3 Mar 2015

66% of LFC fans insist: Sterling is better than £20m 'genius'. Agree?

At the end of the season, Harry Kane will almost certainly be up against Raheem Sterling for the 'Young Player of the Year award', but who deserves it the most, and which of the two is the more effective player?

Like Sterling, £20m-rated Kane is receiving endless effusive praise from all sides this year, and in recent weeks, he's been labelled a 'genius' by Jamie Carragher, with Jamie Redknapp also insisting that the 21-year old has 'no weaknesses' to his game.

Well, that's clearly nonsense, but it's indicative of the gross overpraise that's increasingly soiling the modern game.

Sterling and Kane are important to their respective teams, but which of the two is the better player? In February, I conducted a poll asking that question. The results are as follows:

 photo Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 15.15.23_zpsk9me3p1x.png

To be honest, if I had to choose, I'd take Kane over Sterling:

* Liverpool can easily survive without Sterling, which is why I'm in favour of Liverpool selling him this summer.

* Liverpool cannot, however, survive without a top-class goalscorer (this season has proven that), and if Kane played for LFC, he'd be much harder to replace than Sterling.

It's interesting to note, though, that Kane's slight goal-slump has coincided with Spurs run of poor form.

* Spurs are now five games without a win (3 defeats/2 draws)

* Kane has scored on 2 goals in the last 3 games, and failed to make the difference in two of the club's most important games of the season: Europa League knockout stage, and the Capital Cup final (both of which Spurs lost)

* Conversely, without Sterling this season, Liverpool haven't skipped a beat (including 2 wins in a row recently against Spurs, and Crystal Palace).

On the subject of Spurs' current run - it started with the 3-2 defeat to Liverpool, and it's happening at exactly the right time as it's allowing the Reds to pull away in the race for the Champions League spots.

Long may it continue!



  1. Two completely different players. Sterling is the more versatile player and by no means an out and out striker whereas Kane is a CF and can finish superbly.

    If i had to chose between the two it would be Sterling.

  2. Harry Kane did not start either of the two games against Fiorentia. Us Spurs supporters think we may well have gone through to the next round if he had..

  3. Sterling has been arguably our best player through thick and thin this season. He's scored and assisted more often than anyone else, he's our best dribbler statistically, and he has the attributes to make him potentially one of the world's best in time. Selling him would be suicidal.

    Kane? He's just a decent player who has had a good run of form. Sterling's been increasing his level, from stunning to flabbergasting or whatever, for three seasons straight. He's light years ahead.

  4. Frankie Fletcher4:10 pm, March 03, 2015

    Harry Kane has had a great season, and that is all. If harry Kane is still doing the business at this time next season, or if he has a slump in form then returns stronger after that, that is when you can start properly seeing how good he is.

    Lots of players have great seasons and then dissapear, Michu Anybody? so don't get too excited about him lifting the world cup for England just yet.

  5. I find myself in the rare position of agreeing with you today. Could be the scotch in my coffee, though, so curb your enthusiasm. Cheers.

  6. Nah. If so, he would have used the words 'unplayable' and/or 'world class'

  7. As I said, he's a beautiful young man.

  8. So I have been pondering and have actually been very impressed with how we have come back after a disastrous 1st half of this season.

    I really hope that Rodgers sticks to the pressing fast pace game that has done so well for us and hopefully he never returns to his slow possession based system ever again. It is not the way we should be playing.

    We would be challenging for the title again only if Rodgers continued from the start of the season with the pressing system but hopefully he can take us the the Cup final and finish top 4.

    Do believe that he is a great coach but not quite cut out to be a manager so maybe a DOF working ahead of him will give him the chance to concentrate on the 1st team only so let's see what FSG have planned for the end of the season.

  9. You say that we can't survive without a top class goalscorer but we have not had one all season. Sturridge is back but has scored twice. We haven't lost in the league in 2015 and that is without a prolific forward. Kane has done well this year but Sterling is world class.

  10. Sterling is no better now than last December away to spurs when he had a great game and has been in the team ever since. He just hasn't kicked on the hype has gone into overdrive. I think Liverpool would be mad to give him one penny more than what coutinho is on.

  11. How did our formation change with every sub we made on Sunday? It is kinda blurry last 30 minutes of that one...

  12. Personally think Kane is well overrated and is currently in a purple patch of form of which he will never replicate again in his career... I may be wrong just the gut instinct I have. Sterling on the other hand can be anything he wants to be, whether he ever is is an entirely different matter and for that reason I would pick Sterling over Kane every single day of the week.

  13. Of course BR wanted us to play our pressing game at the start of the season the problem was it just wasn't working with the formation and all the new players. These things take time especially when you are introducing 4/5 new players into the first team.

    BR will never manage under a DOF and rightly so, this way of working is very rarely beneficial to the club and would be absolutely the wrong call.

  14. The first half of this season shows how Liverpool can't prosper without a top class striker. The team is picking it up now, but when it mattered, the other strikers didn't step up, and the Reds ended up in mid-table.

  15. FSG wanted a DOF at the time they appointed Rodgers.

    We could have continued with the pressing game from the start. I do not see why it would have been an issue when the new players we signed were 90% suited to the pressing system.

  16. Yeh FSG wanted a DOF and BR told them to sod off and they ended up compromising with the 'transfer committee'. BR won't manage under a DOF and I totally agree.

    We were trying to press the problem is a pressing game is not about individuals it is about the team and at the start of the season we were pressing as individuals and getting picked off at will.

  17. I agree with all that too. He's still been maybe our best player throughout that spell, all the same. Though actually there have been so many good performers I feel a bit daft singling someone out.

  18. Personally they are both over rated. The fact is when ever a decent young English player appears he is instantly made out to be world class.

    Stirling has a lot to learn before I would class him anything above decent. He constantly runs into defenders, makes the wrong pass and has poor vision. If somebody was to offer 30 mil for sterling I would snap there hand off.

  19. Sinclair next to beak through to first team squad (superbly taken goal yesterday), borini & lambert will def be gone in summer along with Balo possibly. With Origi coming in we will have space for an experienced european goalscorer such as Adriano. Watching la liga Vietto is def one to keep an eye on also, would suit our style. On subject of Kane, am not convinced with his all round game, and he's a marked man now, not sure if he'll be as productive next season. Think Sterling, if he sorts contract, will push on surrounded by the likes of Coutinho, Lallana, Ibe, etc. If he just takes time to look at the bigger picture he'll know he is at the best place to develop.

    We are really not that far away from a team capable of challenging for the title next season, then we can get to grips with the champs league. And to think of all the changes we made, they'll all be better for it next season.

  20. Kind of agree both are overrated. However, I think Sterling has more attributes and potential than Kane but he still has a very long way to go. I seriously don't think Kane will ever consistently be a top player just really got the rub of the green at the moment. I too would sell Sterling if we had an offer of 40M plus.

  21. I think we are in a win win situation with him, if he stays I reckon he'll improve with the quality around him and competition for places. If not we get a big fee to reinvest, whilst also promoting someone else from u21's.

  22. Yeh all makes sense to me. As long as if he does go we get really top dollar I wouldn't be too unhappy. Having said that if he does push on to the next level anytime soon I would prefer it if we kept him just don't think we should pay him whatever he wants.

  23. We did not press at all during the first half of the season. The only match which could be classified as pressing was when we destroyed Spurs.

    Our football for the first half of the season quite honestly was terribly laboured. It lead to us having the worst start to a season in something like half a century. Not even Roy Hodgson could beat that.

    If you compare the first half of this season to the first half of Rodgers debut season then it is a mirror image. The footballing philosophy he introduced is a failure. The pressing system which almost won us the league last season is what he needs to stick to.

    If Rodgers decides he needs to give slow build up play, possession based football another chance then the start of next season will be no different to the start of this season.

    Will Rodgers walk away from his philosophy is the biggest question cause it has never worked since he came to LFC.

    Let's hope Rodgers has finally learned from his mistakes otherwise things are not going to improve.

  24. I think you are missing the point here Logan...

    BR didn't intend to play slow paced, possession football at the start of the year that is just unfortunately what happened with the system we were playing and the players playing the system.

    BRs 'philosophy' is about keeping possession when we have it and when we lose it press like mad, as a team, to get it back. At the start of the year we were keeping the ball but when we didn't have the ball we weren't pressing as a team to get it back. Our play was slow with the ball as we had quite a few new players who were obviously nervous about losing the ball so played it a bit safe.

    Now we have a system that works and the players know exactly what is required of them and as a result have gained confidence the performances have improved immeasurably.

    To say BR wanted us to play slow build up, possession based football without pressing is just another way of you having a dig at BR.

  25. Survive without a top class goalscorer is exactly what we've had to do this season and without Sterling's ability to assume the role of central striker we couldn't have done it. Kane has been brilliant this season but remember Benteke's first season? Michu? Let's see how he gets on next season once defenders have him figured out.
    I don't really know why you always seem to have a campaign against our best player. It used to be Suarez and you said many times we'd be better or easily survive without him, now it's Sterling. He's still just a kid and he's been our most important player this season. Don't get why he's endlessly criticised

  26. Tomkorn42, I read your reply but but pressing in the first half of Rodgers debut season was non existent and so was it in the first half of this season.
    Rodgers philosophy is based on Tiki Taka and has absolutely nothing to do with pressing football so not sure what you are trying to get at.

  27. Yes, but apparently, and according to some Mario Ballotelli is a 'top class striker' - albeit according to said same people 'he was being played in the wrong?? system!

    Apparently Brendan Rogers fault - all that I mean - not that he was trying his best to accommodate said 'top class striker' so he could score aplenty - and not that said striker missed loads of chances and couldn't be 'arsed' to work hard like everyone else....

    So a bit of a case that LFC 'didn't prosper' with a 'top class striker'...... but 'did prosper' when a 19/20 year old attacking winger put a bit of hard graft toward adapting and learning to take a new role and responsibility....

    So, okay, fine..., lets sell the kid for wanting a secure future....one that could easily be blighted by endless injuries or, worse, a career ending tackle (easy at his speed).
    Guys, its easy to throw stones while sitting on the sofa, but as Mathew Syed says in his book 'bounce', hard work is what it takes to become a champion.

    Sterling works hard and will get better - Brendan knows about subconscious conditioning - ie. round pegs in round holes and so on, such as Harry kane.

    But with Sterling we have someone getting training in will-power; to do and make second nature things that are NOT automatic.... that is worth a lot more these days, and we are beginning to see that with the way the team shapes up every week and all are beginning to click.

    Harry Kane is great, I like him (I hate Spurs) but I like the way he plays....However,
    ......if harry kane is 2D then Sterling is 3D, when Kane gets to 3D sterling will have already reached 4D.....Sterling is just a more rounded player already - and has more impact around the whole pitch....

  28. And he gets the exact same posts about Sterling he got about Suarez...

  29. JK everyone knows your baised against sterling his perfomance is on par with all the other special prem wingers(num 10s & false nines) hazard carzola and silva 7 prem assists and 10 goals. thats double figures in back to back seasons which for a winger in any leauge is top class. for one whose just turned 20 and i sacrificing his game for the good of the team is phenomenal good players dont get european player of the of year world class (potenial) one do selling raheem now would be idiotic why take 40 mil now when u could get much more further down the line. Kane has had a great run but needs at least to reproduce next season to justify the insane hype around his name pesonally i think bearhino is the better finisher. Ps if raheem is not pfa YPOTY then something is wrong he was robbed last year by giving it to hazard who is an overaged player and no doubt they try to do the same with kane this year

  30. I don't 'campaign' against LFC's best players. I have specific and detailed reasons for being critical of Sterling and Suarez, and those are well documented, so when you say 'I don't know why' I'm critical of them, it's disingenuous in the extreme.

    If I just criticised without reason then you'd have a point, but I don't. Suarez caused endless problems for LFC, and Sterling is (IMO) a money-grabbing mercenary.

    If you don't like those views, tough luck.

    And for me, Sterling is not LFC's best player. Sturridge and Coutinho are ahead of him (IMO), and you don't see me criticising them to the same extent.

    Why? Because they're clearly committed to LFC, and happy to play for the club.

  31. Pressing in the first half of Rodgers debut season was non existent and so was it in the first half of this season.

    Rodgers philosophy is based on Tiki Taka and has absolutely nothing to do with pressing football so not sure what you are trying to get at...

  32. Yes, but Sterling and his agent are just negotiating - this is normal - one sees this in every market, street or otherwise, around the world.

    Coutinho signed a new deal a little while back and although we didn't hear anything it really doesn't mean some hard negotiating didn't go on.

    Dude, Sterling's going to get the best deal he can, just like I do when I buy something, I always negotiate; once sorted, don't worry he'll be committed to the cause too...

  33. Look Gents English players are overrated so when a genuine one comes along everyone cries his overrated like or lump it sterlings numbers mean he is on the world class trajectory with or without suarez and sturridge stay red raheem and grow even more YNWA

  34. Sturridge may well be our best player but he can't stay fit so can certainly not be considered our most important player. Coutinho has been excellent recently but was very inconsistent at the start of the season.
    Sterling has been our most important player this season and your beloved stats back that up.
    As for all this holding the club to ransom nonsense... It's been done to death so I'm not getting back into that.

  35. That was the system and other players being picked rather than the forwards. We need a firing goalscorer but we are not reliant on one or we would not be unbeaten this year.

  36. Admire your beliefs/expectations but cheating/greed are part of the game now and have been for decades, trickles all the way down from fifa. Ever thought about following GAA that's still relatively clean. With regards money a lot of players from past eras have always followed the pound signs. Think with the beast it has become now, especially with the bt money, wages demands are going to get higher. Just look what the american sports stars earn.

  37. I'm with you on the over hyping of players (translate to exaggeration)
    But, "Liverpool cannot, however, survive without a top-class goalscorer (this season has proven that)". Isn't that just a little teeny weeny bit of an exaggeration?

  38. I'm not biased against Sterling; I'm biased against mercenaries who hold Liverpool to ransom for obscene, undeserved salaries.

    If it was Sturridge or Henderson doing the same right now, I'd be on their case too. As is always the case with me, it's never about the individual, it's about the principle.

    I have certain beliefs/expectations about football, and when they're infringed (i.e cheating, greed etc), I point it out, irrespective of who it is.

  39. 'Committed'? Right. Sterling will be committed until a year from now when he starts asking for even more money. What then? Put him on £200K a week just to appease him? It's greed, pure and simple. The £100k a week reputedly on offer should be enough, and if it's not, it's down to rampant greed.

    Why wouldn't Sterling accept £100k a week?! What is so wrong with that figure? Absolutely nothing. Due to all the ridiculous praise and overhype, he clearly has a seriously inflated view of his own worth.

    To be honest, it makes me sick. The idea that Sterling is 'committed' to Liverpool is nonsense. He's committed to money. If he wasn't, he would've signed the deal on offer.

    If someone can give me a credible reason why 20-year old Sterling should reject £100k a week (that doesn't involve a thirst for cash), then I'm listening.

  40. Apparently he was offered 70-80 with add ons, performance related, but I will happily defer to you on that if you have inside info, cos you are 'in the know'...
    Regardless, TV money in the new deal for the premiership means its now impossible to deny the new structure of finances the world over....
    10 years ago I told a guy to **** off when he asked for 130k for a three bed terrace in London - now its worth 399k!!!!!

    Whether we like it or not wages for these guys are astronomical - I'm not saying I like it - but as these guys now fall into the category, 'entertainment' as well as sport we have to accept that entertainers also make a fortune (Jay z? Justin Beiber??? etc.- take your pick)
    Some of those guys earn 10 times footballers.

    I'm just saying, in the context of things perhaps we should let the LFC contract makers do their level best to tie him into a contract which keeps him cool for now and into the next five or so years - we can earn more from him in other revenue than we pay him......

  41. I agree but the mercenaries are the agents and the football clubs themselves Look liverpool would never undersell sterling but would hold out and try to squeeze everything out of the deal just they done with Suarez. in real terms 12 -15 mill would represent a fantastic return on investment for liverpool on sterling but would be bad business cause he is worth alot more at the market right now, like it or lump his agent is doing exactly the same

  42. "I'm in favour of Liverpool selling him this summer."

    One of Europe's top young players with the potential to become world class. It would be a major error to even consider selling Raheem unless he handed in a transfer request...

    We don't know all the details of his delayed contract talks, we cannot say with certainty that he was being greedy or not. There may have been other circumstances.

    I'd also have Sterling over Kane. Sterling's class and vision is exceptional and he can become a world class player if he continues his development. Kane on the other hand is on a good run of form and might even become a very good striker, but I see something more in Raheem. Time will tell I guess.

  43. Because he thinks he can get more. That is a very good reason to reject 100or 100k...

  44. It is pure speculation what he has or hasn't rejected. Last week you were claiming he'd rejected 130k a week, this week it's 100. We have no facts available whatsoever as to what is going on in these negotiations yet you crucify Sterling about it every other day. That is where you may give off the impression of having a campaign against the player.

  45. Getting as much as you can is being smart, not greedy..

  46. For someone earning £10 an hour maybe. For someone with a £100K a week offer on the table, it's pure, unadulterated greed, and fans like you enable the greed with your excuses.

  47. Can't believe you deleted that last post, you're unbelievable sometimes

  48. Haha, again I am enabler... So 100k a week for a dozen years tops is the most someone should aspire being a footballer? That makes no sense whatsoever..

  49. A dozen years? With respect, you're being naive. How many footballers sign a contract and then stay with the same salary for 12 years? It never happens. It's unheard-of. What usually happens is the player signs a new deal, then tries to get pay rises practically every year, using their good form as leverage to hold the club to ransom. Suarez is one example of this. In this three years at the club, he had 3-4 different contract extensions. Why? Money, pure and simple. Sterling will do the same.

  50. I took to calculation he might get injured and/or become could've been.
    Disregard that- what is the maximum he should get payed, with which salary he becomes greedy and how do you decide that?

  51. He should be paid whatever the club offers him. If LFC were offered a comparatively small amount (say £50K), I could marginally understand if Sterling held out for more. However, he's reportedly been offered £100K, and to reject that at the age of 20 is an utter disgrace, and is fuelled (IMO) by greed.

  52. Employers OFFER salaries, employees decide do they accept. If you are dusting apartments you don't really have many choices, if you are professional footballer with abilities that only few have, than yes you can demand more. I am a good bloody waiter and I got better salaries half a dozen times, so...
    Other company will offer more, you go to your employer and say match that or I am gone...

  53. With respect, you're kidding, right? In the real world, employees don't negotiate their salaries. There are pay scales, starting salaries etc, and performance reviews usually dictate pay-rises, which, again, are offered by the company, not the employee. This is how it is in practically every industry on the planet, except things like acting and sports.

    If you genuinely believe that employees control their salaries, then you are as out of touch as Sterling.

  54. So the club(employer) should decide? Never heard about that in business world.. Neither have anyone but you I imagine..

  55. Yes, employers offer salaries, but if an employee comes in and demands a ridiculous pay increase that's totally out of proportion, Employers don't just say 'yeah, here you go!' - they tell the employee to take it or leave it. The point is that ordinary employees don't have the bargaining power of footballers.

  56. That is the point, maybe it isn't out of proportion!!!
    If he thinks he can earn more somewhere, and that he is more valuable to his employers than he should demand more. I am not saying he is or isn't valuable, that he can or can't earn more elsewhere, just that if that is the case than why not.
    And you calling it greed without knowing any of that or is he rejecting 100k-130k per week is reckless at least...

  57. Give me a break. As usual, everything has to be absolutely literal and proven to nth degree when it's something fans disagree with. When the subject is something that you (or other fans agree) with, the burden of proof is suddenly non-existent. Typical fan tactics.

  58. When you talk about greed and not deserving the red shirt, and should sell one of the best, yes proof are desired.

  59. And I am not other fans...

  60. You are diluting the point. Rodgers has stated that LFC have offered Sterling an 'incredible deal'; Gerrard has directly referenced the deal, stating there's 'no smoke without fire'. The *fact* is that Liverpool have offered Sterling a great deal, and he's stalling on signing it.

    The exact figure is not that important. It'll be a lot of money, and in the absence of factual evidence, it's reasonable to rely on secondary evidence, which includes figures advanced by journos who are very close to the club.

    And I've never stated that Sterling is 'not deserving of the red shirt', so don't twist my words.

  61. But that is the point if he is mercenary who should be sold.
    Maybe it is his situation with representatives, maybe he got better offers at other clubs- in that case I understand if he is stalling.
    But I do think he should be sold if a big offer comes in.

  62. Don't agree with sterling being worldclass, has potential that's all. Good dribbler when in form and savage pace, buy composure poor and finishing poor, also he seems to lack awareness of where his teammates are. How many times has he run flat out, and crossed into empty box.doesnt look, he could dummy and then cross, he has been more selfish too lately in that he could have easily passed to his teammate who was in a better position to score. Even do when playin with sturridge lately he does pass to him. Sturridge has been poor lately ,rusty I suppose. His holdup play very bad do.

  63. I would be more than happy to see Kane at Liverpool even though I know it will never happen - both are very good young players and they are English. .

  64. i agrree kane needs to have a coulple of seasons then we'll see
    if he is not another flash in the pan

  65. Knowing your importance to the club and demanding your worth is not greed!
    With team sports a players wages are based on their level compared to others in the squad.Importance to the team and the consistency they've shown.Future growth and a club maximising value on a big asset can be a factored into the equation too... When he signs a new deal we'll stick a ridiculously high buyout clause in the contract to make sure we get big money back from a potential future sale.
    Like Dinman said football wages are astronomically high.Sterling is a product of the football environment he operates in.Your outrage should be directed at the wage system.
    His representatives are tough negotiators.It's frustrating from a fan perspective, but Raheem Sterling shouldn't be made this forums face of greed.
    Paying a consistent top level performer based on how old they are isn't living in the football world.Liverpool can't put big club productive expectations on Raheem Sterling, then say your just a kid accept whatever's on offer to prove your committed and not greedy.
    You need to deviate from the sensible parenting route you drive down with this new contract negotiation.

  66. Raheem is merely trying to get the best deal he can to support his charitable trust the Stirling foundation which is committed to providing pampering parlours for Ladyboys who have fallen on hard times,

  67. Sterling is not world class. Sterling is very very good and has a whole heap of potential to become world class. He has done nothing at all to justify the world class tag, whether you take Jaimies analytical approach or any other approach you want, he had a decent shot and an assist for an assist in the World Cup. He didn't push England to a higher level...no one did. He does well for Liverpool, fantastic some days average others. Long way to go yet though.

  68. Sterling is not world class. He has done nothing yet to justify that tag. He is very very good, with the potential to become world class. He has never driven England or Liverpool on to further than expected, he hasn't consistently proven to outclass others around him (team mates or opponents). The lad is 20 and he could go far, seems he has all the capacities, but he has a way to go yet for me.
    The way I would argue this would be this year would Liverpool have done better with Kane or Sterling. I would say Kane, I can't see many people possibly disagreeing logically about their respective effectiveness this year. However of the 2 Sterling has shown top ability for a more sustained period and I personally would prefer him in the long run. Ask this again in a years time and see how far Kane has gone and progressed to for 2 consistent years and that %age might turn around.
    Next year I expect Sterling to go another level and iron out some flaws so really Kane has a lot of catching up to do.

  69. Here, here....

    Especially about the gliding......:-)

  70. I agree with a lot of things you say, Logan, but perhaps I could offer a different opinion on Tiki Taka. It's indeed a possession-based system, as you say, and the way Pep Guardiola did it at Barcelona required the game to be divided into three core phases.

    The first was possession with intent to set up an attack. This often chowed up long periods of time, and sometimes dovetailed with the second phase, which was possession with intent to prevent the opposition from scoring, which we might call 'taking the sting out of the game'. Rodgers, I believe, calls this phase resting with the ball.

    The third phase in the Tiki Taka system is a high and relentless pressing game. Go back to some Barca games of a few years ago and watch the pitbulls like Iniesta and Alves tear at the opposition's ankles when Barca lost the ball. The mantra was to rip the ball back as quickly as possible. Rodgers, too, subscribed to this aspect of Tiki Taka, as evidenced by his declaration very early in his Liverpool career that the ideal maximum time it should take his team to win the ball back is six seconds.

    There are numerous videos on YouTube and interviews with Barca players and coaches that describe Tiki Taka better than I can, and all include mention of the high press. I won't post the links because that will delay the posting of this comment.

    You are correct that we weren't pressing effectively earlier this season. I suspect that had more to do with a combination of deliberate tactics for individual games and situations and players either not pressing or not being in sync with their new team-mates and manager enough to know when and how to press effectively. For pressing to work and not leave gaping holes the whole team needs to move as one and be on the same wavelength.

    So pressing is indeed a core feature of Tiki Taka through the eyes of Pep Guardiola and disciples like Rodgers.

  71. Sterling is more talented but Kane is more grounded …… both are unproven.
    Spurs doubled Kanes wages mid season from 15,000 to 30,000 a week and he was delighted …. i hope Sterlings agent doesn't make it impossible for Liverpool to resign him!