21 Sept 2014

I Love Liverpool: 'Unbelievable' €15m maestro admits LFC is his 'favourite club'. Sign?

Over the summer, Liverpool were linked with a move for £12m-rated Norwegian starlet Martin Odegaard, and based on the his latest comments, it appears that the Reds may have a huge advantage if/when the time comes to try and sign the exciting attacker.

In July, multiple reports claimed that:

* Brendan Rodgers sent scouts to watch the youngster in action.

* Liverpool then contacted Stromsgodset to negotiate a possible transfer.

Odegaard confirmed his allegiance to Liverpool in an interview this weekend. When asked about speculation linking him with a move to Anfield, he told Dagbladet:

“Liverpool is my favourite club. That is not to say that I dream to play for them. I’m thriving at Stromsgodset and feel that I can develop myself right here.”

Odegaard is one of Europe's most coveted young players, and his father confirmed this in a recent interview, when he told Verdens Gang:

"I can't name the clubs, but almost regardless of who you name, they have been in contact with us"

Some info about Odegaard:

* Trained with Man United and Bayern Munich last year.
* Current contract expires in 2015.
* 3 goals/3 assists in 18 apps for Stromsgodset.
* Turns 16 in December.
* Real Madrid reportedly made a €15m bid over the summer.

* 2014: Broke 104-year old record to become the youngster player to ever feature for the Norway national team (15 years and 253 days).

According to Rosenborg star Morton Gamst Pederson, Odegaard is a special talent. In a recent interview, he raved:

"For his age he [Odegaard] is unbelievable. His knowledge of the game is unbelievable and his technical skills are fantastic. I have never seen a player with so much potential".

As is usually the case with most promising young attacking players, Odegaard is often compared to Lionel Messi (and risibly referred to as the 'Norwegian Messi'), but in a recent interview, he dismissed the comparisons:

“It’s very flattering to get so much praise, but one shouldn’t compare himself with players as good as that. However I do look up to a lot of footballers and try to improve by looking at what they do, and Messi is one of them.”

€15m for a 15-year old? Absolute madness, and if LFC ever spend that amount of money on an untested teenager (especially someone 15 or 16) then it will (IMO) be a massive mistake. I personally do't care how good Odegaard is, any money available for transfers should be used on buying players capable of going straight into the team and making an immediate impact.



  1. All BR signings rubbish except Sturridge and Moreno.

  2. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:07 pm, September 21, 2014

    your opinion is similar to gerard houiers when not signing cristiano ronaldo when he had the chance

    look at how that turned

    the 15m should be performance based initiative
    like sterling 400k up front 5 million package we done that deal when bust

  3. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:07 pm, September 21, 2014

    oh yeah frank lampard scored vs chelsea

    can anyone ever imagine gerrard doing it vs us ?

    that has to be the weirdest feeling ever for chelsea fans

  4. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:10 pm, September 21, 2014

    coutinho is not rubbish just inconsistent and still young though

    lallana and lovren will be good players give them a chance tehy jsut came , can is very talented , balotelli will be good when stuzza comes back

    markovic and manquillo look absolutely awful though they both have no first touch , they just always pass it back i think they will be flops

  5. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:16 pm, September 21, 2014

    when everyone's fit:

    this is the best team we have

  6. Nevergonnacrackthecode10:20 pm, September 21, 2014

    Pellegrini had said he could not take any satisfaction from a game
    of so few chances and made it clear he blamed Chelsea, adding:

    “We played during 90 minutes against a small team trying to defend, trying to keep 10 players in front of their goal and [against] a team that wanted to win from the beginning.

    “It was very similar to the Stoke team, with a big team playing against a small team with very good players, trying to defend, trying to keep the score [nil-nil]. They had nine players in front of their box. I said last week that it will be very difficult for us to defend the title because every team will play the way Chelsea did. I repeat that I think they had no intention to win the game. They came just to draw and they scored on the counterattack against 10 players.”

  7. Manquillo is defensively solid and decent going forward. Markovic is one of the fastest/ most direct runners we have. He will be the closest we will get to another Suarez. I am more exited about those 2 rather than lovren and lallana.

  8. NOOO WAAAY!!! Jones and Johnson r a shambles and should never start if others r fit. More like this when everyone is fit:
    Manquillo, Skrtl, lovren, moreno
    Henderson, lallana
    Sturridge, balotelli

    Bench: jones, Sakho, Johnson, Allen, can, markovic, lambert

  9. Martin Odegaard looks talented from the clips i've seen.I have no doubt he's got exceptional talent for a player of his age.But rated around the €15m mark is crazy.I watch youth International tournaments on BritishEuroSport.Many look like they have the ability to be the real deal.Then you hear about the progress they've made at their clubs in top leagues against men and they flatline.
    The most talented kid i saw at youth level was a portugese boy called Vieira.He never made it at a big club.I have no problem with Liverpool buying kids, but they have to be at low prices.Suso at 15 looked like he would turn into a world beater...

  10. Jose Mourinho goes defensive instead of being bold and attacking top teams.The rare occasion i see them be expansive against the likes of Arsenal, Man City or Liverpool it shocks me.Chelsea will bully small clubs playing eye catching football.Looking creative and scoring plenty of goals.Then turn off the switch against big teams.
    I don't know why Pellegrini is surprised by Mourinho's negative tactics.He's played the same boring way for the last 10 years.

  11. Drop Steven Gerard he's not Andrea Pirlo..Liverpool need defensive midfielder.Then you get the best of lovren, skrtel or sakho partnership.They are all international, why suddenly became so lousy.we like to blames the defenders but I are first line of defences.? It team work !

  12. Why Lucas? should have been sold earlier but nobody wants..and clearly the weakest player in Liverpool history. Makes me vomid whenever I see his name on the player list. Come on BR, sell him asap. Lucas, Johnson and Gerrard are dragging our team down.