29 May 2014

Confirmed: €15m star who 'dreams' of LFC transfer 'will leave' this summer. Sign?

In February, FC Dnipro owner Andriy Rusol claimed that he is 'one thousand per cent sure' that Liverpool will 'try again in the summer' to sign Yehven Konoplyanka. Well, the summer is just around the corner, and despite earlier negotiations, the Reds interest in the coveted attacker appears to be waning, with Manchester United and Spurs now waiting in the wings.

Speaking to the Ukrainian press in February, Rusol blamed Liverpool for failing to tie-up the €19m deal, but suggested that a deal will be done this summer:

"I am a thousand per cent sure that Liverpool will try again in the summer and then we'll let him go. If Liverpool report to us, Yevhen will still go to this club."

Soon after, Konplyanka confirmed that he almost joined the Reds, and seemed very enthusiastic about the club. He told reporters:

"I talked to Brendan, and talked about the move, but the transfer didn't go through. Liverpool is one of my dreams. I support them, and will keep on supporting them".

This week, The Guardian claims that Spurs and Manchester United now head the queue for Konoplyanka's signature, and when asked specifically about Liverpool's interest, Dnipro sporting director Andrey Stetsenko noted:

"After negotiations in the winter, Liverpool did not contact us further about Konoplyanka"

Stetsenko also conceded that Konoplyanka 'will leave' Dnipro, and that English clubs are 'interested in the player'. He further added:

"His [Konoplyanka's] contract has a buyout clause worth €15m. Konoplyanka spoke to me and said that if he did not have offers in the future He would stay with us"

Have Liverpool lost interest in signing Konoplyanka? Rodgers has stated on more than on occasion that he wants to get transfer business tied up 'quickly', and ideally, before the World Cup; however, if the Reds haven't contacted Dnipro yet, then it looks like the attacker may no longer be on the the club's transfer wish-list.

€15m seems to be a relatively fair price for Konoplyanka, but there are plenty of other attacking options out there, and I'd take both Lallana and Pedro over the Ukrainian.



  1. Stay away from that club, absolute nightmare to deal with...............Konoplyanka had his chance, now forget him and move on!!!.

  2. i love liverpool12:10 pm, May 29, 2014

    make a deal with barca sanchez and pedro plus 20m for suarez

    use 20m for lallana


  3. i love liverpool12:11 pm, May 29, 2014

    if we do not sell suarez jsu buy shaqiri,lallana,can,moreno and lovern

  4. i love liverpool12:13 pm, May 29, 2014

    jamie how do we resolve the striker situation?

    do we buy another world class one evnthough we have sas say bony or remy , do we get young strikers who will never start like borini ?

    i personally will get a experienced striker liek eto or torres who can come off the bench

  5. Well it is my opinion that Suso will be a bench warmer and may not even make the bench considering who we already have and pending new signings.

    Cups games Suso may get a run. EPL and Champions League I highly doubt it.

    Back to my original post on whether Suso is willing to wait for his chance or whether he wants regular football.

  6. Slipperie_Slope12:41 pm, May 29, 2014

    A bit disappointing that Suso is included in this deal. Moreno is an exciting talent and LB is obviously a priority position, so we should be going for a player like this.
    If Suso does not figure in Rodgers plans then I suppose it makes some kind of sense to include him in a deal to drive the price down, because despite what is in the press and what some people seem to think, we won't have 150million to spend this summer. We need 5 quality players IMO and this will stretch the transfer budget unless they can get creative.
    Obviously we would all like to see Aspas or some other peripheral player with less talent included in the deal, but would an offer of 20mil plus Aspas trump an offer of 28mil cash from Real madrid for example? I don't think so. When offering players in part exchange the player has to be attractive to the club.
    If this goes through, I will be disappointed to see Suso leave, but that will be outweighed by seeing Moreno join. If an option to get him and keep Suso here, then of course that would be the prefered option.

  7. It could be that we don't ever want to do business with the FC Dnipro owner again after the last fiasco.

  8. Don't confuse my predictions with some deep-considered analysis of these guys and their abilities. I just try and put myself in the position of Rodgers and wonder what he's thinking. Given what I've seen of how Rodgers recruits and what he's looked for in these players, how he's handled them to date, I have a view on what I think will happen. What I or you or any other fans thinks about the players is interesting to talk about from time to time but it's totally irrelevant when it comes to what will happen at the club. We're not in charge and that's a good thing. I don't tend to put forward my own personal view on a player very often and that's the main reason why. What do I know about these guys apart from the occasional 90 minutes I see?

    I think Suso will be sold not based on what I think of him as a footballer but because he's had two whole seasons to impress Rodgers, he's had a year to press for a first team spot and he's now had a year starting for a La Liga team. If he hasn't convinced Rodgers yet then he never will. Alberto will stay because he's only been here for one year and the boss would be foolish to make such a hasty assessment. Aspas may be sold but despite his lack of impact last year he's unquestionably a good player. He's shown his quality at Celta and produced a season of stats in La Liga that are better than what Suso just produced. One year into a contract ... I just don't see him going. It's little to do with what I think about him as a player, I just don't see Rodgers making that decision.

    So keep it in context. I'm not in the business of judging players but I'm good at reading predictions and trends. That's all I'm doing, and I'm entirely prepared to be wrong about it. I also say these things in counter to JK because he's so vehement in his criticism. I don't think these guys deserve to be written off so I'll stand on the side of having them around. That's probably a bit random, but I'll bet you a few bucks that I'm right. Alberto and Aspas are going nowhere and Suso is the one most likely to be sold. Let's see.

  9. In order of increasing preference: Salah, Konoplyanka, Lallana ... Sanchez? I think LFC are just moving up the chain and now that we've got CL football and a title to win we're looking for top players. Think of where we were when we chased Salah and Kono - 4th place was still in danger and we were guaranteed nothing. We're not there any more, we're a much better team. Plus it's the summer window, not January. Konoplyanka would have been nice but we almost won the title without him. He's not a target any more.

  10. From what I've heard its a loan they want, so lets hope!

  11. Actually Kono didn't have a chance... The club/president blocked the deal.

  12. I understand your thought process now. I also think your predictions are correct, but my analysis of the aforementioned players leads me to disagree with the most probable outcome. To me, like several of BR's decisions, in doesn't make much sense. If I saw a future for Aspas or Alberto I wouldn't have a problem with them but IMO they were both destined for the bench. Yeah, we only see 90 mins a week but you can gain enough insights on a player if he's constantly benched or he can't get some game time when we are two or three up.

    After the time these two lads have had, as well as looking at who they are competing against for places, and on top of that, inevitable new signings, a squad with Aspas and Alberto in it is effectively two men down. 25 man squad goes to 23. Rodgers will rarely use them. As a result, I'd just like to see our youngsters who are lower cost and IMO, of greater quality, get a shot ahead of these guys.

  13. I feel for the player a bit because his club seemed to screw him a bit in jan. However I also don't blame Liverpool for having nothing further to do with the transfer after Dnipro's shenanigans

  14. Torres can suck it

  15. For they way he kicked united when there down.
    'United- I'd rather stay here and play in the champions league'
    I want him over any other winger.
    Against Tottenham he looked as good a lallana, it is I've seen of him, and he's half the price.

  16. Kono is better than Lallana, he's far cheaper and younger with more potential. Would be mad to spend over £20m on Lallana he's 26... You could have Shaqiri and Konopylanka for almost the same amount as the fee being touted for Lallana. It seems a no brainer, please enlighten me as to why you'd think any different?

  17. if we sell suarez our progress will be stunted. Tottenham losing Gareth Bale was a massive knockout blow no matter how much money they got. there team was built around him and his presence gave the other players a different feeling. if suarez goes, it will feel like our king has left.

    this is honestly the best solution to ensure we compete at the highest level on all fronts next season.

    Loic Remy (27) ST - experienced PL, CL and International striker who is available for £8M. he guarentees goals no matter what team hes played at. QPR, Marseille, Nice, Newcastle, always been a goalscorer. having him along for the PL and CL will be good as he can fill in. and also help us win the FA Cup and Carling Cup.

    Romelu Lukaku (21) ST - if Suarez did eventually leave one day i would want Lukaku to replace him. if we want to build for the future theres no1 better than Lukaku. hes the best young striker in the world. in a few years he will be too good. hes got 82 goals in 212 games. in my eyes he actually is world class. and if Chelsea want to sell to Dortmund for £20M, lets try buy for £25-30M because he definately is worth it. Martinez showed against Arsenal that Lukaku can successfully play on the wing in an Arjen Robben role, cutting in and terrorising defenders. we could use him there if needed. e

    Adam Lallana (25) CM/AM - swap Joe Allen and £15M and get Adam Lallana. hes class and Southampton will be happy with Joe Allen as he is British and they still get £15M. Lallana is a real schemer and we need him so badly. his creativity will give people like Suarez, Remy, Sturridge and Lukaku goals on goals.

    Pedro (26) LW/RW - Pedro is already world class and for £20M it is a no-brainer. we need to stump up the cash and make it happen.

    Emre Can (21) DM/CM - quick, strong, tall, both-footed and real engine box-to-box player. will develop well and we should sell Lucas and sign this lad who is more a BR type player. activate his £10M release clause.

    Alberto Moreno (21) LWB - very good, although players can look very good until they come to the PL but i hope the scouts have got this one right. 21 and a spain international he can develop and fight with Enrique for a spot. he will be partnering Pedro down the left at times as well.

    Steven Caulker (22) CB - good commanding CB and england international. £8M good deal. knows BR methods and PL experienced so can kick on straight away.

    Michel Vorm (30) GK - Experienced keeper who can compete and keep Mingolet on his toes.

    Ross Barkely (20) CM/AM - star in the making. future of england. and a Liverpool boy. he will be too good in like 2 years and we must sign him now. £40M will do it and i will not be upset neither as i have seen the things he trys and what he is capable of and he is very much worth it.

    Goalkeepers: Simon Mingolet, Brad Jones

    Defenders: John Flannagan, Glen Johnson, Andre Wisdom, Daniel Agger, Martin Skrtel, Tiago Ilori, Kolo Toure, Steven Caulker, Jose Enrique, Alberto Moreno

    Defensive Midfielders: Steven Gerrard, Emre Can

    Central/Attacking Midfielders: Adam Lallana, Ross Barkley, Jordan Henderson, Phillipe Coutinho

    Wingers: Pedro, Raheem Sterling, Jordan Ibe,

    Strikers: Daniel Sturridge, Luis Suarez, Loic Remy, Romelu Lukaku

    that squad will definately win the league even with injuries.

  18. If a player signs prior to the World Cup, and gets a serious injury during the World Cup, does that void the deal?

  19. Good list.Hope v start signing soon, unless it turns out like the Jan window.

  20. Lads, goto ESPN FC and vote for Luis Suarez as Player of the Season!
    Currently Ronaldo has the slight edge in a two horse race with Suarez...

  21. Not if it's signed and sealed

  22. Buy him for 15 and drop Suso who will be worth 30 if managed properly. Damn..

  23. I heard Ibe impressed recently, another attacking youngster looking great. We should concetrate on Yaya Toure type of player, LB and Lallana. Plus a striker, Remy for example if Borini does not come back.

  24. Link pls.... :D I'm going to look myself, but...

  25. I can't! I think it's not allowed here?
    Lemme try...

  26. http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/post/_/id/10996069/who-was-soccer-player-season

  27. Don't blame lfc for losing interest! Sterling has set the bar very high for wide players in addition to the fact we have better bargain power thanks to Champions League. More options, better options on offer and Lallana is just one of many preferable players.
    I really hope we get Loic Remy he's an established French international of the Henry mould! I remember cursing Houllier when he let Anelka go. Borini has to go, no room for sentimentality, the guy needs to get his career going elsewhere!

  28. I agree with what you've posted, but don't you think there might be a lot of players that will be left unhappy because I am sure we cannot field them all and even if we try to do that, we are probably going to stop them getting used to each other and their playing styles.

  29. Great deal, sell the un-needed (Aspas, Alberto, Agger, Borini, Coady, Coates, Jones, Kelly, Toure ), then sign Lallana, a COMMANDING keeper (NOT Vorm), Garay, Lovren, Mascherano and a right back.

  30. Suarez now way out in front hehehehe

  31. So would we be better served to hold off on doing any deals until the player's team is eliminated or after the tournament?

  32. Probably best to try and get them before in case they have a blinder of a tournament and their price doubles. Albeit it's a bit of a gamble on the injury front but one that's worth taking

  33. The thing I don't understand is why are we considering paying £16m for Moreno who is aged 21, and why we do not consider Robbo and a fit again Enrique?

    Are we saying Moreno is that much better than Robbo?

  34. Imran Mohammed9:35 pm, May 29, 2014

    They regret not selling him to us now so are pretending that other clubs are interested. Truth is that they expected us to beg for him but we told them where to go so now they find themselves in an awkward position. No one wants him, being in the champions league we can shop at a better place now.

  35. Imran Mohammed9:40 pm, May 29, 2014

    Suso has potential so must be retained. We have enough dead wood that they are welcome to. Borini tops the list, don't think even they would be stupid enough to sign Alberto or Aspas.

  36. No. Ronaldo has increased his lead. :(