16 Apr 2014

'My name's on their list': £7.5m 'revelation' hints he'll 'be an LFC player next season'

Last year, Liverpool legend John Aldridge urged the Reds to think seriously about signing West Ham star Mohamed Diame, a player pursued by Kenny Dalglish during his second spell in charge at the club. Nothing happened over the summer, but the Reds continue to be regularly linked with the powerful central midfielder, and according to the man himself, Liverpool are still interested.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo , Aldo heaped praise on Diame:, enthusing:

"I would urge Liverpool to keep tabs on Mohamed Diame. He is a brute of a midfielder. A tremendous player and so strong and powerful in that central role, and he is exactly what the Reds need in there. Diame is certainly one for future reference".

When asked about his future this week, Diame told reporters:

"Liverpool? I can’t tell you if I will be a Liverpool player next season, but I think my name is still on their wanted list. I don’t hide it, I’m ambitious and I want to join a top-six side. I am 26 years old and it’s time to take that step".

The Reds were last linked with Diame in December, when the Essex Guardian reported:

"Liverpool may make a move for West Ham United midfielder Mohamed Diame with Reds captain Steven Gerrard ruled out for six to eight weeks".

Diame definitely has a £3.5m (€5m) buyout clause in his contract, as confirmed by his Agent, Willie McKay, in December 2012, when he told the Daily Mail:

"Diame was a free transfer and believed he could command a better salary than he was offered so to compensate for that the clause was put in so he could leave in six months time for £3.5m"

Based on McKay's comment about being able to leave for £3.5 'in six months', it seems likely that the clause expired in June 2013. Indeed, Fulham put in a bid of £7.5 during the January transfer window, so the chance to get him on the cheap is probably slim.

Prior to having his contract terminated, Kenny Dalgish pinpointed Diame as a possible free transfer signing in the summer. Liverpool's interest ended when Dalglish left, and the 24-year admits he was 'sad' to miss out on the move. He told the Liverpool Echo:

“I met with Kenny Dalglish and we talked about next season [2012-2013], but God decided to finish this situation. It is true I was very sad in my head as I was thinking to go there”

Sam Allardyce recently revealed that he sought Dalglish's advice prior to signing Diame. He recalled:

"I spoke to Kenny about signing Mo. For me, it just made me feel so much better to have Kenny saying ‘Yeah, we were going to take him. It gives you that bit more ­confidence. To have somebody of Kenny’s ­experience backing up your ­judgment is a big help".

Ex-Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp is a fan of Diame, and after watching him dominate Chelsea's midfield during West Ham's 3-1 victory in December 2013, he wrote:

"I like the look of Mohamed Diame at West Ham; he’s a cross between Patrick Vieira and Yaya Toure. He overpowered Chelsea’s midfield on Saturday. Can West Ham keep him? He came on a free and has an agreed get-out clause. There will be lots of interest now".

West Ham legend Trevor Brooking also rates the Senegalese international, and he praised the midfielder to the hilt in a recent interview. He raved:

“The lad has been a revelation for us. Diame has been fantastic. He’s been the player of the season really.”

It seems like Liverpool fans have been calling for Diame (or a player in a similar mould) for years now, but he's definitely not a replacement for Gerrard, even in the short term. They're two very different players, and Diame would be a better challenger for Lucas.

Would Diame fit in at Anfield, though, and where would he play?



  1. I think this is just his agent doing some work before summer as he wants out of WH. I can't see us being interested in him tbh. I don't think he fits. What is it he actually does? He doesn't tackle or intercept that much, he doesn't assist or score much. He can beat a man but that is not really his game, his passing is ok but not all that. Especially not key passes. He is a unit with decent technique and that is really about it.

  2. He's decent an enough player but im not to sure if he would add anything to the first team, squad player yes but at 26'years old I don't think he'd want to sit on the bench most of the season. I really want us to put a bid in for real madrids young forward alvaro morata, this kid is absolutely brilliant.

  3. It is a bit concerning that he only has a price tag of 3.5 million yet no clubs have decided to sign him...

  4. *off topic*

    The Champions league can hear us roaring back now.


  5. Why is it concerning? Just because you don't rate a player doesn't mean it's 'concerning'. Perhaps Diame didn't want to move? Perhaps he's holding out for a move to a specific club?

  6. Champions League standard player? I'm not so sure.

  7. The hyperlinked article suggests an individual bid of 3.5M was made for Diame and the 7.5M was the combined bid for Ravel Morrison and Diame. I doubt he would have any interest in joining the team on the bottom of the league. So I think the clause still exists, the 'in six months time' thing refers to the next transfer window, not the expiry of the clause.

    Diame for 3.5M when we only had Lucas in DM made a lot of sense, particularly at a time when we didn't have much depth in the central positions. Now that Gerrard has taken over, a totally different player is required for that position so now I wouldn't take Diame when in the past I probably would have.

    The idea of a Gerrard replacement has changed. In previous years we would have wanted a skillful and energetic attacking midfielder, but now we would be focused on the Pirlo type of player. Hopefully Gerrard keeps going for a minimum of two or three years if he maintains his discipline in his new position.

  8. I used to fancy Diame...not so sure anymore.

  9. I watched Diame play against Arsenal yesterday. There was never a time that I thought he was anything other than a number on the pitch. He didn't even bother the Arsenal midfield. I realize the quality of the Arsenal midfield, but if we're going to sign somebody we can plug in to be a defensive stopper then it stands to reason he should show up against the league's most powerful teams...especially if he is actively marketing himself to us. He simply was there but...nothing special. I don't understand the hype for this player at all. We need to look elsewhere.

  10. If he was that good and only had a price tag of 3.5 million then why is he still at West Ham?

  11. Well he is starting to lose his looks a little ;)

  12. I think he's a good player one who would give us an extra dimension. I agree you don't often see him slide tackling, doesn't mean he can't break up play, he uses his shoulder. His skill & touch is underrated, he could bring that Yaya-flair from the middle! The ability to carry the ball confidently from the middle, BR can easily instil extra discipline, that's to release it early to aid swift counter attacking.
    He also has a decent strike, not so evident this season but in a better will come to the fore! IMO he's an improvement to Leiva!

  13. He might have been on the list before this season but he's not now

  14. Haha brilliant

  15. Unfortunately I saw none of those qualities yesterday.

  16. I don't see that he fits at all. Surely those fans who have been craving a bruiser in mid-field can finally see that we don't need such a player. We're in pole position to win the league and we've done it without even Lucas as a DM. Against City our midfield was Gerrard, Henderson, Coutinho and Sterling. There are no rough and tumble players in there and two of them are very much the opposite. The way we play just doesn't require a player like that so why would we change? I may be doing a disservice to Diame, I'm sure he's got more to his game than that, but in terms of the idea of signing someone who's just there to break up play and make tackles ... it doesn't make any sense. We need midfielders who can pass the ball. Sure, some good positional sense for defensive work is important and Stevie G is never going to shy away from a tackle, but he's still an immensely skilled player and what he really brings to the team is how he gets us going from the back. That's the kind of player we should be aiming for and I simply don't see how Diame fits that in any way at all. He's an average player currently in an average team not really doing very much. The whole story is a non-starter and I doubt Rodgers is even remotely interested in him.

  17. Can anyone tell me that a player who talks about a move to liverpool has come there,forget him