11 Jul 2014

Anfield Alert: 'Top' star Gerrard said is 'fantastic' for LFC can leave for '€20m'

last summer, Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers tried to sign Dutch star Wesley Sneijder on transfer deadline day, and with the Galatasaray midfielder seemingly available again, could he be a possible option for LFC?

After the deal fell through, Sneijder confirmed that Liverpool made a last-ditch attempt to sign him, and explained why he rejected a move to Anfield:

"It's great to be linked with a club as big as Liverpool, but they have not played Champions League football for a few seasons."

Well, today, Gala president Unal Aysal has confirmed that Sneijder has a buyout clause in his contract that can be activated at any time. He told reporters:

“Sneijder is a good player [but] if we receive an offer of 20million euros we do not have the luxury of saying no. If any club pays us €20million and he wants to go then we can’t force him to stay – it’s written in his contract.”

Liverpool also tried to sign Sniejder during the January 2013 transfer window, and at the time, Reds captain Steven Gerrard was massively in favour of the move. He told Goals on Sunday:

"He [Sneijder] is a top player we've seen at every major tournament, he delivers. I'd like nothing more than to see him in a red shirt. I think he'd be a fantastic player for Liverpool Football Club".

Sneijder may be 30, but he's still a proven, world-class player. He's excelled at all three levels of football (Domestic, European, and World), and as Gerrard noted, he'd probably be a fantastic signing for Liverpool.

Additionally, Gerrard aside, Liverpool have no other attacking midfielders in the squad with significant European experience, and with Lucas currently linked with a move to either Napoli or Inter Milan, there may soon be a vacancy to fill in LFC's midfield.

Most importantly, Liverpool are back in the Champions League, which exponentially increases the chances of sealing a deal. As such, should Rodgers pursue Sneijder once again, and is he worth €20m?

To be fair, if Lallana is worth £25m, and Markovic is worth £20m, then €20m (£16m) for a massively experienced Champions League winner - and World Cup Finalist (with 4 man-of-the-match awards at WC 2010) - is clearly a bargain.

For me, €20m on Sneijder is a better investment than £30m on Markovic and Origi.



  1. A player way over his peak and cost 30.
    Terrible deal if there is any truth to our interest in it.

    Top players we SHOULD chase: Muller, Reus, Greizman, Firmino.

  2. When Liverpool had the chance to sign him ... they chose Coutinho instead... Only Galatasaray came in for him!

    Man U will probably sign him just to say they have made a big name signing and no way for £20million.

    I am sure there are lots of other options out there and hopefully these players have been identified !!

  3. i know we need REAL experience (because Lambert despite his age doesn't have that at the highest level) and top quality player but i feel he's past it, he didn't have a great world cup overall (his season with gala wasn't that great either) and he doesn't look like the guy who have the greatest work ethic (i may be wrong).
    Anyway it seems that Rodgers isn't in for confirmed player who have prove their worth at the highest level so there's no chance of signing him(Yes i'm calling out Rodgers transfer, no i don't put into question his coaching ability)

  4. Cant agree with you on Sneijder. I dont think he would be worth 10 million not to mind the 20 of his release clause. He was a top quality playerat one point and he still has something to give but not at that valuation and not on the wages he would want. From the bit I have seen of Markovic he looks like he could turn into a really top player given time. And if the Suarez transfer teaches us anything its that the Americans tactic of buying emerging talent before it reaches potential is the way to go financially. I just hope Rodgers holds fire on replacing Suarez immediately thus avoiding panic buying an overpriced striker that may not be worth the money. For example Bony for me is not worth 20 million.

  5. No not for me. The ship has well and truely sailed on us ever signing sneijder

  6. Reus is injury prone and inconsistent. Muller is a player I dispize. A natural cheat. Greizman isnt worth anywhere near the quoted fee. I do like Firmino alot but we already have Coutinho and Sterling

  7. He was very close to not going to the world cup at all. Van Gaal told him he needed to get fit, quick, because he was out of shape at Gala. So he trained extra shifts, took kickboxing classes and hit the gym seven days a week and got himself fit. You can say what you want about the guy but he is a fighter and a winner. Although I think 20 million for a 30 year old is also a bit steep

  8. Sniejder stopped trying after he won the European Cup with Inter. Poor professional and professionalism is the key thing you need if you're going to invest decent money in a player over 30.

    He may have been world class, but for a very brief time and that time has passed. I'd be reluctant to spend £10m on him.

  9. I'm not 'feeling' a sneijder. I like our philosophy of buying younger quality players. Who's playing well in Europe and is younger? Rodriguez for LB. Firmino got 16 goals in bundesliga. James Rodriguez . Seamus Coleman had a blinding season at right back. Ross Barkley. Vidal. Pogba. Muller. Kroos. Shaqiri. Griezmann and his teammate Inigo Martinez (CB ). Draxler. Reus. Etc etc etc and with the Suarez money I hope we can target some players like these to keep moving forward. Sneijder would come with ridiculous wages and bonuses sure and besides he's more likely to end up with UTd and Van Gaal....

  10. The mancs can have him with pleasure.

  11. It's just another feature writer promoting speculation and conjecture. No substance or facts to back the detail whatsoever. Boring as ever.

  12. Nicolas Chamberlain6:06 pm, July 11, 2014

    No way. Sneijder is not the player he used to be. He declined us for Galatasaray because we weren't good enough anymore. He said that to the owner of VI at the end of 2013, who criticized him after it became obvious we are playing quite attractive football. He opted for money and the easy way out, and it cost him his at least 2 or 3 years.
    He will never be back on the level that is required in the top of the BPL.
    Otherwise Mourinho would have bought him already.

  13. You despise Muller?
    I think our conceptions of football are too different then, and an intelligent conversation might not be feasible about this subject.

    As for Firmino - Obviously we need depth and competition for places, don't we? Suso, Lallana, Sterling, Coutinho and Markovic aren't enough for those three spots IMHO (wings and attacking midfielder).

  14. Nicolas Chamberlain6:15 pm, July 11, 2014

    Reus and Muller are both class. Real team players.

    Marco Reus 21 goals/ 15 assists 34 games
    Thomas Muller 23 goals/ 14 assists 39 games

    Muller is less a cheat than Suarez, that's for sure.

    Quality is expensive.

  15. We do need depth, but I doubt Firmino would come to us to sit on the bench. And Suso wouldn't stay if we were to plop someone ahead of him in the pecking order. Though someone like Muller or Reus would be great admittedly. They can more readily play on the wings or up top than Suso or Firmino, so no one's position would really be in jeopardy except Markovic.

  16. B Rodgers no longer needs sneijder(30) we will have two class quality players competing for the number 10 position this season: P Coutinho(21) and A Lallana(26):

    B Rodgers needs to spend the 75M and extra 8M on these 5 attacking players:

    1: CM: T Alacantra(23) Of B Munich for 25-33M ( World Class)
    2: RW: A Griezmann(21) Of R Sociedad or L Moura(21) Of PSG for 18-26M Class / World Class
    3: LW: B Arfa(27) Of Newcastle for 5-7M Class
    4: CM: M Sissoko(24) Of Newcastle for 8-12M Class
    5: FD: L Remy(27) Of QPR for 8M Class/ World Class

    And then with players sales such as these this summer: 12 players:

    GK P Reina GK B Jones CB S Coates CB K Toure

    RB G Johnson RB M Kelly DM L Leiva CM C Coady

    AM Suso RW O Assaidi FD I Aspas FD: F Borini

    The club could and would bring in 40-45M Pounds in on sales

    The 45M and another 20M off owners and he needs to bring in these 6 Defensive players:

    1: GK: B Ochoa(28) On Free Transfer, M Vorm(30) Of Swansea or K Navas(27) Of Levante for 3-8M

    2: CB: D Lovren(24) Of Southampton for 17-21M
    3: CB: S Caulker(22) Of Cardiff for 7-9M
    4: RB: S Aurier(21) Of Toulouse for 6-8M
    5: LB: B Davies(20) Of Swansea for 7-9M

    6: DM: B Matuidi(27) Of PSG for 14-18M

  17. no no no no no, snejder is lazy and past his time

  18. he's probably on high wages too

  19. At this price...after his peak. Massive waste of money and JK...you'll can't him again after one season as one of the failures of BR transfer business.

  20. Real life is not like FIFA/football manager.
    1:Alcantara has no reason to quit Bayern as he's a regular (isnt he injured anyway?)
    2:L.Moura is overrated, Griezmann would be great but niether is world class
    3:Ben arfa is overrated, injury prone and have poor work ethic
    4:Sissokho not god enough either
    5:Remy is far from world class and with Sturridge/Lambert and maybe Origi fighting for 1 place he wouldn't have much game time even though he has some qualities (not wolrd class...far from it)

    on the sales :

    i'd keep Suso, he's young and has some qualities and can brint a bit of depth in the winger position
    we wouldn't get anything close to 45M from those sales

    Player from sales:

    1:Ochoa is over rated because of his WC and i don't see what's great in Vorm bu"t Navas has some great qualities IF Reina leaves which is far from done
    2:Not a fan of Lovren but whatever he seems to be this transfer window defender hype
    3:Caulker is average
    4:Aurier is overrated
    5:not good enough
    6:Matuidi is a butcher and why would he leave psg who have a better team, fighting for the CL and is in his homecountry for liverpool ?
    conclusion : it is real life not a video game get real some player can't just get bought considering their position at their club which are challenging for top trophies.

  21. Muhammad Ibrahim7:25 pm, July 11, 2014

    Muller & Reus will do.

    We have the money and would love to see at least one them perhaps Muller ahead of Reus as he would compliment a Sturidge type player that moves around the front of the pitch and does not hold the central position too much. Can't see Bayern wanting to sell and albeit Dortmund have been a selling club, they are in a good position to hold their ground for a massive offer and will Reus want to us if he was available - would the likes of Barca', Real, Bayern step in ahead of us.

  22. Muhammad Ibrahim7:27 pm, July 11, 2014

    Sneijder on free with low wages yes - but that will not happen - therefore it is a no from me - he was brilliant but now he has lost it and has been in retirement mode for a number of years now.

  23. You truly are an idiot Kanewar

  24. T Alacantra(23) is not a guaranteed starter at B Munich.
    L Moura(21) Or A Griezmann(21) are both class quality players who would both excel working under B Rodgers

    B Arfa(27) is not over rated, he used to be injury prone but has got over his injuries. He is a match winner, yeah he needs to improve his work ethic but if B Rodgers brought him to club i am sure it would change and 1 vs 1 a fully fit B Arfa(27) would cause problems to any full back in world.

    M Sissoko(24) would offer the club more of a physical presence, mobility, pace, power, creativity and goals from centre of park than J Allen(24) and J Henderson(24).

    Remy(27) is a proven goalscorer at all levels and would guarantee any club 15-25 goals a season, that in itself is great.

    B Ochoa(28), K Navas(27) and M Vorm(30) are all round better GK's than S Mignolet(25) and would offer class quality competition for the no 1 jersey at club.

    Lovren(24) is an awesome defender and was the huge reason Southampton did well last season

    S Caulker(22) is a class quality defender who will only get better and better year after year he , he is better defender and player than both S Coates(23) and K Toure(34) who we have warming our benches. And hw would be better option

    Aurier(21) is a better defender and full back than any of the right backs we currently have at club or out on loan by a country mile and he is available( Attacking, Mobile, pacey, quick Tough tackling right footed full back)

    B Davies(20) is a descent left back, class quality young mobile quick attacking full back who would offer J Enrique(27) good competition for his place week in week out.

    B Matuidi(27) is in the Makelele, Mascherano and Momo Sissoko mould something the club have been missing for over 5 and half seasons, Matuidi(27) is they type of player we desperately need and as PSG are on look outs for midfielders we should try to snare him away from them.

  25. There are VERY few players worth €20m at 30 or over. Yaya Toure for instance .

    Sneijder isn't one of them

  26. Nah man, great player but he's not what he was 4 years ago and that's too much for him! I agree with you about markovic and origi though, their not what we need either! We've finally got back into the champions league! So now that transfer committee needs to pull their thumb out and start thinking like a club that belongs there! Origi markovic bony sneijder... Good players all but they won't see us into the quater finals and beyond and keep us challenging for the league! Like I said in the article about bony, Id love to see us atleast try and go for players like reus, muller, isco, and not forgetting or defence varanne, benatia, filipe Luis. We've got 3 good squad players signed up already spending another 30 million on two kids when we have a decent academy isn't going to help us this year. I've read recently that reus release clause is around the 28-30 million mark. Bayern just bought lewandowski so there's less room for muller. Real are linked with Kroos and pogba, so maybe isco might be open to offers. Benatia has been open to suggestions from other clubs so why not us? Filipe Luis has been linked with Chelsea all summer, why not do a Tottenham on it and crash that party? And even if he doesn't want to come any interest from another club might atleast jack his price up on them! And varanne... Well I just think he's gravy... and we just got 75 million euros baby :)

  27. Noooooo, never rated him, and he's worse now

  28. I can just feel Markovic will silence many people... Can't wait to see him in a red shirt.

  29. Rosedivine Phiri8:27 pm, July 11, 2014

    Better spend 10m on him than 20m way too much considering his age

  30. Rosedivine Phiri8:29 pm, July 11, 2014

    Better spend 10m on him than 20m way too much considering his age,bt he is still class and quality

  31. Rosedivine Phiri8:35 pm, July 11, 2014

    Suarez depature really hurts alot 2all LFC fans bt dont wari friends we have always produced better strikers we will find sam1 better and now its tym for Sturridge to thrive on his own,how do u think of markovic is he a brilliant signing

  32. Agreed... I'd rather pay for an unproven player (who has something to prove) than for a player who is older and doesn't have the hunger.

  33. Fowler.....goal!11:05 pm, July 11, 2014

    Couldn't disagree more strongly. Sneider has been on the way down for the past 4 years. Injury's and loss of form have made him an average looking player as highlighted by his mostly anonymous performances in this World Cup. He used to be a world class match winner admittedly, but now he's past it and looking for a big payday into his 30's. We don't need any more midfielders anyway. We desperately need a left back and a commanding and organising centre back. We also need to sell off some players like Agger, Aspas, Toure, Coates. I also believe that Markovic will be an astute signing but he won't make much of an impact this season. But sometimes it's not all about the now....that's why we've signed Lallana supposedly! No way was he worth 25m though. Generally I'm feeling very uninspired by our transfers so far and signing a 'past it' Sneider wouldn't change my mood. I hope I'm wrong but this summer smacks of the Charlie Adam summer where we payed out a lot of money for some average one season wonders! We should've insisted on Sanchez as part of the Suarez deal or no dice. Again, I hope I'm wrong about our transfers dealings.

  34. It doesn't hurt. It's a new beginning

  35. Pele is available for free..sign him up.