22 May 2014

Transfer Close? - Boss confirms 'LFC are interested' in signing 'talented' €12m star

Bayer Leverkusen Sporting Director has confirmed that Liverpool are interested in signing versatile German midfielder Emre Can.

Last weekend, German newspaper SportBild claimed that :

* A deal for 21-year old Bayer Leverkusen star Emre Can is 'as good as done'.

* The clubs have agreed on a €12 transfer fee.

When specifically asked today about Liverpool's interest in Can, Voller told Bild:

"We know that they [LFC] are interested, but there's nothing official yet. Emre has a clause in the contract, and a decision is still pending"

The clause to which Voller refers is Bayern Munich's buy-back clause, which can be exercised until 2015. Said Voller:

"I spoke with [Karl Heinz] Rummenigge on the subject, and Bayern think that another season at Leverkusen is best for for Emre's development"

On the subject of the €12m transfer fee, Voller added:

"The business would be lucrative, but money is not the sticking point. We are of the opinion that Emre should stay for another year"

Can is is incredibly versatile, and is comfortable playing as a midfielder, a centre-back, or a left-back, and given Rodgers' love of flexible players, it's no surprise that he targeted the German youth international. When asked about his preferred position in a recent interview, Can told reporters:

"I see myself as a central midfielder, but I do not care. I play wherever coach and team need me".

Can's stats for the current season:

* Played: 36
* Goals: 3
* Assists: 3
* Yellow Cards: 13
* Red Cards: 1
* Passing accuracy: 78%
* Aerial duels won: 59%
* Tackles: 2.58 per game
* Interceptions: 1.4 per game
* Clearances: 1.5 per game
* Key passes: 0.6 per game
* Dispossessed: 47 times in 36 games

Stats: OPTA

Former Bayern boss Jupp Heynckes believes that Can has the potential to be a future star, but only if he applies himself. He recently told reporters:

"He [Can] is very talented, but he still has much to learn. Between what he is accustomed to and what we do here, they are different worlds. [Can has] great potential. If he is willing to learn, then he can make his way."

So - LFC are definitely interested; it will be interesting to see if Rodgers can pull off this deal, but if not, it's no great loss (IMO)



  1. Sounds like it's down to the player???.

  2. That buy-back clause Bayern holds is most certainly no legal obstacle, if the player wants to move to Liverpool. Within the EU, the player's right to freely chose his employer will override any other contractual clause.

    The clause merely settled any potential transfer fee negotiations between Bayern and Leverkusen in advance. If Liverpool want their man and Can wants to move as well, the transfer will go through.

  3. That's how I read it.

  4. best window:

    the right left back.

    out - allen, sakho, aspas, borini, assaidi, suso, moses, cissokho.

    Ibe to rise

    oh man

  5. I would like him to come, bags of potential this lad.

    I think we should go for Fabregas and Pedro!!!!

  6. If we are going to spend a load of cash on one player from Barcelona then I would much rather go for Alexis Sanchez who is as close to another Suarez as you will get.

  7. Great player though he is I think one Suarez is quite enough thanks :-)

    Seriously Sanchez would be great but I doubt we'd get him

  8. If we are willing to pay Barca's asking price (whatever that may be) then Sanchez I am sure will consider a move to us. Champions League and breathtaking attacking football which will be up Sanchez' alley...

    It is worth a try :-)

  9. Fearing he would be another Sahin! Its just sad we dont go for world class anymore, were back in cl, supposed to attract big names now, or no, not yet? Have you heard what ayre said? He said now we can attract big players were back in cl. Fair enough, but wasnt he that said its not a problem at all lfc are not in cl to attract big players before? How can that man still work at lfc, can somebody explain? Bloody disgarce man.

  10. Lets not start the blame game just yet, wait till the first signing and then we can look forward to who to blame.

  11. Hearing Kroos to MU for 20m. No delays, No haggle or inflation of fee because it's MU. with the knowledge that they have cash to binge. How come everyone seems to want to screw Reds when we come calling?

  12. I don't think 12M is a lot and yes, Can is a very good player. I am saying this only by looking him play in Bundesliga matches rather than Youtube clips.

  13. The only reason why Emre Can would not improve our squad right now is because Gerrard will hold on to the 'controller' for at least another season or two. The fact that Bayern have a buy back clause for Emre Can suggests that he could very well become world class in the next few seasons.

  14. Can't see the buy back clause being a problem. If they want to sell then Bayern would get first option that's all

  15. Why are my comments disappearing yo???

  16. No way! Looks like more fannying around has begun. Let's see what happens with Rodgers' contract, Ayre, and the 'transfer commitee', by the time that's sorted, all these 'linked' players wont be available. Rodgers did incredible last season, can't see him doing it again with a thin squad and Champs League. We can't let Manure steal a march on us, just hope we get in top quality, SOON.

  17. my opinion is that from your list,i would not take tello and parejo.I would like to see rakitic,carvallho and moreno,if funds allow,then we are ready to take on anyone and beat them.

  18. Bayern hold all the cards here.

    If he truly is the next big thing, then Bayern will block the move.

    We need to move on

  19. Can't see this happening but he would be an absolute dream signing. I remember in bayern's champions league run I was impressed by him in every game. Him and pedro would be real game changers. We can dream I suppose

  20. Which Carvalho r u referring too? The old former Chelsea guy?

    I agree on Rakitic, Please!!! ,!!!,

  21. Rakitic first THEN move on to the next target, hopefully defender mid or centerbacks........

  22. i am referring to william carvallho from sporting lisbon.he and gerrard can share the DM duties for the next couple years,then he can take over once the football god retires.From what i have seen of him carvallho looks a player and one we could use,just hope we get him.

  23. Bayern cannot block the move, their buyback clause only takes effect in 2015/16.

  24. If J Martinez(25) is available, he will cost 35M plus and no less. B Rodgers needs to spend 35M on bringing in these two vital players who will strengthen our engine room/centre midfield considerably and we would boss games in league, europe and in the cups with both of them fully fit and injury free in first 11.

    First is the most Vital: I Rakitic(26) Of Seville for 18-25M CM
    Second: F Reges(26) Of Porto Or Y M'Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan for 8-10M

    Those two players would bring more class, quality competition to club and would be the clubs new ( Alonso and Mascherano centre midfield partnership)

  25. B Rodgers should remember about N Sahin(25) class, quality player who shined at Dortmund, yet struggled at Real Madrid and On loan with us.

    The pace and speed of premiership is a next level, B Rodgers should look at these three mobile defensive midfield players ahead of E Can(21)

    1: B Matuidi(26) Of PSG
    2: F Reges(26) Of FC Porto
    3: Y M'Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan

    One of these three mobile quick strong tough tackling enforcers/midfielders should be brought to club this summer instead of E Can(21) for the price of 8-11M