamond. Adding Balo p*ssed the sh*ts off of me. Fools gold. Don't know which fool in the organisation pulled the trigger on that one, but it was foolish. You see, the thing with Balo isn't mental, it's this: He's just not that good. He is the Italian Wilshere.

    Does a few things of such incredibly awesome and/or serene beauty at such a tender age and everyone is salivating over them and annointing them as the second coming. People were actually saying, some journo's included, that a few years ago, Wilshere was the best English midfielder ever produced. Laughably parochial and embarrassingly imbecilic opinions.

    For Wilshere, see Balo. Not exactly, and I didn't strive to make the perfect player-to-player comparison, just a very similar phenomenon. When they both play poorly or have a bad run, people assume it's mental. The old bad-boy, smoking, drinking image thing the media runs with pervades. In reality, they just aren't that good, and poor runs of form are inevitable. Sure, occasionally they both do something that people drool over, but basic bread and butter football that leads to consistency, not so much.

    Holy crap I've rambled on. Really been trying to wrap post up and get on with stuff, but here I am still typing... ; )

  33. Sturridge 's days are over, last year we had SaS , this year it's SS .