26 May 2014

Major Target: BR wants to sign £15m star with 4 'Player of the Year' awards

Liverpool continue to be linked with a whole raft of full-backs, and the latest name to enter the fray is Southampton star Nathanial Clyne.

According to reports over the weekend:

* Reds boss Brendan Rodgers sees Clyne as a 'major target', and potential replacement for Glen Johnson.

* Rodgers believes Clyne will 'fit in well' at Anfield with his pace and 'attacking style'

* Southampton want £15m for the 23-year old.

These days, it seems as if Liverpool are perpetually linked with Southampton players, with Lovren, Lallana, Rodriguez, Wanyama, and Shaw all alleged targets for the Reds over the last year. Some info about Clyne:

* 2009: Crystal Palace Player of the Year.
* 2010: Crystal Palace Player of the Year.
* 2010: Football League Player of the Year.
* 2011: Crystal Palace Player of the Year.

* 17 apps for England youth teams.
* 61 apps for Southampton
* 10 goals/assists in 61 apps for Saints.

If his latest comments are anything to go by, Clyne seems happy at Southampton. He's clearly a huge fan of his manager, Mauricio Pocchetino, and in an interview this weekend, the defender raved:

“He has been so different to any other manager. For me personally it took my game to another level, and it would be a real shame if we were to lose him.”

Having said that, Clyne is aware that bigger clubs are interested, and when asked about the possibility of move this week' he told reporters:

“It's always flattering to know that big clubs are looking at you. Its shows that you are progressing as a player. No one really knows where their future lies [or] whether they will be back next season or not".

As is usually the case with British players, the proposed transfer fee is grossly inflated. £15m? For what, exactly? How on earth is Clyne worth £15m? In my view, if LFC pursue this deal, the club should spend £8m-£10m tops.

Whatever the fee, Clyne is arguably a much better option than the perpetually injured Micah Richards, who is also currently linked with a summer move to Anfield. Is he an upgrade on Jon Flanagan, though?



  1. We need all the help we can get at the full back positions. Clyne and Flanno plus Wisdom can do the job at full back.

  2. Well he should want to leave now that Pochettino will go to Spurs.

  3. I don't see the point in spending big on a RB at this time with Flanagan showing potential.

    BR's plan should be to resign Johnson to a contract to help cover for Flanagan until he cannot upgrade to starting RB in two years time. What Liverpool need to do is spend big on a LB like Filipe Luis! One of the best LB's in Europe and Atletico will be ripe for the picking with a bid of 15-18 million.

  4. I was a bit concerned that Southampton were going to be stubborn in holding on to their good players and demand ridiculous prices, but with Pocchetino negotiating with Spurs I think the players are going to follow him out. It's strange to see a club do so well and then be seemingly dismantled. The owners could learn from LFC and stubbornly demand that their stars stay another season.

    I agree on the price for Clyne, it's a bit daft, but thankfully we know that Liverpool won't pay over the odds. We'll either get him at a fair price or we won't get him at all.

  5. Agree on both counts. Well, I agree Filipe Luis is e very good left back. Still not comfortable with 15 million quid full backs. But it would make more sense to me for Luis than paying it for Clyne just because he's English.

  6. Liebherr wants to sell the club. That will be easier however if she lowers the wage bill and player capital. And she'll get more money for the players anyway if she sells them first and the club later once it's lingering near the bottom of the table. I'm sure that if Pocchetino should go to Spurs, he'll be taking a couple of guys with him. For the 9 months he'll be at White Hart Lane that is. Anyway, seeing as Liebherr wants to sell the club and its players, I'm sure they won't put their heels in the sand over 3 million more or less.

  7. At the rate of all the rumours, Southampton will have no squad left after the transfer window.

  8. They will always have Rickie Lambert.

  9. With Pochettino apparently on his way out, this could be a possibility.
    Sad to see though, if the squad just gets picked apart.
    I really like Southampton.

  10. Southhampton are asking clown money for their players. Does Clyne have a sell-on fee as well??? Bloody ridiculous!

  11. Why don't we just buy Southampton?

  12. I prefer FLANNO. This Clyne guy is not an lfc player. Another Konchesky if you ask me. Personally I believe we should get someone who has champions league experience and is a proven winner.

  13. Good comments.

  14. 15 mil and 30 mil for clyne and lalana ,LOLllll they must be having some super cracks over there.

  15. Correction:

    In 2009 and 2010 he was Crystal Palace's Young Player of the Year, not 'Player of the Year'.