11 Jun 2014

New Plan: Annoyed BR to scrap £18m deal & sign 'fantastic' £7m star instead. Good move?

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is reportedly on the verge of scrapping his pursuit of Sevilla left-back Alberto Moreno, and will instead focus on trying to sign his back-up target for the position.

According to various reports this week:

* Liverpool are in talks with Sevilla, who refuse to budge over their £18m valuation.

* This has 'annoyed' Rodgers, who now plans to look at other targets.

* Chelsea's Ryan Bertrand is the manager's favoured replacement, and he's available for £7m.

In July 2013, Liverpool 'made an enquiry' about Bertrand, and The Telegraph then claimed that Rodgers planned 'a renewed bid' to sign him in January 2014.

Brendan Rodgers worked with Bertrand during his time as a coach at Chelsea, and he also signed the 24-year old on a season-long loan whilst at Reading, where he made 51 starts during his loan-year with Royals, which clearly shows Rodgers' faith and trust in the player.

The Reds boss also showered Bertrand with praise, predicting a bright future for the defender. Indeed, during one particular 2009 interview, Rodgers told GetReading:

"He’s going to be a top talent. He’s one of the few left-sided players who is good defensively and can go forward. I know what he can do and he’s 100-per-cent committed and is a big possibility for the future"

In May, The Guardian claimed:

"Liverpool want Ryan Bertrand, who is top of [LFC's] wish-list. Chelsea may be reluctant to sell to Liverpool, however, in which case Rodgers may turn his attention to Alberto Moreno."

This suggests that Bertrand was always Rodgers' first choice for the left-back position, and it's possible he moved onto Moreno after being initially rebuffed by Chelsea.

Whatever the situation, Rodgers should, in my view, withdraw from the race for Moreno right now, irrespective of the price. Is the Spaniard worth £11 more than Bertrand, a Premier League-proven defender? No chance. £16m-£18m for a comparatively inexperienced defender is way too much, and there's no guarantee that he'll make a successful transition into English football.

Bertrand - recently described by Aston Villa boss as 'fantastic' - carries very little risk (IMO). Rodgers knows the player; he's undoubtedly talented; won't take time to settle-in; is desperate to prove himself at a top club, and is capable of making an immediate impact. Plus, he's a hell of a lot cheaper.




  1. Don't think he's good enough..

  2. Why not? (Just out of interest)

  3. Oh gosh!

    Can anyone give me a lowdown on this player?

    I've known about him for a long time but have no idea if he is good or what his strengths & weaknesses are.

    Was quite excited on Moreno tbh, but let's not over pay.

    Who knows, Bertrand might a genius signing like Sturridge.

  4. Feels similar to Sturridge, same age, never really played bad WHEN he was playing...Rodgers could get the best out of him i think...

  5. no chance, bertrand is not good enough simple as, if he was any good he would not be on loan at 24 years of age.... hes far from a proven premier league defender aswell, 1 full season in a team fighting against relegation at the age of 24 is terrible.. hes no where near the england set up and if he cant get into a chelsea team with now no left backs how can he be a good option for us.. they choose to play a right back der instead.. hes cheap and english doe so im sure we wil go for him. while teams behind us sign world class players like costa and cesc we sign lambert can and bertrand. ye seems bout right. champions league really has been a game changer in terms of the players were chasing ha, add caulker and lallana to the list and its a laughable summer, did we really need champions league to attract these players.. europa league quality simple as that. more bullshit from ayre the owners and rodgers bout being able to afford and attract the best.. rant over :)

  6. This is the reason why we didn't win last years league! Over a few mill here and there we could have had...
    Willian, Costs, Konoplyanka or Mirahktiran who went to Dortmund! I'm sure I spelt the last guys name wrong, but these players would have turned at least two draws in to wins or a couple losses to draws!
    Not saying Bertrand is good, but Moreno is quality! The quality we need!
    Are we still stuck on paying around £10m for players?
    Just not going to be good enough! Suarez cost us £23 and look how that's turned out! Don't even go there with Downing or Carroll they were stupid buys!!!

  7. Well he's been under about 150 managers at Chelsea (most of whom were top class) and hasn't proved himself to any of them. He seems like a decent enough footballer but maybe not one for a big club (sort of a Victor Moses)

  8. I rate Bertrand, he's a good, solid left back. The price for Moreno is £10m too much and we should walk away now.

  9. Chelsea sent Lukaku on loan too, so using your logic, he is not good enough either, right? And what about Sturridge?Also wasted by Chelsea, but look at him now.

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  10. no they were both 20 when they went on loan and were revelations, bertrand is 24 and was average as fuck

  11. Easy, it has not even started yet. And Rickie is a great buy. And we only need two or three more players..

  12. We had two of their rejects. Once we fcuked them, once they fcuked us. Let's go elsewhere.

  13. But they played a rb at lb instead of Cole and Bertrand.

  14. Personally I think Bertrand is a good solid back up option for a top club, much like he was for Chelsea. Wouldn't be a bad signing but a little underwhelming. Personally I reckon the Moreno deal will probably still get done

  15. Yes lets not make it 2-1 to them.

  16. We desperately need a LB. That is why we will pay over the odds whoever we buy. And if Moreno gives us what we need, who cares- it is about getting the right player, not the right price.

  17. For me it's about getting both

  18. i agree rickie is a shrewd buy but we need more than 2 or 3 more players, we need 2 or 3 at the back alone, players that leave need replacing on top of that, its the quality of players were after is what worries me, the echo said we didnt enter the race for cesc or sanchez as we thought it was unrealistic... its not unrealistic for teams who have finished behind us doe!

  19. Similar situation to Sturridge isn't it?

  20. Agree with this! Would love Lukaku in our team!

  21. Yes, but being(and advancing) in th CL is millions and millions. You can not do it without a LB, so we should splash the cash to get cash..
    And if we establish ourselves as CL regulars with him, we can grow our own players and sell him for the same or higher ammount.

  22. In March, Villa boss Paul Lambert described Bertrand as follows:

    "He’s been absolutely fantastic, he’s a terrific guy and I’m delighted with him. Ryan’s earned the right to have a value whatever that may be because of what he’s done. Whatever Chelsea price him at that’s their prerogative but we’re thankful they gave us that opportunity to let him come here.”

    If Bertrand is 'average', then surely Lambert would've seen this. Soon after, Mourinho said:

    "He has a future at Chelsea. The decision to let him go to Villa was good because he's playing and what he needed was to play every game. But maybe next season he is with us."

    Again, if Bertrand is so poor, why is Mourinho considering keeping him?

    Your argument seems to be the mere fact that a player is sent on loan at the age of 24 makes him crap. That argument has no merit.

    Bertrand, Lukaku et al are on loan because Chelsea have too many players, and are oversubscribed in several positions.

    So - please explain why Bertrand is 'average'. Thanks.

  23. Just one LB. cb DEPARTMENT IS OK FOR ME. And one or two midfielders.

  24. Plus they overoveroverpayed for Torres, so let's quit while we are ahead...

  25. I would probably pay £7m for Bertrand and take £6m of the £10m saved to pay Cole his wages for 2 years. The 4m is extra by the way- we would have more available to bid for Pedro or whoever . We would still have a youngish ,promising full back, but also the experienced old head for big games and Europe

  26. Good idea, but having two ex-chelsea players competing for our one spot would be hard to digest...

  27. Well MoUrinho has to say that, he is selling him...

  28. firstly im sure lambert does think hes excellent but were liverpool not villa, hes more than capeable of playing at a team lower down the league but as has been proven at chelsea not good enough for a team at the top, i watched bucket loads of villa last year my brothers a villain. i think hes average because he was average simple as that, secondly chelsea are FAR from over subscribed at left back, they shifted their right back to left back rather than play bertrand and next season they have literally no left back and jose is still willing to let him join a rival. and der is total merit in a player being on loan at 24 as an issue,, he has such little experience for his age..and you have to ask why, last season with cole on the decline and no cover bertrand should have made the breakthrough and he didnt, this season with cole released and no left back at the club jose is still considering selling him, moreno is 3 years younger a spainsh international and has just won the europa league this is the standard we need to be looking for, bertrand is a decent player but weve had enough decent left backs to last us a lifetime

  29. think we need at least 1 quality center back and a right back aswell, johnsen is a liability, toure johnsen out 2 top replacements in, need a couple of wingers aswell, sterling is our only natural width and a goalscoring midfielder. now is the time to invest and make sure we dont fall away again, cant hack another 4 years in the wilderness

  30. Skrtel had a great season. Selling Sakho makes no sense. We should trust Agger.
    We have two starting DS and LS that will be starters almost always so we need players that can go wide, not wingers.

  31. i didnt mention skrtel agger or sakho i said toure :) modern wingers today are players who can play anywhere across the attack line, i dont mean old fashioned wingers like downing i mean players like shaqiri sanchez pedro reus, these bring width but can also play "between the lines" as rafa would say if needed

  32. Not seen Bertrand do anything to suggest he's a quality player.. Half a season at villa playing regular, im not convinced by him.. Back up players are not what we need..

  33. Never knew we had a director for the club on the site.

  34. Tommy
    is making a valid point and you clearly overlooking it suit your argument.
    Loaning out a 20 year old who needs games to develop makes complete sense.
    Loaning out Bertrand at 24 who is about to reach his peak indicates that Jose
    never believed in his abilities and not at the level to compete with an aging
    Cole who Jose clearly never rated hence shifting Cesar to LB. I am also surprised
    you never brought up stats to help conclude your argument on Bertrands ability.
    (This is your trademark on judging players isn’t it?) 17 games , no goals , no assists
    , 72% passing accuracy indicates his poor attacking stats. 1.8 tackles per game
    , 0.9 interceptions and 1.9 clearances
    per game is average at best. Bertrand will be 25 in August he is a decant
    player but not going to push us forward and I agree with Tommy that we should
    be far more ambitious in our transfer targets

  35. Anyone doubting Bertands ability, watch a recording of the champs league final that Chelsea unfortunately won.
    Then come back and say what it is about him that isn't good enough.
    Some of you are too easily seduced by the latest media darling or believe that a large transfer fee guarantees you quality. If the media or money don't match then surely they can't be good enough. You know nothing about real football so stick to quoting players and fees from your computer games!

  36. Loaning out Bertand does not 'indicated that Jose never believed in his abilities' - that is your supposition. Plus, 24 is not 'about to reach his peak' - Ages 27+ are a player's peak years.

    Plus, your stats are wrong, and are not in context. First, how is passing accuracy 'indicate poor attacking stats'? That is total nonsense.

    * Passing accuracy = 76%
    * Duels won = 56% (more than Flanagan/Johnson)
    * Aerial duels won = 54% (more than Flanagan/Johnson)
    * Tackles won = 86% (more than Flanagan/Johnson)

    A left-back's primary role is to defend, not attack, and Bertand's defensive stats are better than both Johnson and Flanagan, despite playing FEWER games this season.

    Goals/assists will come when he's given a proper run in a team, and not farmed out on loan midway through a season, when he has to adjust to new players/manager etc.

  37. Loaning out Bertrand does not 'indicate that Jose never believed in his abilities' - that is your supposition. Plus, 24 is not 'about to reach his peak' - Ages 27+ are clearly a player's peak years.

    Plus, your stats are wrong, and are not in context. First, how does passing accuracy 'indicate poor attacking stats'? That makes zero sense. Luis Suarez's passing accuracy last season was 74% - I guess he must be a pretty crap attacking player, eh?

    OPTA stats:

    * Passing accuracy = 76%

    * Duels won = 56% (more than Flanagan/Johnson)

    * Aerial duels won = 54% (more than Flanagan/Johnson)

    * Tackles won = 86% (more than Flanagan/Johnson)

    A left-back's primary role is to defend, not attack, and Bertand's defensive stats are better than both Johnson and Flanagan, despite playing FEWER games this season.

    I agree that Bertrand needs to create more goals, but that will (hopefully) come when he's given a proper run in a team, and not farmed out on loan midway through a season, when he has to adjust to new players/manager etc.

    Additionally, playing at LB for Villa is totally different than playing that role for LFC. LFC's fullbacks are encouraged to attack often; Villa were in a relegation dogfight for most of the second part of the season, so Bertrand's priority would've been to defend, not attack.

  38. I saw RB play a few games for Villa this year. Honestly looked below average. I don't think this is what we need after conceding so many.

  39. Bertrand may be a Premier League player, but he's not top 4 material. Liverpool are in the Champions League now, and need to strengthen and provide depth in the squad, but Rodgers has always placed quality above quantity, and must continue to do that.

  40. Difference is, Lukaku actually made a noticeable impact at both clubs he went on loan to. The same cannot be said about Bertrand.

  41. Doesn't look like he'sgoing to improve on what we have after his loan at villa.
    And BR said he's looking for players to improve the team not add depth to the squad. Obv. Sturridge n sureaz just needed backing up.

  42. I personally just dont rate him that much, he just moved to AV half a year ago, and hardly set the world on fire there... He's a good player, but not lfc quality IMO, even though I may be wrong .. but at least he would be avaliable for a reasonable price , unlike Moreno

  43. Not sure I want Cole. Granted, he was some player. Just not sure if he's still the same player and could be relied on week in and week out.

    The fact that Mourinho refused to play him last year leads me to believe there was something else afoot there. I can't imagine Mourinho would not put his best team in every week. An adjustment here or there, sure. But to not play Cole every week scares me away from him.

  44. How is it my supposition, clearly if Jose rated him he would have kept him and played him instead of switching a RB to LB (Cesar) . You overlook obvious facts to suit your argument. Jose is not going to say to the media Bertrand is not good enough to fight against Cole this will break his morale and decrease his value, So he loans him out where he will get game and hopefully improve, talks him up to make him seem valued to the club ensuring that his price is not undermined if he chooses to sell. This is simple business tactics.
    Bertrand will turn 26 next year and peaks vary depending on position and style of player you cannot conclude that all players peak at 27.
    My point I was making is that at his age he should be further developed and not being loaned out. Which you clearly agreed upon in your statement “I agree that Bertrand needs to create more goals, but that will (hopefully) come when he's given a proper run in a team, and not farmed out on loan midway through a season, when he has to adjust to new players/manager etc.” If he was good enough clearly he would have been given a proper run by now wouldn’t he ?
    Passing is defiantly a good measure of attacking ability. Football is about retaining the ball and scoring goals. You cannot attack if you cannot find a teammate accurately and build attacks, the best attacking sides are generally good passing sides. You using Suarez passing stats as an example to try and prove your argument is laughable and shows a lack of knowledge. Suarez was second on the assists list which shows that his “PRECISE PASSING ABILITY” resulted in goals. Bertrand had no assists and a low passing accuracy at LB. (A position where you have a lot more space and time on the ball than upfront where Suarez is man marked in crowded areas.)
    Comparing Bertrand to Johnson does not do your argument any favors’. We all know Johnson is average and actually a poor defender and we all would replace if we could. Comparing Flani who had his breakthrough year in an unfamiliar position is naïve especially considering that he is 21 years old and still contributed more than Bertrand did attacking wise and was tidier in position. The main point is we should be
    aiming higher then Johnson , Flani and Bertrand which whom are all average players we should be looking for quality to kick us on now.

  45. Fewer games might help the stats rather than be a negative thing. it's % having a smaller sample size means that % can be grossly high or low a larger sample size gives a better idea of what you are talking about statistically. Not disagreeing with your point as a hole just that that FEWER comment has no barring.

    I thought the Villa point was a good one.

  46. Bertrand is a good player, athletic, intelligent, and organised. He doesn't offer a great deal going forward and he lacks express pace. He is a solid left back who would be a very useful addition to the squad. He performed outstandingly well in Chelsea's successful 2012 Champions League final and made the transition to first team action very smoothly. I think he's underrated by Chelsea, and should have been developed by them more effectively. We'd be getting a good player with plenty to prove, and I think he'd do a proper job for us. After a season or two, he could give us a lot more, I think.

    Josh MacEachran, Sturridge, Bertrand a few years ago; now Chalobah, Todd Kane and Lewis Brown -- Chelsea are becoming a dead-end for talented British-born players, and they make it very difficult for players to move on, with their daft contracts and refusals to sell. The fact that Bertrand couldn't break the Chelsea first XI is not a reflection on what's wrong with him, but what's wrong with Chelsea.

  47. Three years on this site and have never seen Jaimie conceed a point...

  48. A good premiership player for sure, but is he a major upgrade on Jose Enrique?
    We need to get out of this mindset of mediocrity (possibly harsh to describe Bertrand as mediocre, but you take my point). We are in the CL now and after last season the only acceptable return in the PL would be another coherent tilt at the title. To do this, we need to sign players who are 1) proven performers at this level 2) young with obvious potential to be world class. There is also an argument that a few squad players (like Rickie Lambert) are required to add depth, though this is not what we need at LB. With that in mind, I am not sure Bertrand meets either of these criteria. He's a top 6 player, but I am not so sure about a champions player...

  49. I can absolutely see the logic in signing cole but it would break my heart to see that oxygen thief in a Liverpool shirt

  50. I have to admit I am getting tired of people harping on about a player not being a marque signing.

    What the hell is a marque signing?

    Does the price you pay make a player a marque signing? Is it a players reputation, a combination of both maybe?

    Also, signing a player who has an amazing reputation for a massive price doesn't Vieira anything.

    Shevchenko, Veron, Robinho, Torres (To Chelsea), Robbie Keane, Aquilani, Mutu

    All these players had great reputations and were signed for 10's of millions yet all have been deemed flops.

    Some of the best players who have played in the prem have come were signed for under 10mil and were either struggling at their clubs or were unheard off.

    Sami Hyypia, Henry, Bergkamp, Vidic, Kompany, Vieira

    Hell I could be here all day.

    Sometimes the best signings are those players who have potential but for what ever reason have never been given a chance to show it.

  51. Last year Lukaku was 20 years old. If 20 year old is on loan than its alright but not 24 years old.

  52. Moreno isn't a 20m player period we would be better with Bertrand and using the money for more midfield quality...moreno wont win us games and his deference aint that good thats why he isn't in brazil....wake up a 20m rb hes 10m at tops thats why no one has been in for him we are bidding against our selves like we did with allen..offer 10m and if they domt like it shove it

  53. please no.he is an average average player at best,no better than what we have.

  54. cloudy discharge7:42 pm, June 11, 2014

    Am really shocked at 54% goin for bertrand

  55. who Moreno or Bertrand...trust me Moreno isnt all that hes cracked up to be

  56. ben davies
    from swansea will also cost 7m
    offer them suso and fabio borinim if we dont wanna pay a fee

  57. ben davies is as good as luke shaw
    sign steven caulker a s well

    caulker and davies cant cost more then 13m between them
    sell agger for 7m and wisdom for 3m , enrique 3m and adorjan 1m

    the rest of funds can be directed in attack we still need a good cam , left winer

  58. simple reason he does not have a fancy name
    if he was called rian bertanio
    more fans would want him

  59. ...............................sturridge

    bench: jones,sakho,davies ,allen,can, shaqiri,lambert

    total cost:
    lambert 4m
    shaqiri 15m
    can 10m
    davies/bertrand 7m
    caulker 6m
    total cost: 42m

    sell: borini 8m ,assaidi 3m , suso 4m ,lucas 6m,agger 6m , reina 3m , aspas 2m , alberto 1m
    total = 33m
    9m financed by fsg now that is called SMART SPENDING the everton way

  60. bloke in the know9:52 pm, June 11, 2014

    Dump this deal, head to Wolfsberg and pick up Ricardo Rodriguez for £12m... much better player with a more developed game... simple.

  61. premier league proven
    ben davies is a much better option the new leighton baines and more cheaper
    and plays for a good attacking team

  62. Bertrand can't get into the Chelsea side, why do we need to chase other clubs subs? Looks like we've baulked at the price of Moreno, this is why we can't get a top signing, failed in the past, now we're champs league, nothing has changed, still cheapest option, not saying Moreno is worth the asking price, but it's the same as the likes of Costa, Willian, Konoplyanka etc you have to stump up if you want the player you're after. I have a uneasy feeling we won't be challenging next term.

  63. people dont realize you don't need to spend on defense

    zabaletta ..........kompany ........demicheles.......clichy
    total cost: 17m less then glen johnson and sakho


    total cost: 23m , just above fee for sakho

    total cost: 6m less then agger,skrtel,sakho,johnson all individually

    sagna..............mertesacker.........koshilny ........gibbs

    total cost : 22m

    liverpool :
    total cost : 41m

    whats lfc solution spend more money on defenders?
    that si why i believe everton are a bigger club then lfc they don't buy their success ,a nd if you believe otherwise you will have to agree chelsea is biggest club in this country

  64. we need to be like everton make smart transfers

    bertrnad or davies instead of moreno will cost 11m less

    caulker instead of lovern

    liverpool have most expensive defense in league so spending more money is clearly not the answer

  65. when will lfc fans agree that lfc is no different from chelsea or city apart from the fact chelsea and city don't waste all their money

    here is a fact liverpool have spent more money in pl era then man utd but ahve 13 less titles , more money then arsernal have and have 3 less leagues
    and much much more then everton but everton have been just as good in pl era

    when will we stop being hypocritical and admit the fact we are only in cl because of sugar daddy (mr henry)

  66. Naturally. Rian Bertanio is a top quality player.

  67. Moreno wud b my bet he can defend go forward and is very
    Quick, he's a goodin

  68. I think its fair to say this 'brendan' guy commenting on everything is literally a retard

  69. G Surfmat Builder11:49 pm, June 11, 2014

    Bertrand is dogshite. Just stick with Flanno if that's the alternative.

  70. Bertrand is a decent player but we've already got decent players for his position at the club. We need four top class players for LB, CB, CM & LM/W & Bertrand doesn't fit that criteria so what's the point?!? Moreno on the other hand does or Rodrigues who looks a really good player & will significantly improve the team.

  71. Can we buy quality players please and stop making Us cheap if we are going to be in the champion's league we need to spent money... Yes...! every quality players will be expansive because thier clubs want to keep them... We need to give the club and the players a reason to come to lfc

  72. he is a good player.am sure he will be a great signing for lfc for a very good price

  73. we shud go for bertrand

  74. Bertrand played in the 2012 Champions League final for Chelsea as the left midfielder ahead of Ashley Cole. He was excellent under Di Matteo, he obviously was a good understudy of Ashley Cole. He's aggressive in his defence with the same sort of intensity as Flannagan and he's good going forward, plus he's English with good premier league experience. He just hasn't had the chances at Chelsea to establish himself and it's been tough trying to displace someone as good as Cole who in my opinion along with Carra and Terry are some of the best English defenders for the last 40 years. I would personally like to see Bertrand at Liverpool, he's the right age too and at £7M won't break the bank. I hope he can see the opportunity in this like Sturridge did, it's not a step down coming from Chelsea to Liverpool.

  75. thexcuriousxwanderer8:46 am, June 12, 2014

    I think risk reward is no longer good enough for us now. 11 low cost value players are less likely to turn out to be a world class team, and I fee like we need quality over quantity.

  76. keep in mind that FFP rules also apply to us, so we better be wise

  77. Bertrand is crap i will go for Moreno if he made Spain 30 man world cup squad thn obviously he is far better thn Bertrand.. YNWA..