8 Jan 2015

£200m Price Crash: 24 players LFC can sign on cut-price deals. Full list revealed

The January transfer window is officially open, and as usual, there are a whole host of top-players across Europe who can now sign pre-contract agreements with prospective new clubs. It's great news for cash-strapped clubs, who can pick up some enticing free-transfers, but some clubs can also choose to pay a knockdown fee in January to secure a player early.

Last month, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers claimed that Liverpool's won't be active in the January transfer market, but with Champions League qualification absolutely vital, the Reds may have no other choice but to dip into the market.

Here is a list of players with six months remaining on their current deals:

N.B. Surnames in red = players LFC have already been linked with. Click the surname to read the related transfer story.


* Sergio Romero (Sampdoria: Age 27)
* Neto (Fiorentina: 25) - Value: £5m

Central Defenders

* Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa: 29) - Value: £15m
* Winston Reid (West Ham: 26) - Value: £15m
* Carlos Zambrano (Eintracht Frankfurt: 25) - Value: £6m
* Andrea Ranocchia (Inter Milan: 26)
* Fabian Schar (FC Basel: 22)


* Dani Alves (Barcelona: Age 31) - Value: £16m
* Maxi Pereira (Benfica: 30) - Value: £9m
* Stephan Lichtsteiner (Juventus: 30)
* Ignazio Abate (AC Milan: 28)

Central Midfielders

* Sami Khedira (Real Madrid: 27)
* Fabian Delph (Aston Villa: 25) - Value: £15m
* Nigel De Jong (AC Milan: 30)
* Stefan Reinartz (Bayer Leverkusen: 25)

Attacking Midfielders

* James Milner (Manchester City: 28) - Value: £15m
* Andre Ayew (Marseille: 24) - Value: £12m
* Yevhen Konoplyanka (Dnipro: 25) - Value: £15m
* Yohann Gourcuff (Lyon: 28)
* Danny (Zenit St Petersburg: 31)


* Sebastian Giovinco (Juventus: 27) - Value: £10m
* Andre-Pierre Gignac (Marseille: 28) - Value: £15m
* Luiz Adriano (Shakhtar: 27)
* Danny Ings (Burnley: 22) - Value: £8m

Total reported value of linked-players: £156m. The combined value of all 24 players is well over £200m.

All these players can leave for free in the summer, so their respective clubs will be desperate to get a transfer fee now to avoid that eventuality. As such, there may be some major bargains available this month.

Should the Reds try and sign any of these players?



  1. And as I said in original post (potential). You could say the same about Ibe at the moment (not lightweight granted but still goes missing in games) but you wouldn't want to see him go on a free would you? He left on a free as felt if signed a new contract and stayed he wouldn't get any game time. At the very least we should have shown faith in him so he would have resigned. Worse case scenario for LFC then was to out him back on loan in shop window and sell him if doesn't improve. I fear he's a late developer and just like Pogba was MAn Utd's big mistake I fear this will end up being ours.

  2. Simples to coin a phrase. Shown more faith in him to be a late bloomer and then he would have signed. Then if Rodgers still not happy out him on loan again....at least this way we would have got money for him....at the end of the day only time will tell. But my very serious fear is we will regret this as I believe he will develop into a top player and one with a hefty price tag

  3. Cut n pasted copy of my original posting....And we have now lost a (potential) very important player of the future in Suso, our Pogba I fear. Well done Rodgers you have now stripped the spine and future out of LFC (Reina, Agger, Gerrard and Suarez as well as Suso)
    . If your job was to destroy our club and put us back 5 years then congratulations of a sterling job

  4. We could IF we had a good manager

  5. I completely agree Barcelona are not to be trusted with matters of money truth and honesty. But Neymar was a situation or (bribe) for want of a better word. Paying money to his dad and agent and not declaring that additional monies as part of fee for tax reasons. Suarez wax different nobody had to bribe his family to get him to Barcelona in fact I got the feeling he would have gladly walked. Barcelona were brazen in their mockery of how much they paid and if BS why did LFC remain silent on the matter!? Personally I believe Barcelona over the figures bantered around in UK media

  6. He may well do. Look at Harry Kane at Spurs. 23 and
    Smashing it this season. He's blossomed late on. It happens to some players . They don't hit the heights early doors, but develop over a longer period.

  7. The best bit of business we can do this transfer window, is to get rid of that clown brendan rodgers. Who thinks he knows everything about football, he knows f..k all more like. He wasted big money in the summer and deserves to sacked. (asap). He has our great club in an absolute shambles. Never wanted him as manager in first place, thinks he's bigger than Liverpool. Please FSG get this twat out I'm begging you before you regret it. UNWANTED

  8. Cue the digs at BR and the transfer committee....
    Vlaar, Kono, Khedeira, Delph, Romero, all worth a look

  9. Too bad Khedira keep getting injured he's a good player, apart from him the rest is either getting too old or not good enough for the level we should aspire to play

  10. Firstly Jaimie, were all of their respective ages researched courtesy of yourself, or Twistadee?

    As for Winston Reid, New Zealand doesn't even exist, so neither does Reid.

    To be honest, I haven't even heard of a lot of these players. Hardly watch anything outside of EPL. The only name which really stands out is Khedira, and there's no fecking way we're gonna get him. We've got to try and sign players in this window though. It's become a necessity. I understand the argument of making Rodgers prove he can work with his summer signings, but what is this? A trial? An audition? The concern should be Liverpool's ability to get into the top 4, not Rodger's managing ability alone, and everything possible needs to be done to get into that land of milk and honey.

  11. Can make a decent team from those players! Either Gk, vlaar, Reid , ranocchia, Milner, khedira, konoplyanka, ayew, dani alves , abate. Good players esp for a free transfer. we need players now though!!!

  12. Luiz Adriano might be worth a pop

  13. The one position we definitely need to cover is goalkeeper, but no shopping in the bargain basements. Let's not try and be clever. Just target the best we can attract and pay up.

  14. How we could do with a Kane of our own.
    Maybe I'm wrong only time will tell but I feel Suso had something and fear he's our Pogba

  15. Once again good comment Nick. The priority should be top four, not testing how good the manager is or punishing him at the expense of results. Seems we are in danger of missing the heavenly splendour by focusing on the finger.

  16. There are some good names in there. The problem is that apart from a keeper any player would need some time to adapt to the Liverpool tactics. We've already seen issues with players coming in the summer and not adapting quickly. Rodgers has reverted to players who have long experience of the system in order to get the team playing well again. Anyone coming in like a defensive midfielder or striker won't be an instant hit unless they are perfectly suited to the style in the first place.

    Honestly, I'd go for Milner and Romero. Milner comes from a good system at City and he'll be well versed in possession football and he's already known for his flexibility. Delph seems like a good option but unless Lucas is being sold it doesn't seem like it will solve any problems for Liverpool. Lucas has done well recently precisely because he know what Rodgers requires in the role and it's unlikely that Delph will be able to match that in the short term. I mean obviously it would be great to have these players but if the expectation is that they'll come in and immediately make Liverpool a better team then it just won't work like that.

  17. Hi Mate , can some tells me when wl hv the title

  18. If BR has just 10 percent of zeal like Jaimie in bringing the right players at bargain then Chelski team will be pea nuts in comparison with our team :)

  19. I dont think FFP allows for either at the moment.

  20. You're right, we certainly are missing all that heavenly glory... But seriously, the list has some decent players on it, I'm not worried if we pick up a couple of veterans to strengthen the squad, similar with what we did with Kolo. Alves would fit our wing back role, De Jong could help with our DM problems, even if they are just 1 year contracts, but the likes of Schar, Khedira, Shaq and some kind of goalkeeper would be my picks

  21. Both are better than your comment. Contribute, don't troll.

  22. With the loss of Suarez and Gerrard leaving the club is back where it started almost just another step in the rebuilding of Liverpool FC.
    As it will stand we currently are going to be basically operating on the assumption of players fulfilling potential or in Lovrens case and a couple of others living up to their reputations. (cough cough)
    This whole list contains nothing we can build a side around Khedira is pure class but injury prone they can only fill gaps for players that are sold to raise cash.
    What ever direction the club follows next season i could only guess a lot of sales and a couple of quality signings at best.
    There is going to be no big kitty and probably no real top shelf player coming in be prepared for at least a couple more seasons of no C.L.

  23. I'd be keen on both to be honest. Interesting that you say that the keeper is the only one that doesn't need time to adjust to tactics, but I think that they need as much time as the rest. Some keepers are better equipped to play in a counter attacking side due to great reflexes and distribution, whereas others might be physically stronger or bigger to cover the goals better.

  24. Never, DavidG but here's hoping he makes enough of an impression so he doesn't need permission to play in the middle.

    There'll be a test of his leadership soon enough, as Gerrard sits out more games for the succession to begin. The team has been quite rudderless this season, no matter who's worn the armband.

    We all hope for a glimpse of that golden sky soon.

  25. Let me re-phrase that: I would say that a keeper would need less time to adapt and be more effective than the player he would replace. It's not a high standard that is currently being set. No question the keeper would need some settling in time. In other parts of the ground we've already got quality players so it's much more difficult to get an instant upgrade.

  26. Yeah Suso(20) is not better than Coutinho(22) or Lallana(26) as an AM.

    But J Allen(24), J Henderson(24) and E Can(20) are all average midfielders and if B Rodgers does not spend some serious money and bring in a top class cm and Mobile Class DM in this Transfer without S Gerrard(34) and L Leiva(27) next season we will become side in 9-14 position as those three centre midfielders are AVERAGE to say the least and they all do similar things.

  27. The players on that List B Rodgers should try to bring to club Now for cheap or sign on Pre Contract are as Follows:

    GK: Neto(25) Of Fiorentina for £3M , But i am hoping B Rodgers brings in A Begovic(27) Of Stoke for £10-£14M , Whilst he ships out B Jones(32) now and then S Mignolet(26) in the summer.

    F Delph(25) Of A Villa is a good midfielder and offers more than J Allen(24) so B Rodgers should offer A Villa for £4M for him and bring him to Anfield

    AM: A Ayew(24) Of Marseille is a very good mobile pacey attacker who would be a good addition to club, B Rodgers should bring to club in summer

    Lastly: B Rodgers should bring in L Adriano(27) Of Shakhtar Donesk for £5-£7M, I have hoped and wished Our club signed him over last three seasons. He is class quality mobile pacey quick and a very good finisher

    B Rodgers should bring in those 3 out of players for peanuts now, plus he should bring in these 3 Top Class players this transfer window:

    A Begovic(27) Of Stoke GK for £10-£14M GK

    L Bender(25) Of Bayer Leverkusen for £16-£21M DM

    M Verrati(22) Of PSG for £16-£24M CM

  28. BR cant handle transfers. FULLSTOP!!! He let Adam Morgan go now Suso. He let Reina go!!! Need I say more? Look at BR's replacements of those people

  29. Why would we be spending fifteen million on players who are free to talk to clubs now about moving to clubs in the summer on a bosman.

  30. Scharr too. I know it's daft to go by players you played against when you have only seen them a couple of times but he looked really quick and nit easily shaken.

  31. I would like to know what the exact situation was there.

  32. Didn't you want to put "you'll never walk alone" after that?

  33. He has been very injured often. I don't think je will make it. He seems very injury prone. It will stunt his progress.

  34. Regarding Giovinco- This post says 10 mill gbp, the one that you go to when you click on red says 10 mil €, and transfer markt says 8.
    Any Juve fan will say take him for free, just don't return him.

  35. Very true, totally get your point. The only area that we are really lacking quality, and you can't just put it down to players being good but out of form, is the GK and DM. If these were the only two spots that we reinforced, I'd be happy. Hell even if we just got a really good keeper and just shake our guys into form, not to mention getting Studge back, we could turn our season around.

  36. Luiz Adriano could be a good option right now, even if we had to pay...

  37. Noooo, are you nuts, we will crash and burn if we don't buy a dozen players, sack Rodgers and torture than kill Markovic!!!

  38. To be fair to Cole (and to myself because I was really excited we signed him hehe) - he does have bags and bags of technique and vision. I like to compare him to Jamie Redknapp. He didn't work out for us because A. He was injured quite a lot, B. The guy who brought him in left 6 months after arriving at the club and the new guy didn't believe in him much and C. the club was in turmoil and the fans were not supportive of anything to do with G&H including the manager and the players he brought in. And maybe he had a bit of an attitude problem too.

  39. Not to mention terminate Stevie's contract now, make Suso captain to make him stay, get Rafa back, buy Pogba, Vidal, Messi, Ronaldo, Hummels, Courtois and anyone else with a high potential on FIFA 15... Except Markovic, he goes.

  40. Too true mate, I would certainly be seen as Pro-Rodgers, but I'll criticise him to hell if he effs up. Time and place. He should be lauded when he does well, and criticised when he does poorly. This doesn't mean we should sack him, but he needs to know that things need to improve and I believe that he is well aware of that. If Suarez were still here, but had only scored 3 goals so far, would you want to sell him in this window?

  41. one name missing mate , our C.O also must go

  42. This is exactly te work someone at Anfield obviously isn't doing. You want squad players? Pick from these. Maximum 22 senior players to a squad and the rest are youngsters. Keep your money in your pocket so you can spend, what you spend, on players that walks straight into the first team.

  43. For me: none of the goalkeepers, Schar because of his age, Dani Alves, Reinartz and Khedira, Milner, Kono and Luiz Adriano. Ship out: Manquillo, Johnson, Lucas, Allen, Balotelli, Aspas, Alberto, Borini, Assaidi and Coates. All together they should get us some 30 - 35 million to spend on a striker like Higuain or Martinez. The net spend can then go towards a goalkeeper or two. And that's not including what we may get for Mignolet.

  44. unless you've been livin under a rock .....

  45. A bit of a harsh diagnosis considering he is still only 19.

  46. There is about 10 levels of quality between Steven Gerrard and Jordan Henderson...both as a player in terms of ability and as a captain....Henderson is average work horse at best.Rodgers is losing it.

  47. He wasn't always like this, and Mignolet is worthy of inspiring panic

  48. Yes, he's shot of confidence, like much of our team. Mignolet to keep them out and LamBarini to knock them in....

  49. The people who've been at the club for decades, perhaps- making meals, prepping kits, groundsmen. They're unsung heroes.

    Hendo is perspiration over inspiration right now. I doubt that will change but I know I've been wrong before.

  50. Well then, like the Talking Heads sang, we'd be on the Road To Nowhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWtCittJyr0

  51. What the hell are you talking about ?
    You switched from discussing that the Italian League is worse than the English league neatly by passing the fact that Italy player per player are better than England.
    When you realised that was working you changed to the Champions league which when you look at the teams that do well the ones with the least amount of English Players seem to go furthest and the fact that the champions league has NOTHING to do with the national leagues performances. Keep up the good work

  52. Again you neatly sidestep the point I was making to have the last comments

  53. Telling Gerrard off qualifies as leadership to you? I respect your other points about working harder than anyone else, but it matters sweet f.a. unless people are willing to follow his example.
    Hendo will have to get everyone pulling in the same direction and I stand by my assertion that he's too passive - at this moment - to achieve this.

  54. If you didnt realise by now that gerrard is liverpool and we failed to bring replacment in the last 5 years its a pitty.
    Good luck mate untill you open your eyes trusting finance investors
    Who cares only on cash flow and a manager that won nothing, full of ego that do mistake after mistake but nicely speaking....
    If you cant see the signals of dropping Gerrard, caragheur, agger, Suarez, Johanson (soon) and not offering Gerrard a contract in the end of last season (waiting until November) is beyond me.
    Is a very embrasing mangment.

  55. Well telling a club legend to.sort his shiz out qualifies as leadership quality. There are other things as well but telling people what they should be or should have done is not passive is it?

  56. Perhaps I misunderstood the point. You said a player who is in their team but can leave on a free transfer in the summer would get on our team no? So I mentioned a player they recently loaned who would not. If De Jong Leaves What doe stoat fo to the point you were trying to make?

  57. I would say we need a minimum of 5 top players and 7 dead wood average out in this transfer window:

    Class Quality needed in:

    1A: A Begovic(27) Of Stoke of £10-£14M

    1B: L Bender(25) Of Bayer Levrkusen for £16-£21M DM

    1C: L Vietto(21) Of Villareal for £10-£12M FD

    1D: Top Class CM: M Veratti(22) Of PSG for £17-£24M

    1E: Another top striker: L Adriano(27) Of Shakhtar Donesk for £5-£7M

    Dead Wood Average needed Out:

    GK: B Jones(32)
    RB: G Johnson(30)
    DM: L Leiva(27)
    CM: J Allen(24)
    AM: Suso(20)
    FD: F Borini(23)
    FD: R Lambert(32)

  58. What a mess ...I know he has improved but he still isn't good enough for a top team ...he couldn't get anywhere near another top squad ...just a lot of huff and puff with the occasional better game...is this really what we are reduced to after some of the great captains we have had who as well as being determined they actually where top quality undroppable players

    The squad is crying out for real quality , some world class talent

  59. Mike Aitheson made a good point below, which I'll partially quote.

    "... he is tenacious. Not the best footballing brain though. He can carry orders out though, and urge others to."

    Maybe it's something he'll grow into but it does not seem apparent to me. I do acknowledge that people can grow and adapt, and hope I'm proven wrong.

  60. I deleted my own comment, to replace it with an even better one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKu7TYWNxqA

  61. he hasnt always played for liverpool

  62. haha i thought you was being serious at first

  63. to be honest i dont really want players who don't want to join us it always ends in tears......as my avatar says i aint one for begging

  64. And he was a colossus at Southampton last season. Wasn't exactly atrocious for Croatia either. I don't watch enough French league games to know how he was in that league.

  65. No mate you switched. Why talk about Italian national team? Has that any relevance to what league is better? About thirty players max from a few hundreds in the league lesgue or so. So the nationals don't make the league. The closest although very dubious is cl placing and finishing. That at least makes some very minimal sense. Otherwise we are comparing a league by other means.

  66. Today I feel that they need to fire BR coz he knows the team isn't on top form he needs strikes,the transfer windows is open but no activity. What r he waiting for. Maybe sterling must get injured then he will do something. He make 3rd division choices and he will run this club to the ground. Y do anybody want swap lucus for vidij