27 Mar 2015

Surprise Deal? Liverpool chase £16m striker who discussed transfer with Alonso/Torres in 2012

Liverpool are reportedly considering a surprise move for Juventus striker Fernando Llorente, who was heavily linked with a move to Anfield throughout 2012.

According to Italian newspaper Tuttosport today:

* Spurs and Liverpool are 'closely monitoring' €22m-rated Llorente, nicknamed 'El Rey León' (The Lion King) in Spain.

* Both clubs are considering making offers 'at the end of the season'.

The Reds were (previously) long-term admirers of Llorente, who confirmed in January 2012 that representatives from Anfield 'came to Bilbao' to negotiate a possible transfer.

Then, in June of that year, Llorente revealed he'd sought advice from ex Reds Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres about moving to England. He told Reporters:

"I might end up playing in England. Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres have told me about the great respect that the fans have for the players there"

This rumour is a bolt from the blue, and at the age of 31, Llorente's best days are probably behind him. That said, his overall record since moving to Juve is creditable, though not worth €22m:

* 25 goals/10 assists in 77 apps.
* Goal every 3 games.
* Goal/assist every 2.2 games.
* This season: 11 goals/assists in 32 apps.

Everton boss Roberto Martinez is convinced that Llorente has what it takes to flourish in the Premier League, and around the time of Liverpool's prior interest, he told reporters:

"Whatever price you can afford to pay for Llorente you will have to double it. Otherwise they [Bilbao] won't sell him. If you go in with £30m they will want £60m. If the figure gets to £60m, then they can't stop him. He would be a great Premier League player".

Italian legend Gianluca Vialli also believes that Llorente still has a lot to offer. In a recent interview, he enthused:

“Llorente is an excellent striker that every coach would like to have. He is a striker that can give you lots of options, as a starter or the twelfth player onto the pitch to change the match.”

Is Llorente an upgrade on Balotelli, Borini, and Lambert, who are seemingly on the way out of Anfield?



  1. Fernando Llorente? No thanks! €22m with big wages to match for a 30 year old striker makes no sense.
    Maybe a few years ago when he was at Athletic Bilbao, but the ships sailed.Liverpool can get better value for money.

  2. No chance FSG sanctions this kind of purchase. £ 22 mil for a 30 year old on huge wages who Juventus is willing to sell cause he lost his place in their XI. Don't think so.

  3. I missed you crack....in the same way that I miss my virginity.

  4. I'm sure he knows this too....it's weird that he says things so odd just for the heck of it...I did that at 13 too so I suppose give him benefit of the doubt there.
    But whether Sterling plays well or not people won't like the contract situation and that distorts viewpoints.

  5. Like you'd miss a dose of the clap

  6. Definitely. I think the club could do with him staying, but he needs to get the "I'm still good enough to play every game" out of his head. Until he does he'll be a distraction and won't be focussed on coaching/developing.

    But the one who we really need back, the one who lives/breathes/drinks football is Carra. Have heard and read many times that all he did when not playing/training was watch football. Whatever game, from wherever in the world, and he would have seen it, or know enough about the teams/players to have a meaningful conversation about it. That sort of knowledge of the game, combined with all his experience and passion for the club, would be so useful.

    Ideal scenario though of course is that they're both back. Very soon.

  7. Add Sterling and Sturidge to that list and we might be getting somewhere

  8. We should always look to South America for strikers - our lot cant even use two feet

  9. No wonder avarice and self-interst are rampant in the game when there are apologists like you constantly rationalising greed. Bravo!

  10. Wake up and smell the coffee Jaimie. No one cares what I think and greed exists and has existed for a l up no time now. It is horrible but it is the reality. Taking actual sums out of it for a second, do you think it fair that Balo and Johnson earn far more than Sterling?

  11. I quite like the sound of Jamieland sometimes but I doubt I'd be let in........

  12. Get off your (rocking) horse and drink your milk

  13. Exactly. If they earned normal salaries and Balo and Johnson both earned 25k a year and Sterling was only getting 15 we'd all be saying what a disgrace it was

  14. With your logic we would never have signed Dalglish.

  15. Maybe in a boxing match. Maybe.

  16. It pains me to do this but I agree with your timelines, mostly.