9 Jul 2014

Suarez MK 2? - BR still wants 'excellent' £15m Argentina star with shocking disciplinary history

In June, reports in Italy and Portugal claimed that Sporting Lisbon left-back Marcos Rojo - currently on World Cup duty with Argentina - is a summer transfer target for Liverpool. Speculation has slowed over the last few weeks, and Chelsea are reportedly in the driving set for the deal, but reports in Spain suggest that the Reds are back in the chase.

In June, Portuguese newspaper Jornal Record claimed that:

* Liverpool are interested in signing Rojo this summer.

* Reds scouts watched Rojo in action last season.

According to a report today in Spanish newspaper Sport, Liverpool still want £15m-rated Rojo, who is currently on World Cup duty with Argentina.

When asked recently about Rojo's future, the player's Agent told Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato:

"He [Rojo] is having an excellent season, and it is pleasing that big clubs can see that, but at the moment there is nothing concrete. In the summer we will see if there are further developments"

Some info about Rojo:

* Current contract expires in 2016,
* €30m release clause in his contract.
* Main position is left-back, but he can also play as a central defender.
* Has played as a centre-back quite a few times for Lisbon this season.
* 25 appearances for the Argentina national team.

Rojo's reputation seems to be growing, but there are some major issues to consider:

* Like Daniel Sturridge, Rojo appears to be injury prone, and since 2011, he's suffered seven separate injuries, including two knee problems.

* With five red cards and seven suspensions in the last two seasons, Rojo also appears to be a bit of a hothead on the field.

* As a result of injuries and suspension, Rojo has made only 46 appearances in the last two years, averaging a paltry 23 games a season.

* Injuries and disciplinary problems also curtailed Rojo's time at Spartak Moscow, where he made just 17 appearances during the 2011-12 season.

A 20-year old who's already racked up seven suspension and five red cards? If Liverpool are genuinely interested in Rojo, then the club has clearly learned nothing from the last three years of dealing with Luis Suarez.

It's a mistake to prioritise a player's ability over a historical propensity for causing major problems, and Suarez is living proof of this. Liverpool ignored the Uruguayan's history of biting and cheating, and look what happened: shockingly, he continued to bite and cheat (!)

Being charitable, it's possible the indiscipline is a result of youthful exuberance, but in my view, Liverpool should not take the risk. Granted, Rojo has had a good World Cup, but he missed Argentina's quarter-final victory over Belgium. Why?

He was suspended (!)



  1. Well, you're going to need a new guy to target soon....

  2. He is 24 years old.. :)

  3. As bad as Suarez was he didn't have injury issues and that helped the club manage his suspension time. It worked out ok and although it would have been better to not have to accommodate those games Suarez did mostly make up for it. On balance it was worth having him, despite the times he couldn't play. Rojo's record is a bit more worrying and he ain't no Suarez when it comes to on field performance. Only truly exceptional players can make up for times missed through the raw brilliance they produce when they do play. However it can be the case that younger players grow out of their tendency to pick up injuries, despite common sense maybe suggesting the opposite. Rojo would need a very thorough medical before being signed. It seems risky. Every transfer seems risky. I wouldn't want to be head scout for Liverpool.

  4. I'm happy to stick with Enrique rather than spend a huge sum of money on players we're unsure of. He's tall (for a full back), quick, strong and a decent defender. If he is over his injury I'd go with him and wait for the right replacement to come along

  5. I reckon we'll go back to Sevilla to try to iron out a deal for Moreno first, once we have the Suarez money.

  6. I think we have a new LB in Enrique........

  7. I don't know much about Moreno, but I'm worried about the fact he is 5'7 given we have become quite a small team already.

  8. Patrick Ó Fearghasa7:31 am, July 09, 2014

    Good player but with part of the Suarez money Liverpool should look to sign Ricardo Rodríguez who is fantastic as everybody seen at the world cup and will only get better at 21 years of age. I'd be just as excited to get him as I would if we got Shaqiri.

  9. We are also still interested in Bertrand too.

  10. Patrick Ó Fearghasa7:33 am, July 09, 2014

    That would be a huge mistake with Enrique's injury record imo.

  11. None of these guys excite me. They're either not ready, not good enough, over priced or a combination of all three...

  12. Patrick Ó Fearghasa7:37 am, July 09, 2014

    Moreno isn't very good at defending. I'm glad that deal broke down. Johnson one side and Moreno the other would be asking for trouble.

  13. I'm not saying he'd be my first choice. I'd rather we went for Ricardo Rodriguez than any, and it looks like United are showing interest in him.

  14. Patrick Ó Fearghasa7:49 am, July 09, 2014

    We need a first choice player though, and £20m for a second choice player would be madness. Doubt United are after Ricardo Rodriguez after already paying over £30m for Luke Shaw.

  15. He is only 20, so it could be that his ill discipline is down to his age? Sometimes some players are a bit like that when they are younger, but grow out of it. I don't know the reasons for the red cards so its hard to really comment.
    As for the injuries, that is a bit of a worry.

  16. Yeah maybe, but spending too much money on the wrong player worries me too.

  17. Patrick Ó Fearghasa7:55 am, July 09, 2014

    I agree. Ricardo Rodriguez is the one for me, and wouldn't be a risk imo. Everything he does he does it will class and confidence and defends like a beast. He's better than Luke Shaw and would surely be cheaper.

  18. Oh, well in that case.
    Sort your act you Rojo!

  19. The injuries are my worry not so much his discipline.

    Its not like buying Suarez didnt pay off, back in the CL and a nice 50m profit.

  20. I would actually sign just Aurier. Then we will have Johnson and Flanagan as subs for any of the two.

  21. A guy I know with good sources reckons we may chase Higuain...

  22. George Telidaros8:21 am, July 09, 2014

    We keep spending money on players overpriced who are not tested on the highest level.I don't like to judge before I see but last year I was right about aspas and alberto.Now we have spent already over 75 mil including Markovic!Take a look what kind of players our rivals have sighned and who their targets are.OK so sanchez doesn't want to join.Do you really believe that there are not other players of his level who want to play for us?Hulk, Reus, Higuain...

  23. yeah he karate kicked a fan lol

  24. Attacking full backs are normally not the best at defending. As long as they are quick which I am assuming Moreno is then any problems with his defending can be improved by our coaches as he is only 22.

  25. Tony Barrett‏@TonyBarretTimes
    Liverpool have agreed fee and terms for Divock Origi but are having to hold off a late challenge from Spurs for his signature.

    Hoping we beat Spurs to it this time!

  26. B Rodgers should bring tell Barcelona that he wants 55M cash and Pedro(26) in the deal.

    And then he should ship L Leiva(27) out to Napoli and give them 17M for the transfer of Higuain(26)

    B Rodgers needs to start bringing in players of proven class or quality:

    Defensively: A GK RB CB LB DM are must's another CB is a luxury

    GK: G Ochoa(28) On Free Transfer, M Vorm(30) Of Swansea or K Navas(27) Of Levante for 3-8M

    CB: D Lovren(24) Of Southampton for 17-21M

    RB: S Aurier(21) Of Toulouse for 6-8M

    LB: B Davies(20) Of Swansea for 6-9M

    DM: B Matuidi(27) Of PSG for 12-17M

    Attacking wise: If B Rodgers can get 55M and Pedro(26) for L Suarez(27), then ship out the likes of P Reina, I Aspas, F Borini, Suso, L Leiva, S Coates and G Johnson.

    B Rodgers should bring in these class quality players:

    1: LW / LWF: B Arfa(27) for 3-7M

    2: CM: M Sissoko(24) Of Newcastle for 7-12M

    3: CM: B Etxebarria(27) for 12-16M

    4: FD: Higuain(26) in swap deal with L Leiva(27) and 15-17M Cash

    And next season we could have two class quality sides to play other the 4 competitions:

    Team 1 : Premier League and Champions League:

    Team 2: Fa Cup and Carling Cup:

    Team 1: Pedro Higuain/Sturridge Sterling

    Etxebarria Matuidi

    Enrique Sakho Lovren Aurier


    Team 2: Arfa Sturridge/ Lambert Markovic

    Henderson/ Sissoko Can/Gerrard
    Davies Agger Skrtel Flannagan


  27. So Spanish press are reporting that the final fee for Suarez is 58 million. So about 20 million or so less than his rumoured release clause. Not that I believe a word they say.

  28. GET LOST BENITEZ - GET LOST NAPOLI - The Everton of Italy -Always pleading poverty but managing to spend when they have to - Horrified to hear we are thinking of loaning out Reina and Leiva to them - NO NO NO NO NO - Sell them for cash and if they wont move - let them train for 9 months with the kids

  29. Yes but it depends on the currency too. Some say £75m and others say €75m and I have even seen £63m. Just ignore the figures. Should it really matter to the fans what Suarez gets sold for anyway?

    My suggestion is do not be to fussed about the money cause it will just confuse the hell out of you as we will not know the exact details regarding the sale of Suarez. Some also say that payment terms will be arranged with an up front payment of x. The LFC accounts may eventually give us the answers we need.

  30. Something needs to happen on Suarez in next 48 hours - SO BUY NOW L F C

  31. james rodrigues - now there is a player

  32. He has said no to the EPL. Forget about him...

  33. What has Lucas done to deserve the treatment you are advocating?

    I am not totally against LFC selling him but never has he threatened the club with demands so why the need to treat him like a child?

  34. Why? What do you know about Origi (other than his performances at the World Cup) that makes you 'hope' LFC sign him?

  35. Hoping we beat Spurs to it this time i.e. get one over them for a change.

    Besides that, what he has show at the WC which is a massive stage for a player at 19 suggests that this guy has the potential to become a great player. I do not see anything wrong with us signing him.

  36. For everyone who is worried Suarez is being sold too cheap and a decent replacement not looking likely fear not Markovic and Lallana are here to save the day.

  37. He's born in 1990, he's 24 !

  38. Never. Not even for free.

  39. Not saying this guy would be anywhere near as influential as suarez has been for us, but generally doesn't suarez prove that sometimes the risk can be worth it? Nearly got us the title, got us back in the champions league and between a £35- £50 million profit after 3 years! And all the stuff about him damaging the brand, now he's gone the brand comes out stronger too for getting shot of him.

    Again not trying to say this guy's in the same league, but just making a general point that sometimes a risk can be worth taking.

  40. A libero is basically a stopper, which in effect is what a DM is, there may be slight differences, but they are very similar.

  41. It doesn't really touch me much what LFC do, to be honest, because I'm a Juve supporter. But I do wish they weren't so hopelessly incompetent in the transfer market just for old time's sake. Absolutely awful season ahead, but it will give LFC fans they oppoortunity to trot out all their old favourites. Expect to hear lots of "Don't judge us yet - wait till October" "Don't judge us yet - wait till Christmas" "It was always going to be a season of transition" "Give Brendan till the end of the year" and all the old standards. Yawn!