3 May 2014

Next Signing? BR wants €12m star who'd 'jump at the chance' of 'playing for LFC'

Liverpool continue to be linked with a summer move for Lazio star Ogenyi Onazi, who has made it clear in the past that he would love a transfer to Anfield.

According to Italian newspaper Corriere Dello Sport today:

* Liverpool want to sign the 21-year old midfielder before the World Cup.

* Lazio have placed a €12m price tag on the Nigerian international.

Liverpool were linked with Onazi in the lead-up to the January transfer window, and when asked about the possibility of a move to Anfield, Onazi enthused:

"Liverpool? They are a huge team and are attractive to any footballer. I could see myself playing for them. I would jump at the chance"

Then, in March, Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato claimed that Brendan Rodgers had been in contact with Lazio and 'made it clear' that he plans to 'make a bid' this summer.

Some info about Onazi:

* 68 apps for Lazio (5 goals/4 assists)
* 18 apps for the Nigeria national team.
* 2013: Helped Nigeria win Africa Cup of Nations
* 2013: played every minute of the knockout phase (incl. the final)
* 2013: Won the Coppa Italia with Lazio.

Despite being (ostensibly) a defensive midfielder, Onazi still managers to score/create goals for Lazio, which is something Lucas and Joe Allen are seemingly incapable of doing.

Whether he'd be able to achieve a similar rate in the Premier League is debatable, but given the defensive nature of Italian football 5 goals and 4 assists for defensive player is an impressive achievement.

Onazi wants to play for LFC, so should the club pursue him this summer?



  1. Yessssssssss

  2. i like the name onazi

  3. one goal , amazing stats - get a grip

  4. Who said the stats were 'amazing'? No one. He's DM, so the fact he scores/creates goals too is a positive.

  5. Serie A...ehhhhh...no thanks. Look elsewhere.

  6. Players who want to play for LFC and have talent are preferred to those who just want a pay cheque. If BR goes in for him I would assume he has something we need. Personally I would prefer Romulu.

  7. It screams strong leadership.

  8. I've a suspicion that we'll probably end up neglecting this position in the summer (and the most pressing defensive issues knowing our love of not-quite-wing-players) but I think it is crucial we think about a long term successor to Gerrard.

    Now that they've got Cabaye, I'd be tempted to test PSG's resolve with Verratti. I know Cabaye hasn't replaced him as of yet, but I think if we offered decent money and he was interested, they might be willing to negotiate. Their ongoing issues with FFP might also be a motivator. He's not an out-and-out defensive midfielder, but considering the way Rodgers wants to play, I think a ball player who can put a tackle in (which Verratti can- he's surprisingly feisty, if a little impetuous) is more in line with what we need.

    Mobility is generally paramount in waht you want from a DM, but I think we'd benefit more from a ball player who is positionally aware and pretty steady. A more mobile Alonso (by more mobile, I simply mean not glacial). Obviously if you find someone who ticks all the boxes, great, but that is unlikely.

  9. If uve seen the past few matches, Allen does look like he has some goals in him. And again , y not Diame???!!

  10. I think Hendo is Stevies long term replacement including the captaincy eventually. I've seen him get more Gerrardesque as the season progressed. It will depend of course if he can keep developing his game next year but I have seen toward the end of this season some beautiful passes that reminded me of Stevie. Gerrards dead ball skills? well that's another matter.

  11. ahhh now let me see can I think of a DM who's scored against Argentina and scored against Barcelona tackles like a tank and can run 90 mins box to box...yes Romulo

  12. I'm a huge fan of Veratti and totally agree with this. He is a player who would complement Henderson but I still see Gerrard being part of a starting midfield even with Veratti at the club. Veratti can zip around and totally dominate the game and he is everything that Allen should have and failed to be. I like seeing a more traditional midfield 3 meaning that someone like Coutinho would have to play off the sides or sit on the bench occasionally. Our best performances have come with Henderson through the middle making penetrating runs, not when he is physically carrying Gerrard in deep midfield.

  13. What is important to note is that Gerrard is not a defensive midfielder and with Rodgers and his preferred 1-2 midfield he does not require a defensive midfielder. The 1: Gerrard's vision and every pass in the book is imperative. The 1 usually stays in his half of the pitch so this player does not have to be the quickest but if he cannot read the game then we are screwed. Thankfully Gerrard is a master at reading the game. The 2 can be made up of Hendo, Allen or Coutinho's and their mobility, leg work and ability to press are all of vital importance. They do all the mopping up. The work the 2 go through requires extremely disciplined players. Without the above mentioned traits, the 1-2 system will fail. Can we see now why a player like Allen is of vital importance to making Rodgers system work? Hendo is not going to score or create loads of goals either but his ability to run non stop from end to end without breaking a sweat is the minimum requirement etc etc etc.

    If we are going to sign a midfielder to occupy the deeper role then it will need to be a player with the qualities of Gerrrad. I cannot seer Ogenyi Onazi falling under this category.

  14. We will need 5 or 6 players according to BR. If you assume no more than 3 or at most 4 players will come directly into the starting lineup then we are looking at upgrades at RB, AM and Possibly a Dm and a top striker together with utility players who can cover positions in between

    I would like to see this guy or Alves , a genuine top class attacking mid ( Hazard unlikely but perfect) with someone like Fernando . Add Richards. To cover RB/CB and Jackson Martinez

  15. hes a classic CM, just like allen is one...

  16. I wish he;d get them out then

  17. I was criticizing you
    for another exaggerated headline.

    All you ever do is plagiarize
    someone else’s story and put an attention seeking headline on it.

    And then spend all day
    deleting and banning people who know you are a fraud

  18. He's more old Gerrard than a replacement for Gerrard in the deep position though. I don't think this deep role would suit Hendo. More of a box-to-box player. To have him as the sitting midfielder would be a waste of his biggest asset, his energy.

  19. Your comment was word for word what I was gonna comment!lol. Rodgers clearly will look for an exceptional footballer that plays from deep.

  20. Get out of my head!!!

  21. That's what I was meaning. He is the replacement for the old Gerrard. I agree Hendo would not make a good DM. I quite fancy Romulo for a DM pops up with important goals too. Maybe people are unsure of him because of his injury last year and the fact he plays for an average Russian team but I prefer to look at his performances for Brazil and before he went to Russia. Interesting to see if he makes Brazil's WC squad.