13 Dec 2014

Boss confirms: £80k-a-week 'warrior' who wants LFC move can leave for '£20m'. Sign?

West Ham 'warrior' Winston Reid reportedly has his 'heart set' on a move to Liverpool, and hammers boss Sam Allardyce has today confirmed (for the first time) that the New Zealander will be allowed to leave Upton Park...if the right price.

On Monday, The Mirror claimed:

* Liverpool are 'pushing' to sign Reid, who is 'keen' on a move to a big club.

* LFC will have to pay Reid £80k a week to secure the transfer.

* Reid also allegedly wants a £1m signing-on fee.

When asked on Thursday about Liverpool's interest, Allardyce insisted that West Ham will reject any 'measly offers', and revealed the transfer fee he expects for Reid. He told reporters:

"He [Reid] is not going anywhere unless someone bids £20m. There is obviously not a lot I can do about that if that happens. I just hope the decision he makes in the end and it is not just money."

Dream, on Sam. Money is all that most players care about, and if a top club comes in for Reid and offers him more than West Ham, he'll take it. Some info about Reid:

* Current contract expires in 2015.
* Captain of the New Zealand national team.
* Won West Ham's 'Player of the Year' award in 2013.
* 119 appearances for West Ham.
* Averages 28 appearances per season.
* 7 goals 5 assists.

With the greatest respect to West Ham, their current run of good form is a flash in the pan, and history suggests that the club will crash and burn sooner rather than later. At some point, West Ham will start plummeting down the Premier League table, and I'm sure Reid is already planning his exit strategy for when that inevitably happens.

Granted, Liverpool are doing worse than West Ham this season, but in the long-term, the Reds are infinitely more likely to regularly challenge for the top four/league title, and combined with the club's history, that makes Anfield a far more attractive option than Upton Park.

That said, Reid is not the answer for Liverpool in any way, shape, or form, especially for an inflated, rip-off £20m fee. He is a solid Premier League defender, but he doesn't have the European experience required to truly dominate at Anfield. There's also the added risk of small-club mentality syndrome, which has already affected Lallana, Lambert, and (arguably) Lovren this season.

Additionally, after splurging £45m on Lovren, Sakho, and Ilori - none of whom have made the expected impact - splashing out another £20m on anything but an experienced, European-class defender (with the requisite big-club mentality) is (IMO) an act of gross negligence.



  1. 20m seems to be a popular asking price - he's not worth it- at the most 8-10m After urinal game we have Bournemouth who scored 5 today and top Championship- not confident we can beat them either- sigh

  2. It is a bit weird isn't it - that £20 mill asking price - its akin to Tesco, Morrisons and Asda getting together to fix a price for beer or vodka.

    I get the reasoning behind getting players who have 'cut their teeth' in the premier league; unfortunately it hasn't worked at the speedy rate that was anticipated.
    So maybe it would be wise to just go for £20 mill players from around Europe, I only say that because I see the 'work visa' crap bandied about regarding South American countries.

    Around Europe we see plenty of talent - robust, hungry, skillful - and some south Americans playing in way worse countries than England for life-style and weather - Russia comes to mind.

    We should just get flippin good players, ones who have played for consistently good, if not great, teams (no, that doesn't include West Ham) and players who themselves have had consistently good stats like the ones Jaimie introduces in the original posts.......

  3. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:29 pm, December 13, 2014

    Not 20m
    we should focus on Alderweild in the summer when his southampton loan ends same with Alex Song

    i think we should sign fringe players from top sides like sturridge and coutinho were , only if they are relatively cheap unlike Sakho
    and not a cv of wigan like moses only two occoastions it failed

  4. It's the price they reserve for mugs.

  5. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:32 pm, December 13, 2014

    Alvaro Morata has 4 goals in 7 games at Juventus i think he should be our number one target back up Joel Campbell

    i have been advocating Martinez and Bony but it is not worth taking risk with big powerful strikers anymore

    Morata and Campbell are skillful mobile striker
    Campbell will be a relativley cheap option for January

  6. I don't agree with this idea that we need a big-name centre-back. I think it is very difficult to predict which defenders will make it, but most of the best CBs of the last decade or so in the Prem weren't big names. Vidic wasn't a big name. Hyypia wasn't a big name. Radebe wasn't a big name. Kompany only cost City about £6m.

  7. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:33 pm, December 13, 2014

    So sign Joel Campbell in January


    that is exciting attack till summer and not that expensive as i am sure Campbell will not eb expensive

  8. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:35 pm, December 13, 2014

    lets stop worrying about center halves and strengthen the attack

    Lovren 20m, Sakho 18m , Iloris 7m
    over last two summer windows total 45m

    Aspas 7m , Balotelli 16m Lambert 4m

    total 27m

    only liverpool spend more on defenders then strikers

  9. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:36 pm, December 13, 2014

    forgot Origi so 37m on strikers
    but still less then centre halfs

  10. We spent more on defenders because for one of those windows (the one when we bought Sakho and Ilori) we had Suarez and Sturridge and failed in a bid for Diego Costa.

  11. hes an average cb in an average team so 20m is a bargain

  12. I'm not saying that the French national team are pulling up trees at the moment but Sakho is in their first team and consistently so.

    He's used to pressure and big occasions - I feel he will be really someone who can come good at some point - gangly but good...

    This may sound really 'out-there' but I'm wondering could ther be something about Skrtel being a croatian and Lovren being a Serbian - history suggests a deep discord among vast populations of these two tribes...

    .....it's just an observation.....

  13. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:08 pm, December 13, 2014

    skrtels slovakian
    lovrens croation

    they look happy togetehr on training field when togeteh

  14. I've seen people just about hold it together over the christmas festive period.......

  15. sorry, you are right

    he's slovakian!!

  16. Nevergonnacrackthecode6:16 pm, December 13, 2014

    Lovren was highly rated
    we have hindsight

    man utd were linked city as well

    he confirmed he had more richer teams after him as well

  17. Lovren had two of the best holding midfielders in front of him at Soton...any decent defender would look good

  18. Let's see - Winston Reid - a CB with no European or top-level experience. Was in a defence that leaked goals for fun last year. Yep, 20 mil sounds about right

  19. No, I was referring to JK's assertion that we need an experienced continental operator with proven big-club credentials.

  20. In fairness, I think West Ham's leaky period (around when we battered them at Anfield) coincided with Reid's injury (along with most of their other defenders).

  21. I've asked my West Ham mates and they say 'he's ok nothing special' but would gladly take 20m for him

  22. Are your mates on the West Ham board?

  23. It seems like every Jack and Jill went up the hill liknked to Liverpool have a 20m price tag on them

  24. Haha some seem to think so- but must admit they are less scathing towards us than I am-they like Carroll and Downing

  25. Oh, ok, because I've not even heard of this Reid guy, even when watching West Ham (its only cos I wouldn't really dream of scouting from them!).

    I thought maybe something's passed me by...

    We have first team internationals at our club regarding defenders - I really don't think that is our problem - someone posted that Lovren has been complaining about a lack of protection from midfield - the term which comes to mind is:

    .....Nah, you don't say.....!!

    Their job, protection from midfield, is to make it difficult to pass, cross, shoot toward our goal; cutting the angles the opposition have to cause us concern thus allowing defenders to fill in the gaps - it works the same with defenders to goalkeeper - good defense.....more secure goalkeeper who stands a chance at getting hands to ball.

    I am no expert - just an observer with common sense - but our defenders haven't suddenly become crap by driving 300 miles North of where they lived before......

  26. Giving any more money to Rodgers would be negligence full stop. This is not a computer game. Its real money. Millions of people in England struggle to make ends meet. Its quite simple. Unless at least eight of his signings become regulars AND get us a top four finish, he should be sacked in the summer. If were not within 3 points of the top four after Christmas he should also be sacked.

  27. Yeah, I do think we have major structural issues. That doesn't excuse individual members by our backline, but it could just be that those errors are a symptom of a snowball effect.

  28. Sign him in a free then not January. £20M?! Less risk less pressure to perform with fee on his head Here we go again !

  29. Why do any of you given what you know about the transfers thus far, think that FSG are going to sanction ANY transfers in January?
    Picture this........The committee sits and decides where they need to strengthen BR has his targets and as we now hear that there have been MASSIVE disagreements behind the scenes that instead of Aderweld we go for Reid who costs less and has lower wage demands which FSG being a business is interested in.
    Nothing wrong with that if BOTH players are equally as good, however we KNOW thats not the case.

    If you were a big name Centre Back you'd wait for either a Real, Barca, Bayern,Chelsea, Man U, Man City or Arsenal.
    These are the facts of the matter we are NOT in the same arena as ANYMORE.

    We are constantly fighting it out for players with Tottenham not Chelsea.
    May I remind you that every time a choice has come up for a player to move to one of those clubs mentioned and we've shown a interest...WE HAVE NEVER GOT ONE OF THEM.

    We can no longer compete for TOP PLAYERS ..prove me wrong in the last few years where we have.
    So we are now we are forced to GAMBLE on players that will get better.
    In this arena AGAIN we are trying to compete and we are not that GOOD at it.
    It also means we become a club that nurture talent develop them and then sell them to 'BiG' clubs.
    It's uncomfortable reading but it's the truth.
    Raheem Sterling will go if we are in this position in 2 years TIME make no mistake.

    The blame for this is multiple, it's not just Parry, Ayre, Rafa or Kenny it's US as well ...we demanded SUCCESS and COMPETING with others WAY beyond what should have.
    Most fans have shown no patience, we constantly compare to clubs who have Billionaire backers etc.

    When I read through some of the comments about players we should be getting.
    It's clear some fans are unrealistic and THAT is problem.

    How many of you would get rid of FSG and have a Rich Chinese/ Arab Billionaire backer to finance us ?

    How many of you speak of tradition and the Liverpool way?

    You can't have it both ways ...I suspect the cupboard is bare and there is no money or that the best players are rarely available in Jan.

  30. Eric, I agree but think BR should be and will be given until the summer.
    IF these players really are his signings and NOT the committees.
    However the word coming out is that many of these players were not his choice and that they were imposed.

  31. hes an elite level park player

  32. the guy who is spreading that word also says we didnt land on the moon and barrick is the anti christr

  33. picture this was a song by blondi ....and by the legnth of this post there the lyrics