16 May 2014

Relief? - LFC snub 'phenomenal' mercenary Gerrard called 'best in the world'

Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but it's increasingly disturbing to see Chelsea mercenary Ashley Cole linked with a summer move to Liverpool. I personally don't want Cole within a hundred miles of Anfield, and thankfully, it appears that there is no merit to the speculation.

According to Thursday's Liverpool Echo:

"Reports linking Liverpool with a move for Ashley Cole are wide of the mark.

"The Reds have no interest in the 33-year-old defender".

It's a hard thing to explain, but Cole just isn't a 'Liverpool-type' player. There are certain players who just don't fit the LFC template, and Cole is one of them, just like his namesake Joe, another ex-Chelsea man who didn't belong at Anfield.

Granted, Cole offers immense experience, but if he's not good enough for Chelsea anymore, why is he suddenly the answer for Liverpool? The Reds have enough ageing defenders in the squad; Kolo Toure is in his thirties, and Daniel Agger and Glen Johnson aren't getting any younger.

Liverpool need another left-back, but not a 33-year who will probably quit the Premier League and follow the money to the USA sooner rather than later.

Cole's 100 caps for England is, admittedly, a great achievement (even if he'll forever be associated with the failed 'Golden Generation'), and Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard certainly thinks highly of him. After reaching the hundred cap milestone, Gerrard raved:

"He [Cole] has been phenomenal. There have been years over the last 12 when Ashley Cole has been the best left-back in the world. He's probably been the most consistent player I've played with during my time with England".

Signing Joe Cole was a massive mistake, and he basically got paid big bucks to sit on the bench (or convalesce on the treatment table). Ashley Cole is a similar waste of money (IMO), which is why I'm ecstatic that there's (seemingly) no truth to the speculation.



  1. "If he's not good enough for Chelsea anymore, why is he suddenly the answer for Liverpool?" The same could be asked of Daniel Sturridge. That said (and in a different context), ole would bring experience certainly, but will he be physically worth it, or financially for that matter. I believe he would be a free transfer, but his wages are unlikely to be reduced. With Enrique already on the books (for how much longer?) the emphasis ought to be on a long term solution, and not an expensive stop gap.

  2. I don't like him as a player at all! Don't obviously know the guy but he looks like a real prick and I think with so many positives from this year, we don't need negativity and crap like Cole amongst the playing group and club!
    Just because he is free, doesn't mean he is worth it!

  3. put prejudices aside, and watch ashley cole play a game of football. Then watch Jose enrique or aly cissokho play a game of football. Regardless of how much time he's got left in the game, or who he's represented before, he would be a huge step up at left back for at least one season, if not two, in terms of pure quality. In my opinion It'd be insane NOT to sign him on a free. He'd be a good source of experience for flanno. Imagine if you didn't have to try and stifle those butterflies in your belly everytime the opposition's right back made a run. (do love flanno though)
    Fantastic player, GOOD ENOUGH FOR CHELSEA but maybe just not fashionable enough for jose (see mata). If it was Jon terry I'd draw the line (lol) but I think Cole would be a great signing for us. In the same way keeping Borini this season hopefully lets us off having to spend silly money on a striker, I think Cole could be a shrewd and beneficial signing too, and would allow us to focus on the bigger problem areas.
    eg: I wanted to love him but I'm starting to think Sakho is really rubbish (remember that slide against Dzeko?!?! and he poo's himself when he has the ball) also Skrtel... excellent in general but holds the record for OG's... so is he rubbish as well? So many questions!
    I think one thing we can say for certain is we need at least 3 World class players over summer, plus 2 or 3 squad reinforcements equal if not better than what we have (Lucas 2 slow, Johnson isn't really bothered any more, etc)
    Basically I hope you're wrong and ashley sorts some probs out for us..... but I hadn't even considered Joe.... bad omens for players named cole haha

  4. I felt exactly the same way when I saw him linked with us. Stay away Cashley you're not wanted here.
    As for Chelsea, I would say we've moved infront of them in the pecking order in terms of attracting players - without any red goggles on. Not just because we finished above them in the league but because our brand of football is so much more appealing; players are given fairer treatment/opportunities - not caught up in Mourinho world; and our proud tranditions and ethos of our club are so much more appealing. Chelsea have their cheque book and that's as far as it goes.
    So we'll take the players off their hands who they have mistreated and needed rebuilding but I think we've moved on from the Joe Cole days where they can palm off their dross.

  5. Only reason I could see for A. Cole acquisition is that there is a firm belief a youngster will emerge from our ranks as a top class talent in a few years, but this young talent still need some time to develop as a loan player outside the club. J. Robinson and B. Smith would be obvious candidates for this and also Flanagan and McLaughlin have played on the left flank.

    Yet still, I highly doubt that it would be wise (because of the expected wages) to get A. Cole if Enrique will be okay next season. Alternatively, we could get some odd filler (like Cissokho) to cover for player shortages and give youngster opportunities to prove themselves. If Enrique is not fine next season, perhaps we should go for a real top class talent with a long term impact.

  6. He hasn;t got the stamina to do what we want a full back to do for a whole season anymore. When I saw that headline in the Echo it was a bit of a 'no sh!t Sherlock' situation.

  7. Players Liverpool should sign this summer:

    1. GK - David Marshall (Cardiff) - 8 m£
    2. RB - Aymeric Laporte (Athletic Bilbao) - 10 m£
    3. LB - Alberto Moreno (Sevilla) - 15m£
    4. DM - Fernando (Porto) - 10m£
    5. AM - Adam Lallana (southampton) - 20m£
    6. AM - Ivan Rakitic (Sevilla) - 20m £
    7. ST - Lukaku (Chelsea) - 25 m£

    Total Money Spent = 108 m£

    Players who should be sold:

    1. GK - Pepe Reina - 5 m£
    2. DF - Toure - Free
    3. RB - Glen Johnson - 8m£
    4. LB - Aly Sisokho - Return
    5. DM - Lucas - 10m£
    6. ST - Iago Aspas - 7m£
    7. AM - Victor Moses - Return
    8. AM - Assaidi - 3 m£
    9. AM - Coutiniho - 15m£

    Total Money recovered = 48 m£

    Net Spend = 108 - 33 = 60 m£

    Basis this the first 25 squad players:

    GK : Mignolet, Marshall, Jones

    RB : Aymeric Laporte, Flanangan

    LB : Alberto Moreno , Jose Enrique
    CB ; Skirtel, Sakho, Agger, Illori, Wisdom
    DM : Fernando, Gerrard
    AM : Henderson, Allen, Lallana, Rakitic, Ibe, Sterling, Luis Alberto
    ST : Saurez, Sturridge, Lukaku, Borini.

    Good Enough team to challenge for League, Champions League and Cup Games.

    What ur say?

  8. Here's another rumour:
    Liverpool and Eden Hazard's little brother.

  9. Slipperie_Slope10:28 am, May 16, 2014

    Sell Coutihno? No Chance!
    Can't make that many wholesale changes in one window.

  10. Slipperie_Slope10:37 am, May 16, 2014

    Passed his prime, no thank you.
    Left back is a very hard position to fill. The options around are limited, but this would be a big mistake. We will have to pay a premium for a LB, when clubs have a good one they invariably don't want to sell, but if we have to overpay for a long term solution to what has been a long term problem then lets just do it.
    Cole would be a short term patch, one that I'm not even sure would work. Will a 33 year old play every game at left back? Doubtful.

  11. Slipperie_Slope10:43 am, May 16, 2014

    A fair point on Sturridge, but at least the potential for growth was there. Ashley Cole is not going to improve.
    Like you say, lets look to the long term and invest in someone for the next 8 years not 8 months.

  12. *Splutter, choke* Coutinho?!! The kid will be dynamite in a couple of years time. I agree with your incomings for the most part, but what Slipperie says below is correct - too many changes in one go - just look what happened to Spuds.

  13. Err, no thanks. The guy is experienced and consistent no doubt, but his wages would be astronomical, and think about the extra cost in bullet-proof kits and training gear we will have to supply the rest of the team.

  14. i reckon he is not good enough.He is on loan in Belgium..

  15. well thats ur way of analysing it "Ash". u see coutiniho will be a dynamite in couple of seasons but i dont see that. Had he been that great, first he shud have been retained by inter, secondly, he shud have been included in Brazil squad. Nowadays, age of 21~22 speaks a lot abt u as a player. I have seen him play this whole season and last season for lfc, and in many games he has just vanished or not to be seen. Agree he provides killer balls but probably 2 in 8 killer passes made. His defensive aspect of game is also not that great. Look at Sterling who has improved drastically on his physical strength in a season and look at coutniho who has done nthng in terms of his physical strength.

    Moreover this is not wholesale changes, as core of the team is more or less same and new players can very well be embedded during the season.

  16. No Ashley Cole pls. He is a typical chelsea and jose mou mentallity and attitude player. Hate him from the core.

  17. Nick, what exactly is your point? I don't write articles stating 'X,Y and Z will join LFC' - I don't make up the rumours; I post the rumours based on other sources. I've never once posted an article claiming to be 'in the know' about a transfer; every rumour is attributed.

  18. I agree Cole is not the answer but because we need a first team left back to come in and last us for years. Quality wise, I think he showed in the game against us, he can still cut it. But seeing as we don't have a left back with quality at all, yes I remember Enrique is still at the club, we need one of those. Enrique can stay as backup. Although I'd be ok with it if he left.

  19. Emphasis on the 'there have been years in the last 12'...implying none of those years are now. Pass on any Chelski lifers...always a nagging suspicion in my mind that in the crunch they would still be playing for Chelski...and Abramovich would compensate them for their efforts.

  20. Never sell PC. Other than that I like the sell list. However, I can't see Lukaku ever playing for BR. He is just a slightly better version of Carroll. He's a target guy, not a move and shoot guy. BR doesn't play a target guy offense. We need somebody with better movement. I still hold out for Jordan Rhodes and Borini competing for the #3 striker role.
    Never heard of that RB so I would think he's a non-starter. I like your AMs, but I don't think Alberto should stay. Something is wrong with him. He's not getting better. He's regressing if he can't even get to the bench. Ibe is already better so LA will fade even more. Best to get rid of him and use the money to offset the cost of Rakitic.

  21. Juan Mata is a superb player. He makes everybody around him better. I would take Mata anytime he was available...including this Summer.

  22. Yet another negative story from the utd fan jk!!!!!!

  23. Absolutely true. As fans we know on the one hand that most rumours are useless time-wasting media-mongering...but we just can't help ourselves: the off-season drama, the hopes and inevitable disappointment, the romance of the male soap-opera. And Liverpool fans?...we like the trashiest dramas going.

  24. Jermaine Shanahan1:47 pm, May 16, 2014

    I have watched this guy in the big games this season in la liga, he is very intelligent and technically sound.
    Would I have him at the club yes, would i pay the said amount no.
    Obviously buying any player is a risk, but one from abroad who is not even fully established in his own country represents an even bigger risk.
    For me spending £20 million upwards for a player, the player needs to either be a proven player in his respective position or someone who has clearly turned a corner in development (like Ramsey) but still have 3 years upwards on his contract.
    Going from the statistics in this article he has definitely improved, but 2 year left on his contract, going on what I have seen of him I would put him in the £10-12 million price range. Ynwa Jft 96

  25. No thanks. Get that Reus kid from Borisia Dortmund.

  26. That's a tasty, but quite unrealistic short list.
    Here's 2 others who can be that Box-to-box rare combo of solidity & flair to add to that list:
    Isco 30+M
    Reus 30+M

    Hey, a guy can dream right?

  27. I think he will not be a good signing for LFC..He cost a lots of money and I think LFC can get a better player than like Rakitic

  28. £25mil for Lukaku? Not for me.

    Plenty of Evertonians don't even want him back next season.

  29. If we had someone who was right on the verge of coming through, then I'd actually be in favour of this. That said, I don't think any of our prospects in that position are sufficiently close to making it into the first team.

    Say what you want about Ashley Cole, but he has been a marvellous football and his longevity has proven that despite the aspersions cast upon him, he is an outstanding professional.

  30. I've watched this lad play a few times and he reminds me of Alonso. His passing is good and always seems to find space and time on the ball. He is not an attacking mid, tho he does pop up around the box from time to time. He plays a similar role to Gerrard( 2014 Gerrard) if he comes in then Lucas is going!

  31. Why do people always post just the goals when they make a youtube film of the player? With a striker, fine, it also gives you an impression of the type of finisher he is, cool head on him or not etc. But with a midfielder I want to see passing ability, vision, quick feet...not all 13 goals he's scored in his career. When you describe Xabi Alonso, do you mention his goals as his main quality?

  32. I think he would be a replacement for Lucas, if he was to depart. I still think we will go for lallana. Parejo is a baller, just like Allen. Just a much better version in my opinion. We don't play with proper DM anymore. This is the sort of transition that has to be made in our style of play. Pretty much all based on attach (even the defence). £25m is steep for sure, but Im sure we would be able to get him for less.

  33. The list is not Unrealistic,

    Isco(21) is unrealistic as Real Madrid paid £30M for him last season and if anything it would be higher than that.

    B Rodgers should bring in I Rakitic(25) for £18-£25M or A Herrera(24) both of them are attack minded, creative, mobile, box to box centre midfielders.

    I would take Rakitic(25) Or Herrera(24) Over Isco(21), those two are centre midfielders. Isco(21) is an AM

  34. If we are going to sign Parejo then I doubt it is going to be anywhere near £20m.

  35. hE AINT THAT BAD IN moving and shooting...

  36. Absolute madness the prices being thrown around! especially for adam lallana. one good season and suddenly .. 25m. i mean WTF?! I love the fact that he's 2 footed englishman but Santi Cazorla, one of the most two footed players around cost(if im not mistaken) below £15m 'BBC'

  37. What on earth are you on about?! what do you mean "Pretty much all based on attack (even the defence)" If that is our only plan for next season and in the champions league .. prepare to get slaughtered. we'll be shipping goal upwards of 60. Finding the 'balance' is key for brendan this summer. Something City had and Liverpool and the plastics havent.

  38. You could buy Henderson for 20 million quid. Or should I say we did, and waited two years before he started to produce.

  39. I would rather we signed Cheryl Cole!! Relax, we won't be signing a has been like Ashley.

  40. yessssss Ashley Cole is a hasbeen

  41. Forget Cole. MArtin Caceres from Juventus can play central defencer or left back. Has SUarez's garra too

  42. You see the problem is there are too many left backs who are overpriced and hyped up to be the best thing since sliced bread. We need experience heads who can help first team players but can come of the bench and help out if things are not going our way. Ashley cole will need a cut in pay but I saw him play the games recently this season and he did not put a foot wrong and was in the top 3-4 players who played above 6-7 out of 10 rating each match. We dont have to play him each game but we need experience. He can start fresh with BR as sturridge did and he can help just atleast 10 games for the season like against the best teams. His know how will be good plus he can attack and cross too.

  43. I would hate to see Ashley cole wearing our beloved red shirt. Not because he's not good enough just cos along with terry he epitomises all things Chelsea and I find that abhorrent

  44. dodge the bullet