24 Nov 2014

Ex-Red insists: LFC must move 'heaven & earth' to sign £20m 'monster' striker. Agree?

Last week, Reds boss Brendan Rodgers categorically ruled out the possibility of Divock Origi returning to Anfield in January, but despite that, former LFC striker Stan Collymore continues to urge his old club to prioritise ending the Belgian's loan spell.

When asked on Friday about the possibility of Origi coming to LFC in January, Rodgers dismissed reports that the striker will 'come back early', adding:

"The deal was put in place quite clearly in the summer that he would stay at Lille for the season, and then we would get him after that. As far as I'm concerned, that's still the case."

Collymore insists, however, that Origi can 'save Liverpool's season', and called on Rodgers to 'move heaven and earth to land him in January'. He further added:

"They [Lille] desperately need [origi], and if the price to sign him is £5million – or even £10m – it will be worth every penny. I am convinced there is a way of ­compensating Lille so that they are happy to let him move to England sooner than ­originally planned".

If Liverpool spend another £10m on Origi to quash his loan spell, then that will make his transfer fee £20m overall, which - like Markovic - is ridiculously inflated.

The Belgian striker - hailed as a 'monster talent' by Vincent Kompany - is definitely open to an early return, though, and in an interview last week, he made this unambiguously clear:

"I said that I would stay for the whole season and I wish to remain honourable in that, but I would love to move to Liverpool sooner rather than later. Maybe in January. I would like to join Liverpool then."

Very soon after, Origi 'clarified' his comments, and denied that he wants to leave Lille early, but his comments on the subject are crystal clear, and a face-saving refutation after the fact doesn't change that.

Liverpool desperately need a new striker, but I am totally against breaking Origi's loan spell. After spending £120m over the summer, Liverpool shouldn't need to rely on him for a mid-season boost, and the fact it's even being contemplated is just another sad indictment of Rodgers' abject failure in the transfer market.

Plus, bringing Origi back early could be counter-productive - he'll be hailed as a potential saviour for LFC's season (just like Collymore is doing), and that will place intolerable pressure on him to perform.

It's arguably impossible for Origi to live up to all the irresponsible superlatives being thrown around, and if he can't handle the pressure, he may crash and burn, just like so many others before him.

In any event, for all the hype, Origi has contributed only 4 goals/2 assists in 18 appearances for Lille, which is not that impressive, and it's much harder to consistently score goals in the Premier League.

I say leave Origi where he is, and focus on buying an older, experienced, top-class striker with a track record of scoring goals. Spending £10m to 'buy' a player Liverpool already own makes no sense whatsoever.

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  1. Enlightened Fan - Reborned7:04 pm, November 24, 2014

    I am giving rodgers time until he gets two strikers that are fast as walcott and go buy people like suarez used to
    what rodgers done with his two strikers no other manager other then ancelotti can do

    apart from ancelotti no other manager can defeat arsenal 5-1 in same manner as us , spuds was the last time we had an able striker in teh field and we decimated them

    i will give rodgers time till he gets able strikers in , sure you could balme him for current situation but let him rectify his mistakes

  2. Enlightened Fan - Reborned7:08 pm, November 24, 2014

    I have continuously suggested martinez and doumbia but if they are too expensive

    joel campbell
    looked fantastic in world cup has pace and skill and intensity wengers is not playing him but great managers always have their favorites , man u fans i know used to complain of fergie when he used to play flecthcher

    i am sure he has another cheap clause on his contract that will allow him to join us i think he seems like the player that will relish playing for a big club


    not a bad side

  3. i dont want to rain on your parade but palace and qpr have just played us off the park

  4. only one problem m8 you have gerrad sitting in front of the worst liverpool defence ive seen for a good while

  5. Ok, I will not conceder this as a question...

  6. let Origi remain at lille.....Its best for both parties

  7. A lot of discussion on BR. I'm a Rafa fan. That said, BR should not be allowed to shoulder all the blame. FSG simply don't understand the game. You can't build a top premiership team on the cheap. This isn't rounders, softball or baseball.

    When Carroll and Suarez played together, BR saw enough to ship AC out of Anfield. He has that top managerial quality about him to put together a jigsaw puzzle. About his transfers, well, once you skim off the elite creamy top, you just have to count your luck that there are gems in there somewhere, or late developers.

    I'm hoping that FSG will sign two top strikers in January, that's all we may need. For once, put the money on the table to pay hefty salaries. And recover some of it by selling the 3 L's from Soton. Shame Agger left.

  8. Aquilani would have been brilliant if he had been given more of an opportunity
    But his injuries n lack of knowing English made LFC manager overlook him n he got home sick after that n that was the end a waste but he could have been great

  9. People who think that he is the solution to our problems are delusional.

  10. Would destroy his confidence coming here this season besides the deal was he would stay with Lille- we have striker problems but even bigger defensive ones

  11. Wow! Things are this desperate. Did anyone hear carra's mentally weak rant? It was spot on!

  12. we could always stick him in the nets

  13. well rodgers is as delusional as the most deluded

  14. This arrogant coach should have bought those two stikers with the 100 million he wasted. as I said on here before he wasted it - but he must be given at least six weeks do turn things around a bit.

  15. The Mother Ship still 0-0 v Villa on another note Sturridge says his injuries are making him stronger-"another door to break down" I suggest he tries knocking first

  16. "I sincerely doubt that LFC fans will bee too thrilled to see Rodgers spend €35m on a 21-year old".

    I disagree with this JK. There's a lot of buzz around the player.

  17. Even the act of knocking would result in injury.

  18. ive give up on mr glass we cant build a team around this guy .....villa now level on points with us ,these games against the lower clubs are six pointers and if we dont start beating them we will be sucked into a relegation battle

  19. Bloody hell No sooner did I post that and Villa scored- level with us now

  20. for me if we lose our next prem game we have to get rid

  21. the lower clubs have got our number ....they are usually more physical and Leicester will be no different...pressure gerrard and pump balls into our box should see them get the points

  22. If they thought Palace were physical get ready for Stoke

  23. honest its frighting rodgers hasnt the brains to change the 4 stoogies so it will be a bad night

  24. Enlightened fans - reborn8:59 pm, November 24, 2014

    hope villa win
    southampton fans are getting really cocky
    like man utd fans

  25. What makes you say, "....but privately, he almost certainly wants the job." No proof of evidence, no basis in fact.

    If I were Rafa, I'd stay clear though - there won't be much funds available to rebuild, and he's inheriting a team potentially worse that Houlier's 2005 side.

  26. Yeah but nar jaimie he's pretty good...

  27. You know what is really scary, BR has spent 214mil on just 24 player.

  28. I'll put it to you this way...

    Other than Alexis Sanchez (and possibly Shaqiri) this summer, there wasn't one other player that I can recall us being seriously rumored to be after and we didn't get him. Rodgers even admitted as much about Sanchez, who wouldn't come here because he wanted his family in London.

    Everyone else that we were seriously rumored with getting, we got (including well overpaying for Lallana and Lovren).

    So who else were we really after that we didn't get?

    What that tells me is that while Chelsea, Arsenal, Man United, and Man City (and even Everton), were all out spending on at least one big player, we went for the quantity over the quality. I agree that we needed depth, but we also needed someone to help more directly replace Suarez.

    Don't get me wrong; Suarez was never going to be fully replaced. But the idea that we were going to replace his 30+ goals with 9 different players was wishful thinking at best, and irresponsible at worst.

    The only thing we couldn't really bank on was Sturridge being out as long as he has, but even then, his injury history proves that we were bound to miss him for at least a period of time over the season.

    And it all comes back to the transfer strategy and my claim about thinking they were smarter than everyone... They figured instead of going for the home run, we're going to play small ball and go for some singles and a double here or there.

    One would have thought that LFC would have seen what happened to Spurs last year.

    Simply put, you do not get better when you lose your best player. And Suarez wasn't just our best player, he was one of the top 5 players in the world last year.

  29. Enlightened fan- reborn9:20 pm, November 24, 2014

    you can only learn from your mistakes
    rodgers maybe takes a bit longer
    but we saw what he can do with right players in his disposal

    and dont give me it was all saurez
    suarez in his biography said rodgers built around him to get the best out of him , he cant score at barca a system designed around messi

    so rodgers deserves credit for suarez form but ultimately the system being completely around suarez means players have to adapt and rodgers has to find a new formula

    i think liverpool will sign one striker fsg wont leave their investment to just sink despite the waste of money (right now they may be world class still)

    and i think rodgers wont even close to any more big men aka balotelli and lambert or any skinny men aka aspas
    just worried he might sign berahino

  30. Who do you think you are to claim they wouldn't be better? Ha! Two can play that game! :)

  31. Too bad we didn't get Shaqiri in the summer. "Hips Don't Lie" could have been this year's new theme song

  32. An average of just under nine million a player. That doesn't get you much but we should still be doing better.

  33. Unproven striker in the EPL can only save a game but not a season. Origi can't save shots going into the net, nor can take a ball away and pass it to himself. As Carra said ot Sky "Liverpool look like they need 4-5 players"...

  34. Agree, but it will be late. We will be in relegation battle after the next loss.

  35. Clearly, you can't read.

    Please read the article properly until you come across Benitez's quotes about wanting to return to Liverpool.

  36. I can't justify buying an injured player

  37. Think he means we need a striker that can produce NOW, not a striker that will come good in a few years (as in the way Brendan buys for the future instead of replacing Suarez with someone of his calibre)....which was most important imo. And like him or not, Owen was a fantastic player for LFC, one of my fav.

  38. I for one agree, watching LFC is embarrassing lately. And replacing Suarez was crucial, huge mistake not getting a striker in his place. Balotelli imo can score for us, but never under Brendan's tactics of playing a lone striker.

  39. We badly need another striker in January but this kid is not gonna be the saviour. Look at the toll trying to carry a club like Liverpool is taking on Sterling. He looks a shadow of himself. As well as missing Sturridge for his movement and ability he helps Raheem in other ways and I feel he's a calming influence for him. Sturridge is also at the age where he's ready to step up and be the main man, Sterling and definitely Origi are not ready yet.

  40. 13 goals in 73 games........ he must be the answer ......... surely ':I

  41. My ears are bleeding

  42. I'm really not sure about this one and I'm not sure I can be arsed to care or believe that this guy will make any difference. Also are FSG going to spend any more?

    If rumours are to believed we are getting the MK Dons midfielder Delle Ali in January and loaning straight back, I think he will be a player who can make the jump but I seriously doubt with the extra capacity to finance we'll be spending big. It would definitely be a gamble going for Icardi.

    Right now I'm more concerned about "moneyball" and who is exactly identifying the transfer targets and how much meaningful input BR has on these matters? I'm not so sure he has much say, no matter what gets said officially.

    I don't trust FSG to be honest and never have, although I'm thankful they run H&G out of town. I would be especially interested to know their net spend (excluding the club acquisition) on players. I have in my mind that we have a budget of about £30m each year we get an extra £30m for being in the CL and have sold Suarez for £70m so that makes £130m so really they've not spent anything.

  43. Another day, another goofy rumor.

  44. Let's say we let Rogers go. Who do we bring in at this stage? Surely not a great manager. I think we need to stick with him till the end of the season.

  45. He is a dickhead, he backstabbed his best friend also football player by stealing his wife, no one in argentinian NT wants him, why bringing here an expensive player that only thinks in himself?

  46. Yes! You couldn't have said that any better!!! Its a crying shame this business of "alleged future stars"!!!!!

  47. How competitive is the "Dutch league"? The only thing that has any weight is that one la Liga cup. We will be retrogressing by hiring this Koeman guy and we will cry for his sacking again when he starts misfiring. And besides when did Southampton become our source/standard /reference pooint of what player and manager is good. We already have half the Southampton team and we want to go back for their manager!! Why not just change our name to Southampton?

  48. I agree. The kid is sensational but I don't want him to come into the club during a striker crisis and everyone looking at him to solve it. If he wouldn't score in the first five games people would be on his back and he'd end up taking the blame for Rodgers' incompetence.

  49. It would matter. Having Suarez up front made a difference. Him being there didn't only bring a lot of goals, it also relieved the defense. If we still had him up front, our defense would have conceded half the goals we did so far. That said, Icardi is no Suarez. Nor Maradona.

  50. It's easy with hidsight but just imagine what the season would have looked like had LFC paid the reputed extra £3m over the Balotelli fee for Bony ? He's now scored more goals in 2014 than any other Premiership striker.

  51. i think we need to look at it this way how many players are we going to lose if we don't get top 4 .................

    also an encouraging thought in all this doom and gloom is in a couple of years time our attack will be world class sterling, orgi , countinho , studge and can FACT

  52. We need Jackson Martinez, Xeridan Shaquari, Firmino and the defender Perez and we will be fine, Reues if possible. We need to keep Lucas as he does the business when on, although he fouls a bit, he breaks up play better than most in the league! Please get this quality proven goal scorer and stop buying players who have potential but are not yet up to it! We should be spending our money on good, established players
    now that we have a beefed up squad! Also; Why sell Peps and start crying for a quality keeper?

  53. B Rodgers should not waste £31M on Any one Striker, IN CASE he they end up injured.

    The owners need to give B Rodgers £75M In January.

    £10-£13M needs to be spent on A Begovic(27) Of Stoke to displace S Mignolet(26) in first team and to have them both compete for the number 1 spot for the next decade.

    And then B Rodgers needs to ship out these 6 dead wood average players and whatever he brings in selling these players should be used to bring in these two central midfielders: One Defensive ,One Offensive:

    Outs: GK: B Jones(32) CB : K Toure(33) RB: G Johnson(30)

    DM: L Leiva(27) AM: Suso(20) FD: F Borini(23)

    Defensive Centre Midfielder: Y M'Villa(24) Of Rubin Kazan ( On Loan at Inter Milan) Or C Tiote(28) Of Newcastle for £10-£14M

    Offensive Centre Midfielder: Y Cabaye(28) Of PSG for £15-£18M

    B Rodgers needs to spend £60M on 3Top class creative mobile pacey quick goal scoring attacking players in January: As in the summer:

    Man United spent: £65M on Falcao(28) and Di Maria(26)

    Chelsea spent: £66M on Fabregas(27) and Costa(25)

    And B Rodgers needs some real class creativity experienced attacking players to hit the ground running from the start:

    1: Pedro(27) Of Barcelona for £22-£27M RWF / LWF (WC)

    2: K Bellarabi(24) Of Bayer Leverkusen for £10-£15M LW / RW (TC)

    3: L Adriano(27) Of Shakhtar Donesk for £12-£18M (WC)

    WC= World Class TC: Top Class

  54. I'm talking about the tattoo in particular. He also tweeted pictures of them wearing 'Icardi' shirts. It showed he is using Maxi Lopez's kids as pawns in their love rivalry. Frankly, that's disgusting.

    I'm not expecting footballers to be angels - or anyone to be angels, for that matter - but that showed a complete lack of decency. If I had a child, I would not want him/her to be rooting for a guy like Icardi or Terry.

    To describe it as 'bad taste' is a euphemism.

  55. they could be no worse because rodgers wont even play the player he bought and it would have been around 50m pound cheaper do the math me old son

  56. thats okay then all the other teams messed up so that gives rodgers a pass....thats false logic

  57. No, what it's saying is that picking the names of good signings after the event is an easy job. You mentioned the name of 2 players, who play in the same position, Rodgers was trying to improve an entire squad. A bit different.

  58. plus mr glass was fit and on fire

  59. have we improved the squad ...we have lost agger ,suarez,alberto,ibe,wisdom ,aspas, coates, kelly and who ever and brought in lallana ,balo, marko lovren and a couple of fullbacks

  60. I don't know. I'll judge that when we have Sturridge back. With no Suarez and Sturridge injured that's over 50 goals out of the side not easy make a squad look better lacking those goals. I also give players more than 3 months before making a decision on them. Each to their own.

  61. He didn't claim anything. He asked a question. What game it your playing? : )

  62. Hehe, I don't claim anything.

  63. No, I think Rafa should have won the PL that year with so many world class players and top PL players in his squad.

    You have rose tinted Rafa-itis

    Whether or not Rodgers is the right man or not doesn't make Rafa the right choice. He had his chance, like Rodgers did, and blew it. Like Rodgers currently is. the next year we were nowhere. Even Roy Evans suffered the same fate after going close one year