19 May 2014

'Amazing' £20m star to LFC? Reds fans give their verdict on BR's first signing

Last week, reports claimed that Liverpool have agreed a £20m deal to sign Southampton attacker Adam Lallana this summer, but do LFC fans even want the coveted England star?

According to ESPN last week:

"Adam Lallana will seal a £20 million move to Liverpool from Southampton next week.

"Despite interest from other clubs Lallana has opted to join Brendan Rodgers' side".

A few days ago, I conducted a survey on the site asking fans if signing Lallana is a good move.

* 14250 (approx) people participated in the poll.

* A whopping 91% of visitors voted YES to signing Lallana.

That is an emphatic vote of confidence in the player's ability, but there may be a major barrier to completing the deal.

Reports emerged last week that Southampton want £30m for Lallana, and if that's true, it could conceivably scupper the transfer.

I've questioned whether Lallana is worth £20m, let alone £30m, and in my view, there's no way LFC will pay such an inflated figure for a someone who was playing in the Championship two years ago.

Lallana - described by Mauricio Pocchetino as 'amazing' - is good, but he's not that good. There's also the burden of the fee to consider; if LFC took a massive gamble and paid £30m, Lallana - through no fault of his own - would have a massive transfer fee to live up to, which could prove to be counter-productive.



  1. No surprise there. English player gets a lot of support on a site visited mostly by English supporters. Lallana of course is a good player and I don't think anyone will be really disappointed if he signs but personally I hope the 25 million tag is well off the mark.

  2. Why not £50M? Internet dross like this promotes the stupid fees

  3. I agree on that price tag and Lallana. Good player I want to see at Anfield but at that price?

  4. These are the 90 per cent who DID NOT WANT B R. when I was pushing for it to happen 3 years ago - leave it to Bren he knows a bit more than us boys

  5. I like Lallana but £20 mil is too much for a 26 yr old who has only been in the spotlight for 1 season.. look at the Carroll deal, fair enough completely different types of players, but Carroll was a monster for Newcastle for 1 season! I think we should learn rather then fall for the same trick again, let someone else take the gamble for a change, if it pays of fair enough if it don't then at least we haven't had our fingers burnt twice, for that fee we could sign a PROVEN player

  6. He's a good player if we can get him in at a good price (£20m max) but, I don't really see where he'll fit into our team. With Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling and Coutinho we already have an outstanding attack. Gerrard will definitely start as should Henderson who we missed badly during his suspension. So where does Lallana fit in? Can't see him being happy coming from the bench.

  7. William Carvalho is more of a priority for us IMO...top player with the potential to be the best. We need to start thinking big if we want to challenge for the league and keep our top four place. Also, does anyone remember a certain player called Suso? Under the guidance of BR he can be just as important to us as Sterling, Henderson and Coutinho have been this season. No disrespect to Lallana he's a decent player, but our limited budget could be better spent elsewhere.

  8. I'd prefer Rakitic or Shaqiri on the wing.

  9. I think he is a £15m player, so the £5m premium for English isn't too bad.

    I think it is good for the dressing room to have a good British core. I'm not a patriotic man, so that doesn't come from a position of pride or xenophobia, but just a recognition that it seems to give clubs a stronger identity when you have that kind of home-grown core.

    Ferguson built winning machines with sometimes inferior British players and you saw how Swansea lost what made them special after Laudrup (for whom I have the deepest respect) flooeded the dressing room with a hodge podge of different nationalities and a strong Spanish contingent which seemed to divide the dressing room. Possibly the same thing has happened at Newcastle with the French.

  10. Well I am an amazing chef but can't get a job at the Hyatt hotel's! Lallana though a very good player remains untried at a top premiership club. We should never be blackmailed by their greedy antics neither is it our problem that Southampton owe money to his first club. £20 million, take it or we move on then they'll be left with a very unhappy player next season.

  11. Everyone going on and on about the price, if someone was buying me something and had lots of cash, I wouldn't give a fcuk how much it costs.

  12. B Rodgers needs to ship out the 13 players at club who are either not good enough/ injury prone or offer their opposite very little competition for the place and are pointless subs who rarely make a difference when they do come on or your class quality player who has fell out with manager:

    GK: B Jones(32) GK: P Reina(31) CB: S Coates(23) CB: K Toure(33)

    RB: M Kelly(23) DM: L Leiva(27) CM: J Allen(24) AM: L Alberto(21)

    RW: O Assaidi(25) FD: I Aspas(26) FD: F Borini(22)

    Those 11 players should and could bring in £40-£55M

    Plus these two jokers need to be shipped out: LB: A Cissokho(27) and LW: V Moses(22)

    B Rodgers should then replace them with 7-10 players. But the 7 should be priority players( Most needed)

    These 7 players should be B Rodgers first priority: GK 2 CBS LB DM CM LW

    1:GK: A Mccarthy(24) Of Reading Or M Vorm(30) Of Swansea for £3-£6M

    2: CB: D Lovren(24) Of Southampton Or S De Vrij(22) Of Feyenoord for £10-£16M

    3: CB: S Caulker(22) Of Cardiff for £5-£7M

    4: LB: B Davies(20) Of Swansea for £4-£7M

    5: DM: Y M'Vila(23) Of Rubin Kazan for £8-£11M

    6: CM: A Herrera(24) Of A Bilbao Or I Rakitic(25) Of Seville for £18-£25M

    7: AM: I Munian(21) Of A Bilbao Or A Lallana(26) Of Southampton for £18-£22M

    Those 7 players should be B Rodgers priority after he ships out the 13 players at the top hopefully this summer.

    3 Luxury players: If B Rodgers still has money left over to spend

    8: RW: X Shaqiri(22) Of Bayern Munich for £10-£12M
    9: LW: B Arfa(26) Of Newcastle for £6-£8M
    10:FD: L Remy(27) Of QPR for £8-£10M

  13. Slipperie_Slope11:19 pm, May 19, 2014

    We won't pay 30M and I doubt Soton really expect that amount. 20mil is a fair price for a player I think will reproduce his form again next season, and the season after that. It's no coincidence that Lallanas game flourished under Pottechino. He got them playing a brand of football that plays to Lallanas strengths, a style not too dissimilar to our own. I can see him thrive under the freedom he will get in our type of play, and hope we go ahead and sign him. Watching him play this year has been a joy and have hoped we would go for him for a while now.

    Having said that. 30mil would be prohibitive. Soton are entitled to try and get the most money they can, they are selling their best player after all. However I think common sense will prevail, and a fee around the 20mil mark will be agreed on. Though performance add-ons will no doubt be included.

  14. Slipperie_Slope11:20 pm, May 19, 2014

    One other thing. there have been a lot of posts about the people we would
    like to see in and out this summer. Some great names being thrown about.
    But to see lists of "who we should sign and who we should get rid" that
    are 25 names long is just crazy.
    We are looking to build on the
    squad not dismantle it. Sure there is dead wood, but to make 13
    wholesale changes to a team in one window would be suicide. Forget even
    about trying to integrate them on the football pitch, trying to
    integrate them into the dressing room would be a nightmare.
    A good
    bond has developed between these players with the season they have had,
    even players who don't play contribute to the moral of the team. To
    remove 10 players at a time could alienate certain players, cause
    resentment etc. We need to build yes, but slowly and with purpose.
    We need to use a scalpel not a chainsaw.

  15. Slipperie_Slope11:22 pm, May 19, 2014

    That many changes would be the ruination of the team.

  16. Most of the 9 out of the 13 players mentioned either did not play last season or were out on loan , so it would not make a difference.

    L Leiva(27) and J Allen(24) are only two out of 13 players i mentioned who would effect squad if they were shipped out this summer.

    But with the upgrades of Y M'Vila(23) and I Rakitic(25) i am sure they will not be missed for too long.

  17. absolutely agree

  18. I agree...from what I have watched, Lallana is Jordan Henderson with better vision and ball control. How could that much energy and football smarts not be a good thing?

  19. Slipperie_Slope11:33 pm, May 19, 2014

    The only real challenge to Coutihno last season was when Rodgers put Sterling in there. I would like to see Sterling left as the dedicated winger next season (as I don't think there was anyone better in the league in that position last year) and when we lost Henderson we had no option but to play Allen. With Lallanas versitility he can challenge Coutihno, but also Henderson and Sterling. Not saying to replace these players, but competition is always good, and i just don't think Allen pushes any of them.

    Also with injuries, suspensions, extra champions league games and players not being in form, I think there would be more than enough game time to keep them all happy, fresh, and on their toes.
    Nothing worse than when a player hits bad form yet he knows he's still gaurenteed to make the team because there's nobody good enough waiting behind him.
    Just the way I'm seeing it though.

  20. He has obviously forgotten that we already have some pretty good players on loan and coming up through the ranks.

  21. Lallana good player but 30 mil I'll pass thanks.

  22. It's a moot point as Liverpool stand little to no chance of signing him! He says he doesn't want to leave Southampton. If he does interest future, it's because he wants to win the league. That's something Liverpool can't offer, simple as that.

  23. I like Suarez but £25mil is too much........
    Yes, exactly, now you realise how stupid you just sounded......... PUBLICLY!!

  24. Slipperie_Slope12:17 am, May 20, 2014

    Joe Allen, is that you?

  25. Not true...your handle gives your wishful thinking away. He has stated he is ambitious and wants to play CL football. He's 26, experienced and good...at the height of his powers. He will submit a transfer request if he has to. You're dreaming. That being said, I like your team and I hope you continue to do well. If you are worried about someone leaving, you should be worried about Pochettino leaving. He is one to watch.

  26. Slipperie_Slope12:17 am, May 20, 2014


  27. Lallana has scored goals at every level he played. There was essentially no drop off in the PL. He is good enough for Liverpool...good enough for the CL and we should get him if a fair price can be agrred upon.

  28. Suso has not shined very brightly in La Liga. I have severe doubts about him.

  29. These figures are big underestimates. More realistic minimum prices would be:

    - Cristian Tello (Available for £8m)
    - Alexis Sanchez (£35m-rated)
    - Alex Song (£15m-rated)
    - Pedro (£30m-rated)
    - Dani Alves (£20m-rated)
    - Cesc Fabregas (£35m-rated)
    - Javier Mascherano (£12m-rated)

  30. Wants to stay at southampton... wants to win the league... something's not right there...

  31. Every day the same post.

  32. Yeah he's also been being followed and scouted for five years. This isn't out of the blue. I remember watching Lallana years ago and hoping he'd end up playing for us one day. He's class.

  33. I happened to be watching when he made something like his 2nd or 3rd ever appearance and was impressed even then. I thought about 5 years ago that him and Schneiderlin would end up at Arsenal.

  34. I agree with this.

  35. Yeah, the World Cup will basically be The LFC Tapping-up Extravaganza if we haven't sorted out a deal for Lallana before it starts.

  36. I see it as being Rakitic or Lallana myself. I'd prefer Rakitic, but I don't imagine we'd be first in that particular queue. I think it'll be one central attack minded midfielder (Lallana, Rakitic etc.) and one wider midfielder (Shaqiri, Kono etc.).

    Then defensive players.

  37. Lol Sour or what i hope you keep him he will only warm the bench at Liverpool.

  38. But the person paying the bill will think about the cost

  39. Not sure Southampton are going to be so easily plundered. It seems they want to build something there. The report that they want 30m reminds me of when LFC told Chelsea 50m for Torres never expecting they would pay it. Any clubs wanting to prise players from the Saints will have to dig deep. IMO we should look elsewhere and leave the moneybags clubs to overpay at Saints if they want. Not sure Pochettino will leave either if the club tells him they are determined to retain and build.

  40. Joshua Gresham3:35 am, May 20, 2014

    We would turn into spurs if that happened.. We dont need that many players and we shouldnt ship out 10+ its a bad idea.

  41. i think he would be a good signing for around 15-20m

  42. Like the talent and skills but mistrust the durability. If he platoons with Coutinho maybe, but he shouldn't boot Sterling or block Ibe or texeira from making the squad without being truly " top class". I pray BR will distinguish between last years 'outstanding' and this years needs for "top class". I think he will make better selections this year while clearing some mistakes".......

  43. Read up on Rakitic and he record is fantastic. Great player, versatile AND a leader. Our midfield leader is getting older and I could imagine those skills would be exactly what we need to import; not just goals.......why not get take tic and then a stud defensive mid to slot in front of Lucas and split some time with Stevie.........

  44. agree. Especially Rakitic.

  45. Agree about Rakitic after doing some homework. Goals and assists with Leadership that doesn't god on trees........

  46. I actually don't even feel we should pay £20mill for him. For me £30mill price tag is a definite deal breaker there's other BETTER options out there!

  47. remember Adam?...Charlie Adam?

  48. \i think we should buy the players we want and if we can afford it we should pay it. Too many times we have settled for second choice haggling over a few million pounds.

  49. Most of the players we need to ship out have been either out on loan or contributed very little to the side last season:

    Out of the 13 players mentioned only L Leiva(27) and J Allen(24) would effect side slightly, but both of them were out injured alot last season and team still did well without them.

    What you have to remember is since B Rodgers time at club, he has shipped out 17 players.
    The only problem was he was not allowed to replace most of the 17 players he shipped out with class quality players.

    He brought in more average dud players to club to replace some class quality players who were on big salaries.

    What is the point of keeping players on good wages who don't change games when they come on and also do not offer their opposite number any real class quality competition for their place?

    B Rodgers should have shipped out 6/11 dead wood players in January and brought in 3/4 class quality players during same time but the owners did not back him then. So now he has to some more drastic surgery to side

  50. Why everyone uses the Spurs case as example is comical? Spurs sold their best player who scored 29 goals that season, They did not play J Defoe(31) enough this season and then sold him.

    The players they shipped out: some of them were better than what they brought in.

    Tottenham shipped out: Bale, Caulker, Defoe, Huddlestone, Livermore and Parker.

    Brought in: Capoue, Chadli, Chriches, Eriksen, Lamela, Paulinho and Soldado.

    The only player who has justified his fee this season at Tottenham was Eriksen(21) who we should have brought to club for competition for Coutinho(21)

    That is not the case with the players i have mentioned, every player i have mentioned we should ship out and bring in, the player coming in is upgrade on player being sold or shipped out.

    Meaning more class, quality at club, greater competition for places at club.

  51. The problem with Tottenham is the players they shipped out were better suited for their side and the players they brought in have not suited style or side.

    And only one player has justified his fee this season( C Eriksen 21) who we should have brought to club to compete with Coutinho(21) if we had him at club. We would be chasing A Lallana(26)

    Since B Rodgers reign he has shipped out 17 players, last season he shipped out 4 players permanently. Season before he shipped out 13 players, so B Rodgers will have no problem shipping players out.

    His problem is he needs to bring in real class quality players into club, no more dud average players with potential malarchy

  52. Whats the point keeping players who don't make a difference to club? Whats point keeping players who don't effect squad? When Chelsea beat us at Anfield, they had a 2nd team against us and won, The only player we had missing was Henderson. No one else on bench could help or change anything, so why are we keeping them? That is the task we have in europe in season

    Can we go to places like Allianz Arena, Camp Nou, Estadio De Dragao, Estadio De Luz, San Siro, Santiago Bernabeau, Stade Velodrome, San Mames,Vicente Calderon or Westfalenstadion with the likes of on our bench to change game :

    GK B Jones CB; S Coates CB: K Toure RB: M Kelly

    AM:L Alberto RW: O Assaidi FD: I Aspas FD: F Borini

    I don't think so, The other 3: GK : P Reina(31) B Rodgers has fell out with him and he is on huge salary so he will not be at club after summer.

    L Leiva does not suit or fit in with new system, if lucas was mobile and a bit of pace about him he would be fine. But as he does not he is passenger in centre of park and easily exposed.

    J Allen is mobile and has bit of pace about him, but he offers the club very little in attack and defence. He is neat passer of ball , but that is not enough and he should be sold.

  53. how sure are you about this news ?? Looks to be stagnant after so much hype!

  54. I would say buy all and create a super team. BUT Realistically, dont think Alves would switch, we dont need a fabregas, definitely not a pedro - I never really valued him, Bring back our mascherano, spend big on Alexis and try to snap Tello on a bargain deal.

  55. i'm with you

  56. Yep. I've come to same conclusion about Rakitic. We have been linked to him a few times. So I'm sure Rodgers will be aware of him. Let's hope we make a serious move for him! He's got the lot really.

  57. That was my 3

  58. The key here is how much time LFC spend in trying to get him. We should simply put our best offer on the table, give it a week, and if he's not our player then move on. Tactics need to change if we're to get anyone on-board before the world cup. The players should want to come here and the fee should be a simple yes or no from the selling club. I can't see Liverpool paying over the odds so I'd guess 20 million is around about the right figure.

  59. 20 yes 30 no

  60. I would take song as we need a above average holding midfielder. Lucas may reunite with rafa. I would also ask for Tello. I reckon wage bill will go massive if you buy other players mentioned. FFP rules apply from next season to lfc unless im wrong and we have to increase some current players wages who have done excellent. We are looking for 2 amazing player and 2 gems who are rotting in a club with less game times etc with potential. I cant see us buying more then 4 players.

  61. I would love to see skilled Shelvey, though the real one would have helped this season. Speccialy for the matches without Hendo. Henderson is by the way our man of the season, by the way.
    Haha, BY THE WAY...