15 May 2014

Transfer Massacre: BR to axe 11 stars worth £71m this summer. Full list revealed

Watch Out! Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is set to wield the axe this summer, and dump a whole raft of players deemed surplus to requirements.

According to The Guardian today, LFC are 'open to offers' for all of the following:

- Suso
- Kolo Toure
- Martin Kelly
- Lucas (£15m-rated)
- Pepe Reina (£6m-rated)
- Iago Aspas (Cost £7.7m)

- Fabio Borini (Cost £11m)
- Luis Alberto (Cost: £6.8m)
- Daniel Agger (£15m-rated)
- Oussama Assaidi (Cost £3m)
- Sebastian Coates (cost £7m)

To be honest, it's hard to argue with any of these players leaving the club. Indeed, five of the alleged outgoing players are Rodgers' own signings, which tells its own story.

* Aspas and Alberto is a no-brainer. As I've argued all season, they're a total waste of £14m, and the club will be lucky to scrape back 50% of the combined fee. All this nonsense about Alberto being 'one for the future' is just wishful-thinking; Rodgers made a mistake, and he clearly plans to rectify it.

* The same applies to Borini and Assaidi. Neither player is ever going to make it at Anfield. Borini has found his level at Sunderland, and for the sake of his career, he should stay there and player regular first-team football. Sunderland and Stoke have made it clear that they want to sign both players, so it shouldn't be a problem.

* Reina leaving has been on the cards for ages, so that's no surprise. He's well and truly burned his bridges at Anfield, and it's only a matter of time now before he's gone for good.

* Agger and Lucas are solid performers, but their time is up. They're relics of the Benitez era, and the team has moved on and passed them by. Neither is the player they used to be, and both are increasingly being used as squad players. It's harsh, but there's no room for sentiment.

* Kelly is too injury prone, and I personally feel he's never going to cut it as a first-team regular.

The only disappointment on the list is Suso. Outside of an attitude problem of some kind (for which there is zero evidence) I can't see any reason for allowing him to leave. The Spaniard has bags of talent/potential, and with the right coaching/opportunity, he could develop into a top-class attacking midfielder.

It still gets my goat that Rodgers spent £7m on Alberto, and sent Suso on loan. He should've just kept Suso, and used the £7m on a different player. One of the most pointless transfers in recent years (IMO).

Irrespective of what The Guardian states, it seems unlikely that Rodgers will scrap 11 players in one summer. With four competitions to navigate next season, Liverpool need to increase numbers, not drastically thin out the squad.

Plus, every player who leaves will need to be replaced, and integrating multiple players into the squad at the same time is a disaster waiting to happen. Just ask Spurs.

From the above list, I would keep Agger, Lucas, Suso, and (possibly) Borini as squad players, and I get the feeling that all four will be fine with that.

As for the rest? Sell to the highest bidder.



  1. What worries me is that this is not the first time BR talked about bringing top players to Anfield. Almost 50% of that list are BR's buys and it doesn't include Allen, who is yet to justify his £15M price tag.

  2. True banoog, but this is the first time it looks like rodgers will have support from fsg to back his words. He has delivered above-par season the owners and they have to reward him with whatever he wants. (IMO)

  3. All these players except Agger and Lucas are not even fit for the bench hence they need to be moved out but we need to replace them with atleast another 4-5 players to make the bench and 2 world class players for the starting 11

  4. I hope you're right. But my main contention has not been the amount of money spent, but the way in which the money has been spent. Whether there's £70M or £170M to spend, we'd be better served by a few top quality players rather than several very average players.

  5. Still with the "if we hadn't spend money on xyz then we could have spent it on someone else". What 7 million pound rated player out there should we have bought with the money? And if they were a genuine target, what stopped us from buying Alberto AND that player? I think there is zero evidence that spending on Alberto restricted spending elsewhere. Provide something to back that up, otherwise it's just speculation and your goat is being got for no good reason.

    Anyway on Alberto Rodgers has specifically and recently said "we will review his development come the summer". He'll probably go on loan. He won't be sold. Similar recent comments for Borini who I expect to be in the regular squad.

    Out of that list I expect the following to be sold: Suso, Reina, Assaidi and Coates. Maybe Kelly.

    The rest will be kept because as you pointed out it's not very bright to go making mass changes when you've just had your best league season in a number of years. The players we sell will be the players we haven't used at all. If a player was used in the season just gone I expect them to stay. It's different for Borini but I think he's shown his ability. He's scored goals at a PL level and he's a good player, I think he and Aspas they are perfectly acceptable back-up strikers.

    I think fans need to differentiate between selling players to fund other purchases and selling players for some other reason. I don't think we need to sell to buy, I think that would be dangerous. Otherwise there is no problem with having guys like Lucas and Borini in the side. If it's just money on wages and potential lost transfer then ... OK, money is important, but injuries will happen and we should not throw out players who know our system and have shown themselves as capable in the past. We need a good squad and someone like Lucas in particular is a player who was a regular starter for us for a couple of years in a row.

  6. that list is a fake guardian lost all of its credibility with that one as any list of summer clearouts that does not include glen johnson is false next time gaurdian

  7. I agree with the above list:
    1.wht is the use of buyin a player and not playing him?
    Answer: A total waste of money(Aspas,Alberto,Borini,Assaidi,Suso,Toure)

    2.wht about fringe players already existing from 3 to 4 years in the squad
    Answer :Sell the players who are a dead wood and Keep the best fringe players for squad depth as we are playing Champions league and need to cover for any sudden injuries to 1st team players(Sell : Coates,Kelly,Reina,Brad Jones)
    (Players on Bench For Squad Depth : Agger,Lucas)

    Finally we get atleast 30M even if the above mentioned players go for minimum selling price.Therefore 30M plus 60M(transfer budget) i.e 90M is enough to get 7 players(1LB,1CB,1CDM,1CAM,1LW,1ST,1GK) to compete for champions league.
    I completely disagree with Brendan Rodgers sayin 2 quality players are enough as we need both quality and quantity(Unfortunately his transfers are not gud enough and too many fringe players in the squad)...so we need Quality and Quanity(7 players must)

  8. Last summer was an emotional nightmare with LFC being 'linked', 'in the pole position','interested', 'tracking', half of the civilized soccer world. Logic says with CL games, we will need 2 full squads for each position. That means we need to be Chelsea with two full groups of strikers, mids, backs and goalie. Assuming we have some kids worth elevating, (Ibe, texeira, suso,), we need replacements for first team, as has been detailed by tons of us. (Defensive backs, defensive mid and attacking mid). These guys MUST be top class not Allen's,Aspas',Alberto's or Moses's or even Lucas. I think should and will only sell enough players to net us 2 full squads of players we can go to war with, not dart throws. The best thing we can do is seek real quality especially for the first team and then not diddle around like we did with Salah and a bunch of other guys. I hope and believe BR knows where he went wrong, like the guys listed above, and secure proven quality, period.......

  9. True that, my friend...........

  10. B Rodgers should keep Suso(20) and Agger(29). And instead get rid of his Love child J Allen(24) . Suso(20) is a class quality player and in next two years could be something special, we should not sell him at all.

    B Rodgers needs to think about squad and team, not his personal differences with D Agger(29). D Agger(29) is a leader and vice captain of club, he loves the club, loves the fans. He is red through and through, he lacks mobility, pace, speed and strength. But he is best ball playing centre back in world football.

    And B Jones(32) should be shipped out this summer instead of D Agger(29)

    B Rodgers should sort his differences with D Agger(29) and keep him at the club:

    B Rodgers should bring in these two centre backs this summer: £24M
    D Lovren(24) Of Southampton for £12-£16M
    S Caulker(22) Of Cardiff for £5-£8M

    And then next season we could have strong centre back partnerships:

    D Lovren(24) and M Sakho(23)
    S Caulker(22) and D Agger(29)
    M Skrtel(29) and D Agger(29)
    S Caulker(22) and M Sakho(23)
    D Lovren(24) and M Skrtel(29)

    B Rodgers needs to ship out the 11 players mentioned except Agger(29) and Suso(20) who should be kept at club and B Jones(32) and J Allen(24) should take their places on the list.

    Along with the shocking wasteful loan signings: LB; A cissokho(27)
    LW: V Moses(22)

    Selling those 11 players should bring B Rodgers £45-£55M along with the £60-£70M B Rodgers has been promised by owners.

    B Rodgers along with the Two centre backs above should bring in 4 more class quality defensive players and 4 class quality creative mobile players:

    The Four Defensive players needed for combined total of: £21-£32M

    GK: M Vorm(30) Of Swansea or A Mccarthy(24) Of Reading for £4-£7M
    RB: N Clyne(23) Of Southampton for £5-£8M
    LB: B Davies(20) Of Swansea for £4-£7M
    DM: Y M'Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan for £8-£10M

    4 Attacking players for combined total of: £70M
    CM: I Rakitic(25) Of Seville for £18-£22M
    AM: A Lallana(26) Of Southampton for £18-£22M
    LW: Y Konoplyanka(25) Of Dnipro for £14-£16M
    FD: L Remy(27) Of QPR for £7-£10M

  11. Well said, and spot on!!!

  12. Totally agree with you that all of the above minus maybe Suso could/should be moved out. However, I've said it before but do we really know the signings last summer were Brendan's call above anyone else's? Unless its been stated somewhere I'm not sure we can lay the blame purely on his shoulders for the hires of Aspas, Alberto, etc.

  13. Let's wait and see what's in store this summer, we need smart quality signings, not quantity. Plus Champions league will help out as well..... Plus the daily Suarez rumors and rumors in general, can be annoying. July 1st can't come soon enough.

  14. sell them all..

  15. I've read all the comments posted above. Unsurprisingly there's too many fifa14 managers who thought they're better than our gaffer.

  16. I'd definitely keep Borini. He's 23, fast and proved himself in a struggling Sunderland side - He has earned a reprieve IMO. Suso has the potential to be a great player and I would keep him too. Alberto I have no idea about, and the rest can go. Lucas and Agger have been great for us, but I don't see them getting any game time next year, so we should cash in now

  17. I doubt the guardian have any particular insight. They are probaly just doing what the fans do and loking at the players not playing or out of favour, You might aso add Enrique.

    I agree with you that they probably won't all go.and aso agree your "keeps"

  18. No chance of all of them going out, we are adding to the squad not ripping it up, a few will leave but not many.

  19. I would only keep Agger and Suso. Allowing the Dane to leave would leave us with Sakho and Skrtel so money would have to be spread thin again. And anyway, I am not convinced Sakho will ever cut it. Tbh, I'd sell him before I did Agger! Suso is the Jonjo transfer all over again so I'm sure hè won't be back.

  20. If it was just about money I'd agree with you, but we need cover in midfield and defence for those times when we get hit with injury. Even if we bought a quality attacking mid and another deeper lying midfield player there are times when injuries will mount up and players will need a rest. I'd much rather have Lucas getting time in early round cup matches than pressing Gerrard to play every game. We want to get stuck into every competition and we just don't have any young mid-fielders coming through the ranks.

  21. Lucas and Agger are on too high wages to be squad players - we need to sell both.
    Suso replaces Alberto and Borini replaces Aspas in the squad.
    Personally I'd keep Kelly as well.

  22. The Guardian doesn't say we will scrap those players just listen to offers for some of those players and things are uncertain about others. There is a good deal of speculation in this article and it is presented as such. It seems slightly disingenuous to suggest the author of the Guardian article is saying we are likely to get rid of all those players.

    On another topic does anyone else think that Rodgers barely playing Aspas and Alberto (after a protracted pursuit) and now seemingly willing to listen to offers, once again brings up the question of who actually signs players at Liverpool? Would Rodgers have given more game time to his own signings? Would he be willing to get rid so soon? There are many journalists of broadsheet and tabloid alike who believe the committee power head is not Rodgers. I am not suggesting that we have any real proof either way right now but I think that this transfer window and the fact that Rodgers is yet to sign a new contract suggest that he lacks but wants more sway in the transfer decisions.

  23. The Guardian doesn't say we will scrap those players just listen to
    offers for some of those players and things are uncertain about others.
    There is a good deal of speculation in this article and it is presented
    as such. It seems slightly to suggest the author of the
    Guardian article is saying we are likely to get rid of all those
    players.On another topic does anyone else think that Rodgers
    barely playing Aspas and Alberto (after a protracted pursuit) and now
    seemingly willing to listen to offers, once again brings up the question
    of who actually signs players at Liverpool? Would Rodgers have given
    more game time to his own signings? Would he be willing to get rid so
    soon? There are many journalists of broadsheet and tabloid alike who
    believe the committee power head is not Rodgers. I am not suggesting
    that we have any real proof either way right now but I think that this
    transfer window and the fact that Rodgers is yet to sign a new contract
    suggest that he lacks but wants more sway in the transfer decisions

  24. Read the actual article. They don't suggest we ARE getting rid of all those players despite what Jaimie said. I have written a post about this very thing which is awaiting moderation.

  25. Some good discussion here on a topic that is always bound to polarise opinion. Honestly, I would be reluctant to sell many, we have a few comps to look out for next season, so the more players available, the better.
    For starters, the only players in the whole squad that I'd be looking to get rid of (aside from the disappointing loanees going back to their clubs) are Lucas, Johnson, Pepe and possibly Iago.

    From that list (which is, of course fake, if such a list existed, there's no way that management would allow the guardian to get hold of it, come on guys!), I would be loaning out Assaidi, Alberto and Suso for different reasons. Assaidi and Alberto because they need one or two seasons of semi regular football for a lower table side to see if they will be worth anything. Suso I would loan only because we are looking at some top class Attacking Mids like Lallana, Kono, Carvalho, Griezmann etc and with a few world class players, he may not get a look in and the kid needs constant game time for his development. I'd like to see him spend a year at a Swansea, Southampton or Sunderland.

    Lest we forget the bile that most of you spat at Hendo and Flano, and quite a few barbs were aimed at Raheem too. Lets give these guys time, they arent costing much by way of wages and we will just be throwing away money by selling them now. Look at Borini, before Sunderland you wouldnt get £3m for him, but now he'd be pushing up towards what we paid for him.

    Kolo, Dagger, Fabio, Kelly, Coates and even Iago provide some squad depth for when we play in the Capital One and early rounds of the FA, but if it comes to it and we need to sell, I owuldnt be upset if any of them went (except Dagger, I freaking love that guy).

    End of the day, if you change up too much, squad cohesion goes out of the window (Spurs). If you don't change it up, the squad goes stale/complacent (Barcelona). Essentially we want to avoid what happened after our 08/09 season and make sure we keep on kicking. Stay hungry, stay focused and get ready to knock the shite off our f****ng perch!


  26. Martin Kelly, Jack Robinson, Conor Coady also not good enough but we don't want to mention them on here cus they're British.

  27. Who signed Ibe?

  28. quite surprised suso is on that list and johnson and enrique aren't. and how about the tv earnings? any of that record amount going towards brendans war chest?

  29. disingenuous

  30. This is a list from the Guardian, correct? It's not a press release from LFC, or even a quote from Rodgers. The season is over, journalists are guessing. There's good logic to the list, a bunch of educated guesses in my opinion. But nothing concrete.

    My opinion is as follows:

    Toure - great attitude, I love his personality, but unfortunately he is a yard off the pace. Pity we didn't get him 5 years ago. His back pass against WBA, his sliced OG against Fulham, etc

    Agger, great servant to the club but has lost something. He'll do well in a slower league, maybe Italy. Sell him.

    Reina, Aspas, Assaidi - just sell

    Alberto - didn't get much game time, so loan him out, then review next summer

    Suso - bring him back. He'll be challenging with Texeira for Coutinho's place. A healthy situation for us. Especially when we need bus drivers to unlock defensive teams like West Ham, Sunderland and Chelsea.

    Kelly - Would be a shame to let him go, local lad who had lots of promise. I don't know enough about his injury status, let the medical staff decide. If we do sell we won't get much for him, so no rush.

    Coates - let's see how he gets on at the World Cup. There's still some sort of anomaly that a Uruguay first team defender can't make it in the PL. This year he's been injured a lot. If he has a good showing in Brazil I'd give him 1 more year. In fact, I suspect Rodger has already told him he's playing for his LFC future.

    Lucas - definitely a squad player now. My instinct is to keep him. However, we've been linked to about 10 midfield players, including defensive ones. So I reserve judgment until I see who we get.

  31. I mean, it's the Guardian, so it's at least a *well* educated guess -- a good grammar, then Cambridge, before journalism at Cornell and that difficult year on the internship.

  32. Remember it is the current youthful / yet to reach potential philosophy that got us here so dont expect fireworks this summer

    I can see 4 "big names" leaving in Reina, Johnson, Agger and Lucas and a few fringe players leaving going on loan

    60+ transfer kitty doesnt buy lots of "world class players" so expect 1 player in the 20+ mill mark and a few around 10-15

    But whatever happens lets do it quick, Ayres' dithering is the problem

  33. We have Teixeira and Rossiter coming though the ranks; Rossiter was player of the season in the U21s this year -- at the age of 17. He's got great potential. If Teixeira can add some more aggression and appetite to his game, he'll be able to thrive in the side.

  34. Note sure with the Aspas, But Alberto needs to be loan out to a premier league time. He has shown his caliber whenever he played. His passes are much better than both Allen and lucas. He just needs more time play in premier league.

  35. I agree with who you would keep, I would like to keep Alberto for another season or two and chuck him on when we are winning 3-0+. Definately Borini and Suso. I worry about Lucas and Agger though, I love them both but if their wages and transfer fee allow a BIG player in, then maybe we should consider it.

  36. I'd rather play with Lucas. If it's just a choice on pure footballing terms I think Lucas is clearly the better option than anyone else we've got coming through. I don't quite understand where all the Lucas-related angst has come from. I think Liverpool fans have always had it in for him and as soon as he does something a bit sub-standard they're all over him. He's played for Brazil, he's not by any stretch of the imagination a bad player.

  37. It seems like a reasonable list. Although Alberto could still turn out to be a good player, its hard to judge, as he didn't get loads of playing time. But like you say, I don't know why we signed him when we have Suso.
    I would probably keep Suso, and maybe Alberto and Coates. But if a good bid came in then I think it would be sensible to let them go.
    I hope to see more of Ilori next season.

  38. Jamie, I've just watched the highlights of the Shamrock game. How about an article discussing existing players likely to break through this season? Who will be the new Sterling and Flano?

    As a start, I'll pick the obvious ones out.

    Jordan Ibe looks fantastic. His finishing lacked a little composure last night, but I remember him scoring easily enough last summer in friendlies. His ridiculously fast and reminds me of Bale. Instead of doing step overs and feints he just runs around players.

    Andre Wisdom has done well at Derby - I think I read he's played every game since being loaned out, 36 in total so far. He was already pretty good the year before.

    How about the others? Suso, Teixiera to challenge Coutinho? Jack Dunn scored with his first touch last night, and looked more assured and confident than either Borini or Aspas.

  39. Why stop at two squads? We could have two managers, two stadiums...

    Our level at the moment would be a club like Borussia Dortmund or Atletico Madrid. BvB had 18 players make 10 or more appearances this season. But they still leaned most heavily on a core of about 10 established players who made 20 or more.

    Smaller squads may be inherently better. The best team I've ever seen, the Barcelona of 2011, also had a surprisingly "thin" squad, with a core of 8 or 9 established players, supported by good squad players, with a further array of youngsters making up the numbers or getting experience over the course of the season.

    We don't need, and we really can't afford, two squads of "proven quality":.We can be fine with a core of established, proven players. The rest can be promising youngsters -- "ones for the future" -- reliable squad players, and so on; the ones that make progress or bring something special to the squad can stay, the ones that don't, can go.

    Stockpiling players like Chelsea or Man City, having distinct squads for both major competitions, as well as reserves for the cups, is bad for football; and an unnecessary, even a bad, strategy, in my opinion, for a club that wants to have a strong long-term future. The one thing I'd learn from Tottenham is that signing a stack of players at once brings its own problems.

  40. Of course spending £7M on Alberto restricted spending elsewhere. You have a budget to spend on players. You spend £7M on Alberto, so you can't spend it on anyone else. It really isn't rocket science!

  41. I agree with you, but I'm concerned that the most recent injury has taken a lot out of Lucas in terms of fitness and confidence. I think the spark has gone from his game. Maybe it'll come back. But at his age it starts to get very difficult. I'm not saying I *want* this to happen, but I wouldn't be surprised if he moved to Italy or Spain this summer. He might still do a job as anchor-man for a steadier side than Liverpool.

  42. We absolutely need to get rid of all of these players, and a host of young players, some of whom are on loan, and some of whom are at the club. I'm talking about the likes of Coady, Ngoo and McLaughlin who are not going to ever make it to the first team in competitive matches. It is best for club and players if those who will not make it are allowed to move on to a club at the level they belong.Our squad is awash with substandard players and it needs to be swept clean to allow young players who show genuine promise to progress.

  43. he should put Allen on that list and Agger should be our first CB

  44. Jermaine Shanahan11:19 am, May 15, 2014

    I would be highly disgusted if BR was to sell Suso, Agger and Lucas with the former being of very high potential and quality with the latter two being experienced and committed to the cause.
    Aspas and Borini are not going to cut it at Liverpool the same as Coates so for me they can leave.
    I think Alberto needs to go on loan to a premiership team for the season and asses him after, the same goes with Kelly who needs to prove he can stay fit and injury free for the season.
    Reina and Assaidi appear to want to leave THE best club in existence so let them.
    Which leaves Kolo who I have always liked for his passion and friendly nature, but as said in this article for others there is no room for sentiment as he made errors last season and didn't look confident for the majority of the season. Ynwa Jft 96

  45. isnt that why we go for the younger players because if they dont have what it takes you can sell them on for decent money still..

  46. imagine having that cash and getting reus hummels shaw (80-90mil) and then 3-4 10 mil cheaper prospects..

  47. Muhammad Ibrahim11:54 am, May 15, 2014

    I think BR knows he needs a good overhaul. Most specifically of the players not contributing to the first 11 and players where we can get improvements.

    If we have the reported 60-70m funds already in place we get decent money for some of our players we might want to move on.

    Reina (5-6mil)

    Jones (250k-500k)

    Johnson (6-9m) - Not good enough defensively

    Coates (2-5m)

    Skrtel (9-15m) - Good season but we can better now that we are in the CL

    Agger (7-14m) - Good but too injury prone

    Kelly (1-2m) - Injuries look as though have ruined him. It is a shame we could have had a decent CB/RB for many years.

    Enrique (3-7m)

    Lucas (8-14) - Not quick enough, it him or Gerrard we cant carry both for lack of legs when other teams come at with real intent.

    Allen (5-10m) - I know BR will not do but is on my list. He is decent but lacks the physical presence when we need it, which showed and in the last number of games we really missed Hendo for the that very reason.

    Alberto (2-4m) - Decent technique but is not quick enough.

    Assaidi (4-6m) - We can do better and need some height in such positions for a long season.

    Aspas (3-5m) - Decent technique but is a real light weight. Not made for the PL. He is not getting any younger hence must move on.

    That would give us about 56m (to the lower value) on top of existing budget which might total up to about 130m.


    Keeping Toure for the experience and to plays against the lower league team in the FA and League cup to help bring on youngsters.


    Lucas Digne/Luke Shaw/Moreno (6-20m)

    Caulker (5-7m)

    Jonathan Tah (4-7m)

    Micah Richards (Hearing he may be able to come on a free or very cheap)

    (Using Tiago Illori, Wisdom, Flanagan, Robinson also in the sqaud)

    Lars Bender/Romulo (8-15m)

    Mateo Kovacic (8-16m)

    Will Hughes (8-15m)

    Son Hueng Min (9-16m)

    Yevgen Konoplyanka (11-16m)

    Lukaku (18-22m)

  48. Heard of a rumour of Cavani to Liverpool if Suarez leaves...why not both!?

  49. About time too, pity about Agger, though i suppose his time is up though, why is Johnson not on the list? he's sh1te.

  50. yeah, would put Sturridges nose out. keep Suarez happy too.

  51. I wouldnt like to see agger, alberto, borini and suso leave but the rest I understand would probably leave. Lucas I would be very surprised if he left but if he does it would be because rodgers wants stevieG and another UCL defensive mid. In rodgers we trust ywna :)

  52. I would certainly keep Agger - much better than Sack of Coke. I would definitely give Borini another chance - he hardly had any sort of chance to start with. The idea that any club would pay fifteen mill for Lucas is laughable - one million would be the max. The guy has never had anything to offer and has finally been found out. Personally i found him out years ago - he should be arrested for impersonating a footballer. Suso? Waste of time.

  53. Very unlikely BR would sell all of these players. I certainly expect a few to leave but we must not dismantle the team completely. Buying loads of players does not always improve the squad as we can see with Tottenham.

    There are a few players that will probably leave like Aspas, Pepe, Assaidi and Coates but if we sell then we need to replace. And by replace I mean players with higher quality.

    I hope BR takes advantage of our league "success" and buys top class players in key positions and please do not sell Suso... He got some experience in La Liga now let the lad come back prove his worth.

    As regards to Alberto...well...I am confused as a zebra in a black a white movie.

  54. Have you heard of Glen 'the non-defender' Johnson?

  55. The Thing is Tottenham brought in some class quality players, but even 4/7 players they brought to club did not create or score as much goals as Bale did when he was at their club.

    The players i have said we need to ship out who have just been sitting on bench getting paid nice wages week in week out and offering the club very little or are simply not good enough need to be replaced by class, quality first team and squad players who can make a difference coming off the bench.

    Most of the players Tottenham brought to their club this summer were down grades on what they had or shipped out of their club , not up grades.

    Example: Huddlestone sold for £5M, Livermore out on loan, S Parker was £2-£4M

    Yet Paulinho 18M, Eriksen 11M, Capoue 9.3M cost 29M more than the above, but did not alot better than the 3 above when they were at Tottenham.

    V Chriches cost Tottenham £8.5M, he was not better defender than L King who retired or S Caulker(22) who Tottenham let go at start of season.

    Soldado 26M did not score as many goals a J Defoe who was let go to toronto for free its seems. But Defoe scored some very important goals for Tottenham, Soldado has struggled with pace, physicality and speed of premiership. But may have good season next year

    E Lamela 30M was waste of Money, He is not better than A Lennon or A Townsend.

    Most of Tottenhams signings were not better than what they had at club.

    The players i have said need to be shipped out (13), The players i have said we should bring in (10) are all upgrades on what we have going if the 13 players are shipped out.

  56. actually i dont think we will be getting players like Reus,Hummels. But lets see. We need desperately need one worldclass player in CM or LW

  57. Guys this isn't Championship Manager..

    If we sell those players we'll have to buy that amount and more. We got to be patient and leave the youngsters to try and progress, selling players like Suso, Borini, Aspas, Assaidi & Alberto without giving them the chance to improve would be crazy. You can see all of them have improved (with the exception of Alberto) whilst out on loan. I remember Pires's 1st season at Arsenal, he looked like he'd never cut it, the rest is history.

    IMO we need 4 starters...

    A LB (I'd like Shaw but that'll be difficult) to compete with Enrique, if he ever gets fit again (moving Flanno to RB to compete with Johnson). A dominant CB (if we get rid of Agger) to compete with Skrtel, Sakho, Wisdom & Kelly), A decent DM to compete and eventually take over from Gerrard and lastly Lallana to compete with Ibe, Sterling, & Couthino.

    I also think Borini is an able deputy for Sturridge & Suarez, he could play in a decent % of Premier League games, which will allow the big 2 to play Champs league and the bigger

  58. We have been linked with that Seville LB. Not sure how likely but probably more likely than Shaw.

  59. Allen will be a bit part player for 10 years for us. Will be looked back on as a bargain

  60. Alberto Moreno has shown quality this season but imo it'll be another 'let wait to see if he cuts it' situation. We may need someone who can play at Champs League level straight away especially if Enrique doesn't come back. That's why I kinda understand the Ashley Cole link.

  61. c0m0n's back.. The players you mention are potential. Kelly need a season where he's not injured and get's a few games CB.
    Robinson & Coady haven't done too bad on loan but I fear they aren't top end premier league squad players.
    I want a coaching role :)

  62. too lazy to log in1:19 pm, May 15, 2014

    I've already said that I don't quite agree with your plan here. However, what you said about Agger does perk my interest. He's our VC and a great leader and presence on the pitch and lockeroom. Kolo will be retiring/leaving when his contract is up, so keeping Agger to take his senior position would be the logical thing to do imo. I don't agree with the "massacre" proposed, but if it had to happen this is what I'd do:

    1st we need to replace outgoing transfers, either from within or repurposing current players (I'm considering places on the team, not necessarily the players themselves...if that makes sense):
    Suso - Texeria (academy)
    Kolo - Agger
    Agger - Musacchio/Caulker/Lovren
    Lucas - Carvalho/Rakitic
    Kelly - Wisdom
    Reina - no need to replace
    Coates - no need to replace
    Aspas - Lallana (not quite a like for like replacement, but Aspas played in the "hole" a lot for us, soooo...)
    Borini - Lacazette/Muriel
    Assaidi - Shaqiri/Konoplyanka
    Alberto - Suso

    2nd we also have to add depth. Which is where we will struggle to find if we have to deal with the clearing proposed, which is why I don't want such a huge summer in the first place. Adding quality in numbers by pushing people back in the pecking order to create depth is what we need, not an overhaul.

  63. oh ok then. SMH

  64. Well many may say its too many to sell but 5 werent even at the club all season and most of the rest hardly played.
    Looking at the performance of some of the academy boys there is a couple that could get squad spots namely Smith for 1 and maybe Ibe.
    If that money brings in 2 players that are week in and out players and a decent squad member the team will be better for it.

  65. Well there must be some truth in B Rodgers wanting huge clear out because about 5 newspapers are mentioning same and me and most are with that. Why keep players who are either not good enough, injury prone or do not offer any class or quality coming off bench?

    The only players in list who should be kept are D Agger(29) and Suso(20).

    And B Jones(32) and J Allen(24) should take their places on the list instead.

    Remember B Rodgers did not ship out or bring anyone in during the last January transfer window

    We do need huge Overhaul again, since B Rodgers has been at club he has shipped out : 17 Players:
    D Amoo FD S Darby RB D Kuyt FD / RW
    F Aurelio LB M Rodriguez LW A Aquilani CM
    C Bellamy RWF A Carroll FD J Spearing DM
    C Adam CM N Eccleston FD J Cole AM
    D Pacheco FD A Doni GK J Shelvey CM
    S Downing LW A Morgan FD

    I am sure he will have no problem clearing 13 more players off books ( Including 2 loan signings) and replacing them with 10 class quality players for now and future of club.

  66. wasn't really being serious i just want glen johnson gone and anyway this list doesn't make sense as what we really need right now is squad depth that said coates and kelly might be the only depatures after yesterday's match kelly proved he's far gone

  67. Suso wanted to go on loan...

    "There was a possibility to come here and play one year on loan from Liverpool," Suso explains in the latest episode of #LFCWORLD.

    "It was a good chance for me to show everyone that I could be a good player and an important player for Liverpool. I was really happy to come back here, I had never played in the First Division in Spain - I wanted to try.

    ***"Liverpool wanted me to stay; they didn't say I had to go on loan.***

    But I know there are a lot of good players at Liverpool, maybe I wasn't going to start games. I am young - the most important thing right now is that I have to play.

    "There was a chance to come here and I was happy, the club were as well. They said it is a good chance to show I can play football at a professional level.

    "For young players, the option of going on loan somewhere is a good thing for everyone. You have to learn, you have to improve and you have to play football.

  68. Spot on with the suso thing I agree sending him out on loan and buying Alberto was a bad decision hope suso stays I think he's got bags of talent but I would love to see b r buy Ivan rakatic instead of lallana much better player to replace stevie g go all out and get him top class players is what we need not average players and that is what lallana is. Just think b r is going to mess this transfer window up to like the last one

  69. Is this an official LFC transfer list or just 'insider' knowledge? If it is the former, then I don't think it a bad play to get the dirty laundry out early and let the emotions die down so the club can get on with business and give the players the maximum amount fo time to market themselves. Bad news never improves with age. If it is the latter, then let's just wait and see.
    I agree with most of the summations in the piece except for Suso. He got to play...got the chance to be a big fish in a small pond and really did not show any signs of the brilliance needed on the LFC stage. For all we know Alberto playing for Almeria would have done as well or better.
    I can accept Borini being on the list because we really need another battle-tested, successful striker. I think Borini could fill the bill because he has shown the stones to score in big games for Sunderland, but I can see BR wanting to look for someone with a better track record.
    Also agree with the danger of a whole new cast of unknown quantities a la Spurs this season.

  70. Very good points made about Suso and Alberto.

  71. I posted before reading your post in it's entirety. I agree about Kelly. Good goal though.

  72. Cavani has too much ego to be the #3. He doesn't even like being paired with Ibra. Why would he like being paired with Suarez or Sturridge? I don't see Suarez leaving unless RM make a huge bid...and if they win the CL with the team they have...which seems likely if Costa is hurt and can't play...why would they go seeking a big signing when they already have the best team in the world?
    Maybe...maybe if Suarez leaves...but there would be trouble up front...you can bet on it. I think SAS with Borini and Jordan Rhodes competing for the #3 is a good strike force. We need to concentrate personnel monney on our weaknesses...defense...not on our strengths.

  73. Lucas should be replaced and Johnson who cant attack and defend when he goes forward at his age doesn't track back Flanagan going forward good also coming back massive problems he cant cross from out wide. Allen has found it difficult also . the list is correct

  74. I agree the only ones to keep would defo be suso and would love to see Kelly back in the frame if he can keep clear of injuries sell Johnson. Kelly and flano can keep the rb slot for yrs between them

  75. BR has to sell some players and loan a couple. Everyone would love us to get rid of players on that list to raise funds but then we buy some cheap duds and if there no good then BR will look silly. We have more games next season so few players will be used from that list prior to this season. We need to sell maybe 5-6 players to raise 20-30 million. Spend on 4-5 players who are experienced in different levels but 1 has to be a great midfielder and defender who can play in a number of positions and had great stamina and a fighter from start to finish. We need fighters next season who will do the great stuff going forward yet control game and defend too. I watched alot of games where players in first 11 got to comfortable after we were a few goals up and took foot of the gas. So we ended up nearly losing or drawing the game

  76. u are all on glue.....guaranteed half them arent sold!!!

    If we believe speculation have u seen the squad we will have lol

    And Now J...u are getting into BR.....EVERY SINGLE MANAGER BUYS AND SELLS...thats the way of it ffs catch yourself on and do a positive piece

  77. But it was his call for Borini and Allen.

  78. I may be the minority here because he is a little older but I actually prefer Agger to Skertl. I know Agger isn't at his best anymore but he still a good leader I think. I'm not going to lose any sleep if he goes but I wouldn't mind if he stayed either. Besides Agger and Suso, I have no real issues with that list.

  79. Surprised Agger is on that list when he was made Vice Captain this season. I think Skrtel is the one on his way. Doesnt make sense to lose Toure, his experience is vital especially in Champions League.
    I feel for Suso, anytime he came on he looked busy and wanted the ball, perhaps he wants first team football in which case he should probably leave.
    Lucas has had his time at Liverpool, lets hope we can find him a good club to goto.
    It's a shame Reina was so vocal in his wanting to leave. He is still our best goalkeeper, his distribution is amazing and presence in the squad is a boost. But Rodgers has his ways and seems like a hard bloke to please.
    Maybe Aspas needs a season on loan like Borini who I don't think will be sold. He has proved he can score goals in the PL so should be good backup for Sturridge and Suarez.
    Assaidi is a waste of space in my opinion, let him play for a team like Stoke, that's his level.
    Kelly is injur prone, i doubt many teams will take him in the PL. Maybe a Championship team.
    Coates is one that i think we will miss out on, he will goto Italy / Spain and develop into a really good CB.

  80. Lucas is such a big personality in the dressing room and behind the seasons. I think it's vital to keep a senior player like that through what is gonna be a lot of new players coming in. Just to keep the continuity and team ethos going. He's also Suarez and Coutinhos good mate. Worth keeping him around JUST for what he does behind the scenes including taking it upon himself to welcome new players and help them settle in. Vital for the team spirit. Don't wanna see him or Agger go, yet.

  81. Whilst it may seem like this could be massively destabilising, we've
    just got to think who out of these players contributed last season?

    Aspas and Alberto contributed next to nothing. Reina, Borini, Suso and
    Assaidi contributed literally nothing, because they were out on loan.
    Kelly and Coates were injured for most of the season. Lucas has become increasingly injury prone and just isn't the player he was. Kolo and Agger were both blundersome last season.

    We'd lose very little with these players. It'd be sad to see Lucas and Agger go. Good lads, but their time seems to have passed. A move might reinvigorate them and be best for all involved.

    I'd be sad to see Suso go. As for no evidence of attitude problems, there were rumblings in Spain last season, for those who don't know. Maybe that has filtered back to Rodgers and maybe it is just the latest poor behaviour on his part. Barring this being true, I'd like to see Suso and Borini return to the club.

  82. Borini could prove to be a very good backup. you may say he's found his level but he's scored good goals against top teams.

    However having wasn't the majority of his games at sunderland I would not use him as an out and out striker anyway. His movement is very good, he moves into channels and finds pockets of space and creates chances.
    He ties defenders up to make space for goal scorers and has showed a consistency and intelligence to do that at Sunderland.

    Ship Aspas out and keep Borini. Can be used to great affect off the wing or behind the single or two strikers, especially when there is going to be a lot more rotation next season. Why sell him and pay £10 million for someone who is going to do the exact same thing.

    I'd like to keep Agger as he's intelligent and good on the ball, but something is obviously up and neither CB pairings have worked with great effect, so a change is warranted.

    Everyone else fair play sell them and although I do agree with you about alberto, I'd still like to keep him another season and see how he faired with a few more games. Either that or a season long loan because I genuinely believe he does have talent and as for suso. He had some good games on loan but never seemed to be very consistent but who knows.

  83. Its the silly season and tabloids will speculate, some with more educative nous than others.But one thing is sure, players will leave and ones on high wages who were not bought by BR will be high on the list especially IF reasonable offers come in for them. That includes Benitez buys like Reina, Agger, Lucas and Johnson.Managers dont admit to their mistakes easily and get rid of their dead wood or if they did, BR will get rid of Alberto and Borini ( many want Alberto to stay, which I think he will, but it was a waste of money with all that talk of false 9. Borini will not become a top LFC striker in my opinion time will tell). Benitez is one exception. Mark Gonzalez, Leto, Paletta and others left when it was obvious they wouldnt be LFC players. Assaidi will leave as its rumored he wasnt BR player and not the best for 2.5M. Aspas, Toure, Coates, Jones could go if offers come in. It all boils down to offers coming in. Some youngsters will leave to give room to better youth players coming in. Ngoo, Adjordan, Kelly (no longer youth player), Robinson might leave. All in all, I forsee about seven players leaving including first team and youth players. Suso could leave as part of a deal for a target. Dont think BR rates him much.My only hope is that we bring in quality players to make impact coming off bench or we could see hope fading like Houllier and Benitez eras when they went so close to title and then bought crap the next window.

    We need a backup GK, CB, 2 FBs, DM, CAM, LW/RW (right wing/left wing forward who plays anywhere across front three) and CF. If we get these players in and get rid of 7/8 of the dead wood, I think we will be a stronger team capable of competing in competitions with the best in UCL and PL.

  84. Hahaha.. Most definitely Football manager. I was a 24hr a day (if possible) Champs Manager at one point, it began to take over my life. So I drew a line when it changed name. I heard Footy Manager is better than the old game now, I didn't think that would be possible. I was an ISS over FIFA too, now I hear that FIFAs better, again I didn't think that would be possible.. What is this World coming too??? :)

  85. The experience Suso got in Spain was priceless. He wouldn't have had that if he'd stayed at Anfield so in my opinion it was a smart loan. If he does leave it won't be because we don't want him but more that the players contract is up soon and the risk of losing him on the cheap or worse free.

  86. why does everyone say that Assaidi should be sold? He Scored great goals for Stoke, the kind of goals Coutinho was trying to score from the left, and never managed to. Do we have any other player that can tease defenders , go past them and cross with both feet? Let alone, score great goals against Chelsea! Assaidi, can pass players easily, something that Coutinho has not managed to at all. He can play left, right , centre, Also , with all respect to Sterling, his crossing rate is below 10% success. Can we afford to ship out of the team , the quality that Assaidi offers?

  87. God, you're still peddling this myth, even though it has been comprehensively debunked?! How exactly does a loan deal come about? Does it appear out of thin air? No. The 'possibility' of going on loan arose because LFC said 'we want to send you on loan'. Suso then decided to go, obviously because BR told him he wouldn't get many games. That is not Suso 'wanting' to go on loan; that's him deciding to go because he basically had no choice. It was either that, or sit on the bench. But keep spreading misinformation if you like.

  88. But then Suso is lying when he said

    "Liverpool wanted me to stay; they didn't say I had to go on loan."

  89. I think you missed his point. What I think he was trying to say is who would we of got instead at the time.

  90. Johnson must have a 90% successful pass completion rate - to the opposition.
    Brendon switched Ibe to where he should have been playing Texiera.

  91. Think the list is journo rubbish. What club would have a list lying around with the players they intend on offloading. IMO its all just typical media hyping for the transfer window and to offload an already thin squad going into Champions League (regardless of said players) would be a poor decision for any club. We need depth in European competition hands down.

  92. Chris Rossington7:41 pm, May 15, 2014

    better to rectify the mistakes now than just let them linger