29 May 2014

£80m Mega-Deal: LFC make official transfer offers for 5 top-class stars. Dare to Dream?

It's transfer season, and that means a never-ending flow of rumours, and the latest press reports suggest that Liverpool are busy submitting offers for Brendan Rodgers' summer transfer targets.

According to reports today, Liverpool have made official offers for the following five players:

* £16m for Sevilla left-back Alberto Moreno.

* £20m for Southampton attacker Adam Lallana

* £15m for Southampton central defender Dejan Lovren.

* £16m for Bayern Munich star Xherdan Shaqiri

* £10m for Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Emre Can.

Liverpool are allegedly 'awaiting responses' to these offers.

I'd be utterly amazed if Liverpool signed just two of these players, let alone all five. I don't doubt that the links are genuine, but the Reds' recent history of pulling off big-money deals is extremely poor, and there will be massive competition for all of the above players.

Due to already being in the Premier League, LFC are probably in with a genuine chance of signing Lovren and Lallana, but the rest will be much more difficult, even with Champions League football on offer.

If, by some miracle, Liverpool signed all five, I'd find it hard to argue with the business. Lallana, Shaqiri et all are all quality players, and they'd definitely improve LFC's squad. Potential teams with all five players included:

------------------ Mignolet

Johnson ----- Lovren ---- Skrtel ----- Moreno

-------------- Can ------ Gerrard

------------------- Lallana

----------- Suarez ------ Shaqiri

------------------ Sturridge


------------------ Mignolet

Johnson ----- Lovren ---- Skrtel ----- Moreno

--------- Henderson ------ Gerrard

------------------- Coutinho

----------- Lallana ------ Sterling

------------------- Suarez

There seems to be some method to the madness, though, which is a good sign:

* LOVREN: Competition for Skrtel and Sakho; attempt to improve LFC's defensive frailty.
* MORENO: Fill the left-back void, a perennial problem position.
* SHAQIRI: Competition for Sterling/Coutinho; another goalscoring AM.
* LALLANA: Competition for Sterling/Coutinho/Hendo. Another goalscoring AM.
* CAN: Deputy for Gerrard; competition for Allen/Lucas. Offers versatility.




  1. Dick tease, good post tho :)

  2. League Champions with those.

  3. Arthur Kolodziej5:15 pm, May 29, 2014

    am i the only one not so sold on the lallana deal..dont get me wrong ive always wanted us to sign him but for 20 mill that seems a bit much..we could be going after rakatic instead for that money even though they're different positions..or go after sanchez from barca maybe even pedro..drop the Can pusuit and go after carvalho even though he is high in price but will be a pogba esq player...

  4. Even Lallana and Lovren will prove to be tricky due to Southampton asking ridiculous fees. £30m will probably seal the deal for Lallana and doubt they will part with Lovren for less than £20m.

    I doubt they want to sell these players but whoever wants to buy will be taken to the cleaners. We have been burnt before and doubt FSG will go down that road again.

  5. Jaimie, to me the problem area is right back. Glen Johnson has been costly.Andre wisdom and Flanaghan can do a better job.

  6. No need to sign Lallana, Henderson is the man for the present and future for this club.

    Johnson, Sktrel, Lovern, Moreno
    Gerrard Can
    Sturridge, Suarez, Shaqiri

    League Champs and Champions League Winners

  7. totally agree i'd rather see flanagan who have been more solid than johnson at RB, Johnson hasn't been effective while attacking so we wouldn't lose much

  8. Agree with you that right back needs to be addressed. Flanno and Wisdom can do a good job, but it would be better if LFC signed a top class player for the position.

  9. Agree not that keen on lallana (not for that much).

    Sanchez is very inconsistant so rather pedro who's constantly good, haven't see a lot about carvalho so cannot judge but Pogba seem overrated right now (even if he has huge potential), you just have to look at juventus poor european campaign considering the quality they have.(so talking about a pogba-esque player seem too much for me)

  10. Flwg Players to be bought:

    GK - David Marshall : £ 10 m

    LB - Alberto Moreno : £15 m

    RB - Sergie Aurer : £ 10 m

    CB - Dejan Loveren : £ 10 m

    DM - Emre Can : £ 10 m

    AM - Adam Lallan: £ 20 m

    AM - Ivan Rakitic : £ 20 m

    ST - Pedro : £ 20 m

    ST - Lukaku: £ 25 m

    Total Spent : £140 m

    Players to be Sold:

    GK - Pepe Reina : £ 5 m

    RB - Glen Johnson : £ 10 m

    CB - Daniel Agger : £ 10 m

    DM - Lucas : £ 10 m

    AM - Assaidi :£ 4 m

    ST - Iago Aspas : £ 6 m

    ST - Fabio Borini : £ 10 m

    AM - Suso : £ 5 m

    Total Money recovered : £ 60 m

    Net Spend : 140 - 60 = £ 80 m


    GK - Mignolet, Marshall, Jones
    RB - Sergie Auger, Flanangan
    LB - Alberto Moreno, Jose Enrique
    CB - Skirtel, Loveren, Sakho, Illori
    DM - Gerrard, Can, Allen
    CM/AM - Henderson, Lallana, Rakitic, Coutinho, Sterling, Ibe,
    Luis Alberto
    ST - Saurez, Sturridge, Pedro, Lukaku

    Good Enough Squad for EPL, CL, Cups

  11. That would be an even better move agreed Jaimie

  12. If you believe Lucas and Johnson are valued at 10 M you are in for a rude surprise

  13. Are you kidding me? Do you know how bad that will be for the team to integrate those and how it can also kill the team spirit?

  14. overrated is a bit much concidering whe goals he scores and when you play with 4-5 players in the middle of the park its hard to stand out...i just look at what sanchez did against england and for a fact he can replicate that for us because of the manager we have and the players around him

  15. Buying too many players distabilises a team and takes us back in our progress just like Spurs.

  16. de sciglio from milan would be a fantastic signing IMO..but the problem is we would need experience at that position concidering out defencive frailties this season

  17. How can buying so many players destabilise a team. Moreover the core of the team in attack, midfield and defence will remain there from last season. It is just to have a strong squad. Moreover only 3 regular players from last season are being sold and these 3 were not full regulars even last season.

  18. May be i am! When Carroll can be bought for 35 m, Southampton stubborn on 30 m each for lallana and luke shaw, fellani for 27 m, and the counting goes on.
    If englands so called best rb doesnot get sold for 10m then i might get a rude surprise.

  19. Wisdom to me is not even a squad player. Saw him playing for derby and find no pl skills.

  20. Well, only teams who will buy England's so called best RB are surely located inside UK, agree?
    Arsenal won't buy since they're persuing Aurier
    Chelsea got azpli, Manu, where do it start?! City already have Zaballeta and are soon to buy Sagna,

    now who else can?!
    And If one one team pays 10 M for lucas surely they have to check the brain of manager first!

  21. Show us your starting eleven and who you will be sitting on the bench and also who you will be leaving out of the team. Baffling!!!

  22. it might be 3 regulars being sold but all those you have on your wish list signings would all want to play. just look at Tottenham Spurs. They bought 105m worth of players and ...

  23. Wisdom is not world class but IMO is better than GJ. Dont judge Wisdom on 1/2 games. Have watched 80% ofhis games this season and i saww potential especially with BR man management

  24. Sanchez over Pedro all the way. Not only is Sanchez the more powerful player, also very Suarez like.

  25. haha this one looks like playing fifa bro:P u can change entire squad with players u want ..not reality :D
    this happens with time...you sort out your problem areas first and as per your budget try to get correct player.

  26. Not Lallana please

  27. Rickie Lambert is doing the rounds now. Actually now that I think of it Lambert would a very good backup striker. Might be 32 but is still in very good shape and has at least another 2 years of good service left and if we can get him for cheap enough then why not?

  28. See uts not only top cluubs in england can afford GJ. Even midtable clubs have also got plenty of money with new TV deal money, so selling GJ for 10 M shud not be a problem.
    Well Lucas is a good squad player and definitely worth 10 m.
    And yes ofcourse its how well the club can negotiate. Erik Lamela for spurs was bought for 35m. For iturbe verona is asking 24 m and might get the price. it is all demand and supply.

  29. Playing Eleven:
    GK - Marshall
    RB - Flanangan
    CB - Loveren
    CB - Sakho
    LB - Alberto Moreno
    DM - Gerrard
    AM - Lallana
    AM - Rakitic
    ST - Saurez
    ST - Sturridge
    ST - Pedro
    Bench - Mignolet, Skirtel, Enrique, Henderson, Lukaku, Sterling, Can

  30. so reports are saying we bid 9mil for lambert and that we are overpaying because lallana has a clause from his previous club where they get 25% if sold..so logically we are paying extra for lallana..rather overpay for lovren to be honest. or get wanyama

  31. U left out Lambert
    8 million bid for him made

  32. Yes that is correct. Bournemouth get 25% of the fee and is exactly why Southampton will demand a ridiculous amount for Lallana.

  33. so now im guessing we will be paying 15-20 for lallana..even at that price knowing what we paid for lambert is tough to swallow..id rather overpay for wanyama who has CL experience

  34. Coutinhio not even on the bench? And that's a nice way to repay Henderson for being one of our best players last season, deluded.

  35. Lallana is looking less likely now. Nobody will pay £30m plus for him.

    Rodgers wants brains over brawn so Wanyama will never become a player while Rodgers is manager of LFC.

    £8-10m for Lambert knowing that he could contribute +- 10-15 goals from the bench. Nothing wrong with that.

  36. no way we will be paying 8-10 for lambert when he is 32..our philisophy has been young players..this has to do with something about the lallana price...lambert has never been linked with us since rodgers arrival..still rather have lambert over aspas but not over borini

  37. Lambert is in very good shape for his age and he is a very good finisher.

    Sturridge, Suarez, Borini and Lambert as our striking options. Sounds good to me.

  38. Good shout. Johnson isn't a donkey. He just seems to be very patchy with form. Proper competition, especially from a talented young player like De Sciglio, seems likely to either cover for his dips in form or focus him to the end that his form his more consistently satisfacatory.

  39. Not if we drug them all with some sort of 'bonding' drug.

  40. Shite haircut though.

  41. Not sure Lambert is the right way to go, when our priorities are LB, CB and CM. Why not go spend BIG on those 3 positions.

    Just hope BR does not make mistakes in this transfer window.

  42. liverpoolwillwinenglandworldcp8:44 pm, May 29, 2014

    Apparently rodgers is interested in ricky lambert ,

    as people are saying it is probably a way of signing lallana


    bench: lambert,borini, coutinho,allen
    with ibe,can and possibly lucas providing cover

  43. liverpoolwillwinenglandworldcp8:46 pm, May 29, 2014

    would love to sign
    lambert,rodriqueze,lallana,schnederlin,lovern,chambers/clyne and luke shaw
    all from southampton

    does fifa allow one club to buy 7 players?

  44. 8-9mn for a 32 year old Lambert. BR and Liverpool has gone bananas.

  45. Ill be sad to see suso leave if the rumors are true that hes goin to sevilla as part of the moreno deal!

  46. Really good links and it would be a dream...

    What's all this about Lambert for £9 million

  47. He is 32 year old and not really in demand so if I was BR, I would wait until and after the World Cup at least. What if he gets severely injured in WC? Hard to come back in form at this age? Why BR? WHY?

  48. Apparently we've bid for Rickie lambert and are sniffing around michel vorm as well. They sound like sensible signings as well. Lambert, a big Liverpool fan would get to fulfil a boyhood dream and not mind playing second fiddle to Suarez and sturridge while vorm and migs are worthy competition for each other.
    I feel lessons have been learned from past windows and the club are trying to be decisive in their dealings and personally I feel we should be applauding this rather than criticise our negotiating before it's started

  49. Isn't Lambert on standby for the WC?

  50. liverpoolwillwinenglandtheworl9:11 pm, May 29, 2014

    he will probably be a back up for suarez and sturridge
    what i am worried about is if lfc see him as a replacement for suarez

  51. johnson, skrtel, lovern, moreno
    can, henderson
    sturridgr saquiri

  52. liverpoolwillwinenglandtheworl9:18 pm, May 29, 2014

    well , i am trying to think of other old players who have come on and made an impact that have commanded a fee?

    anyway 13 goals(3 pens) and 9 assists i believe is highly impressive
    if lallana comes they have a very good partnership , could be like city negredo and navas

    anyway can anyone answer my first question?

    and if we are getting lambert woudld it also not be useful to sign lampard i think he is perfect cm cover for steven gerrard

    we could eb the golden oldies like man u under ferguson

  53. No, he is in 23-man squad. Carroll is in standby..

  54. Suarez replacement? No way, haha!!

  55. Muhammad Ibrahim9:29 pm, May 29, 2014

    Reports are we that we have bid for 32 year old Ricky Lambert. He is good but if our funds are limited we cant spend about 9m on him as he only has about 1 or 2 years of top flight football left in him. For me this is not a good start, on the plus side hopefully things will only get better. Want young up coming players. Think Benteke was a better option but would have cost more, or Son Heung Min who also is about 6 foot and has a footballing brain.

  56. I've nothing special planned either

  57. I don't think anyone has an issue with the player.

    7-9m seems a bit high for what would be a back up 32 year old striker.

  58. i think its gonna be 7 million including the add ons. dont know how i feel about this.

  59. Fresh new reports are that we have made a multi bid for Messi and Ronaldo

  60. Don't forget, Barca offered to throw in Neymar to "sweeten the pot" (their words, not mine)

  61. rumor is we are going to pay 9m for Lambert, 20m for loveran and 5m for lallana. this is so Bournemouth do not get a considerable amount of cash from the lallana deal and Liverpool pay over the odds for the other two. dont know how true this is but it seems to be doing the rounds. this means no bidding war with tottenham for lallana.

  62. I've also heard they only sell if we give Suarez. That's just ludicrous, why would we get ourselves into that? Suarez is irreplaceable, and I doubt Messi and Neymar would replace Suarez.

  63. If it sounds daft it probably is daft.

  64. The echo reported it as 4 mil plus add ons. That sounds a lot more reasonable