12 May 2014

Mistake? - BR wants 'excellent' €30m Argentina star with 14 bans/injuries in 3 years

The full-back positions are a massive transfer priority for Liverpool this summer, and Sporting Lisbon left-back Marcos Rojo is the latest in a long-line of players to be linked with a summer move to Anfield.

According to newspaper reports in Italy and Portugal this week:

* Liverpool are interested in signing Rojo this summer.

* Reds scouts watched Rojo in action during Lisbon's 1-0 home defeat to Estoril on Sunday, during which the Argentine defender gave away a penalty (!)

Some further info about Rojo:

* Current contract expires in 2016,
* €30m release clause in his contract.
* Main position is left-back, but he can also play as a central defender.
* Has played as a centre-back quite a few times for Lisbon this season.
* 20 appearances for the Argentina national team.

When asked recently about Rojo's future, the player's Agent told Italian newspaper Tutto Mercato:

"He [Rojo] is having an excellent season, and it is pleasing that big clubs can see that, but at the moment there is nothing concrete. In the summer we will see if there are further developments"

Rojo's reputation seems to be growing, but there are some major issues to consider:

* Like Daniel Sturridge, Rojo appears to be injury prone, and since 2011, he's suffered seven separate injuries, including two knee problems.

* With five red cards and seven suspensions in the last two seasons, Rojo also appears to be a bit of a hot-head on the field.

As a result of injuries and suspension, Rojo has made only 46 appearances in the last two years, averaging a paltry 23 games a season.

Injuries and disciplinary problems also curtailed Rojo's time at Spartak Moscow, where he made just 17 appearances during the 2011-12 season.

€30m for a rash, indisciplined injury-prone head-case? No thanks.



  1. Doesn't seem great value.

    I think we should cozy up to Dortmund and bid for Schmelzer and Gundogan (as a long term Gerrard replacement/competition for Hendo and Gerrard, starting often).

  2. 30 mil may be his buyout clause but he won't cost anything like that much

  3. B Rodgers should forget about this guy and bring one of these left backs to the club this summer to compete with a fully fit injury free: J Enrique(27)

    1: S untiti(20) Of Lyon
    2: B Davies(20) Of Swansea
    3: A Moreno Perez(21) Of Seville

    One of these left backs should be signed for £6-£12M maximum

  4. Rojo means red - guess he's living up to his name.

  5. hmm..I honestly didn't know about his temper, though I don't watch portugal enough to notice. Though I did think he was an excellent target up until this point. His play on the field is phenomenal imo for LFC, but I don't want another Aurelio with injuries... IF we are confident that our Med squad can get that under control and BR can iron his rashness out, I'd take him for around 5-10 mil, depending on WC performance. However, that is a big IF and we should probably go for targets a little more expensive but less risky, like say Schmelzer or Moreno, even Erkin would be worth a shot if cheap. Enrique isn't THAT bad if we end up with him starting, and anyone linked atm would be better than Cissokho (sorry, nice guy but...lacking...)

  6. re-read that 1st part... I'm basing my opinion of Rojo on youtube videos, which admittedly isn't the best place to get anything but highlights, but I still think that he looks perfect for LFC game style....question is he good enough in terms of skill level and can he sort himself out mentally and physically.

  7. no not the player we need

  8. There is no way we will pay that sum for him but I doubt anyone will. If we are actually interested I would bet we could get him much much cheaper. But that hasn't worked out for us too often though.

  9. If we are looking for a left back, lets look no further than Alberto Moreno and/or Kevin Grosskreutz, in the midfield we need not waste time and just secure any of, if not all, Konoplyanka, Rakitic and Antoine Griezman, then we bring back Illori, Suso and Borini from loans, that should keep our spending below 70m, without selling any players

  10. Rojo's class mate but i didn't know about his injury & disciplinary problems until now. We'd need our medics to do their homework & BR would need to have an open & frank convo with the player about his temper but i'd have no worries if Brendan was happy to sign him after that. He originally a CB but has played at LB most of this season with no drop in standards at all... v.good player!

  11. I think we are making a mistake not going for Shaw but going for Lallana. We should get Shaw and Firminho (although Adam seems more versatile) I think those transfer deals would work out better for us in the long run. Lallana is 26, while both Shaw and Firminho are or below or in their early 20's and are teriffic prospects