29 May 2014

Stop the Press: LFC offer Suso & £16m for 'excellent' Spain star. Exciting deal?

Left back is arguably one the biggest priority positions for Liverpool to fill during the upcoming transfer window, and it looks like the Reds are close to reaching a deal to sign Aly Cissokho's replacement.

According to Spanish newspaper Marca today:

* Sevilla 'have received' a €20m (£16m) offer from Liverpool for coveted defender Alberto Moreno.

* The Reds have also offered Suso along with the cash.

* Sevilla boss Unai Emery is currently considering the deal.

This follows a report earlier this month in the Liverpool Echo, which claimed:

"Sevilla's Alberto Moreno at the top of LFC's wish list, and Rodgers is a big admirer of his talents.

Moreno is also linked with Real Madrid, and when asked about Los Blancos' interest, the Spaniard's agent, Javier Moya, told reporters:

“Nothing is done [with Real Madrid]. Sevilla are willing to negotiate, but on their terms. However, that’s not to say that he [Moreno] will leave for the full €30 million release clause.”

Some info about Moreno:

* 2013-14: 43 apps for Sevilla
* 3 goals/3 assists.
* 2 apps for the Spain national team.
* 2013: Helped Spain win the U21 European Championship.
* Named in Del Bosque's provisional squad for the 2014 World Cup.

* Passing accuracy: 78%
* Duels won: 45%
* Chances created: 16
* Defensive errors: 2

When asked about Moreno's potential in November, Valencia boss Unai Emery told Estadio Deportivo:

"Alberto is 21 years old, and he is an excellent prospect. He came into the team very quickly, and we have to control expectations, and make sure he retains humility. I am very happy with his performances".

€20m is well below Moreno's release clause, but the inclusion of Suso in the deal could swing it. On that note, I have to say that - if true - it's disappointing that Brendan Rodgers seemingly has no faith in the youngster; Suso clearly has great potential, and if developed effectively, he could - like Sterling - save the Reds tens of millions in the transfer market.



  1. Salil Upadhyay5:20 am, May 29, 2014

    Why suso? Give them Alberto or even Aspas!

  2. look its is clear that once again we have to sell before buying .
    selling Aspas Alberto Kelly borini allen assadi Agger lucas wont be fast and we will once again miss out on world class player

  3. i know i like suso alot. this guy better be Gareth Bale at LB. suso has potential to be like mata and im suprised BR having looked at both Alberto and Suso in training how he can choose Alberto.

    i just hope we sign Can, Lallana, Pedro and activate Remy release clause.

    after that i want to make a £25M bid for Lukaku and £35M bid for Barkley. well be set for the future and a successful next season.

  4. thats a good idea...how will u take this point to rodgers!?? lol

  5. Suso has 1 season left on his contract, he could demand a large wage before extending it, or he could just walk away for free at the end of next season .
    So, who knows the business end of a deal like the Morena one, not me, and most likely not you. I would rather we cash in on Suso rather than see him walk away for free.

  6. Suso is one of the biggest talent that we have...give him chance

  7. This could just be paper talk, but I've had a feeling for a while that we're willing to let Suso go for the right deal. If Rodgers doesn't fancy Suso then why argue with him? Maybe he'll turn into a brilliant football player or maybe he won't. No question he's got some talent and potential but if his season at Almeria hasn't convinced the manager that he's good enough for us then I say fair enough. If Suso continues to develop and one day comes back to the PL to play for one of our main rivals then we will regret it, but no one can guarantee that. We can only talk about him with the word "if". "If" he is developed and "if" he becomes a top player. If we sell him then clearly Rodgers doesn't rate him highly enough which means there are question marks over his game. There is only so much a manager can do and if a player isn't good enough or the right fit for a club then keeping him here longer is just a waste for everyone involved.

  8. Moreno is exactly the kind of player we should be going for. Shaw is overpriced and while the suggested fee for Moreno is still high it's still cheaper than what Southampton will get. This kid will walk straight into our starting team and have an immediate impact. He'll then be potentially our starting left back for a decade.

  9. Suso he has a grt potential i remember some great football icon from spain saying that 'liverpool have signed jewel in suso' BR give this boy a chance he is immensely talented and has that vision to go over the line
    instead use luis alberto & aspas both in this deal

  10. .......Well this is frustrating! Alberto over Suso :/ I hope they reject the deal and ask for cash only. Why Suso?!!!

  11. If Liverpool have offered him in the deal then obviously Rodgers doesn't think he can contribute to the team.

  12. I also thought Suso would be special.. But after watching him a few times for Almeria last season, he lacks end product in the final 3rd.. Something that's a big part of playing in his position

  13. LFC fans needs to stop with these undecidefullness on transfers. Suso has been in LFC for awhile there is a reason he is not cutting the mustard. He had more chances than Aspas and Alberto combined. LFC vs Real Madrid CL semi finals one game to go, do you want Suso going against Alonzo and Modric or monsters against those two???

  14. his tackling rate is poor - very poor - bet Flannagans is much better - offer aspas and alberto

  15. Could be more media BS????.......................I don't believe a thing anymore!!!

  16. yeah suso has more talented than any overhyped player.

  17. Yeah lets sign lallana Pedro Remy Barkley and lukaku... You should probably add messi aguero and falcao to that list, probably griezmann and shaqiri...
    Our attacking force is clearly our weakness, were not scoring enough

  18. I invite you to watch Suso. This guy has a very similar style to David Silva and if that's not encouraging enough, then what is? None of your 'ifs' are required. Suso held his own in the Liverpool team for several months and whenever I've had the chance to watch Suso in the mornings he has looked promising - his best attribute is creating chances.

    Fair enough, your genuine opinion is that Suso could be out for the right price, but he, and the returning Borini, offer far superior value to that of the useless Alberto, Aspas and Moses. All three are perennial bench warmers and it would be far more beneficial to have someone like Suso in the squad, who can at least compete for a place. This is why I've been staggered by your opinion over recent months that Aspas and Alberto will be around next season. Why? I'd make money back on both and use Ibe/Suso/Borini et al. Maybe a bit harsh on Alberto, but tough luck.

  19. Muhammad Ibrahim10:24 am, May 29, 2014

    Would be a good signing. But as some others have said we should offer Alberto and Aspas not Suso. Suso we can use in the coming season.

    But we do have a long list of players that we need to get rid of in order to being in the types of players we need to establish ourselves as a top 4 team that challenges for the title. While the going is good and the players are earning some decent reviews, we should cash in on Assaidi, Borini, Glen Johnson (no good enough defensively), Skrtel and Agger (but only if we can get better or more stable replacement i.e. less injury and mistake prone), Lucas (very little mobility and we cant carry him and Gerrard for their lack of legs next season), Reina, Jones, Enrique, Coates.

    If we can get Caulker, Moreno, De Sciglio, Emre Can, Shaqiri, Konoplyanka/Lallana, and Heung Min Son. We would have greater depth in terms of quality in our squad for next season - AND should Suarez go we need to go in for Lukaku

  20. Fowler.....goal!11:25 am, May 29, 2014

    I've read that Suso is going on loan, not permanently!

  21. One of the latest rumours I have seen is that the next offer we make for Lallana will include 1 player or even 2. So if true and Shaw also leaves Southampton then I am assuming it will be either

    cash + Enrique


    cash + Enrique + Alberto or Suso for Lallana.

  22. I'd rather have Ronaldo than Shaqiri

  23. I bet you don't even believe that do you?

  24. Kevin Francisco Mambela Mbela11:36 am, May 29, 2014

    Well apparently suso is not being sold but is being loaned to sevilla as part of the deal

  25. This is what Suso said back in March...

    “I don’t know anything about that, but maybe they’ve spoken with my agent. Sevilla is a club I’ve always admired, for how they live and breathe football, their character, their stadium… It would be a really good place for me. Also, it’s just an hour down the road from my home.”

    The Suso + £16m for Moreno rumour may well have some legs.

  26. Jaimie, nobody will disagree that Suso does not have potential but as it stands he will be a bench warmer. Sterling and Coutinho occupy both wide and number 10 roles too. Competition for places will be fierce next season depending on who we sign. If we add another experienced versatile forward and let's say Lallana as well then Suso may not even make the bench.

    What we need is goals from midfield and I am not sure Suso will be adding many when it comes to the EPL. It will also be down to the player. Is Suso willing to wait for his chance or does he want to be playing regular football? There is no way he will be getting regular football like he did at Almería.

    And this is not me taking Rodgers side if he had to send Suso on his way. It is taking into consideration what the player wants. Anyone who does not think Suso wants to play regular football will show that Suso himself is a liar!

  27. It is you taking Rodgers' side, as usual. Even if Suso had scored 20 goals this season, you'd still be making the same point.

    You don't know that Suso will be a bench-warmer. If he plays well, he'll stay in the team; that's how Rodgers operates.

  28. Who will Suso relegate to the bench Jaimie?

  29. God, give it a rest with the endless questions masquerading as 'debate'. Do you even know how to discuss issues properly? You're asking a pointless question about something in the future than cannot be proven. This time last year, no one thought Flanagan would become a first team regular, but he did.

  30. Pointless question you say.

    Enrique is still injured and which only left us with Cissokho as backup for LB.

    Suso will have Henderson, Coutinho, Allen, Sterling plus new signings to contend with.

    Discuss that please.

  31. I don't doubt that Sterling will start, as will Gerrard, Hendo, Johnson and probably Sturridge. Hodgson has been to a bunch of Liverpool games, and has to like what he sees.

    Depending on formation, he might leave Sturridge as an impact sub, but he really should start.

    The big question is, doesn't England have a better right back? It will be interesting to see how Uruguay target Johnson - will it be Suarez, and if so - who holds the upper hand - me thinks Suarez.

  32. The Rooney question needs asking. I don't think he should be unstoppable !

  33. Sorry undroppable!

  34. Imran Mohammed9:45 pm, May 29, 2014

    England need a good start. The problem is that in Italy they have a formidable opponent but I feel they will at least get a draw. The Italians are traditionally slow starters.