26 May 2014

Transfer Alert: Boss confirms £16m LFC-loving star has £8m 'buyout clause'. Sign?

Liverpool are reportedly in talks with on-loan Newcastle striker Loic Remy, and according to QPR boss Harry Redknapp, the France striker is available for a lot less than expected.

Over the weekend, the Daily Mail reported:

"Loic Remy has held talks with Liverpool and Arsenal over a summer move, according to a source close to the player".

In January, QPR boss Harry Redknapp suggested that QPR are willing to sell for '£15m or £16m', but in an interview last night, he told reporters:

"I don't see Remy wanting to come back. He's talking about playing Champions League. He's got a buy-out clause which is at a reasonable level. Not much more than we paid for him."

Remy cost QPR £8m, so his buyout clause is probably in the £8m-£10m range, which is eminently affordable.

LFC legend Mark Lawrenson is a big fan of Remy, and over the last month, he's twice urged Brendan Rodgers to sign him this summer. Lawro's latest public plea came yesterday, when he told the Liverpool Echo:

"Personally, I would take him [Remy] all day long. He would provide a perfect option because he is such a good player"

Remy definitely wants a move to a bigger club this summer, and he confirmed this in March, when he told the Newcastle Chronicle:

"I could maybe play in a bigger club, a top European club. I will be part of a very large club. I have a huge room for improvement.”

Remy's premier league record so far:

* 20 goals/3 assists in 41 apps.
* Goal/assist every 1.7 games.

£16m is arguably too much for Remy, but £8m-£10m is superb value for money. Additionally, the 27-year old has a soft-spot for LFC, as revealed by his agent in 2012:

"He [Remy] has his heart is set on playing for Liverpool. Remy is pure gold. He has great pace and that is something Liverpool need in attack".

With four competitions on the agenda next season, and Daniel Sturridge's regular bouts of injury, Liverpool will need another good striker, and Remy seems to fit the bill.



  1. It is a deal to seriously consider at £8m.

  2. Good player, definitely an upgrade on Borini or Aspas.

  3. Sorry to burst the bubble but we ain't signing him.

  4. I like Borini and think Aspas has a lot more than we have seen so far, yet Remy is proven in England albeit in smaller clubs, for £8m why not???

  5. Prey tell....................come on???

  6. Put another £17m on top of the £8m and bring me Alexis Sanchez.

  7. Sorry to burst the bubble but we ain't signing him.

  8. Not for me................Pedro yes!!!

  9. B Rodgers needs to ship out our 18M worth of average/ strikers:

    F Borini(22) who cost club 10.5M should be sold for 7-9M to Sunderland
    I Aspas(26) who cost club 7.7M should be sold to Valencia for 5-7M

    And then L Remy(27) Of QPR should be brought for 9M
    A Mccarthy(24) GK and J Obita(20) LB Of Reading should be brought to club for combined total of 7M

    2 Players dead wood average players out and 1 world class player, 2 class quality british players with bags of potential to bring better class, quality competition to their opposite number: GK: S Mignolet(25) and LB: J Enrique(27) for many seasons to come.

  10. Brendan Rodgers has signed a new contract!!!

  11. There is nothing wrong with dreaming.

  12. Pedro could turn out to be another Morientes.

    Sanchez and Suarez in the same team? We will rule the world!

  13. I like Borini's attitude, he works hard and puts himself about. Trouble is I think he's a little bit limited, not got great pace or particularly skilful. I personally think he's found his Level at Sunderland. Remy I've seen quite a lot and he's very quick and a good finisher and if we can get him at £10m I think that would be a bargain.

  14. Borini has more than enough pace. His biggest problem is decision making. Most important thing what I have seen about this player is that he is hungry to be on the pitch. He deserves a chance.

  15. Hmm...I don't know...Bony for £25mil is interesting...

  16. Hmm...If we are going to spend that much cash then why not rather go for Jay Rodriguez?

  17. So why are u bursting our bubbles by saying we ain't signing Remy

  18. I just do not see Remy as one of our targets. . Juventus apparently cannot afford Sanchez. Barcelona want rid. I am not saying we will sign Sanchez but anything football is possible.

  19. I honestly don't think BR will sign another out and out striker. I am not saying he will not sign an attacking player who can play as a striker if required, just that he will not sign a pure out and out striker.

    On another note, SportBild.de have reported that a Deal for Emre Can is “Perfectly” done. Would be a great signing if this holds true.

  20. Hmm.,,I'm not sure we shouldn't just spend it on a signing on fee for A. Cole...

  21. I'd be all over JR if it weren't for the torn ACL. He needs a good doctor, a good therapist and about a year. Then we'll see how good he is.

  22. Why would a no-name like Obita be a better LB than even Flanno? Who Is this guy? I agree Aspas ought to go. If we get Remy, then Borini can stay. He has shown his ability. Remy and Borini as a #3/4. I can see that. They can win LC and FA Cup matches for us and come in late in PL matches when SAS need a rest.

  23. I think you're right. If we buy a "striker" it will be a player like Suarez who can operate as a creator, not just the guy to get on the end of the pass. Such a player would operate as part of a front three. We enough backup strikers given that Borini will come back into the side and I actually don't see Aspas being sold. Buying Remy as a guy to cover for injuries wouldn't make much sense to me.

  24. I think Loic Remy is worth consideration even at 12 mil pounds. Watched quite a number of his matches this season and I think he's capable of giving DS a good run for his money if given the right support.

    Still I think if LS stays on for next season, then we should not be too concern about boosting the attack. We have to place more emphasis on defence. I just cannot imagine how fragile our defence will be if Sakho is going to be a first team regular and nightmarishly, he might just be one if Agger is to go. Is Glen Johnson still going to take his 110k pounds weekly wage happily and still not knowing what to do in defence?

    Also FSG/BR/transfer committee need to do very much better than what they have done so far in the transfer market. Only DS and Coutinho are good since BR took over as manager. If LFC is to buy new players for next season's challenge for league and European titles, they should take a good look at the number of 'extras' they have gotten for the club till date. I think they have a much bigger task in disposing rather than acquiring.

  25. Sakho set to captain France, I am sure he has got something about him which you and I are clearly not able to see because its a big responsibility that's being laid onto his shoulders.

  26. How about Alexis Sanchez and Remy; sell Assgas, Borini, Reina, Alberto and we should do ok net cost. Then get Rakitic with fresh funds and get a defensive mid to compete with Lucas or sell Lucas outright....

  27. Bring in Sanchez and Bony. I'd love to see these two in RED

  28. Have you seen Obita(20) he is a class quality left footed, left back. Flannagan(21) is a right back, he did a descent job as left back as Cissokho(27) was abyzmal, daibolical and shocking. But J Obita(20) is a better left back than J Flannagan(21). And by time season kicks off J Enrique(27) should be back fully fit, J Enrique(27) needs a good understudy competing for his position.

    Borini(22) is not in the same calibre, class of Remy(27), Sturridge(24) or Suarez(27) and Sunderland want to buy him on permanent deal. He cost club 10.5m, we should get at least 9m back if we sell him now.

    That 9m plus 15M should be spent on bringing Pedro(26) to club, we need 2 world class attacking players brought to club this summer to push on.

    And i am hoping and praying these are the two :
    I Rakitic(26) Of Seville for 18-26M CM
    Pedro(26) Of Barcelona for 20-24M RWF / LWF

  29. He would be pretty good competition. For £10 million I think he would be worth it. He already knows the league, has a pretty good record in a club the has struggled at times. Give him some better service and he could be scoring a lot more.

  30. I just don't see Sanchez (or Pedro) coming to Liverpool. It's not that I think we're not worthy to have them. It's just that other teams will have more $ firepower and negotiation speed to outgun us.

  31. Remy at £8M-£10M is a no brainer signing...even if we don't need him.

  32. Fond of dreaming? Stay in bed then.

  33. Barca have actually rejected Liverpool's opening offer of £23M for Sanchez.

  34. Tom Stansfield3:59 pm, May 27, 2014

    Just gonna throw it out there (as a seriously worried LFC fan..)

    We've got to play Champions League football next season...and all we're linked with are players who are absolutely toilet..

    Vorm - we have Mingolet
    Lallana - great player, is he worth £30m ? absolutely !*&£^*& NO CHANCE.
    Nathaniel Clyne ...who?
    Will Hughes.. *Facepalm*
    Yanick Bolasie... yes.. Yanick Bolasie
    Steven Caulker - yes - the cardiff centre half who managed to concede like 375 goals this season - WE WANT HIM!?!?!?!

    We're gonna end up in a group of death, with either Bayern, Athletico, Barca, Dortmund, Real or PSG.. and we've got Jose I have no idea what football is Enrique, Glen I'm a centre forward Johnson, John I'm here because I'm English Flanagan, Kolo OWN GOAL Toure & Sakho (Who is just unreal on a whole different level of SH!T) - and we have to try and compete.. we are gonna be out of Europe so quick it's gonna be embarrassing unless we SERIOUSLY strengthen this squad up, and get rid of a LOT of players.

    We don't need to immediately look for more attacking players - we need to rebuild an entire defence first, we proved that this season. However, I would like to see people like Konoplyanka, Javi Martinez, Pedro and/or Sanchez at the club. Loic Remy though? not convinced about him whatsoever.. there's 50 of him playing around Europe already

    In terms of defenders - there's plenty of em knocking about, and seeing as contracts aren't worth the paper they're written on in todays football - any form of decent bid will open up the doors... Ashley Cole on a free ? surely that can't be snubbed on our side of things..

    Howedes (Schalke)
    Otamendi (Porto)
    Hummels & Subotic (Dortmund)
    Martinez (Sociedad)
    Dante, I've seen today we've apparently moved for him but we'll end up mistaking him for someone in league one and paying £20m for them instead
    Papadopoulous (Schalke)

    Just think that so far 99.9% of people we have been linked with are going to do absolutely sweet FA for us when it comes to challenging next season, you can't polish a turd. and you can't buy for "the future" when you've got Champions League in less than 6 months..

  35. Joe,
    Sadly, you are probably right. That said, we are a big-boy franchise and need to think that way. We DON'T need to sign everyone under the sun because it dilutes chemistry and disrespects the real prospects we already have. We need to add 5 REAL quality players for depth and certain positions of weakness. Real experienced guys who are 22-25 yrs old depending on when they hit a decent team. Its a balance act but we cant dawdle like last summer and last January.

  36. Agree with most of what you said but strongly disagree about Sakho he has class.