14 May 2014

'I Felt Rage': Angry LFC star blames Gerrard 'focus' fail for Chelsea/Palace disaster. Fair?

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is still smarting about the Reds' title-defining 2-0 defeat to Chelsea, and in a new interview, he has basically blamed Steven Gerrard for 'lacking concentration' during the game.

Speaking to reporters today, Suarez hailed LFC's 'magnificent' season, but admitted that the Chelsea loss is the 'key game' that defined Liverpool's title destiny. He told reporters:

"We lacked a little...concentration.

"If they [Chelsea] hadn't scored when they did at the end of the first half, it was impossible that they were going to score and a draw was fine.

"Maybe [we lacked] a touch of concentration or focus to stop that [goal]. After that, we didn't depend on ourselves and that changes everything of course, including the Palace game."

Whatever way you slice it, Suarez clearly blames Gerrard for the Chelsea defeat, and for the negative impact it had on the players going into the Palace game, about which he added:

"I was so angry. A week before we had real hopes of winning the league and after the Palace game, we knew that it had gone. We had lost the chance. I felt frustration and rage".

You can feel the frustration in Suarez's words, and although there's no overt hostility, it wouldn't surprise me if the Uruguayan (privately) feels a smidgen of resentment over Gerrard's mistake, which is (arguably) normal for someone with such a fearsome will to win.

Suarez could've spoken in general terms about the Chelsea game, but he TWICE makes specific reference to Gerrard's mistake, which betrays what he's actually thinking inside (i.e., he blamed Gerrard). Of course, fans will refuse to accept it, but it's patently obvious.

Gerrard will long be remembered for countless magical moments in a Liverpool shirt, but unfortunately for him, the Chelsea slip - and it's consequent negative impact on LFC's title challenge - will also live long in the memory.

Did Gerrard cost LFC the title, or is his mistake no different to the countless other individual errors throughout the season?



  1. I scream 'Oh FFS Gerrard' every time I see it now. It's haunting.

  2. Everyone's mistake counts the same. You could take Toure's back pass against west brom or Mignolet's attempted save against Negredo when we lost 2-1 to city. The point is take one of those mistakes away and we probably win the league. The fact that people will go on about Gerrard's slip was because it was when we were so close to the end

  3. It's a slip and accident. I think Suarez is a touch harsh there but clearly is talking about that and not keeping our heads once one down, which is a bit rich as he is terrible at times for trying ti do it all alone. I personally was not as disappointed with Gerard regrdinf the slip but with the almost endless Roy of the rovers shots afterwards. People talk of Aspas's corner (rightly) but Gerard shooting so much really got to me.

  4. You want to challenge yourself by playing for a top side instead of remaining in your comfort zone like Matt did then hardly win anything. Certainly there are no guarantee's in life nevertheless those who don't take risks accomplish nothing. Only way for Adam to find out is to move to Liverpool or he will die wondering.

  5. With the way the Saints started off the season so strongly, I'm a believer that if they can hold on to their best players this summer, hold on to the manager, and reinforce the team, they will be good enough to challenge for top 4.

    From a LFC standpoint, of course I want to improve.

    But from a neutral standpoint, I'd like to see Southampton get stronger. They are fun to watch.