13 May 2014

'Disappointing' - Ex-Red slates £7m 'brute' who dreams of LFC transfer. Sign or avoid?

In April, West Ham star Mohamed Diame confirmed that he wants to move on this summer, and suggested that his name is still on LFC's transfer wishlist. Jamie Redknapp, John Aldridge, and Kenny Dalglish are fans of the Senegalese midfielder - last linked with a move to Anfield in January - but Stan Collymore insists that Diame is overrated, and questions whether he has the ability to step-up a level.

In his column for The Mirror over the weekend, Collymore explained:

"Diame has incredible ability to burst past players, shoot and create chances. He should be scoring double figures. He can dominate, but he simply hasn't done it. Very disappointing".

Diame has 4 goals/3 assists in 41 games for West Ham this season, and whilst that's not fantastic, it's 7 goals/assists more than Lucas, and six more than Joe Allen.

When asked about his future in April, Diame told reporters:

"Liverpool? I can’t tell you if I will be a Liverpool player next season, but I think my name is still on their wanted list. I don’t hide it, I’m ambitious and I want to join a top-six side. I am 26 years old and it’s time to take that step".

Prior to having his contract terminated, Kenny Dalgish pinpointed Diame as a possible free transfer signing in the summer. Liverpool's interest ended when Dalglish left, and the 24-year admits he was 'sad' to miss out on the move. He told the Liverpool Echo:

“I met with Kenny Dalglish and we talked about next season [2012-2013], but God decided to finish this situation. It is true I was very sad in my head as I was thinking to go there”

In a recent column for the Liverpool Echo , Aldo heaped praise on Diame:, enthusing:

"I would urge Liverpool to keep tabs on Mohamed Diame. He is a brute of a midfielder. A tremendous player and so strong and powerful in that central role, and he is exactly what the Reds need in there".

Jamie Redknapp is also a fan, and after watching him dominate Chelsea's midfield during West Ham's 3-1 victory in December 2013, he wrote:

"I like the look of Mohamed Diame at West Ham; he’s a cross between Patrick Vieira and Yaya Toure. He overpowered Chelsea’s midfield on Saturday. Can West Ham keep him? He came on a free and has an agreed get-out clause. There will be lots of interest now".

Diame definitely has a £3.5m (€5m) buyout clause in his contract, but Fulham put in a bid of £7.5 during the January transfer window, so the chance to get him on the cheap is probably slim.

It seems like Liverpool fans have been calling for Diame (or a player in a similar mould) for years now, and as a squad player - with potential to become a regular - he'd be a good buy this summer (IMO). Liverpool don't currently have a player like Diame in the squad, and he'd add something different to both Lucas and Allen.

Collymore's complaint seems a little unfair to me; it presupposes that Diame is an attacking midfielder, which he isn't. He's a central midfielder with defensive responsibilities, and his goals/assist return is only slightly lower than Hendo's.

Put Diame in a better team, with superior players, and he'll probably be an asset.




  1. Rodgers belief in small pint sized midfielders is baffling. He is stubborn in his philosophy and our Midfielders crumble under pressure leading to goals conceded. I wish for a Souness , Mcmahon , Mcdermott type of player in the middle of the park. No nonsense, hard players with skill.
    Diame or any player with such skill set will not be coming for sure. Not under Rodgers anyway.

  2. you can have him not up to standard this season no big loss to the hammers but if the pool think they are going to push on with signings like this you can think again.

  3. Everytime he is on the ball, he is thinking: "Close eyes. Run. Use power. Use pace". Love the look of it until he loose the ball with a bad pass or by over-doing it.

  4. Diame would be a great addition, without Hendo we look lightweight! Diame CAN play football, he's not just a brute! Chelsea outmuscled us with Matic & Mikel. City have Fernandinho & Toure. I say we take advantage & get him whilst arsenal, Man U stick lightweight players! Sorry to say this but Stevie G'a legs are almost gone Geordies first goal was because he couldn't track back fast enough. Diame has legs & the attacking instinct that we miss!

  5. Would be a risk for £7-8M. It might have been a good move a couple of years ago with time to develop but not sure he's shown enough recently to add to the midfield. He could be another one in that price range who ends up sitting on the bench

  6. Yeah midfielders need to be giants. All the top midfielders are. I mean, Xavi, Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, Pirlo, Fabregas, Modric. Giants all.

  7. If there is one midfielder I would love us to sign it would be Strootman of Roma. He´s injured now and only a year into his contract but he´ll be fit by the time the season starts. We could make Borini part of the deal in which case 20 million maximum should settle it. Having Gerrard, Allen, Henderson, Strootman, Lallana and Coutinho as midfield options should set us up fine for next season. Lucas can leiva..sorry...and the youngsters can jump in for league cup matches so the others can focus on the 60 plus matches we will play to win our treble. Well actually quadruple considering the youngsters will bring us the milk cup.

  8. The three above mentioned players were not giants. But hard tackling midfielders. A must have in a top team.

  9. Defence or DM is a priority.
    If he could be bought for £3.5 then that would be a decent price.

  10. Yaya toure, Schweinsteiger, viera, busquets you need such a type of player in your team!

  11. nooooooooooooooo

  12. Slipperie_Slope11:19 am, May 13, 2014

    We do need a player of his mould in the squad, but I'm still unconvinced by Diame. My scepticism could be mis-placed and at a relatively low price it probably is a chance worth taking.

    I see Chelsea and Athletico have agreed terms for Costa according to Sky, thank god they didn't have him last year. He's filthy but he's very good, will fit perfectly into PL I think.
    Lets do our own business early this year.

  13. Errr....Gerrard...

  14. I mean...he has had impressive games to be honest and we do need a player of his style in the team, much better defensively than what we currently have.

    With Lucas "allegedly" wanting to leave Liverpool then we need a better replacement, I love Lucas but he has stalled for a while.

    Bring in Diame and another DM Beast.

  15. If we're going to sign a specialist defensive mid then I think we'd aim higher than this. Lucas might not get the goals and assists but in terms of his actual job he's still very good. He intercepts well, makes tackles and has a high pass completion rate when playing at the back. I don't see really that Diame offers more than that. We don't have any trouble scoring goals at Liverpool, I think the suggestion we need to improve in that area is nonsense. The improvement we need to see in midfield is supporting the defensive line, not getting up the pitch and "bursting through the pack". Seems like entirely the wrong priority.

  16. Steven Gerrard?

  17. I like Lucas a lot but his pace is a real worry and it limits him to only being able to play in one position. In a more advanced position guys like Hendo and Coutinho are always more valuable to the team. We could end up selling Lucas and having Allen as Gerrard's dedicated number 2. However next season, when the opportunity is there, I'm sure Lucas and Allen can play as a pair in front of the defence and that alone would sort a lot of problems out, IMO anyways.

    A few people had a go at the team for not striving for more goals towards the end of the Newcastle match. We didn't risk too much and instead, we controlled the situation. We need more of that next season. People have forced themselves to accept the consolation of playing eye catching stuff, and preferring that over tangible success because the best chance we've ever had to win the PL slipped away. We can achieve both, Rodgers just needs to set up the team accordingly.

  18. So are you just impressed by the supposed attitude of the player? Lucas or Allen may not seem like Diame kind of players but they are better tacklers. Lucas makes more per game and Allen effects a higher percentage. What does Diame do that they don't?

  19. Allen can play that quicker game further up the field, he's the general purpose backup mid-fielder in all roles while Lucas can be Gerrard's number 2. I agree he's not so useful in the advanced role,not the way we play, but then we have to remember that he hasn't played there his entire Liverpool career. He's adapted before and Rodgers has shown how players can adapt and improve under his management. Still, I think if we're going to sign a DM they would need to be a significant upgrade over Lucas. Diame certainly isn't that player.

  20. This guy is nowhere near good enough for me, to make the step up to regular title challengers we need proven champions league quality. I know he'd be expensive but Javi Martinez is gonna be available, plays defensive midfielder or centre back and is the right age. Brendan pull out all the stops and get Martinez, forget Diame.

  21. If they were to bring in Diame he would be used mainly as a sub and a bit part player i think his physicality would add a new dimension to the midfield.
    Sure we have some good tacklers in Lucas and Gerrard but this guy can come on and change games and will not be pushed around by the likes of Chelsea.
    Personally id like to see Allen and Lucas go they are looking increasingly injury prone and Diame and a more expensive option explored.

  22. Perhaps I just don't (can't) watch enough of West Ham but I honestly don't see what the hype is with this player. Is it just that he is strong? He isn't technically all that good and his defensive stats are as bad as his attacking stats and passing % under 80? Can't see this ever happening and I am still yet convinced by any argument that he would be a good player for us. What does he actually do?

  23. Tough tackling? Does that mean their tackles are harder? Or they make more tackles as Joe Allen makes more tackles per game than Diame so it's not about size.

  24. He would be a waste of £7-8 million. I

  25. Better defensively in what way? Better header of the ball perhaps but makes less interceptions and tackles in a more defensive team than players we currently have.

  26. I agree, he's very clumsy on the ball and doesn't get many goals. We already have enough midfielders who don't score much. Think it says a lot that this guy has a release clause in his contract which is quite low but yet he's still at West Ham.

  27. If B Rodgers is looking at bringing in quick powerful attacking centre midfielder he should bring in M Sissoko(22) Of Newcastle for £5-£7M.

    And play him in centre Midfield, Newcastle play him out wide as he has pace and power, but he could be lethal playing in centre midfield.

  28. I was disdapointed we didn't get him last year much better option than Diame but now we have CL I think we can aim higher. Decent squad player though.

  29. You forgot the gargantuan Santi Cazorla;-)

  30. Don't scream at me but I wonder if we could pry Kevin Mirallas away form Everton.

  31. I think B Rodgers needs to ship out 11 players first and foremost of the club books this summer along with the. 2/ two comical poor loan signings . (13 Players)

    To bring in £30-£40M worth of cash on sales from: 11

    GK: B Jones(32) GK: P Reina(31)

    CB: S Coates(23) CB: K Toure(33) RB: M Kelly(23)

    DM: L Leiva(27) CM: J Allen(24)

    AM: L Alberto(21) RW: O Assaidi(25)

    FD: I Aspas(25) FD: F Borini(22)

    Plus: 2: LB: A Cissokho(26) LW: V Moses(22)

    B Rodgers could and should bring in these 4 Centre Midfielders this summer: 2 Mobile physical ball playing midfielders and 2 mobile small nibbly classy creative midfielders. So Rodgers has physical presence options in centre of park also

    DM: Y M'Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan for £8-£10

    CM: I Rakitic(25) Of Seville for £15-£20M

    CM: M Sissoko(22) Of Newcastle for £5-£7M

    AM: A Lallana(26) Of Southampton for £17-£22M Max

    But his priority should be these 4 Defensive positions:

    GK: M Vorm(30) Of Swansea for £4-£6M

    CB: D Lovren(24) Of Southampton for £12-£16M

    CB: S Caulker(22) Of Cardiff for £5-£7M

    LB: A Moreno Perez(21) Of Seville for £8-£10M

    This summer 13 players need to be shipped out of club. And Rodgers could/may bring in £45-£55M on player sales. Along with the £70M he has been promised by owners, B Rodgers should bring the 8 class quality players i mentioned above and these two: This summer:

    LW : Y Konplyanka(25) Of Dnipro for £12-£16M

    FD: L Remy(27) Of QPR for £8-£14M

    13 players need to be shown door and 10 class quality players need to be brought into club. So there will good class quality competition in very position at club

    And strong bench in all competitions:

    GK'S: Mignolet(25) and Vorm(30) competing

    RB'S: Johnson(29) and Flannagan(21) competing

    LB: Enrique(27) and Perez(21) competing

    CB: Skrtel(29) and Lovren(24) Competing

    CB: Agger(29), Sakho(23) and Caulker(22) Competing

    DM :Gerrard(33) and M'Vila(23) Competing

    CM:Henderson(23), Rakitic(25) and Sissoko(22) Competing

    AM:Coutinho(21),Lallana(26) and Suso(20) Competing

    RW: R Sterling(19) and Ibe(18) competing

    LW: Y Konoplyanka(25)

    FD: Remy(27), Sturridge(24) and Suarez(27) competing

    Squad class depth and quality is what is needed