3 Mar 2015

Photo Proof: Jordon Ibe reveals worrying image of his injury. Tells fans that he'll 'be back stronger'

On Monday, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers confirmed that 'sensational' attacker Jordon Ibe is injured, and judging by the young attacker's latest photo update, he could be out a lot longer than initially anticipated.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Rodgers confirmed:

"Jordon Ibe will be out for a few weeks. He'll be back towards end of March,"

Ib has reportedly suffered Lateral collateral ligament damage to his knee, and those type of injuries need to be managed effectively to avoid recurrence in the future.

Whether Ibe has had surgery is unknown at this point, but he posted the following picture on Instagram this afternoon, which suggests he may have been under the knife:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 18.15.22_zpsxp7efz5q.png

That's a massive knee/leg brace, and I'd be very surprised if Ibe is back 'towards the end of March'. Indeed, according to Physio Adviser, LCL injuries can take up to 8-weeks to properly heal.

The good thing is that Ibe will probably miss the upcoming international break, which is good news for LFC.

Is Ibe's setback bad luck, or is it a consequence of being overplayed by Brendan Rodgers? Prior to picking up the injury, Ibe started five games in a row, including three games in seven days, so it's possible that this may have contributed to the issue.

It's a big blow for Ibe as he was cementing his place in the starting XI. I just hope this isn't the start of a long series of niggling injuries. Knee issues are a real pain, especially for speedy players. Just ask Michael Owen...



  1. jordon is my pal from South London. went to Globe Academy and lived in Camberwell next to this kid and i assure you no knee injury, toe injury or anything is stopping this kid. by overall ability, although hes yet to prove it, hes one of the best players in the world. he can strike the ball from any place on the pitch with both feet(sort of like cazorla or lallana) but he can strike it with real venom. along with that he is incredibly skillful and is insanely fast. to match with that he is so strong you wont believe it and i assure you we have not seen the best of Jordon. from personally playing alongside Jordon despite him being on a complete different galaxy to every1 our age, i believe his best position is up front. he is an incredible footballer. he is EXACTLY like Alexis Sanchez. mark my words. EXACTLY. but to make it better, he is actually both footed. like ive seen Jordon scored free kicks on his left foot with power, pace and accuracy. hes acually due to be a great if hes managed well. But he cant be overplayed. he puts in 100% in each game and BR should have played Glen Johnson and rested Jordon for Besiktas. but it is what it is. Hopefully he can come back and help us win all our games. Jordon is class. he can lead a front line and he wont miss chances like Sterling did against United. Jordon played up front for our school team and sometimes left wing because he could cross on his left and there was another tall guy called Ade who could head, but Jordon is a world beater. he can do it all, and this injury will never stop him. trust me.

  2. Interesting info. Thanks :-)

  3. in the summer we need to sell borini, lambert and possibly balotelli unless hes willing to stay at liverpool as a happy squad player, then buy Luciano Vietto for £20M and give him the number 9 and Memphis Depay for £20M and give him the number 7. these are two young players who will grow into monsters and possibly hit 30 goals each within two seasons of LFC development. this is all we need, by signing Depay, Lallana can come into the middle alonside Hendo if needed. and next season, with so much good young palyers to develop without the pressure of steven gerrard, we can line-up like this

    ---------Emre Can------------Skrtel---------------Lovren/Sakho

    coutinho and sterling naturally work well together, so Sterling can play out wide left wing back. Coutinho will normally drift in, and will have incredibly fast players to pick out in Sterling and Ibe who will make runs out wide and Depay and Vietto. Henderson and Lallana will also have alot movement uptop to pass to. this will be the team that leads us to success. or we can switch to four at back and try 4-2-3-1 having the proper players for the formation

    Ibe-----------------Emre Can----------------Skrtel--------------Moreno

    so happy for Gerrard fantastic services to LFC but boy cant i wait till he leaves LFC. the pressure to play Gerrard is too much, and the team has suffered many times this season to accomadate Stevie, personally for me particullary against Everton where i think we would have won had Stevie not played, Leicster City where they scored two goals in 2 minutes from Stevies position, and Newcastle where he was just missing. but i believe this young team can lift the Premier League title if we can just win our starting games and dictate the tempo of the league. when Gerrard doesnt play, you never really know what to expect from Liverpool and thats because our young team is still developing whereas Gerrard is finished. you never know Emre Can might smash the bar from 30 yards out or Coutinho might hit 33 yard screamer or sterling goes past 5 players and sticks it in the net because he dont have to pas to Gerrard. point is Legends come and go. for Messi to reach his true heights they had to let at the time what they thought was the greatest player theyd seen Ronaldinho go, because they believed in Messi. weve seen the rapid rise of Coutinho in Gerrards absence but how will that look if Gerrards there? taking all the long passes, all the long shots. Stevie gotta go or come on as sub only from now to end of season. hes overstayed his time at LFC and is making the club suffer from open play, despite his fantastic set piece ability.

  4. no worries bro. and what you think of Depay and Vietto? surely Depay is better than Markovic

  5. Although I somewhat agree with what your saying and understand the logic behind it, I think your being a bit harsh on our true legend, granted it looks like he's dragging the team down but personally I blame Rodgers for playing him so often, Gerrard is an intelligent guy, he knows how much contribution he brings to the team, I don't think he could argue with Rodgers bringing him on as a sub when needed, and that's a great piece on Ronaldinho and Messi, it's totally the coaches decision, and a savy coach with a pair of balls is probably what's needed, don't get me wrong, Rodgers and LFC are a wonderful fit and long may it continue, but he does sometimes lack a pair.

  6. Heard reports it could be pretty much season ending surgery. Some time out if the spotlight might do him good for a bit but fingers crossed we will see him again before the end of the season.

  7. That is definitely Lee Major's leg

  8. the fight to be stopped because joey barton invades the ring and tries to have a go at mayweather

  9. The most wanted fight in boxing got announced.Floyd Mayweather Vs Manny Pacquiao.Las Vegas May 2nd, MGM Grand.
    This fight is a few years late, but it's still a must see mega fight.Who do you think will win?

  10. Mayweather knocks Joey Barton out.Then the fight fans feed on his carcass like hungry hyenas for stopping the biggest boxing match of this generation.

  11. I think he is spot on about Gerrard costing us games again this year, I remember the Leicester game walking around midfield again and three times in second half they kicked the ball between his legs.like playing with 10 men unless u get a free kick or penalty for him to take. Games seem to be passin him by. Team plays better without him.I agree with what u were saying about Rodgers growing a pair and managing his game time better.players should be played on merit, not on past accomplishments.

  12. Super Mario will surely want to watch Pacman beat Money Mayweather. A few years too late, as you say, but at least it's happening.

    I think three or four years Manny would have had the beating of Floyd, but sadly I think Mayweather looks in meaner shape. Hope it goes all the way, though.

  13. I think Mayweather will win now but I think it would've been a different story 5 years ago

  14. Really bad luck for him. Injuries like that can happen so innocuously, it can take nothing more than a light knock. Hopefully no cartilage damage, that's the real long term killer. He might be back for the end of the season.

  15. Floyd Mayweather is the best defensive fighter in boxing and one of the best of all time.If the fight goes the distance.I think Floyd's movement, speed, punch accuracy, counters and ring intelligence should be too much for Manny Pacquiao.
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    If the tempo is slow Mayweather will show he's boxing ability is on elite all time level and win on the scorecards.Manny Pacquiao needs to set the match speed from the first round, throw plenty of shots and turn the fight into a high energy war.
    My prediction: The fight will be fought at Floyd's pace and he wins by decision.
    Sorry about the lengthy reply Jock, but you know what I'm like:-)

  16. Haha no worries bud, really good analysis. Clearly a boxing fan too

  17. I'll be honest didn't know much about Depay until I recently heard all the hype about this kid. Well if YouTube videos are to be believed this kid looks electric. I think he would be ideal in taking on that Suarez creative role, with 'a bit out of the ordinary ' type skill. Great thing is, he's young so will fit right in to the LFC mould and would be able to grow with the team. Great Ibe info by the way...

  18. The ref could have an impact on this fight too.
    When Ricky Hatton fought Mayweather, his only chance was to do exactly what you just said Pacquiao needs to do but the ref made sure that wasn't going to happen.
    Saying that, Hatton wasn't in the same league as the other two. The punch from Mayweather that finished that fight was a work of art. I had to watch the replay a few times to see where it came from sowhat chance did Hatton have.
    When he fought Pacquiao...
    I thought he'd killed him for a few horrible moments

  19. This fight is massive.Everything the ref does will be under the microscope.Some have this down as the biggest fight of all time.
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    Pactards and Flomos are not the sort of people you mess with.My animal comment had some truth.If one gets robbed on the scorecards by a judge or the ref gives himself a bigger Hollywood role in this movie/fight and stops a fighter from carrying out a his game plan.I would expect de4th threats and they should be taken seriously.
    My advice would be to change your identity and go into hiding.
    Spot on about Ricky Hatton, he wasn't anywhere near the level of the other two.Mayweather easily controlled RH and punctuated the boxing lesson with a knockout.
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    I thought Manny Pacquiao k4lled him too.One of the most devastating boxing KO's ever.

  20. Over played? If he gets injured for playing 5 games in a row, then I fear for his professional career.

    I can't imagine that is what has caused this.