1 Jun 2014

Revealed: £100m LFC star's 4-step Anfield exit-strategy in full swing once again

Same sh*t, different summer. The annual summer side-show surrounding Luis Suarez's future has kicked-off, and despite his protestations to the contrary, it's clear that the Uruguayan is once again open to a transfer away from Anfield. Will Reds fans accept it, though? Not a chance; and even in the face of overwhelming evidence, the majority will choose to stick their heads in the sand. Again.

Like last summer, the strategy is clear:

1. Suarez endlessly reiterates that he's 'happy' at LFC etc.

2. He starts to hint that he's open to a move away.

3. One of his reps confirms that Suarez wants to leave.

4. Suarez actively starts pushing for a move.

Here are the steps in action from last summer:

March 2012: "I want to stay and I am very happy here. There are a good few years left on my contract and I want to carry on enjoying myself because both my family and I feel really happy here"

FEB 2013: Brendan Rodgers relays Suarez's alleged wishes - “I had a great conversation with his [Suarez's] agent a couple of weeks ago. He came in and rolled it out that he was so happy here and he was keen over the next couple of years for the club to progress"

FEB 2013: "I want to say now that, if you want to know what will happen to me if we don't qualify for the Champions League, then I will say this: I have a contract with Liverpool and I am very happy here. I will stay".

A few months later, and Suarez had mysteriously changed his mind:

MAY 2013: "I have a contract with Liverpool but would find it difficult to say ‘no’ to Real Madrid".

MAY 2013: "My reason for leaving is my family and my image, I don't feel comfortable here any more"

JULY 2013: The BBC reports: "Luis Suarez's agent has reiterated the Uruguayan's desire to play for a Champions League club during talks with Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers and managing director Ian Ayre".

AUG 2013: "I need to be playing in the Champions League. I feel I have done enough to be playing in the Champions League at this stage of my career. Now there is an option for me to do that and I want very much to take it"

Now, fast forward a year, and it's rinse/repeat:

March 2014: “I signed my new contract because I’m very happy here and I want to stay where I’m enjoying football and life. Playing in the Champions League isn’t dependent on that.”

May 2014: "I love it here and I'm so happy here. If you're not happy here you don't sign any contract".

June 2014: Suarez's lawyer, Alejandro Balbi tells Cadena SER: "If there is a big offer from Real Madrid, it would be very difficult [for Suarez] to say no. Luis Suarez has always had a predisposition for Spain."

Do you really think that Balbi hasn't discussed this 'predisposition for Spain' with Suarez himself?

Last summer, amid Suarez's 'I love LFC' routine, I posted several articles arguing that the Uruguayan would try and leave LFC. No one would believe it, and I got slammed for suggesting it. What happened?

Suarez desperately tried to leave Anfield.

As such, mark my words: Step 4 is only a matter of weeks away. During or just after the World Cup, Suarez will start hinting that he is open to a move away, and the pattern will be complete. The amusing thing is that no matter how compelling the evidence, fans will still ignore it, and convince themselves he doesn't want to leave.

The current excuse du jour? Suarez's alleged enrolment of his daughter in a Merseyside school. I have to admit, prior to discussing this issue with LFC fans, I had no idea that school enrolment is one of the most cast-iron, unbreakable contracts on the planet. Amazing! You learn something new every day, I guess.

Suarez - who is now reportedly valued at £100m - is a genius player, and I love watching him play, but he is quickly becoming the football version of the 'boy who cried wolf'. As such, forgive me if I choose not to believe anything he says about his alleged commitment to Liverpool FC.

LFC may force Suarez to stay, but that doesn't change the fact that he wanted to leave last summer, and will probably want to quit the club this year, too.

That said, I wouldn't begrudge him a move away. Suarez has provided excellent service to Liverpool, but he's in his prime now, and time is running out for him to win the trophies his talent deserves. LFC might be in the Champions League, but the reality is that the club will find it difficult to win the league/CL every year.

Whether Reds fans like it or not, Real Madrid have a bigger chance of securing the big trophies on a more regular basis, and that clearly attracts Suarez.



  1. I feel like giving his lawyer a nice,warm kick up his backside.@$##$*&*)$^#@&!!!!

  2. Boring!!!! The best players will always be constantly linked to Real and Barca.

  3. One quick way for LFC to avoid all this conjecture, is to buy some A* players, so Suarez feels he could potentially win the CL and or PL with LFC. That is what we should be aiming for, and not necessarily beat ourselves up if we fall short.

    Hence if we are able to recruit players of the ilk of Fabregas, Pedro et al.. he may not need to think about Real Madrid, and he may then think his lot in LFC is on par.

  4. Suarez also signed up his daughter to go to school in Liverpool. The same person you are basing your points in also said it will be almost impossible for Madrid to get Suarez out of LFC. Question is why should he go play second fiddle to Ronaldo??? Suarez will never win Ballon D'Or in Madrid plus all the accolades he won this year will never happen in Madrid or Barca. Let the man breath!!

  5. Why don't you quote the entire interview by his lawyer rather than quoting only the part that suits your mindless argument?? I pity you

  6. I think we are in a greater bargaining position this time around though ... My biggest fear is we do what spuds did with their money if or when he does go ... this year or next ...

  7. I know I will probably be slated by you Jamie for 'being in denial' or whatever, but I genuinely don't think that he wants to leave. I personally think it's obvious that he's always had a preference for Spain, so don't see why his lawyer saying something has any relevance at all, when his agents have probably been touting him around to Spanish clubs all season. After finally getting into the Champions League with us, I believe that he would like to at least stay next season, just to experience it with Liverpool. Just my opinion though.

  8. I hope he keeps his mouth shut this time. I still have not sung his name. Irregardless of wanting to move to Madrid they have to make the bid and we have to accept. I was recently talking about the Lallana move on another site and the justification of spending so big for due to the increased money available in the League and Champions league. With such money it makes sense for us to over spend as it will generate more income but it also holds true that Soto can remain strong as they are much more financially secure due to increased monies too. This second point applies to us as much as the first. We need to definitely get CL net seaon for that extra revenue. We also have much more money from the league than at any other stage plus this years CL money too. This makes Spurs position with Bale looks flimsy. We have potentially hundreds of millions to lose from selling our best player. Madrid would and surely should have to smash the transfer record by a significant amount for Liverpool to even slightly think about it. I mean Bale fee plus players or Di Maria quality. And I do mean players plural.

  9. I don't see the point to this article....if he goes then we get a massive cash injection, if he stays we keep a world class player who will still give his all for the club. You can't stop agents etc talking to media and to be honest questions can be put to him in such a way that the answers can be twisted. Think he'll just be concentrating on getting fit for world cup now, I honestly think he'll stay another a season and give it a good crack at winning the big trophies.

  10. Any chance of a link to full interview Jaimie?

  11. The point is obvious: to highlight that the Suarez saga from last summer is repeating itself this year, and lots of LFC fans are, once again, oblivious and/or in denial.

  12. Not surprise his lawyer and agent are pushing for a transfer, it would be for a world record fee and they would themself win a LOAD of money in the process...
    Now on Suarez wanting out, wouldn't be surprise considering the type of 'top class' player Rodgers seems to bring in...

  13. We bought lambert that should convince him enough...

  14. The thing is the ball is all in club, owners, managers hands.

    If L Suarez(27) agent or lawyer or both are trying to get more money they are getting nothing.

    If Real Madrid come to club with 70-90M the club should decline it straight away. As last season L Suarez(27) was ranked the best player in the world.

    If the club offer 100M plus that is then B Rodgers and the owners should take notice.

    B Rodgers should then say to Real Madrid, he will only accept these two players and 55M for the transfer of L Suarez(27) if they want him so badly.

    Isco(21) AM and A Di Maria(26) LW plus 55M

    B Rodgers could then use the 55M to bring in 3 class quality players to join club

    G Rossi(27) Of Fiorentina for 10-15M
    I Munian(21) RW and A Herrera(24) CM Of A Bilbao for combined total of 40M

  15. I dislike the cynical attitude that's displayed in the article. I believe it's entirely possible that Suarez hasn't discussed his future with his lawyer - he's not his agent. I genuinely believe that things have changed from last year and that he is genuinely happy at LFC and feels at home in Liverpool. He's just had a brilliant season, his peers and the country have acknowledged him (winning multiple awards), he's got CL football and can see that LFC will be competitive again next year.

    I'm not saying that step 3 isn't true, but I certainly believe it will be harder for him on a personal level to reach step 4 this time around. Let's show some optimism that he'll stay people!

  16. Not sure having £100m cash in hand in return for Suarez helps - ref Spurs last year.

  17. I'm not going to slate individual fans for wanting to believe Suarez won't leave/is happy at LFC. You're entitled to your opinion.

    I don't believe, though, that Suarez stayed last summer out of loyalty to LFC; he stayed because he was forced to, and this year will be the same...unless Madrid put in a ridiculous 100m+ offer, which LFC will (IMO) accept.

  18. So he went on to say this

    "I am answering you more like a friend than as his lawyer. A year ago, I
    would have said it was very likely he would leave Liverpool but now I
    really see it as very difficult unless there is a very lucrative offer,
    Liverpool let him go and he likes the new club."

  19. Or you can post the entire comments from the lawyer

  20. Why are Spurs suddenly the reference point for every club that receives a huge fee for a player? Just because they pi$$ed it up against the wall doesn't mean LFC will. There are plenty of clubs that received massive fees in the past and spent it well.

  21. brendan rodgers lma11:50 am, June 01, 2014

    suarez has a release clause of 70m for foreign teams

    secondly no way are rossi,munain and herrera good enough

  22. It's not 'cynical' in the slightest; it's realism, based on factual evidence. You see it as cynicism because you don't like the truth being conveyed, i.e. that history is repeating itself.

  23. i didn't say i wanted him out, but buying average player when your target is to wi the title/champion's league is stupid.
    I just say that Suarez may not be impressed and that his representative want money regardless where he goes to.

  24. Ironic you say that given how critical you've been of BR's transfer policy so far :P (Couti & Stuz aside)

  25. Typical press reporting only that which will sale rather than the whole truth, example being during the troubles here in northern Ireland it was once reported that there was rioting throughout belfast , when it actually was about half a dozen kids shouting abuse across a road, so until I see the colour of their money all £100mil plus, I will treat it with the contempt its due.

  26. brendan rodgers lma11:51 am, June 01, 2014

    exactly falcao at athletico , ibrahomivic at inter

    spurs never had cl that was teh problem

    btw suarez has a 70m clause?

  27. I always felt Suarez was in the shop window, no surprise to me if he goes, business is business and as long as we get top money I'll happily see him move on... after last season I lost trust in the guy, so thank you for helping us get 2nd and CL and if you go, a large sum of money to re-invest in the squad. If you stay, excellent... either way we are a better team then last season and will continue to grow with or without Suarez...

  28. Yep we could also talk about Real madrid receiving huge amount for ozil...

  29. brendan rodgers lma11:53 am, June 01, 2014

    look suarez will leave he has a 70m release clause

    if any team pays the release clause the club has no power

  30. Ah, yes, the old 'full quote' excuse.

    The rest of the quote makes absolutely no difference to the meaning of what I've posted. His lawyer states that Suarez will find it difficult to say no Madrid, and that he has a predisposition for Spain,

    The meaning of that doesn't magically alter just because he says Suarez is an 'idol' to the fans.

    You;'re just trying to divert attention away from the issue by focusing on irrelevencies. It's a typical tactic.

  31. brendan rodgers lma11:53 am, June 01, 2014

    make a deal with barca

    sanchez and plus 40m for suarez

  32. Is there though? According to who?

  33. we kept Suarez last year despite Arsenal triggering his release clause...

  34. Spurs is one example. I don't think ANY team can spend £100m in one transfer window on say 5+ players and expect immediate results (ie win PL or CL).

    It takes time to build a team and play over a 9 month season.

  35. Rumour's happen with all the top players....look at aguero/toure at man city...they aren't exactly committing themselves to the club. That's how it works nowadays, like I said end result is he'll probably stay, if not big bucks sale.

  36. brendan rodgers lma11:54 am, June 01, 2014

    well the media have hinted at it like they did with 40m last year

  37. No Jamie, as always you're just anti Suarez! If you read the full interview the Lawyer states Suarez is very happy but then gives HIS own opinion on the matter. Do you not think this Lawyer has his own agenda in hoping Suarez would move in that he receives no doubt tasty 'fees' in the event of a Suarez move. Marca yesterday said Real had approached the Suarez camp and been given short shrift so have now set their sights on Aguero!

  38. True but that doesn't really mean anything.

  39. Realism? Factual evidence? The only person that knows whether Suarez is going to stay or leave is himself. How can you just say as a fact "mark my words, step 4 is just weeks away"? History does not necessarily repeat itself each year. How can you say that Suarez will not come out and refute these claims any time soon?

    It is cynicism because you don't believe that Suarez is in fact a reformed character and will use his theatrics of the past to engineer a move a way.

  40. brendan rodgers lma11:56 am, June 01, 2014

    that was not a concrete release clause
    the pfa examined it liverpool only had to consider the offer
    that is why suarez signed a new contract to get a proper one

  41. Don't rule out barca having a bid either...think they are going to shuffle their pack...plus if true we are interested in a few of their players.

  42. Henry said in a conference that there was a release clause and that we chose to ignore it.

  43. No I am not! You can't pick a sentence from an entire comments and state that you have a point. You are making a half truth point so don't blame that I have read all what the lawyer said. If he goes then he goes but if you gonna right article state the whole truth.

  44. You're so in denial you're actually making things up now. Suarez's lawyer did *not* say that he is 'happy'.

    Additionally, this is Suarez's *lawyer* (!) - You don't think they talk? Have held conversations about his future? No, of course not. Suarez would never discuss his plans with his lawyer. Perish the thought!

  45. What we do know is that Suarez did not get his way last summer and that the club showed him who is boss. He wanted CL football last season, now he has got it

    Do not think we will see him go to the same extremes as last summer. If an offer from Madrid or another club does come then we still do not have to sell. The club came out on top last summer with Suarez trying to make his way out. Do not see a change in changing stance on this matter.

  46. sanchez and pedro plus cash more like...

  47. Fair enough sorry Jaimie. I agree that he was forced to stay last summer, I just feel that this summer is different, though I understand that you don't. Again, I do think that Liverpool will refuse to sell no matter what this year, not wanting to 'pull a Spurs'

  48. Even if there is a release clause the actual amount seems odd to me. After Bale goes for that sum we have a release clause that is less? Also how do we know that CL participation negates said clause. I am generally sceptical of papers knowing actual figures and such when they are not public.

  49. brendan rodgers lma11:59 am, June 01, 2014

    people so sensitive to suarez leaving

  50. "He is happy at Liverpool, even though they failed to win the Premier
    League they will play Champions League next season and he has won the
    Golden Boot (Europe's joint top scorer with Cristiano Ronaldo)

  51. Don't understand all the negativity around Lambert, it's hardly as if he's going to be our 'marquee signing' this summer

  52. suarez is 27 going into 28 bale was 23
    bale is more of a commercial brand
    if you know what i mean he is more marketable then suarez

  53. agree all these spurs stuff is nonsense...they do what they do and we do what we do.

  54. In fairness Jaimie alex is right there is no "factual evidence" here at all. Unless it is the evidence of his Lawyers opinion.

    Personally I do think Suarez does want one of the Spanish giants to come calling.

  55. I'm just messing, I actually like the lad especially for that price and he has the club in his heart....will chip in with valuable goals next season imo

  56. Jamie K,
    You couldn't have summed it up any better.
    Suarez is about Suarez and nothing more.
    Loyalty means jack shit these days and LFC fans will see that when Suarez leaves.LFC should at least settle for nothing less then 100 million,and recruit very wisely with it.YNWA

  57. Okay, but that still doesn't change the meaning of his quotes about Madrid.

    Suarez stated he was happy at LFC last summer too, and that didn't stop trying his damndest to leave.

    Now, all of a sudden, the fact he's happy at LFC is somehow inalienable?!

  58. I agree - LFC should fend off all requests.

    But what we don't know is what agreements, if any, were made, in return for Suarez staying last year.

    Worst case scenario would be for LFC to hold on to Suarez against his will and Suarez throws a strop, doesn't play well, and we end up offloading him in Jan for not as much.

    I would only be keen to hold on to Suarez as long as he is *HAPPY* to stay. Otherwise offload for as much money as we can get.

  59. Jesus christ what do people have we Sanchez ? this guy is the most inconsistent player there is...
    for one good match he has a month without performing...
    there's even some video of his fail

  60. This article is actually pointless. All we are doing is fueling unnecessary debate. Suarez's lawyer has said these words, not Suarez or Pere Guardiola. Let's be realistic, if Suarez comes out and refutes these claims, this debate will have been futile. Until Suarez or Guardiola say that he wants to leave, we shouldn't speak of this. Really is pointless right now!

  61. brendan rodgers lma12:05 pm, June 01, 2014

    I think jamie is better then rodgers in the transfer market

    last year jamie was keen on bony,eriksen and lovern

    rodgers choose aspas, alberto,iloris and sakho instead

    this guy is very knowledgeable and knows what he is talking about

  62. I get that but from or point of view when negotiation the contract would we not use that fee as a reference? Would age come in to it for us at all? I mean why £70m instead of £80? It just doesn't sound right to me. I would be more inclined to believe it if I saw it in a serious newspaper but rags like the star and the mail? Nah.

  63. No, it is just an excuse. Once again: explain how the rest of the quote changes the meaning of what I've posted. If you can't do that, you have no argument. It's that simple.

    This is one of the most common excuses used by LFC fans to belittle arguments with which they disagree. If, for example, you agreed with the quote, you wouldn't be saying 'but what about the rest of the quote', would you?

  64. brendan rodgers lma12:07 pm, June 01, 2014

    suarez will ahve a say in hsi release clause does he want a fee which no one can pay
    no, tehn there would be no point of one

  65. Suarez is one of the best player in the world right now, if he leave doesn't matter for how much it'll be impossible to find someone that even have the potentiel to do what he can do.

    If you have player in mind feel free to tell

  66. Tend to agree. My only fear is that the £100m won't bring us instant results next year, as it takes times for that investment to transfer through to results.

  67. Did Suarez come out and refute the claims he was leaving last year? No. So why is there a chance he will do so this year?

    It's called probability. There is more probability that history - in this case - will repeat itself, and I have shown that this is actually starting to happen.

    You can choose to ignore it if you wish, but it doesn't chance the reality.

  68. brendan rodgers lma12:08 pm, June 01, 2014

    why do people not understand
    suarez has a release clause in hsi contract that is less then 100m
    it might be 70,60 or 80 but he has that exit clause so liverpool cannot hold for a 100

  69. brendan rodgers lma12:10 pm, June 01, 2014

    sign sanchez 30m rues 50m


  70. If you post any further comments stating that articles are 'pointless', they will be deleted.

    Please stick to discussing football related issues. Thanks.

  71. Agree. If Bale was worth 90 or so, Suarez will not leave for less than 100. Clause or no clause. FULL STOP

  72. Apart from Brendan and FSG none of you have a clue what is going on behind the scenes. You pretend you do, you can 'guess' all you want, but it won't be anything other than day dreams or nightmares but one thing is for sure it most certainly won't be facts. Leave the job to Brendan and FSG, they've done fine so far, relax and see what happens. They are in control of the situation, the supporters are not. Thank goodness. Going by some of the pie in sky transfers and their ridiculous valuations from brainless supporters, LFC would be bankrupt in no time.

  73. Using words like obvious or oblivious doesn't make your observations more factual.... What you fail to acknowledge is that Suarez had dodged committing himself since Feb last year but has twice spoken passionately about staying since end of season....
    Your scientific approach that because he changed his mind last year means that he doesn't mean anything he says is more than a little flawed. He cited his image and perceived treatment as reasons last season. I don't think any footballer has ever turned their image around so successfully.
    Finally Skybet have Suarez at 9/2 to sign for Real.... I assume because "It's obvious" you have your life savings and whatever you can borrow on this no brainier...

  74. brndan rodgers lma12:11 pm, June 01, 2014

    he has a 70m release clause someone back me up here no one seems to understand

  75. To some degree I agree with yo Jaimie. Whilst I am not entirely convinced he will repeat what he did last year I certainly wouldn't put it past him.

    The lawyer says it is just his belief rather than an actual plea from Suarez but I feel the lawyer wold know more than us.

    I am inclined to not take too much from it either way yet though.

  76. I used to think like that whenever a star player left or retired...but look at the pattern of strikers we have had over the tears...Rush,Fowler,Owen,Torres.Suarez and to be honest I don't think Sturridge gets enough recognition, he'll get even better too.

  77. Sanchez is a joke... lallana is overrated
    (sturridge tend to get injured what do we do when is out ?)
    Reus is a top player but not sure he'd have the same impact as Suarez

  78. We understand you believe this.

  79. Sorry mate I read the entire comments from the lawyer so you can make your half truth all you want. Nobody is making any excuses for asking for the whole speech. You based your articles on "all the facts" so fact is this is half of what the lawyer said. I can also based my argument on the fact that Suarez is not going anywhere based on what the lawyer said. You know the other half of the comments.

  80. Disagree. Ultimately, its about how many goals you score and how much skill you exude on the pitch - which then equates to shirts sales and marketability. Age is a small equation. Hence Suarez the brand is worth more than Bale.

    Just ref Beckham the brand.

  81. In future, no not post pointless comments like this. If you don't want to engage in discussion, then why are you here? No one is claiming to be 'in the know' about anything; people are just doing what fans do: speculating. If you don't like that, then this is not the site for you.

  82. bar Suarez all the striker we had were poacher, so it's more easy to find someone else, suarez create alot for himself and other.
    it's like saying messi leaving barca wouldn't change anything for them

  83. There is no release clause. What did the 'release clause' he had last season do for him = nothing

  84. Agreed. LFC have lost top strikers throughout history, and always come back strong.

  85. brendan rodgers lma12:15 pm, June 01, 2014

    bale is more marketable because of who he is
    no controversy , British , etc

  86. If you've read what I said, it's quite things have changed massively from last year. For you to argue that there is no chance that he will honestly dismiss a potential move is ridiculous IMO.

    Last year - country hates him for racial abuse, bites an opponent, no CL football and 7th in the league. I really believe he was in a dark place.

    This year - country and all of its pro footballers recognise his talents on the pitch, had his best ever season (as he said), finished 2nd in the league with CL football, cuts out his on-field theatrics, gives more interviews.

    I just think that he may have seen the light and that he feels right at home at LFC. Everything I have just said is factual and rational. There is no denial there ;)

  87. Thats why I said why £70m not £80m. You think Suarez believes Bale is better than him? You believe he thinks that ten mil makes that much difference? Yes Lawyers and agents will be involved but could they haggle us to less than what Bale went for and would Suarez really hold out for it himself? And again there will be caveats. Ho do we know that it can even be enforced whilst we are in the CL?

  88. The factual evidence to which I refer = Suarez's comments about leaving last year, combined with his lawyer's comments.

    I think we can assume that Balbi has spoken with Suarez about his future etc, or are we to believe that he's never discussed football matters with his own rep?!

  89. brendan rodgers lam12:17 pm, June 01, 2014

    that was not proper
    liverpool only has to consider the bid
    that is the whole reason why he signed a new contract to get a indefinite release clause

    if refused thsi clause he could take them to court and force the move and get lfc fined for not honouring the contract

    his previous clause had no oblgation to sell,the pfa siad so

    keep up

  90. Jamie, I completely agree, same doo doo, different toilet. If Suarez does leave for his actual value then I would not be mad to be honest. Just as long as we sign a world class replacement which theres not many around to be honest.

    Also, I hope we sign Fabregas.

    Jamie, thanks for your integrity towards the sport.

  91. I got exactly the same responses last year: when Suarez started saying he was 'happy', I argued that he would soon start to make it clear he wanted to leave.

    Of course, not one believe it, and I got slammed for suggesting it; and what happened? Suarez desperately tried to leave.

    I will be proven right again this summer.

  92. brendan rodgers lma12:19 pm, June 01, 2014

    selling suarez now

    he has suffered the same injury that torres suffered and ultimately destroyed torres career
    rafa said we lost 20m on fernando

    sell suarez

    buy griezeman, reus/sanchez,lallana ,bedner

  93. Suarez is near irreplaceable full stop.
    But if he is going to leave then get the most for him and recruit well.B.R playing style of football suits a lot of players and with that kind of money we should be able to recruit well.

  94. As long as he knows that he wont play every game then he is an excellent choice, for the quoted price and a 2 year contract you cannot go wrong.

  95. So we went straight from Owen to Torres did we? Fowler and Owen came from the academy and we had Heskey before Torres. Sturridge is brilliant but like Jaimie has said many time he has injuries. Suarezs don't come along all the time. It is a touch naive to think that it's not something to worry about. Especially in a time where money rules the roust much more than it ever has.

  96. And again: Nothing in the rest Balbi's quote changes the meaning of what he said about Suarez' finding it 'difficult' to say no to Madrid, and having a 'predisposition for Spain'.

    I've asked you once and I'll ask you again: please explain how the rest of the quote changes the meaning of those sentences.

  97. brendan rodgers lma12:21 pm, June 01, 2014

    raheem sterling is a better player towards the end of the season

    where was he(suarez) against chelsea?,

  98. What was Gareth bales release clause?
    And how much did Madrid pay?

  99. Why are you convinced of this with such certainty?

  100. I'm not sure I care. Let's talk about Suarez leaving when the club announces it. Until then it's just going to be pointless arguing about every quote in every article, some translated, some paraphrased ... why bother? He's been genuinely interested in playing for Madrid since he first came to the club, that's never been in question. But even knowing his intentions doesn't ultimately make a difference. He clearly wanted to go last summer but we didn't sell, did we? So even his own engineering for a move means little.

  101. So assumptions have become factual evidence. New to me.

  102. What you believe is your prerogative.

  103. brendan rodgers lma12:23 pm, June 01, 2014

    gareth never had one
    in england you dont need one , it is legal not to have a release clause ,

    however suarez knows he wants to move so pressed for one to make sure lfc cant force him and deny him like last year

  104. Totally agree!! Especially re Fabregas.

    Just don't know we can replace Suarez. However, when that day comes, we will have to find a way. As we did following the days when:

    - Keegan left
    - Rush left
    - Kenny left
    - Fowler left
    - Owen left
    - Torres left

    - Stevie G leaves

  105. brendan rodgers lma12:24 pm, June 01, 2014

    suarez has already been replaced by sturridge
    suarez is the player that has accommodate sturridge

    and suarez is less effective out wide this suggests rodgers rates sturridge higher then suarez

  106. And that same argument could also make the point that he is not going anywhere. Suarez before he came to LFC had said he will wish to play for Madrid one day. He Suarez also said he signed a contract extension because he is happy and want to stay. So until he signs for Madrid every word that anybody else says or write is just speculation!

  107. brendan rodgers lma12:26 pm, June 01, 2014

    can we get in the debate as to weather suarez has a 70m release clause
    knowing suarez no way would he have signed a contrcat without a exit clause

  108. Errmm.. what planet are you on? Sorry, do not agree.

    You seem to have a split personality. On here, you are making some very GOOD points, and then some utter silly left field points. You are perfectly entitled to your opinions, but they do not appear to be consistent.

  109. I agree but we must take all the conversation as a whole. Balbi admits it is just his opinion and not been directed to say these things by Suarez (true he is a lawyer and that is an obvious way around problems of this sort). He does also say Suarez is happy at the club and to be playing CL which his agent had said not that long ago (no article on that though).

    Like you I believe he wants the move but would like to think he will not be pushing it as hard as last year. I think he will be meeting some of his personal goals with us as well as being settled and making more money than ever. This interview is probably a feeler and see if Madrid bite. I would be truly disgusted if he did what he did last year though.

  110. It depends how the clause is worded and none of us know this it may be 70mill just to start negotiations with the club.
    Then there is the possibility of a bidding war though unlikely.

  111. Jamie your constant negativity is getting to me now,your constant criticisms of our club and our players is starting to piss me off. Fact it would be hard for any player on the planet to reject Real Madrid and probably higher wages so Suarez lawyer is not lying. Now why not wait for a real story to write about and stop feeding the crappie tabloid's bull. No one had linked Lambert until the deal was nearly done a great bit of business i may add but yet i have read numerous articles about us being linked to every other player but him.
    And if Suarez wants to go then good riddance to him and we can buy some serious players with the money we will get for him. But i hope he stays and i think he will and until we know there's just no point feeding the media frenzy that surrounds him

  112. But character also refers to his off-field "stuff". Last year, he said that he couldn't cope with the media etc and couldn't live in England any more. Okay so move abroad...Then he says that he wants to move to Arsenal. How can these two claims coexist? Clearly he was just saying whatever he could to leave. That's the deceitful side of his character.

    I'm arguing that that deceit may have well and truly gone, but clearly you don't believe in the true reformation of his character.

  113. brendan rodgers lma12:31 pm, June 01, 2014

    what are our chances on signing serigo augero?

    i though he was a boyhood lfc fan

  114. Heskey, thanks. Forgot that one ;)...point is when/if he moves we have to move on whether we like it or not...I too think he's one of the best we have had btw

  115. Well said. But I think he may well think twice about moving given his current situation in England - the grass is very green.

  116. Already said it,John Henry said in a conference in Boston that there was a release clause but because in football contract doesn't seem to mean much he just ingored it.

  117. Some of the worst bad boys are still marketable.. eg Cantona

  118. brendan rodgers lma12:36 pm, June 01, 2014

    Anyway would fsg not want to sell suarez
    i mean i thought fsg philosophy was buy them young and when market price is maximum sell them off and continue the cycle
    it makes a lot of sense selling suarez for 70m if fsg want their philosophy to work

  119. That being the case could you not have or even edit now so the whole conversation is on this site? In fairness one of us cold just write an article on one line where he says he is happy. It wouldn't be giving the entire truth.

    For what it's worth I agree with your assertions (to a degree) but I believe we are more reading between the lines of what was said rather than the Lawyer making assertions that the line you have reproduced signifies.

    Perhaps it's old essay writing thinking coming to there fore but I am also of the belief that the whole thing needs to be analysed rather than one part of the whole.

  120. How well do you know him?

  121. brndand rodgers lma12:38 pm, June 01, 2014

    like jamie judging him on last summer

  122. Except they did despite him having a release clause... do you only listen to answer that goes with what you think ?
    Suarez had a release clause, Arsenal Tirggered it, John Henry decided that contract don't mean shit for player so why should it for clubs ? so the ignored it
    John Henry said it himself in a conference

  123. I agree mostly with Jamie here and believe a lot of LFC fans are a bit deluded when it comes to Suarez staying. Suarez's dream is to win titles in Spain. That is a fact. Thus if RM or Barca come in with a huge (world record fee) he is off I have no doubts about that. Yes we would all like to believe he is going to stay here for many years but if the interest is serious and he can achieve his dream he is gone. Simple.

    For what it's worth I'd like him to go to Barca. If we play it smart we could go for about 30 mil plus Sanchez and Pedro/Fabregas. I'd be very happy with that to be honest.

  124. brendan rodgers lma12:41 pm, June 01, 2014

    that is exactly what i suggested nice to have someone on the same page

  125. Just dont see him as a Barca player - more a RM one.

  126. I agree moving on is a must but I just doubt it will be this seamless transition you seem to suggest. Lose your top striker and top assist maker in one go (I know it's the same person but still) and you will have trouble the following season. Add to that the investment of other teams and a necessary bedding in period of new signings and we could do an unthinkable of going from 2nd to 5th. It only tool Alonso to go last time.

  127. brendan rodgers lma12:42 pm, June 01, 2014

    i think brcaloena want to change a bit rather then continuing peps philosophy

  128. I dont think there would be room for him at Barca with Messi's ego filling the space where he would play

  129. There's a link to the whole conversation if people want to read it.

    I don't like to include wholesale quotes; I only include what's absolutely necessary to convey the point. I could post every single line of every quote for every player etc, but then that would increase the level of info in the article that is not original.

    Other sites include entire quotes to make up word-count, and the ratio between original material is unbalanced. I prefer that the bulk of stuff posted on this site is original (i.e. comes from my mind, rather than someone else's).

  130. brendan rodgers lma12:48 pm, June 01, 2014

    i think barca need a big signing after all the neymar faisco ,transfer ban and gareth bales success

    they just need a big player for the sake of it

  131. What does 'deceit' have to do with this?

    I haven't accused Suarez of lying. It's possible for him to be happy at LFC, but still desire a move to Real Madrid.

  132. I'm not saying your wrong per se just that I don't understand your certainty in this regard. At the very best we recieve third hand information. In regards to details of a contract it has to be even further detached than that otherwise the club would have a right to take legal action.

    Having read and listened to (Anfield wrap podcast I think it was) football journalists talk about how they get information and what kinds of information are the hardest to come across I remain highly skeptical of these stories even despite them being spot on last time. I mean does the papers getting that information last time make it more or less likely this time? Think about that.

  133. They mean the same and I like irregardless better. It's just more fun to say even in my inner monologue.

  134. I agree to be honest but I was just throwing it out there simply because I don't believe RM have the type of players we really need (Ronaldo and Bale obviously excluded). Not convinced personally by Di Maria and he's a bit of a prima Donna... If we are getting rid of one I'd rather not sign another. I rate Isco but not sure we really need him other than that I'm struggling to see who we would really want from RM that they would sell hence the Barca preference.

  135. I was reading the article mentally preparing to argue against it but actually Jamie has a point and the last two paragraphs are spot on. So nothing to say BUT if he is going to go I hope its earlier and we hijack the Costa move at 35 mil that would be a bargain

  136. Your saying he has a strategy which involves saying he's happy many times and then saying he wants to leave. Is that not deceiving Jaimie?

  137. Good call ;-)

  138. Agree - hence why if it were to be RM - it'd be £100m + Morata.

  139. I can see the argument for Morata he will always get you goals I just don't think he would suit us at the moment. If he goes to RM I think I'd just for straight cash.

  140. My own thoughts are we lost Suarez as soon as the 3rd goal went in at Palace. He's got to be thinking: "WTF, if we can't hold on to a 3 goal lead, what chance do we have to win anything.."

    Hence as much as the talk over the last few days has been on Lallana, Lambert and Fabregas et al.. we really should be more focused on the defence, and how are going to improve that part of our game.

  141. Jamie, u don't seem to get how the whole agent/lawyer/player thing works. In today's day and age the agents and lawyers come out with these statements all the time and especially when it comes to these big players it's almost always about money i.e a new, more lucrative contract. Look at last summer, Suarez just wanted more money, which he in the end, got. The whole Yaya Toure farce is a good example of the shit these agents feed to the press just to get bigger contracts for their players. Needs to be taken with a big grain of salt. Cheers

  142. Not true. He consistently spells 'Jamie' when it should be 'Jaimie' and 'then' when it should be 'than'. If that is not consistency, I don't know what is.

  143. :-)

    My original response was LoL, but it seems to be have been flagged by one of JK's filters.. very strange.

  144. Nicolas Chamberlain2:03 pm, June 01, 2014

    ''Worst case scenario would be for LFC to hold on to Suarez against his
    will and Suarez throws a strop, doesn't play well, and we end up
    offloading him in Jan for not as much.''

    I've heard that argument to many times... Suarez is just not that kind of player. He loves the games too much.

  145. Nicolas Chamberlain2:03 pm, June 01, 2014

    You are the only one that actually believes that. Its not a fact.
    Show some proof, will you.

  146. I'll believe Suarez is staying when the transfer window is shut and he's still at Anfield. Until then, no player is indispensable or bigger than any club.Also it is a sad but true thought that there are little or no players loyal to any clubs anymore, its wealth with a few medals thrown in.dont get me wrong,if Luis stays I'll be delighted but if he goes I'll just have to get over it, after all It doesn't make me any richer or poorer

  147. brendan rodgers lma2:23 pm, June 01, 2014

    Best replacements for suarez:

    Marco reus - this will be very ambitious , he can play as a striker or as a winger , will be very hard to pull of would cost about 50m

    sanchez - the player we have been linked to , he seems ideal to replace suarez skillful,versatile and hungry would cost about 35m

    greizeman - scores a lot of goals is still young , him and stelring for the next 5 years on the wings would be massive 26m

    Rodrigo- more of a striker then the other three he has been watched by lfc scouts a couple of times could cost 23m

    lukaku- he will be hard to get especially with mourinho as chelsea manager but he has already spent time at lfc him and sturridge would do wonders together cost 35m

    son heugh min- plays for bayen leverkusen again has been watched by rodgers and was wanted last season could cost up to 16m

  148. brendan rodgers lma2:27 pm, June 01, 2014

    i think Suarez sell for 70m

    buy son 16m
    rodrigo 23m
    greizeman 26m

    then lallana for 30m with that extra 5m
    all other funds could go to defense

    sterling ...................................................................rodrigo

    bench: son ,greizeman,coutinho,

    that would be smart business

  149. One thing is for sure Jaimie, this site will lose half of its viewers if Suarez leaves Liverpool. Your blog almost always had tons of comments under Suarez article than for any other player. I hope Suarez stays not only for Liverpool but also for this site. All hail Suarez!! ;-)

  150. You are speculating on an already speculative article. Dead end son.

  151. I actually think that was one of those moments that feels like its breaking you but ends up making you. Lessons learnt and experienced gained we will be stronger next season for it

  152. This article is incredibly poor and is based on some highly dubious speculation. Luis Suarez is happy, settled, and has no intention of leaving. Perhaps you will get your wish eventually, but it will not be this season. The events of last summer are in the past, with Liverpool, the fans, and Luis Suarez all having moved on. Luis Suarez did not exactly play like an unsettled player last season. A line was drawn and all parties are happy. Luis Suarez will be champing at the bit to play Champions League football for Liverpool next season.

  153. Chris Rossington2:32 pm, June 01, 2014

    We couldn't afford to lose him last year because players were skeptical about lfc progression and no champs league and even Tottenham were seen as a better option, losing Suarez wouldn't be ideal now but if we could get Sanchez, I don't think it would be a problem especially if we get 100 mill, would love us to then get Luke shaw and lallana and perhaps that benatia from roma!

  154. No, you are wrong. Suarez leaving won't make any difference to the site. Only 0.00001% of overall visitors actually comment.

  155. Agree for LFC. No so sure about Suarez.

    Really hope he stays - somehow my sixth sense says he is off after the WC and RM come calling again.

  156. Most people here have valid points. I do not have concrete information and I have no magic links to LFC but as has been mentioned by the author, Luis Suarez plays for Luis Suarez. He is the finest most gifted striker to pull on the coveted Red jersey for many a year but in my opinion he would leave immediately if an offer from Real Madrid landed on the table.

    The club will obviously accept a large bid as it would be corporate suicide to reject a 70 million plus bid considering the lad is approaching his late 20's. There's no doubt Luis loves Liverpool FC, but if he wants to play for Real Madrid and the 'grapevine' informs him that the chance is now or never, I fully expect him to use every tactic in the book to make it happen.

    We all know how passionate the lad is and to be honest, I would fully expect there to be an unambiguous clause in his contract that specifically indicates conditions that will facilitate a speedy transfer to Real Madrid.

    Either way it is a win win for Liverpool FC. The main threat was losing the lad for 40 million last year which would seem criminal today. If he leaves, LFC receive at least 70 million, if he stays and is happy due to not being messed about by the club, we get the world's most lethal striker for at least another season/6 months.

    All in all, I agree with Jaimie, if he wants to leave, the agitation campaign will start during the World Cup.

  157. Aye your probably right but he might not even be fit to play (long shot) and there is no need to worry as for the first time in a long time it actually feels like there is a plan and some momentum behind it to keep us going forward. There was some talk of a deal being done as RM did for Ronnie, namely Suarez stays an extra year here before the inevitable move next year

  158. While I won't deny that a move is possible for the top rated player in the world at the moment. The 4 steps you mention above haven't really played out.

    1. He's mentioned how happy is during the season. And now during the off season.

    2. He hasn't hinted at all that he is open to a move away.

    3. One of his "reps" has offered an opinion that it would be hard to refuse an very lucrative offer, if the conditions are right - but the player is very happy.

    4. Hasn't happened.

    Seems to me you have step 1 complete, step 2 has been flat out denied, and step 3 is dubious at best - the rep is stating HIS opinion on a hypothetical situation - not on behalf of the player. This is all very different to last season.

    I won't rule it out, Real could make a huge offer, Suarez's wages could increase, and it would be hard to turn down. But I doubt Real are such a position, and that Suarez has any reason to agitate for a move. Last year there was the "press" issue, and a mediocre performance from the team, no Champions League to look forward too. Now press is on his side, the team is performing, and he has Champions League, and one of the highest salaries in England. If push comes to shove, it might take another bumber contract - which I firmly believe was the key issue last season, if you were Suarez would it not bother you that Glen Johnson was on the same wages as you were?

  159. rotchie the red3:07 pm, June 01, 2014

    well Jamie I hope you are right and everything does go as it did last year....and Suarez stays, as he did last year....if he stays who cares about who says what.

  160. £100m and I would say thank you Louis for lifting the Reds out of the pits. You will always be remembered as a Liverpool legend and welcomed home to celebrate our victories with us. This 'little meniscus injury' may just be a sign that the 'great man' is mortal after all and could be an indication that there is more to come. Great, great exciting player who got us all out of our seats but to refuse £100m would be too big a risk and foolhardy in the extreme!
    May you and your family be blessed in everything you do if you decide you wish to join Real Madrid. YNWA

  161. I am certain Liverpool will renew his contract within 12 months if his form continues and will be best paid player in England as he rightly deserves.

  162. This reporter doesn't half love himself. He must be some sort of mind reading super genious. Pure conjecture with zero facts

  163. IMO, he is happy here and would be happy to stay, especially given we are back in the UCL... that said, if Real Madrid come in for him, he very well may be interested... In fact, he's already stated he'd be interested in a move to RM many times, so it would not new news... If thats his dream move, so be it.. In some ways, I think him getting us back in the UCL would be a nice parting gift and if RM meet our valuation, it's a win/win.. With our squad depth and the holes we have to fill, ~£100mm would go a long way in solidifying the foundation for years to come... TBH, it really doesn't bother me one bit.. its comes part and parcel when you have a top player that is in RM's cross-hairs... and I hope he has a stellar WC to drive his price up...

  164. rotchie the red3:27 pm, June 01, 2014

    well said David.....and just to add a bit at the end ...if all this talk from lawyers and agents etc is bull and Luis stays as he says he is going to do well im glad to have still at liverpool Luis

  165. Yes, but what also happened? He stayed and got us in to the Champions League... There is very little point to this RIGHT NOW... Most supporters are excited about who we are chasing in the transfer market and upcoming WC... If this happens after, then you could puff your chest and say "I told you so," and even then... If he wants to go, and RM stump up the case, so be it... But the man can be happy here and still want a move to RM (or Barca)..

  166. So what if he has a clause of 70M, Bale was sold for 86M. And last season L Suarez(27) was ranked the best player in the world. So the club, owners and manager can ask for 100m easily.

    And Rossi, Munian and Herrera are class, quality players who will do very well playing for Liverpool.

  167. Agree 100% with your addition Rotchie.

  168. All that could be true AND he could still be happy playing at LFC too... it doesn't have to be either or... I would love to see him stay, but the £ is enticing too, since we have quite a few holes to fill. I think we are in a good spot either way... This is different to last year, because he wanted to leave to play CL football.. He was even willing to go to Arsenal... This season, I think he is content here, but yes, if RM or Barca meet our valuation, it may be hard for him to pass up, but there won't be flirtations with other EPL sides...

  169. If he goes we get lots of money. If he stays we keep a world class striker. I just don't want what happened with Torres. If he's going, go soon and give the management time to replace him. For all Lamberts undoubted heart and abilities he's not a world class striker.

  170. I argued that Suarez would try and leave, and suggested he might actually leave. Just because he didn't leave doesn't mean I was wrong.

    Suarez didn't stay because he wanted to; he stayed because FSG forced him to. The key point is that he wanted to leave, and would've done if the club didn't put the blockers on it.

  171. Steps 1 and 3 have definitely taken place, whether you choose to accept it or not. Balbi is Suarez's lawyer, and the probability is that he's discussed these things with Suarez himself.

    I specifically stated that step 4 won't happen until during/after the world cup, so of course it hasn't happened yet.

    Step 2 is a matter of interpretation.

  172. I just now saw that *i* in Jaimie!!!

  173. In my opinion FSG are doing a great job. Whether a player wants to leave or not, they(FSG) are holding onto and eventually getting who they believe are needed to strengthen the SQUAD. I dont know about you but I am VERY excited about next season. Also, you keep slating Roger's transfer record, you maybe right but THIS squad finished 2nd and, with an improvement, the only way up. Lambert? GREAT signing.

  174. Daily Fail.

  175. If he is sold for 100 mill, I just really hope we don't do a Tottenham and buy too many players in a short period. Hopefully Rodgers doesn't waste the money like he has in the past and maybe save some of the money for next summer/reinforcements in January too. I'd say get Zlatan and a young striker like Jordan Rhodes, but maybe that's just a pipe dream ;-)

  176. Jaimie, Suarez could still leave but there is no denying that he totally changed his attitude on the pitch last season. We had no trouble from him at all. Not even the media were interested in him. He seems to have settled in England. I honestly believe he will be at Anfield this coming season.

  177. Zlatan combined with Rhodes will not replace Suarez.

    I would rather play a front three of Ibe Sturridge Sterling.

  178. now u bring up probability when earlier u were stating as factual that history repeats?? only people that really know if suarez will leave or stay are a) madrid with an offer we cant refuse b) suarez (not jis lawyer or mother or granny) requesting a move or indicating he wants to go and c) liverpool accepting the offer n releasing him...the rest of us can only speculate n wait n see..for most of us we can only hope he stays n does his magic again..the rest as i said is speculative!

  179. How would Zlatan and Rhodes not replace Suarez? Zlatan is a proven world class striker who wins wherever he goes! Rhodes is an amazing goalscorer who could do to learn from some of the best. We'd have Lambert and Sturridge too and we need 4 strikers. Only downside I admit is that Zlatan is getting on a bit but he's worth it imo!

  180. I want to see Ibrahimovic keeping up with the pace Rodgers expects from his forwards. I can guarantee that Ibrahimovic will not be seen wearing a red shirt before he retires and Rhodes ain't going to be signed by LFC either. That is a fact.

  181. I don't think he's leaving, but if he does it will be for a lot of dough. He's got CL football now. RM has put their plans for him on the back burner for now and RM is the only team he really wants to play for and the only team in Spain that can afford him.

  182. Did I not say that it was a pipe dream? Ibrahimovic would be welcome in any team due to his class and experience and there is no denying that.

  183. We have to take into consideration the way we play football no matter what dream players are in mind. Ibrahimovic ain't what LFC need.

  184. brendan brodgers6:45 pm, June 01, 2014

    Wow this summer is turning bad very quickly

    southampton have rejected a 25m bid for lallana
    and suarez is now already planning his move to madrid
    suso is being booted out as well
    and we have signed a 32 year old league 1 player

    i guess we give ibe the chance

    bench: borini,lambert, brannigan ,allen

  185. True statement.

  186. brendan brodgers6:58 pm, June 01, 2014

    sign remy from qpr to replace suarez will cost 8m sign ben arfa from newcastle will cost 20m less then lallana maybe 5m
    sign ben davies from swansea 8m cheaper option than moreno
    sign delph instead of can , delph has premier league experience
    sign caulker instead of lovern will cost 14 m less

    team for next season :
    sterling ..................................................ben arfa

    davies ...................................................johnson
    ..........................caulker ..........skrtel
    bench: remy,lambert/ibe, allen,delph ,sakho , flanagan,jone

    with suarez 70m,borini 10m,assaidi 5m,lucas 8m , agger 10m,suso 7m ,aspas 5m , alberto 2m , reina 4m all leaving total=121 m

    buy: remy 8m, ben arfa 5m,delph 10m,caulker 6m,davies 8m
    total= 37m
    and that can be invested on the redevelopment of anfield

  187. I will be gutted if Suarez leaves but it would not surprise me. Players have little loyalty these days. I read that comment by his lawyer earlier in the week and I agree that he would not of made that comment if Suarez was not in agreement.

  188. brendan brodgers7:07 pm, June 01, 2014

    why not sign adam johsnon instead of lallana

    adam johnson
    played 36
    goals 8 assists 5

    only one goal and one assist less then lallana despite playing two less games plsu him and borini have a great partnership

  189. Listen to yourselves, your all falling for the media crap surrounding Suarez. He is happy at Liverpool, his family are happy in Liverpool, he has CL football with Liverpool, Real Madrid have not made an offer and if they do, a £100 mil or not Liverpool will refuse it, Suarez is Liverpool's future. HE WILL STAY

  190. I think despite the way liverpool play he would be a massive asset. His technique is phenomenal and he can strike a ball as good as anyone. You could think of him as a huge upgrade on Lambert who "Doesn't play the liverpool way". You need to have a plan B, Liverpool have needed one at points this season and have lost points because of it.

  191. Absolutely nothing is clear. Utter conjecture

  192. Nobody could have envisaged fsg standing firm and simply refusing to sell despite any clause his contract contained. So in fairness JK was right that he would try to force his way out, he probably just assumed the club would be powerless to prevent it from happening, as is usually the case.
    If he is right about it this time lets hope that we will see fsg show the same conviction and hold the club on a higher pedestal than any individual! ynwa

  193. Unfortunately, I don't believe a word Suarez says one way or another.

    I want him to stay and I think the team is better with him than without him.

    But until the transfer window closes, there's always a possibility that a mega offer will come in and test our mettle.

    We basically told Arsenal to take their 40m+1 last year and shove it. Will we do the same to a 70m offer (if someone meets his supposed release clause). Not sure.