6 Jun 2014

Lallana Fail? - After transfer talks, LFC close to signing 'world class' €18m attacker

With Rickie Lambert and Emre Can already in the bag, and a fee allegedly agreed for Alberto Moreno, Liverpool's transfer business continues apace, and it's looking increasingly like Swiss star Xherdan Shaqiri will be Brendan Rodgers' fourth signing of the summer.

In May, the Liverpool Echo and The Telegraph claimed that:

* Shaqiri is Brendan Rodgers' back-up plan if the Reds miss out on Adam Lallana

* LFC have scouted Shaqiri 'extensively'

According to reports in Switzerland today:

* Liverpool are close to signing Shaqiri for £15m
* Talks between LFC and Bayern Munich are 'ongoing'.

When asked in March about LFC's interest, Shaqiri told reporters:

"When you hear these names [i.e. Liverpool] have to listen to the offers if one of these top clubs is interested"

Shaqiri - recently hailed as 'world class' by Munich's Sporting Director Mattias Sammer - has made only 31 starts for Bayern in the last two full seasons, so he's clearly surplus to requirements.

Is Shaqiri a better option than Lallana? He may be £10m cheaper, but there's no guarantee that he'll adapt quickly to the Premier League. Lallana, on the other hand, may cost more, but he'll probably hit the ground running, which is a huge benefit.

Having said that, if Liverpool are genuinely on the verge of signing Shaqiri, that may mean that the Lallana deal is dead, though there's always the possibility that Rodgers may sign both players.

Could the squad support both Lallana and Shaqiri? Hypothetically, if the Reds sign both:

* There will be massive competition for places.
* Gerrard, Suarez and Sturridge are certain starters (if fit).

* That leaves three places to share amongst Henderson, Can, Allen, Lucas, Lallana, Shaqiri, Coutinho, and Sterling.

If everyone is fit, that doesn't seem like healthy competition to me, but injury will probably make it easier to rotate players.



  1. The Bundesliga's level of physicality and pace is very much on par with the EPL's so for that reason I do not see Shaqiri struggling to adapt if we had to sign him.

  2. I would hardly call him a backup plan. He's at least as good as Lallana. He moves a bit funny but that's all.

  3. i read earlier that Morena has no intention on joining

  4. I'd prefer Shaquiri over Lallana even if they were the same price. Classy, quick, strong, young & keen ...
    I rate Lallana but not at any more than £20m ...

  5. Proven European talent, id much rather have him for £10 million less than Lallana!

  6. shaqiri is twice the player lallana is sorry bro

  7. where did you read that.. your tea leaves?

  8. That is not true at all, I watched the interview in Spanish on TV, he avoided even mentioning Liverpool and stated his father and agent were dealing with things.......................he never once even mentioned Liverpool clearly on purpose!!!

  9. Look at Shaqiri's medals and he is only 22 years-old too.

  10. Jonathan Capozzola7:01 pm, June 06, 2014

    Agreed. Shaqiri is awesome and I'd take him in a heartbeat.

  11. gerrards bannana boots7:02 pm, June 06, 2014

    what a dream ... :


    bench: lambert,sterling,coutinho ,allen/can , sakho,flanagan,

  12. gerrards bannana boots7:04 pm, June 06, 2014

    problem with shaqiri he is yet to prove himself in a top 6 European league the only time he played real 1st team football was at basel
    and thoose who compare to stuzza and couts they ahd s ome experience at espanyol and bolton

    shaqiri has never played PROPER FIRST TEAM FOOTBALL in a top 5 european league
    and dont give me ribery and robben excuse , why did he join then ? shows real lack of ambition

    but i would welcome him for say 7m

  13. gerrards bannana boots7:07 pm, June 06, 2014

    look at darren flecthers medals does not mean he was good

  14. You are being silly.

  15. I think we should care less about healthy competition and more about how strong the squad and team can get, when you win and lift trophies not many players whine about leaving the club or anything. Look at teams like PSG, Chelski, ManShitty, RM, BM, Barca, etc, they all have more players than required for every position yet they don't hesitate from signing anyone because they want to win and when you want to win you need to have competition so bad that only the best of the best make to the ground so that we can win what is all there to win.

  16. I think he can have an impact like Hazard for us with his stature. :P

  17. Nice, strong team. Think I'd maybe start Flano in place of Johnson tho and Can over Allen as CM back up.

  18. ManUre wanted to play him so early that he was not even eligible for PL so I am not sure what you're saying about being good!!!

  19. gerrards bannana boots7:14 pm, June 06, 2014

    much rather sign thorgen hazard
    he is hazards younger brother that is more then enough reason to sign him

  20. No Johnson for me please, rather have Marcelo if we can get him as he's available if I am not wrong.

  21. I sure you're not being serious are you? Just because he's another Hazard doesn't mean anything or does it? Bojan was Messi's brother if I am not wrong and look how it panned out.

  22. gerrards bannana boots7:17 pm, June 06, 2014

    no bojan is not messis brother his long lost cousin

    btw thorgen won belgium player of the year

  23. gerrards bannana boots7:18 pm, June 06, 2014

    are you actually trying to say darren flectcher was a good player ?

    whats next o shea and brown?

  24. Yeah, I read that too and that could be a valid reason rather than saying Eden's brother.

  25. Ignore! Apparently the only time Shaqiri played real 1st team football was at Basel???

    I guess Basel has had a place in the Bundesliga over the last two seasons...

  26. We should get one of Suarez' brothers then - Paulo is not bad, but getting a bit old - has a similar style, we could probably get him for about 500k.

  27. Oh come on!!! Fletcher wasn't as bad as you're projecting him to be.

  28. he was a headless chicken
    he was a lucky robbie savage
    the modern day cleverly

  29. gerrards bannana boots7:24 pm, June 06, 2014

    mate he made 17 appearances last year most were from the bench
    i dont know if he had injuries but if he did that is another reason not to sign him

    so stop being sarcastic

  30. gerrards bannana boots7:26 pm, June 06, 2014

    100% , if they look similar maybe the other team will get confused he can be number 17
    while we are at it
    we might as well get raheem sterlings mum into the coaching staff ,apparently she is the new mourinho

  31. B Rodgers needs to start to bring in two world class attackers and 5 descent defensive players and 1 class quality attacker:

    The two world class attackers should be:

    1: Main Priority: I Rakitic(26) Of Seville Or A Herrera(24) Of A Bilbao for £24-£32M CM

    2: RW/ RWF: A Sanchez(25) Or Pedro(26) Of Barcelona for £22-£25M

    Five class quality defensive players:

    1: GK: M Vorm(30) Of Swansea Or A Mccarthy(24) Of Reading for £3-£5M

    2 and 3: CB: D Lovren(24) Of Southampton for £10-£16M
    CB: S Caulker(22) Of Cardiff for £5-£8M

    3: RB: S Aurier(21) Of Toulouse for £6-£8M
    4: LB: B Davies(20) Of Swansea, R Bertrand(23) Of Chelsea or A Moreno(21) for £5-£17M
    5: DM: B Matuidi(26) Of PSG for £8-£12M

    Class quality attacker:
    6: B Arfa(27) Of Newcastle or D Capel(25) Of Sporting Clube De Portugal for £5-£8M

  32. 'With the Shaq on board', LFC has 10 Mio extra to go in for a TOP CLASS right back. Shaq will be an instant hit in the EPL, besides he is quicker and more physical then AL. I will peak the Shaq anytime :)

  33. for 15 million its a very good buy.

  34. gerrards bannana boots7:33 pm, June 06, 2014

    firstly rackitic is joining barca , liverpool have cm covered so herrera is not an option and there is no evidence lfc have even scouted him

    the only way we can sign sanchez is if suraez leaves , pedro there is a small chance

    your defensive gk and cb options are fine

    liverpool are not interested in aurier , moreno should come anyway

    capel is apparently a stoke target and ben arfa newcastle reject are they really good enough for a club as great as the might anfield fc

  35. 4 Tourneys next season...4. With a full stable of really good players...not one or two Galacticos...we can put quality on the pitch for every match. I'm sorry but I can't buy the starting 11 and the rest ride the pine argument. There will be plenty of work for everybody and it's up to BR to ensure he has the right guys on the pitch at every starting whistle. I'd love to have Shaqiri and the challenges BR would face to field the right chemistry.

  36. At the age of 22, 65 appearances in two season in all competitions considering the competition of attacking players at Bayern.

    That is not being sarcastic I am afraid.

  37. gerrards bannana boots7:36 pm, June 06, 2014

    Am i the only one who was a bit disappointed with coutinho last season?, for me he was far too inconsistent and wasteful with his shooting and passing

    and that is why i want lallana i dont think coutinho has developed enough to play in the main 11 ,lallana can play n10 shaqiri cant
    and i think coutinho can learn off lallana and become a greater player

  38. gerrards bannana boots7:40 pm, June 06, 2014

    .........................henderson .....gerrard
    bench: sturridge,shaqiri,coutinho,can


  39. I wouldn't say disappointed...we did finish with 84 points and one win away from the trophy y'know. I would say he wasn't as consistently brilliant all year...but who is? He is still only 21. He need to get stronger...like Raheem, but other than that I think disappointing is a bit harsh.

  40. gerrards bannana boots7:42 pm, June 06, 2014

    why do you think he is inconsistent is it that he has a certain opposition he plays well againts, is it that he does not have the right mentality or is it rodgers system

  41. Well I have also read stories that he has not yet agreed a deal which directly contradicst previous press reports that the deal has been done

  42. There will have to be a place for Sterling. He will prove to be the most valuable player for us.

  43. gerrards bannana boots7:47 pm, June 06, 2014

    i agree i said he will be the greatest player in the world after messi
    but we need to protect him now so he does not end up like owen or fowler

  44. Very true. Whatever happened to those two.....

  45. gerrards bannana boots7:50 pm, June 06, 2014

    he failed to fulfill expectations i remember jaimie had an article arguing coutinho was going to be our most important player after kolos comments

  46. Its because he's young and he said that and that's the only reason.

  47. Lallana has no CL experience so I guess nobody is perfect. And this EPL experience foolishness got to stop!
    Glen has no competition that's why he plays well when he wants!

  48. gerrards bannana boots7:53 pm, June 06, 2014

    he is 21 now, barkley is younger , so is koke
    they don't have an excuse even sterling is 19

  49. When was the last time he played well?

  50. Why the f*** is Sturridge on the bench.

  51. gerrards bannana boots7:53 pm, June 06, 2014

    man utd a

  52. Oh come on dude, are you being serious? They aren't as consistent as well, even these guys have had barren spells and yeah its Coutinho who was linked with Real Madrid after Suarez from LFC so I am sure he must have something better than the three you mentioned.

  53. gerrards bannana boots7:55 pm, June 06, 2014

    just one possible xi

  54. gerrards bannana boots7:56 pm, June 06, 2014

    not saying he is bad or anything
    but performances such as the won vs villa at hiome and crystal palace away will be inexcusable next year from coutinho

  55. Give the lad sometime and who knows it might be his season for all to see.

  56. gerrards bannana boots7:59 pm, June 06, 2014

    againts sunderland and arsernal he was out of this world an if he can play like that every game he will draw comparisons to david silva

    my main point was we need a proven creator that coutinho can learn off like lallana or fabregas
    so i would prefer lallana to shaqs

  57. Until he is signed , he is not Barcelona's player. we thought we had signed Sigurdsson, Eriksen, Mkhitaryan and Salah but last minute teams snatched them from our grasp.

    I Rakitic(26) would be foolish to join Barcelona as he will not get in that side, he will warm the bench.
    Three class quality midfielders have found that out of the last two seasons the hard way: Fabregas, Mascherano and Song.

    B Rodgers should try and bring him to club with nice big bid, he is world class player who deserves first team football. I Rakitic(26) will not dislodge Xavi, Iniesta or Busquets from the starting team.

    And Fabregas, Mascherano and Song found that out first hand, our midfield is not good enough for Champions league. we have one world class midfielder who is on his way out and the best of him is past him ( S Gerrard) The other midfielders we have are good or average not world class.

    We need to bring some world class midfielders and attackers to club this summer.

    I Rakitic(26) is a world class player

  58. You really need to get a hold of yourself mate, I am not sure the team can entertain such wholesale changes in just one summer and what's with the same post in every thread? You might want to cut down on FIFA for sometime I guess.

  59. Lallana is a No.10 and Shaqiri is a winger so that are two different players for two different positions, I am not sure why you're insisting on Lallana for the sake of it.

  60. Why do i need to chill? If B Rodgers was allowed to bring some class quality players in January and ship some dead wood average or injury players out we would not have so many still on the books. The whole sale changes i would say should be for whole season, but i am guessing our owners won't give B Rodgers any money in January 2015 also , so he might aswell do everything in the summer

  61. gerrards bannana boots8:03 pm, June 06, 2014

    rackitic is slow he can not play in a high intensity attacking play like lfc he ,
    that is why he will not be signed okay
    look at can ,hendo and allen all rodgers favorites
    and lallana(main target) who run the second most in the pl last season
    and see the work coutinho and sterling do
    they have a lot of energy and press a lot

    rakitic does not have stamina or pace ,barca play a slow game so he is alright for them

  62. We cannot be so sure about that just yet can we? I am sure if we do good in CL and need some signings that will help the cause then why wouldn't they back him up?

  63. gerrards bannana boots8:05 pm, June 06, 2014

    look at spurs
    wholesale changes ruin team morale
    the manager wont know his best team

  64. gerrards bannana boots8:05 pm, June 06, 2014

    no because jamie kanar was saying its one or the otehr

  65. He also said that BR might end up signing both of them.

  66. gerrards bannana boots8:08 pm, June 06, 2014

    anyway do you agree
    that rodgers system requires players that have mobility,energy , pace and a massive shift

    that is why he is targeting lallana and can both players who have a lot of stamina and energy

    that is why we wil not sign players like rackitic and fab regas

  67. I love the sound of fab regas

  68. gerrards bannana8:14 pm, June 06, 2014

    well now you know what to call your next child ,grandchild,,nephew

  69. What? Rakitic(26) is not quick but he is always on the move and has great balance and sharp turn of speed. He would be awesome signing

    I Rakitic(26) is world class, A Lallana(26) is class.

    There is a difference and Rakitic(26) played better than L Modric(28) this season, he is world class player you can't compare Rakitic(26) with A Lallana(26). One is a Bugatti, the other is a Nissan Skyline.

  70. Nice team alright but theres no way lallana or shaqiri would be starting for me there. The fact we scored over one hundred goals is testament to what we already have top half. Anybody coming in from an attacking perspective is going to have to start on the bench. Sterling, Coutihno, Sturridge and even Hendo have earned their place the hard way. With exception to the defence and possibly Can center mid I cant see our forward line being much different than it was for at least the seasons kick off.

  71. He will be known to all as Fab Friggin' Regas :-)

  72. All competition for places is healthy. Would also prefer Markovic to Shaqiri

  73. What is the latest on Rakitic? Is he still possible for us or is he going to Barca?

  74. Twist,
    We continue on the same wavelength. Sadly, I read Rakitic is signing with Barca. Would love Sanchez if Rak is gone. Hve you heard that? Is sanchez realistically available?

  75. from your lips to God's and BR's ears!!

  76. Coutinho was hot and cold last yr. I attributed it to youth and lack of fitness and occasional physical stage fright. What did you think?

  77. So if you havent played in a top 5 league you are no good well the rest of Europe and South America would strongly disagree with you.

  78. I'd wait to see what the Philipe Luis fee is.