22 Sept 2014

Do it, Brendan: Reds fans want LFC to sign 'unhappy' £20m 'football genius'. No-brainer?

Juan Mata to Anfield? Personally, I would love to see Liverpool sign the Spanish maestro, and with his days seemingly numbered at Manchester United, there's a chance that he may be back on the market during the upcoming January transfer window. Should Liverpool make another attempt to sign Mata?

In 2011, Kenny Dalglish chose to sign Stewart Downing instead of Mata (!), and since then, the Reds have been linked several times with a move for the Spaniard, hailed by ex-Red Jamie Redknapp as a 'football genius'.

Earlier this month, Daily Mail claimed:

"Juan Mata will be sold in January to accommodate a second wave of rebuilding under manager Louis van Gaal. United would accept a sale in the region of £20m".

Last week, I conducted a poll on the site asking fans if Brendan Rodgers should try and sign Mata in January:

* 21350 (approx) people participated in the poll.
* 65% of fans selected YES to LFC signing Mata.

Despite scoring during Man Utd's recent 4-0 victory over QPR, LVG dropped him for Saturday's trip to Leicester, and ex-Red Danny Murphy has slammed that clearly unfair decision. He told the Daily Star:

"Manchester United won 4-0 against QPR, they played really well and Juan Mata scored. What more can he do he. It does not matter how much money you earn, if you are not playing you are unhappy".

The marginalisation of Mata is especially baffling given his prodigious create return prior to being messed around by both Chelsea and Man United:

* 2011-12: 12 goals/20 assists in 54 apps.
* 2012-13: 19 goals/37 assists in 64 apps
* TOTAL: 31 goals/57 assists in 114 apps.
* Goal/Assist every 1.2 games

Absolutely stunning stats, which categorically prove that if you play Mata consistently, he will score and create a shedload of goals.

I just can't get my head around why a player with this kind of creative capability is constantly under-utilised. 81 goals/assists in 114 appearances! Am I missing something here? Given the numbers, it's basically like keeping Luis Suarez or Daniel Sturridge on the bench (!)

The main issue appears to be Mata's perceived lack of defensive application/pressing, but I would take him over Markovic, Coutinho, and Lallana right now without any hesitation whatsoever.



  1. I would buy strootman for 20m over Mata for two reasons.
    1. He's am amazing cm, strong and powerful. What we really need protecting that shambolic back 2.
    2. Man United want him so badly and his price same as Mata. Pissing off United is always a win in my book.

    PS otherwise someone like gustavo or one of the bender brothers. Even Christoph Kramer. Though he is on loan atm.

  2. We Need to sort our defensive midfielder out first!! Gerrard is no Pirlo or Alonso he is the weak link too slow loses the ball frequently cannot track back exposes our defense time and time againRodgers needs to be brave and drop him just pretend he has a injury even carragher and neville picked up on it also on sunday supplement the question "should gerrard be dropped" i say yes

  3. I think our priority will be a new keeper, forward to replace Borini and perhaps a defensive mid (think be Emre might help in that department when fit). If we are going for another attackin mid I'd go for Reus or if not Draxler.

  4. Mata is undoubtedly a quality player but Markovic and Lallana have not had a chance to shine yet. Shame on Rogers who prefers to play people he tried to get rid of in front of players he paid about 45 mill for.

  5. Main issue is the two clubs don't do business with each other, and Mata aint that good.

  6. I'd love to see Mata at Liverpool... When I heard that Rodgers was trying to get him on Loan a few windows back I was crossing fingers and toes. But buying him from Utd... Never gonna happen! Firstly, business between the two clubs is never straight forward, Utd will not want to sell to us and if they did, it would be for a hugely inflated sum. Secondly, I don't believe Ayre nor Rodgers would even consider sitting down with Utd to broker a deal for one of their players. I also think Rodgers has that position filled now. If he goes anywhere, it will likely be back to Spain or Spurs.

  7. innocent ogbonnaya9:42 am, September 22, 2014

    Jaimie K why would you and some impatience fans want lfc to sign a two club reject player?Are we now a dumping ground?Very disgusting piece of writing!

  8. In the shambles of our last game I saw glimpses that Lallana was beginning to get fitness and form back. Also Marko needs time to settle and adjust to Pl, think both might start tomorrow in cup match.

  9. Also it be nice not funding their coffers helping them improve their defense, even we are not as bad. At least we have full backs who will improve and have shown ability, hopefully one of our CB's will stand up and show some grit for the derby.

  10. Mata 'aint that good'? Sorry, but that is unfounded, unsubstantiated nonsense.

  11. agreed, we have enough OM so no need so sign mata.
    Snaping up Strootman from unter ManU's nose would indeed be brilliant! We could really need some strengthening in ZM/DM and you just mentioned the best options

  12. Mata imo is passed his best. Mourinho knew it and now LVG is seeing it.

  13. Honestly I don't know what makes me happier - the thought of having a true tough tackling DM or Pissing off United to their supposed saviour.. probably the latter. Would be hard to convince Strootman to chose BR over Van Gaal though given their history.. but worth a shot to drive the price up!

  14. i rate mata very highly, i'd even say hes one of the top5 offensive midfielders... an OM job is primarily to create chances and assist teammates and i think mata is outstanding in that role, so how Managers like Mourinho and LVG constantly ignore him is beyond me!

    On the other hand we have a huge amount of offensive talent at the moment, so i'd rather see us spending money on a new goalkeeper and a DM/ZM

  15. definitively worth a try, otherwise try to snap up one of the germans... they usually don't cost that much - or, at least players from germany aren't that overpriced.

  16. I honestly don't know why we don't take our shopping to Germany. The players are technically brilliant and fitness wise are machines..
    They also can speak English fluently.

    IF we go to buy attacking players in Jan I really hope these two are considered:

    Shaquiri - JUST CLASS. RM - we don't have one. Hard working. Bayern do NOT appreciate him and he has a year and a bit left on his contract.

    Firmino - CAM who can get goals and let sterling play left striker - he will be 20m though with new contract.

  17. As soon as player becomes a Utd player, regardless of whether its for a day, a month, or four years... For Liverpool, that ship has well and truly sailed...

    New Years Day, 2015
    AYRE: "S'up Woody, Mata... Talk to me?"
    WOODWOOD: "20 mil, who's this?"
    AYRE: "Ayre, deal?"
    WOODWOOD "Sure... 20 mil, plus 20 mil year one, 20 mil year 2"
    AYRE "F*** you very much"

    That is pretty much how the phonecall would go i'm sure... You get the gist!

  18. Just like LVG seen that Welbeck is not good enough. And Rooney is so good, he has to be captain.

  19. also if you think about goalkeepers, there's no other country having that many talented keepers...

    Kevin Trapp, Fährmann, Bernd Leno etc. there are so many good players for bargain prices.
    Their winning drives others to success, we could really do well with some german prospects ;-)

  20. well his record since moving is in too bad for england or arsenal

  21. John W. Henry just tweeted - what they smokin there at liverpool-kop.com

    its okay, JK wants more page hits & visitors, and he surely manages that with his way over the top headlines with most crap content in the article

    the fact is that Brendan Rodgers is the manager & you are just blogging on the internet

    Deal With It!

  22. livapool plz buy newer and roos

  23. Brendan has been given in excess of £100 million to spend in the last transfer.
    If I were John W Henry I would NOT give him any money to spend.
    This is Brendans SQUAD now he has no excuses and expressed a lot of faith in his signings.
    He MUST make what he's got work.
    I said it at the beginning that Markovic,Lovren, Mingolet, Lallana are not and have not shown any justification in there hype.
    Balotelli is good business and I think after Xmas we'll see a lot more from him and Sturridge.
    The only food thing going for us is that our chances of getting another shot at the Champions League look great when you look at Man United.

  24. Steven Gerrard was poor against West Ham, as his stats from the game show. Is age finally catching up with Liverpool’s 34-year-old captain?

    14 Gerrard lost the ball 14 times. Only Raheem Sterling (20) lost it more for Liverpool.

    11 He misplaced 11 passes in the opposition half, more than any Liverpool player.

    25% Gerrard won just 25 per cent of his duels, the worst percentage of any Liverpool player.

    Only six players in last year’s top six squads are older than Gerrard, and all now play bit-part roles.

  25. Just what we need to slow down our midfield a bit more. :-)

  26. nd gt shacquiry 2 i hear his gud

  27. Mata would be an amazing signing, he is a top class player IMO.

    At the same time I think we need to address the most pressing issue which is midfield IMO. Gerrard has been exposed, every team now man marks him and exploit his lack of speed and recovery time. He needs to be on the bench and let Allen or even Henderson play that position, someone who has the stamina and speed to control that area.

    We need to win vs Boro. And for goodness sake BR don't play Gerrard and Lucas in the same team ever again.

  28. its sad to say but stevie g needs to be a impact player , i'd go with
    mignolet (best of 2 shocking keepers)
    manquillo skrtel lovren moreno
    can allen
    sterling lallana markovic/coutinho

    too many back/ sideward passes this year , wots the use of 20 passes if you end up back on your own 18 yard box . we have gone from the most exciting quick attacking team to boring slow back passing team. henderson doesnt make my team because he doesnt score enough or create enough goals for an attacking midfielder or doesnt defend well enough . just look at the 1st goal against west ham he got owned at the back post and didnt put up a fight for the ball shocking but thats just my view

  29. United wont sell Mata to us and if they did i would be suspecting that not all was right with Mata and we were being ripped off.
    Anyways a CDM and a CM and someone to replace Borini would be top of my list.

  30. I hate to say it but you're right. Captain fantastic is now just Captain....

  31. Gerrard will play there for now due to the current injury situation with Allen and Emre Can. The big question is if Rodgers actually sees the issue or not. If he doesn't, the rest of the squad should just pack up and go home.

    I would love to see Jordan Rossiter get an opportunity. Or, even Jordan Lussey, who has been very impressive for the youth team this season.

  32. I would like to see the kids get a go in the cups too Pete not in the leagues though mate dont think they would work out.

  33. Spirit of the Shadows1:14 pm, September 22, 2014

    There are two main issues for the team to tackle right now,

    One is the predictability of our attacks, ie everyone knows what we are they have all drilled through the video tapes and know what to expect so in that regard we need more unpredictable players in the pitch. Sterling is one and markovic is another definitely mata would fit right in but then thats the end of coutinho who is just in a slump. So I am against going for mata because coutinho can do a great job when in form

    The other issue is of course our back line. The full backs are extreamly attack minded ( esp moreno ) so covering midfielders are necessary, this is where allen and hendo come in. A more speacilist defensive mid is needed like the ones mentioned in the other comments.

    So in my view all we need is a commanding defensive mid and maybe a cam/winger who scores/assists 12 goals/season

  34. Spirit of the Shadows1:16 pm, September 22, 2014

    I hope Rossiter and Suso get a chance tomorrow

  35. Nevergonnacrackthecode1:22 pm, September 22, 2014

    morgan schniderlin

  36. Suso seems to be in oblivion so unfortunately I don't think he will get a look in. Lallana, Markovic and Coutinho didn't start against West Ham so you'd think they will be more prominently involved than Suso who will most likely get 5 or 10 off the bench. Hope it's not the case though.

  37. Yeah that's what I mean. Ideally, Gerrard should not even be in the squad. Lussey is a bit older than Rossiter and Pedro Chirivella so that's why I mentioned him. He scored an awesome free kick against Man United as well. More importantly, they are all centre/defensive mids who deserve a chance.

    Lussey is rarely mentioned but he's one of the better players I've seen, but I'll admit I havent gotten the chance to watch too many youth games. Rossiter was also player of the season last time around so if he doesn't make it no one will.

    I don't see the big deal though, if there's a space in the squad (which there is) just chuck them in. They could be the next Gerrard.

  38. STOP WITH THE SIGNINGS! If there isnt a combination within this expensively assembled squad that works then lets call it a night. If we add one more variation of personality into the melting pot it'll be ridiculous. What kept us so strong last season was how close knit our 'small' squad became. Shift things round, drop 'big' personalities. Play the experience of Kolo maybe but no more signings please.

  39. he is not what we need. we need a really good dm atm.

  40. If there is any truth to Suso leaving on a free he may be frozen out whats the point of developing him for nothing this game maybe an indicator.

  41. Pete dont get me wrong Stevie has not been great but hey if anyones earned a bit of slack and some respect it is the great Stevie G mate.

  42. Somehow i i kinda find that british manager prefer to buy british even though the price is ridiculous , look what BR pay for lallana,and kenny pay for hendo,downing and carrol. If i'm the owner i'll ask them to pay for it otherwise buy quality but value for money.

  43. Gerrard always gets found out. In his first season alongside Torres he was world class, In his second he got marked out of games. NOW, last season Gerrard was world class however right now the opposition stick someone on him and he falls to pieces. He doesnt know how to shake a marker be it up the pitch or in front of the back four. When he is given special attention he falls crumbles. I dont think SG's legs have gone, no more than last season anyway. The opposition know Stevie cant play unless he is given time and space, which means neither can Liverpool. We have been neutralised and because he is the skipper and will always play we will continue to be ineffective.

  44. I mean the squad for the cup game, if you thought otherwise.

    I agree but you're only as good as your last game. The downfall of Stevie has even got me rethinking the whole Lampard/Gerrard/Scholes debate. His performances don't warrant a start anymore and there's nothing he can do IMO because it's all defensive. I'd play him up the field off the bench or use him in a Giggs type role.

    I hope Gerrard is around in the squad for years to come but I don't see it that way. I've always thought that the second he doesn't start he will retire or go play MLS.

  45. Yeah pretty much agree Pete Stevies a funny one with me i suppose, fans always scream about player loyalty with stevie we got that but some often forget i suppose i am an old softy but still.

  46. I agree. We have more than enough attacking options. Adding more will just complicate things even further.

  47. Im a big believer now that chemistry is key...... not stats. So out would go Moreno, Sakho and Lovren for Enrique Toure and....(sighs)....Skrtel.

    Chemstry is key. The one thing that has been consistent all season is Lovrens patchy form. The one thing that has been consistent for two seasons is Sakho's impersonation of Djimi Troare. We need to reintroduce our new players into a winning side, so lets get the tried and tested players of moth balls and out onto the pitch so we can intergrate our new players slowly.

  48. Are you going to bring back Suarez too he is a big part of last seasons chemistry.

  49. are you suggesting I hadnt noticed Suarezs' form last season? because I did..... little player full of nutmegs and goals right? My point is Liverpool is massive. Just Our new players are now playing for Liverpool it doesnt necessarilly make them LIVERPOOL PLAYERS.............not yet anyway. We should Protect them before they become the Cheyrous and Kwarmes of LIverpool future because the press and our fans are an unforgiving bunch.

  50. Some there i would agree with you on but hardened pros like Lovren and Lallana really need to show their worth.
    Anyways no way is Rodgers going to hide those 2 away when he paid so much and the pressure is on him to justify his spending.

  51. None of our new players with the exception of Ballotelli have experienced the levels of expectation and scrutiny that goes alongside playing for a club like Liverpool. Look at Carroll, Downing, Adam and a host of players who had to leave BIG clubs to join smaller teams just so they could play without the hullabaloo. Adam Johnson and Matt Le Tissier wanted to play without prejudice and made career decisions that woud allow for such. Sometimes players think they are ready for the cauldron that is Anfield but ive been round long enough to know that the majority of players do not have it between the ears regardless of talent, not imediately anyway.

  52. You are 100% correct. Stevie's legs are not the main concern. He is our deepest midfielder and he is not required to run around like a headless chicken. The biggest problem is that if the two midfielders ahead of Stevie do not get stuck in then not even Lucas will be able to have time on the ball. Henderson and Allen as a combination are being sorely missed.

    The main problems our midfield has had are

    1. Stevie and Lucas as a holding midfield pair.
    2. Stevie holding with Lucas further up the pitch.

    Most will agree
    NEVER play Lucas and Gerrard in the same midfield. Play either Lucas or Gerrard.

    Whether we go with Lucas or Gerrard as our deepest midfielder does not really matter. If the two midfielders ahead of L or G do not press, win possession, push back and frustrate the opposition then L or G will fail.

    The other thing we should not do is play two holding midfielders. It just does not fit in with our style of play.

    So it is simple really, do not play Lucas and Gerrard in the same midfield. Play either one or the other.

  53. i wouldnt buy him even for 20m....we need a DM and GK and maybe young blood like Delle Alli

  54. assuming BR stays true to his word and gives gerrard more of a bit part role this season, he will be stripped of captaincy right ? so who is the leading candidate for the arm band at out club ? henderson ?

  55. Spirit of the Shadows3:02 pm, September 22, 2014

    he can be the captain with less game time, like kehl at dortmund. Until he retires there should be no other LFC captain.

  56. Spirit of the Shadows3:05 pm, September 22, 2014

    Why does rodgers' insist on playing lucas higher up the pitch than gerrard, I can't seem to get my head round it. Is it because of lucas's incessant fouling outside the box?

  57. meaning he would start every game where he gets subbed of later ?

  58. Well unfortunately justifying such expenditure on experienced talent will mean none the less they will be put into the cauldron and most if not all managers everywhere do the same.
    Rodgers is fortunate that most of the talent is inexperienced so he will be let off the hook for many of these signings for a while.
    What you say about Balotelli is true funnily enough though he still looks like he needs time to settle and find his touch.

  59. Spirit of the Shadows3:12 pm, September 22, 2014

    He would be the captain who plays 30-35 games per season including substitute appearences. Kehl does that at dortmund he is a dortmund legend as well.

  60. It really would not matter if you played Lucas as the deepest midfielder and Gerrard alongside Henderson.

    Neither Lucas or Gerrard have the legs to press like Allen, Henderson and Coutinho and Can do. Even Lallana can do the running.

    It is as simple as not playing both Lucas and Gerrard in the same midfield. Hopefully Rodgers does not set us up for a hiding ever again.

  61. hmm.. saw big sam's analysis of his team's win over us yesterday on espn. he was real smug. and with good reason. he said from the very off they were targeting gerrard and he employed downing of all people to stop gerrard from getting on the ball and playing his usual trademark passes. it worries me that someone who can get shunted out by downing will play 30-35 games this season.

  62. Ballotelli for all of his talent and pace doesn't run in behind...... so whats the point? He rarely scores from open play either. He needs to rebuild his game and add movement and quick interplay.

  63. The whole point is they cannot play in the same team. My preference would be for Gerrard to come on for 30 mins full of energy and urgency and inspire the troops if required. We have had success playing with Lucas, Hendo and Allen as well as Gerrard, Hendo and Allen but not Gerrard and Lucas together. I say play a compact 4-3-3 with full backs to provide the width.

  64. right now liverpool need a DM to be sorted and for that either henderson or pedro chirivella has to be slotted.we have plethora of attackin mids.we need an enforcer like matic of chelsea or javi martinez.gerrard cannot play 3 games in 7days.He has lost yards of pace and zero recovery time.Brendan need to get it sort and once he slots the right person for DM,you will see pool defence firin on all cylinders.the defence needs a cushion of DM AND GERRARD is not ideal right now

  65. agreed , buy mata brendan, like him alls fans,

  66. Spirit of the Shadows4:22 pm, September 22, 2014

    Boro are in really good form but for the sake of our players' confidence we really need to beat them tomorrow

  67. Pieter Engelbrecht4:49 pm, September 22, 2014

    if matta comes in who get left out> mrkovic,or couthino?, a

  68. please sign Obbi Oulare from Bruges... the next Belgian sensation... 18yo...
    1m96... attacker...

  69. I didn't vote. Mainly because it's not going to happen.

    What I have been thinking about id whether anyone thinks that Enrique could play in the midfield in a diamond. The box to box nature of the role as well as the need to cover space defensively could see Enrique do a decent job as long as he was tactically aware enough. It was just a thought as I felt Lucas is not the right man for the job and without Allen or Can we are left with the more attack minded players to play there. Thoughts

  70. You realise the transfer window is closed?

  71. Nevergonnacrackthecode5:40 pm, September 22, 2014

    no it is someones opinion
    why would chelsea and man u sell him if he is any good?

    one time maybe its a mistake like henry or stuzza two big teams he clearly lacks something

    you could sign reus for that money

  72. When Toure came into the side at the start of last season he was outstanding. He organised the defence and kept Sktrel in check. Then he was injured and scored the odd own goal (something which Carra did on a consistent basis in own goal terms) but for me he never performed badly enough to be dropped. I believe we looked stronger and more organised with him in the side because he thinks AND organises AND actually speaks to those around him. Lovren has come in and tried to justify his £20m fee by being ultra silky and by doing more on the ball than actually concentrating on defending. His delight at moving to LIverpool is a good thing but he is perhaps trying too hard. Why cripple his confidence by exposing him earlier than he is clearly ready for. Toure has won two Prem titles. He knows the league and pressure that goes with winning at massive clubs and unlike Sakho and Lovren you never see his head drop. The panicky nature of our back four is spreading throughout the side rapidly.

  73. Interesting suggestion. Enrique has played left wing but think he will be way out of his depth if asked to play as a midfielder.

    Lallana or Coutinho are our best options right now to play alongside Henderson.

  74. Rodgers is tinkering TOO much with the system. Over analysing. IF we got Mata then he'd categorically be our first 11 no. 10. Brendan must get this guy Jan.

    For now though it is blatantly obvious Sterling is our best No. 10. When Sturridge returns its him and Balo upfront. Hendo and Lallan mid diamond and Emre Can holding. Gerrard and Coutinho relegated to bench duty.

    Why is Rodgers trying to integrate Borini into the squad? Baffling!
    Why are we always subbing Balo for Lambert? Flabbergasted! Lambert is not an option never has been. He is a BODY and thats it. Should only be brought on when teams are parking the bus NOT when we trailing and trying to claw our way back. When Rodgers brought on Lambert and Borini to save the Aston Villa game...beyond words.

    Get Mata Jan and also get another striker.

  75. For me it does matter whether we play L or G as holders because BOTH are simply NOT good enough. Lucas is the worst player I have ever seen play for us and I dont care what anybody else says they entitled to their opinion.

    We must sell him next window without fail.

  76. Quite on contrary we DONT have enough attacking options. If u counting Borini and Lambert as options then u having a laugh.

    Secondly we dont have enough wide players. Its like Jamie used to say this thing of versatile players or jack of all trades is killing us. Lallana is not a wide player and since Sterling is emerging as our best No. 10 it really only leaves Markovic as the only other option for wide players.

    Coutinho, Markovic, Sterling, Lallana and if it would be Mata are best as No. 10s. We dont have a backup in the Holding Midfield position. Unless u counting LUCAS? Can is an unproven LOAN although at this stage Id try him to see how he fairs

  77. So Coutinho was actually out with a groin injury for the West Ham match which has just been confirmed by Rodgers. Bad new is that Henderson has a hip strain. This is one player we cannot afford to be without.

    This is where we need to bring in a player like Rossiter.

  78. "Unless u counting Lucas" what are you referring to here fellow fan? I thought Lucas was a defensive mid. AND tell me more about this Emre Can "LOAN".

    Your post has much mystery, I'm expecting lieutenant Columbo to re enter the post saying he's forgotten something :)

  79. BORINI tried to be a SMART ASS by refusing to leave - I would let him ROT in the Eeserves - USELESS

  80. Really cheesed off B R playing him - RESERVES TOO GOOD FOR HIM

  81. Gerard plays in future as a CENTRE BACK or he does not play at all

  82. I know Lucas is a holding mid but he is so useless we might as well not have him

  83. It's easy to be clever with hindsight.Ronaldo at 17 looked good not exceptional.Ricardo Quaresma looked better and how did that turn out for Barcelona?
    Raheem Sterling was a clever deal as the numbers highlight.Having to pay 5m if successful is completely different to committing €15m whether it be on a performance based initiative like you want or the one lump cash payment that Stromsgodset will most likely demand.
    We have to be smart.Spending on teenagers is a lottery as our youth ranks prove.Not many success stories!

  84. B Rodgers does not need J Mata(26) no more with the likes of Coutinho(22), Lallana(26) and Suso(20) in the squad.

    What is blatantly apparent is we need better GK to put S Mignolet(26) on bench, the sooner V Valdes(32) can prove his fitness and get through medical unscathed the better.

    B Rodgers needs to start earning his money and have the balls to drop S Gerrard(34), he is the weakest position in first 11. Him and L Leiva(27) offer the defence no real protection as they both lack energy, the legs, mobility, pace or speed to cover ground sufficiently.

    We need some more pacey quick players who can compete and complement Sterling(19) and Sturridge(25) as without both of them in starting line up we fail to regularly get in behind teams.

    In January:

    B Rodgers MUST ship out these 4 players to bring in £32M On sales:

    RB: G Johnson(29) DM: L Leiva(27) AM: Suso(20) FD: F Borini(23)

    And B Rodgers Must Bring IN these 4 players:

    DM: L Bender(25) Of Bayer Leverkusen for £16-£20M

    RWF: Pedro(27) Of Barcelona for £20-£25M

    LW: Y Konoplyanka(25) Of Dnipro for £10-£12M

    FD: P Aubamayeng(25) Of B Dortmund for £17-£20M

    3 players would bring class, creativity, goals,mobility, pace and speed to the squad.

    1 player would bring class, mobility, pace, speed, breaking up play and protection to back four that we currently do not have within squad. (Mobile DM)

  85. Well there we disagree. Toure started brilliantly but quickly looked like a madman more panicky than some you mention. He would be telling everyone to keep calm then treating the ball like an unexploded bomb.

  86. I think Danny Murphy is wrong where he says no matter how much money you are on if you're not playing you're not happy!
    Clearly these days, players are bought as squad players and I think he will be used as one!
    Torres at Chelsea! How many important games did he start? He was always used as s sub... Definitely not a super sub!
    I think the wages Manure are paying are just way too high! Just look at Falcao... Now he is saying he wants to stay at Manure for a really long time! Like he is in love with the club! What a load of crap!
    Money has changed football plain and simple and players are chasing money over clubs and game time!

  87. Shaquiri yes, very seldom loses possession, even in the tightest of situations, very important to any team, a waste at Bayern.