16 May 2014

Top Target: BR wants 'excellent' €30m star, but has €35m back-up plan. Who to sign?

Left back is arguably one the biggest priority positions for Liverpool to fill during the upcoming transfer window, and the Reds have reportedly identified three top targets for the role.

According to the Liverpool Echo this week, LFC boss Brendan Rodgers is monitoring the following three left-backs:

"Sevilla's Alberto Moreno at the top of LFC's wish list, and Rodgers is a big admirer of his talents.

"The other left-backs under consideration at Anfield are Guilherme Siqueira and Ryan Bertrand".


In March, The Mirror reported:

* LFC are long-term admirers of Moreno, described as one of Spain's 'brightest prospects'.
* BR apparently believes that Moreno 'fits the Anfield profile perfectly'.

Moreno's agent, Javier Moya, recently confirmed Real Madrid's interest, and also revealed that Sevilla rejected a bid from Rafa Benitez's Napoli as it 'wasn't high enough'. He added:

“Nothing is done [with Real Madrid]. Sevilla are willing to negotiate, but on their terms. However, that’s not to say that he [Moreno] will leave for the full €30 million release clause.”

Some info about Moreno:

* 2013-14: 43 apps for Sevilla
* 3 goals/3 assists.
* 2 apps for the Spain national team.
* 2013: Helped Spain win the U21 European Championship.
* Named in Del Bosque's provisional squad for the 2014 World Cup.

* Passing accuracy: 78%
* Duels won: 45%
* Chances created: 16
* Defensive errors: 2

When asked about Moreno's potential in November, Valencia boss Unai Emery told Estadio Deportivo:

"Alberto is 21 years old, and he is an excellent prospect. He came into the team very quickly, and we have to control expectations, and make sure he retains humility. I am very happy with his performances".


In July 2013, Liverpool 'made an enquiry' about Bertrand, and The Telegraph then claimed that Rodgers planned 'a renewed bid' to sign him in January 2014.

Brendan Rodgers worked with Bertrand during his time as a coach at Chelsea, and he also signed the 24-year old on a season-long loan whilst at Reading, where he made 51 starts during his loan-year with Royals, which clearly shows Rodgers' faith and trust in the player.

The Reds boss also showered Bertrand with praise, predicting a bright future for the defender. Indeed, during one particular 2009 interview, Rodgers told GetReading:

"He’s going to be a top talent. He’s one of the few left-sided players who is good defensively and can go forward. I know what he can do and he’s 100-per-cent committed and is a big possibility for the future"

Given Rodgers' history with €10m-rated Bertrand, and his high regard for the player, this link seems credible enough, though it remains to be seen whether Jose Mourinho will sell a player to bona-fide title rivals.


In August 2013, Sky Sports reported:

"Liverpool are locked in talks with Granada as they look to agree a fee for Siqueira. Rodgers is keen to push through a deal"

The Daily Mail further claimed:

"Sources close to Siqueira confirm that Liverpool remain the only club to have tabled an official offer"

Then, in April 2014, the Daily Mail reported:

"Liverpool have also continued to watch Guilherme Siqueira. The 27-year-old left back was the subject of a failed offer from Liverpool last summer.".

When asked last summer about the Reds' interest, Siqueira - who has a €25m buyout clause in his contract - admitted the 'time had come' for him to move on. He told Brazilian newspaper Daily Catarini:

"The time has come [to move]. I have a price but it does not depend only on me. I have preference for Spain, but today English football is so advanced".

Granada boss Lucas Alcaraz certainly thinks highly of Siqueira, and in a recent interview, he hailed Siqueira as a 'great player' and claimed he's the 'best left-back in La Liga'.

Siqueira may be a good player, but at the age of 28, it's rather concerning that he's made only 200 appearances in the last 8 years, which is an average of just 25 games per season, which is clearly a below-average number of games per season for a professional footballer.

Additionally, Siqueira seems to have regressed on the creative front. In 2012-13, he grabbed 9 goals/assists, but this season, he managed only one goal/no assists in 28 appearances.

On Monday, Brendan Rodgers insisted that he wants to sign a few 'absolute top players' this summer, but I'm not sure any of the above three players fits that description. Which of the three will be the best fit for Liverpool?



  1. Moreno is probably the best player of the three mentioned but it depends on what price we can get him at. If it's £20m+ then I think we have to walk away. Bertrand would probably cost a fraction of that price and is a good steady player.

  2. I like Bertrand. Seems about the right price too.

  3. IMO, this is the position that lacks real talent globally. What I mean is that there are only a handfull of stars in this position and the rest are basically average, not sure what it is, but for the longest time if you have a quality LB you've basically won the lottery. Besides the obvious's that won't leave (Alba, Lahm, Baines, etc) who else is out there that is a quality LB? Shaw isnt going to come and all the other names we've been linked to are average at best.
    It's almost like there are either very good LBs (very small pool of players) and average LB (huge pool that have a variety of price tags on them). If I were BR I would look to buy a solid LB that's not overvalued understanding that there isnt a huge difference in talent when you look outside the worlds best LBs. Not sure where everyone else stands, but I think anything over 10mil for whoever we get will be over-paying and we could get a player, just as good, cheaper and then look to buy that world class player in other areas that boast more available talent...hope that made sense :)

  4. I always like the lower impact positions like full back to be covered by British/Irish players. It's a position where hard work counts for just as much as technical ability in the modern game. So personally I would go for Davies of Swansea. Him on the left and Flanagan on the right. Bertrand? The man can't even make a difference at Villa.

  5. Who will you sign??? We need solutions!!

  6. Moreno is a great choice, but I doubt, if he is worth that sort of transfer fee. Sequira can be a very good buy, but he is 28+ & might not be approved by FSG. I don't think we are planning to drop down to Championship in near future, so no Betrand please, not for even free transfer - that salary 'll be wasted.

    I think, we can have a go at 3 more LBs
    Ricardo Rodriguez
    Fabio Conterao
    Lucas Digne.

  7. I would go for Digne if PSG doesnt put some silly price on him. He was amazing for Lille, obvious talent, and only played 9 games for PSG all season so might be frustrated. He might be sold that he is a "future talent" for them but I would put in a feeler bid if I were BR coz he would be a nice little coup

  8. I agree with bringing in a top class left back and also the sale of Johnson only IF we bring in the top class left back. Flanagan has impressed for me but not in the category that we need to push on. Having said that, if Flanagan improves on last season's performances then I would be happy playing him in the RB role. The lad has got heart, nall he needs is the improvement, I reckon......

  9. change formation, don't play a LB, extra CM, marco verrati, bobs your uncle

  10. Not sure you are making much sense here. What would your formation be?

  11. We are going to be linked with left back after left back after left back after left back during this window.

  12. While defense should be first for defenders, I would think that Sequiera or any left back should yield more than 1 point in 28 games for that kind of money. Enrique did that or more! Also, at 28, he certainly past the midpoint of his effectiveness, perhaps even seriously past it......Saw Bertrand a little and didn't have a strong feeling positively or negatively. Why not Shaw for that or less money?

  13. We should better check for the availability of Alex Sandro,Criscito,Marcelo , Coentrao,Adrian,BenDavies and so on....the above three mentioned are not quite gud enough for there highly inflated price

  14. Lucas to Inter Milan? Strange rumour but you never know, Lucas could very well be on his way.

  15. Luke Shaw. Plus Lallana, a great dm and maybe one centre back. With Suso and Borini coming back it should be enough.

  16. It did, make sense. Why Shaw would not come?

  17. Inter is making big plans, there might be some trophies there. Plus as JK stated his influence in our team is not as big as it used to be.. There is no more than 15 games for him here next season, so I hope he does leave, as he deserves more...

  18. Inter are a struggling team and they will continue to struggle.

  19. They are a joke, and have been for decades- I live across Italy so there is much of Italian football on tv here. But with new owners and couple of experienced players, like Vidic, they will be top two next season I think. In their poor league, but still..

  20. How close we are to signing Lallana?

  21. Unless we are willing to pay an arm and leg then he will not be joining LFC.

  22. Serie A is the snail pace league.

  23. I figure that means they want too much money? how much?

  24. Not sure mate but Southampton will be milking it if they are to let their best player leave. I do not think anything less than £30m is going to suffice.

  25. With Ashley Cole leaving Chelsea I'm sure he'll be on their radar as he's publically come out and said he's a huge fan. Even if he didnt have his mind set on Chelsea, this could easily turn into a bidding war with UTD reportedly making a concrete offer over a week ago...only reason I see that the Saint's havent allowed them to speak to Shaw is if they're expecting competition for his signiature and I'm sure BR and team are not willing to spend the 27+ mill it will take to land him and, imo, thats a ridiculous gamble on an 18 yr old

  26. I would give 25 in a heartbeat. Even 30 does not sound that crazy, I really think he is top class. Or will be, as he was not part of anything big so far, but if wait till after WC, I think 30 will be less than sufficient..

  27. Well him and Lallana would satisfy my need for top class players, with Diame, Suso and Borini and with selling of Lukas, aspas, alberto and hopefully Allen(not saying he is not good, just not good enough) it wouldnt be an expensive window, and it would be a success..

  28. He definately would, but I wouldn't be happy if we threw away 25mil+ on Shaw considering UTDs big is 27+. Like I mention above, I would spend 10mil or less on a decent left back and then spend the big bucks elsewhere. Love lallana but not too excited about Diame...really think his play has tailed off. I would take the money and spend it on Lars or Sven Bender instead...now that would be a solid DM buy; our new Hamman
    Honestly, and dont let anyone hear this, but I really think Aspas still has a future here. With all the games we'll have next season, I can see him being our chicharito and geting 10+ goals next season

  29. Sorry but no. Just no. I'd rather we go all out for Moreno or get Siqueira. We need to aim a level higher than Bertrand otherwise we might aswell keep flanno there for another season. Paying top dollar for a potential superstar in the future is what we should do. Why do you think the Mancs want shaw? Why dont they go for Bertrand, he seems like a 'Steady' player.

  30. Yes I agree with that. And the targets seem really good ones. Moreno still catches the eye over them, a Jordi alba-type player which i am pretty sure Brendan will love to have. 2nd choice would be Ricardo Rodriguez. The man is a beast at 21.

  31. If you dont play LB then surely LWB? what do you mean extra CM? goodness me and what makes you think we can get verrati from psg? are you okay? O_o

  32. Well they can forget about it! His talent does not compensate that much money especially at his age.

  33. Just like last summer; we have more links than a sausage factory.................

  34. I would love to believe but Aspas couldn't tie chicharito's cleats. Besides, he gets knocked all over the field every time he made it into the game. He looked like a rag doll out there.....totally intimidated too.....

  35. I don’t know what it is but something tells me he'll come good. Can't explain it, but watching him early on he just looked like he knew where the goal was in pre-season. He's lost confidence not playing much at all but I think, if he stays, he'll surprise all of us. Just a gut feeling...watch this space and either ridicule me in 12months time or hail me as the clairvoyant-kopite! :)

  36. Do a double swop for Sevilla's Ivan Rakitic and Alberto Moreno? With prices out to kill of course.

  37. 5_European_Cups12:05 am, May 17, 2014

    Moreno or Ricardo Rodriguez for me. Think Moreno will go to Real Madrid though. No Bertrand.

  38. Keep Cissokho? Only joking. I just realised surely he has now left the club. Defensively he was ok but technically so poor. Good luck to him though he tried for us.

  39. Diame was my cheap option, but with 100 mill from tv rights this year, as much coming next year plus CL money, we could go for both and Bender. I think this is the year to spend big and build a team that will stey in top for a long time. Aspas is a solid plaayer but I dont think BR is counting on him. By the way, Suso was extrodinary this season- playing for a bottom club and keeping possesion against Barca like he did, we must not let him go!