13 Dec 2014

'Wonderful': After transfer talks, BR hails €15m star who 'dreams' of LFC. Deal close?

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has once again dismissed speculation linking Liverpool with an imminent move for coveted 15-year old attacker Martin Odegaard.

Last week, Odegaard seemingly took his first steps to becoming a Liverpool player. On a tour of Merseyside, the €15m-rated midfielder:

* Visited Melwood, Anfield (for transfer talks), and Liverpool city centre.

* Took part in a training session with Liverpool's first team.

* Was spotted having dinner with Philippe Coutinho.

Rodgers was reportedly 'impressed' with Odegaard's performance during the training session, but when asked about the status of the transfer this week, he refused to expand on Liverpool's plans:

"The world knows Martin is a talent, but he is not a Liverpool player, so I won't speak on him."

Rodgers also acknowledged the Odegaard speculation in his post-Real Madrid press conference last month, when he told reporters:

"“I know the young player that you’re talking about for that age, to be playing senior football at 15 in a competitive league he’s got wonderful ability and wonderful talent."

€15m-rated Odegaard is a self-confessed Liverpool fan, and when asked recently about speculation linking him with a move to Anfield, he told Sport Bild:

“Liverpool have always been my dream club, But I will not let this affect my decision when I choose a new club"

By all accounts, Odegaard is one of the most coveted players in Europe, if not the most coveted, so if Liverpool can pull off this deal for a reasonable price, then it could be a long-term coup.

That said, the hype over Odegaard is clearly out of control, and LFC legend Mark Lawrenson has slammed the media for grossly overstating his talent. He told the Liverpool Echo this week:

"The fuss over Liverpool taking Odegaard on trial is ridiculous. He may well turn out to be a brilliant player, but he’s not even 16. People are putting far too much pressure on him"

Lawro is spot on, but media/fan-hype is not solely to blame; in my view, Odegaard's father (who is also his agent) is massively irresponsible for encouraging his 15-year old son to seek a big-club move at such a young age.

Where's the fire? Odegaard is 15! His father should (surely) be encouraging him to continue his development in Norway for another two years at least?

When all is said and done, Odegaard is still a child, and whilst gallivanting around visiting Europe's top clubs might be good fun, I can't see how it's in Odegaard's best interests. If he's such a huge talent, then he'll still be good in 2-3 years, no?



  1. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:26 am, December 13, 2014

    I think lfc should continue with this approach
    City,Chelsea,Arsenal and Man utd have so much more funds and with them probably qualifying for cl next season with the bt money they will stabilize a top 4 like Barcaloena and Real Madrid in La liga top 2 which is rarely broken

    So liverpools hope is too sign players like Markovic and Can and turn them into top players or develop their own like Sterling and sell for a huge profit while Ibe will step up to replace him

    i kinda understand the committees plans

  2. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:30 am, December 13, 2014

    For now we need a striker like Sturridge who excites people
    I reckon Joel Campbell could be a cheap option if FSG have no more funds in January

    Campbell is very similar to Sturridge

    * fast
    *High intensity
    *skillful can dribble past players
    * had a successful loan but cant get a look in

    I think this is the most logical signing if i was in the committee
    i think he could work out like how Welbeck is working for Arsenal and how Sturridge is working for us

    15m is a decent bid

  3. Jaimie you don't get it. We won't be able to get him in 2-3 years

  4. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:38 am, December 13, 2014

    Sedji Ojo looks fantastic prospect
    him and Sinclair will break into the first xi they ahve that swagger raheem sterling had

  5. Gosh every week an opportunity is spurned to give one LFC youngsters a game and with the way LFC is playing, they should have taken a gamble playing him/them.But if the focus is on this kid I am not sure how he would fit in LFC plans now or in the long run, if others are rejected.

  6. For once, I agree. Ojo and Sinclair are good players and can offer a lot to the team.

  7. I stand by the fact that although a potential star i question the 15 million euro price tag to begin with.
    By all reports this kid is both mentally and physically mature for his age and like many good young players the question must be asked how far can he raise the bar from here.
    Is his ceiling ability wise likely to reach superstar levels or is he just a kid with talent who has matured faster than most his age?
    Sure i would be happy to get him but not too disappointed if he is going to cost 15 million euro to miss out.
    There is plenty of hugely talented juniors who never even make average EPL level players he could be another.

  8. Nevergonnacrackthecode12:27 pm, December 13, 2014

    Read the echo article it says
    brendan rodgers does not buy teh players he is not allowed to sign di marias because of money and wages
    he has t buy players with potential

  9. They could always do a Chelsea buy the player stick him out on loan, Ajax or back to Norway. Then if his development pans out bring him back to LFC, if not sell him probably for some profit.

  10. It should be clarified that LFC is not the only club MO has been to see. In fact reports suggest he is training with Bayern Munich at the moment. Also has been to see Barca and Real.

  11. This kid has been carted around and visited everywhere except Santa's grotto and my local sainsbury's.

    The way his ego's been caressed and cajoled by the elite around Europe it's a wonder his dad didn't hire that glass hut on wheels that belongs to the pope - so us peasants can get a look at the next saviour.

    Anyhow, rant now over, I do understand we should buy the best prospects and collect them like pokemon cards as their little value increases and we can swap or sell them later on the black market.......sorry off tangent again..

    Sanity suggests we cannot compete at the 'already ready' table of fantastic players so we have to get used to the idea of youth development and potential - that said, it dun-half gripe watching this auction of kids without allowing them to secure a foundation of desire, hunger and work-ethic derived form 'wanting' the very thing thats being thrown at them soooo very early.....

  12. Whether LFC will be able to get him is irrelevant - it should be about the player, not the club. I personally couldn't care less if LFC sign Odegaard; I just don't think it's right for a father to be hawking a 15-year old around Europe.

  13. Totally agree with your last point......

  14. The dad has been around football obviously a little while and it doesn't take a scientist to work out who is going to have what facilities as regards football.....

    ......Oh my god seriously???.....whats with this overtly public tour - ALL these clubs have modern facilities?!?!?

    This is just an egoshake - one with full fat milk, sugar, chocolate, malt, double cream, ice cream, golden syrup and a healthy dose of bullshit.....

    Its like a public auction with dribbling buyers....

    Sorry, its a scenario I'm just not comfortable with

  15. Actually, my apology. I mis-read what you said; I thought you implied that Liverpool should go back for him in 2-3 years time.

  16. This is a bit New!
    All other great talent comes from rlatively poor backgrounds, and they jump at the chance to sign with any big club. MO might be all over the place- but he is not chasing money, he is chasing a place to develope further, so he want to check out the options. It is not his father who has put him on the frontpages.
    Also he is allready beyond the Norwegian Level, and need other venues.
    With his technically ability and eye for football he would lift LFC, but he lacks a few pounds of muscles, in order to dominate the game. But I guarantee you any home crowd would enjoy his performance, today.