20 Apr 2014

'I Couldn't Watch': Aldo, Sakho, Suarez etc hail 'tricky' Norwich win. Alarm bells...?

After four long years in the wilderness, Liverpool are back in the Champions League after yet another hard-fought Premier League victory. It's a significant achievement, and will hopefully be followed by even bigger glory in three weeks' time, but, boy, did the Reds make hard work of beating Norwich today.

Post match reaction:

Brendan Rodgers

"It was an incredible victory and big congratulations to the players because we can finish no lower than third, which guarantees Champions League football. A wonderful win".

Mamadou Sakho

"Tricky game. Norwich has been playing really hard until the last minute. However, we have done all we could to win these 3 important points"

Raheem Sterling

"Great win from the boys today showed real togetherness, character and desire"


"Congratulations everyone for the 3 points!! 3 more finals and we go again"

Luis Suarez

"Very important 3 points. Very happy for the great effort from everyone and for being in the Champions League next year"

Philippe Coutinho

"Come on boys, There are 3 big battles more"

John Aldridge

"I couldn't watch the last 10 mins there!!great great win. We did make it hard for ourselves though. 3 to go and still dreaming!"

Neil Mellor

"1 step closer to the title with another vital 3points for Liverpool. 3games to go to complete a monumental and memorable season for LFC"

Daniel Sturridge

"Get In there boys!!! I'm absolutely buzzing. Roll on next week. 3 more cup finals"

Dietmar Hamann

"Credit to Norwich, they've been fantastic. What a PL season".

A few points:

* Great achievement by Luis Suarez to reach 30 Premier League goals. Hopefully, he'll go on to score at least five more to beat the record of 34 in a single season, jointly held by Andy Cole and Alan Shearer.

* Top class contribution from Raheem Sterling. The assist for Suarez's goal was pure class, and it's good to see other players stepping up in the absence of Daniel Sturridge.

* Another great all-round performance from Martin Skrtel. He's far and away Liverpool's best defender this season. He just needs an equally solid partner for next season, and LFC's overall defensive solidity will improve dramatically.

* Another suspect performance from Simon Mignolet. Arguably at fault for both Norwich goals. Is he Champions League quality? I'm not so sure. LFC need another quality goalkeeper to put some serious pressure on him to improve his overall performance.

* Shaky performance (at times) from Mamadou Sakho, too. His passing is generally good, but when he's pressured in possession, he falls apart. Gave the ball away several times, and was also beaten in the air a couple of times. One particular incident summed up Sakho's clumsyness. Near the end of the game, he tripped over his own feet, and clattered into a Norwich player. It should've been a free kick, but luckily for him, the ref didn't give it.

* On a general defensive note: Skrtel-Sakho is not (IMO) the way forward for Liverpool. Those two have kept only one clean sheet as a partnership this season. Rodgers will almost certainly buy another central defender in the summer, and I'm pretty sure Sakho - like Lucas, and Allen, will become a squad player.

* Joe Allen acquitted himself well in the first half, and almost got on the scoresheet. He looked well up for the game, but as the match wore on, he became less and less effective. I have nothing against Allen - he is clearly a quality player (for what he does), but my biggest grip with him is that he doesn't effect games. By that, I mean he never steps up and makes a match-changing difference.

Today, for example: Norwich had LFC on the rack for a lot of the game, and where was Allen? It would've been great if he stepped-up and took the pressure off the team somehow (by scoring/creating a goal, for example), but he never does that. Sterling, Coutinho, Henderson, and Gerrard have all had a personal impact on results this season, but Allen is seemingly incapable of making a real difference. Allen is good squad player, but the team cannot consistently support a midfielder whose only contribution is pressing, and recycling possession.

* Did Liverpool miss Jordan Henderson? I'm not so sure. He played last week against Manchester City, and the team lost a two-goal lead. Today was almost a carbon-copy of the City game: the team raced out of the traps, got 2-0 up, and then lost control of the game. What's even more concerning about today is that even with Allen and Lucas in the team - two players who supposedly make a big difference to LFC defensively - Liverpool were still overrun in midfield at times.

* Glen Johnson and John Flanagan had a bit of a nightmare, and their mistakes once again underlined why the full-back positions have to be a transfer priority this summer.

* You have to feel for Brad Jones. He hasn't made a single Premier League appearance this season, which means that if LFC go on to win the title, he's not eligible for winner's medal. It would be nice if Rodgers gave him some pitch time in the last three games, just so he can feel that he made some kind of contribution to the league campaign.

Despite the ragged nature of today's victory, my view continues to be: who cares? There are issues that need to be addressed for next season, but for now, three points is all that matters at this stage of the season, and once again, the team achieved that objective.

Chelsea will be an incredibly tough game, but even if Liverpool lose, they'll still be two points clear of the Blues, and the title will remain in the club's hands.

Not that I think that will happen. The players will be well-up for the game; Anfield will be buzzing, and there's the added incentive that a victory over Chelsea will mean that Mourinho's team cannot finish above LFC.



  1. You need to play 10 games to get a winner's medal.

  2. It's change to five this season. I know that, but it would still be nice for Jones to get some pitch time. Plus, teams have the discretion to award honorary medals to players who don't meet the 5-game criteria.

  3. It won't be in our hands if we lose to chelsea and city win all their remaining games. It would then most probably mean city win on goal difference. However think city will drop more points...but lets just win our three games and the title is ours. Then we can worry about strengthening squad in summer.

  4. The only way Jones will possibly get time is if it is wrapped up before last day or an injury

  5. if we lose to Chelsea and Man city win all their games, then Man city will likely win the title on goal difference. Chelsea losing to Sunderland changes little, Liverpool can still not afford to lose that game.

  6. Just on the subject of Sakho...i know he was shaky today but still believe there is a beast of a defender in there...might be next season we see the best of him. Also reckon we'll have llori back given that we'll be in champs league.

  7. what i find worrying is how BR signings this season have all been under par. I worry were our transfer budget maybe wasted in the summer. Well done to all the staff for @ lFC for getting back into the champions league...now lets try to go as champions.

  8. When Gerrard said exactly the same against Norwich, didn't realize the team took it literally, scoreline and everything..

  9. The funny thing is I am more worried about palace away than chelsea at home...could do with a comfy win next sunday these close games not good for the heart. Could not pick a better last day fixture than Newcastle as far as I'm concerned...we'll win that!

  10. Agree. Palace are in unbelievable form at the moment, but the silver lining is Man City have to go there, too, so hopefully Palace will do LFC a favour.

  11. Yes, good point. None of Rodgers' summer signings have made an significant difference to this season. Sturridge and Coutinho have made a huge difference, though, so here's hoping Rodgers signs more players of that calibre this summer.

  12. Yeah that or Everton is where I see a city blip...west brom blip after losing to sunderland might be hoping too much!! So glad Everton kept in check with Arsenal today...hope they are still in with a shout when city come calling. Plus Martinez done a cracking job there.

  13. I'll let you know how the youngsters look am going to the post season friendly at aviva here in dublin against the mighty Shamrock rovers...should be a good atsmosphere even if the world cup bound are not playing.

  14. Come on West Brom,even a draw in Etihad would be awesome tomorrow!!
    Anyway about the Sakho and Mignolet subjects i disagree with you.I know they were both shaky today but overall they are very good players.I have faith that Mignolet will get better.Sakho just needs to get used to the english game.Flanagan offered too little going forward and he defended kinda bad on some occassions and Johnson had some problems too.We were missing Henderson today,maybe if we had bought a player like Diame in January,things would be better right now.Allen just dissapears at times,Lucas too clumsy and seems to be lacking form.

  15. I was thinking the exact same thing about Everton. If they have to fight against City that will be a really tough prospect.

  16. Yes and Lukaku might do us a favour...this loan system must really mess with managers heads...especially chelsea's. Mind you not taking much to annoy Mourinho these days...

  17. Was Mignolet kicked (with studs) for their first? Haven't heard anyone else mention it, but it looked like a clear foul to me. The other thing I wonder is how much the last 7 days has taken out of the players. The city game, the new favourite's for the title tag and then the emotion of the 25th anniversary. It's been a big week, so massive credit to the lads for getting the win.

  18. I read somewhere recently, that BR, if and when he signs a new contract, wants more input into which players are signed. If that is true, it would suggest that he did not have full control of who came in last summer. Just a thought.

  19. Not a foul from what I saw...just made a hash of his punch from a strong but fair challenge...we should have really pushed on and got a couple more goals when two up early...then the nervy 2nd half would not have happened. Still we won and are providing great entertainment for the neutrals as well.

  20. Fair point but still think he would have had option to say yes or no...anyhow a couple of them might still come good...If a new contract is not given especially after winning the league FSG would not hear the end of it!!

  21. 5 PL games or 5 games in all competition?

  22. I thought he connected with his foot, but I seem to be in a minority of one :-). Sitting back isn't something we're good at - these games are ageing me fast!

  23. If we lose a game, Jaimie, the title is back in Man City's hands

  24. If we weren't in a battle for glory in every remaining match, I would agree about Jones...but this is too close run a thing. As for Allen, Johnson, Flanagan, and Sakho...to me it was not being 100% mentally involved in the match for 100% of the time. It just seems that periodically somebody loses focus and something bad happens. The screw-ups weren't in critical moments...just normal moments that through the screw-up became a critical moment. Just goes to show that anything can happen so you have to be ready for anything.

  25. I don't blame Flanno for not winning the header. IMO, Mignolet should have come out and claimed that cross. But at other times, both our fullbacks were suspect, but I think this is a combination of us holding on to possession for so long without forward initiative(this passing style won't work without our playmaker Coutinho) and Norwich's pressing. Credit to Norwich, I didn't think they could keep pressing for 90 mins.

    Sterling did great but we missed that extra dimension provided by Sturridge. If we had signed Kono or Salah in Jan, we wouldn't be facing a problem now.

  26. We should be able to comfortably see off Spurs now at least!!
    I reckon Moyes will be happy with no Europa Cup games nest season. but for the first time in many, many years, LFC will seem a better destination than MUFC ;-)

  27. For a blog that enjoys stats as a way to determine effectiveness

    Liverpool with J Allen: 3.2 Avg goals per game
    Liverpool without J Allen: 2.1 Avg goals per game

    Pressing and recycling possession makes a difference.

  28. Care to elaborate further about who the teams are that he's been playing against?

    For instance, if you were to tell me that he's playing against the lower end competition, well then that stat isn't as impressive.

    But if you were to say he's had an even mix or possibly his run has been against the upper tier competition, well then the stat you reference bears more weight.

  29. There was definitely contact, but there was no way the official could have seen it.

    I looked at it similar to the Skrtel handball last week that wasn't called. Given the circumstances and the amount of players in the box, it would almost be impossible to see.

  30. Us, Chelsea and City have all had tricky games against relegation threatened teams this week. We won, they didn't which has given us a great advantage in the final games. I also think mourinho will prioritise the champions league now.
    I can't make up my mind about sakho. He can be really good but man does he give me the fear when he's playing. At this stage of his development he's definitely not an upgrade on agger and should not IMO be keeping him out the team

  31. I don't agree with the various comments on Sakho. Yes he looks ugly at times, but he has a very high pass success rate, he moves well with the ball and looking ungainly is not a problem so long as he does the job. Those times when he was under pressure were generally poor passes from team mates and he was immediately closed down. I don't think Agger or Skrtel would have done any better. The other problem is when he gets dragged out wide because our wingers are out of position and in those situations I actually think he generally does better than Agger or Skrtel who can both look hopeless in that part of the pitch.

  32. Allen doesn't need to score goals or get assists to be effective. He suffered from a problem Henderson had in that he's missed a couple of easy chances this season. Convert those to goals and he's got enough to be respectable. Allen has the skills and the ability, he just needs to step up another level to really have an impact on the team. He plays exactly the same role as Xavi who only has 3 goals and 2 assists this year. There is more to being an effective football player than the most obvious stats and Allen has consistently been part of a team that wins games. That's all he needs to do.

  33. Alarm Bells!??
    Hell yes! Of course! Let's panic!
    After all, we only WON the game and went FIVE points clear at the top!!
    Don't know what you are on about sometimes!! Panic!!?????

  34. Lots to say - mostly agree but also disagree with some points.

    Firstly congrats for making CL - direct to the group stage. From where we finished last year, I must confess I thought we'd still be in the wilderness for some time. BR and the team have done a fantastic job - well done, way beyond my expectation. Only shame is that due to our poor coefficient we'll probably end up in a strong group seeded in pot 3.

    We're managing to cross the line each game - just. That's good enough. It's a pity, since we're playing really great stuff, blow away the opposition, and then for some reason stop playing. I know it's easy to blame the defence, but for me, it's something subtly different.

    When we are on top, we are playing as a cohesive unstoppable team. All the players are passing, making runs and creating chances for the team. Then we get comfortable and are confident. This tends to make some players do more as individuals (hold on to the ball that second longer, shoot when the pass is on, go for Hollywood pass when the simple ball is on, expect the ball to be passed directly to you instead of making the run to make space..). I know I may be nit picking, but if we scored the 3rd goal against City or Norwich in the first half when we were on top, there would never be a second half revival and we probably win 4 or 5 zip.

    This leads to my next point - goal difference. If we lose one of the next 3 games and City win all their 5, City win on goal difference. Sad but true. Hence I know we won the last two games, but neither did we dramatically improve our goal difference but neither were we able to dent City. Again nit picking I hear you all say - but I still feel there is at least one more twist before the league is decided.

  35. I've been one of Allen's harshest critics. I agree he played well for the first 20 minutes in both boxes. BUT, then he went missing, eventually being subbed.

    I'd agree with you he would get better press if he'd scored more often from the many he's wasted this year (I keep harping back to the sitter at Everton to put the game to bed). I also agree with you point re Xavi.

    But that's where the comparison stops. As much as we would want to delude ourselves that Allen is a Welsh version of Xavi, he just is not.

    Compare Allen to Lucas today. Lucas was still impacting the game from start to finish. It was Lucas's intervention which set up Allen's goal attempt in the first half. Lucas was in the penalty box following up with play for both goals 2 and 3. And he was there at the end, having two shots saved by Ruddy. All through the game Lucas provided a steady number of interventions, breaking up Norwich play.

    Going forward, I see Lucas as a good squad player - but one more dependable than Allen - although he may seem to be a favourite for BR.

  36. I think one reason the Sakho-Skrtel partnership has been shaky is that in some ways, bot players seem, to me at least, rather too similar; both are reactionary, physical defenders rather than crafty game readers or skilled ball players such as Carra or Agger. From what I've seen of Skrtel and Mignolet, organisation and communication seems to be something they need to work on, and Sakho is just working his way into that dynamic. till have a way to go before we're back to being a real power, but right now, Rodgers is doing what a manager should do, managing what he has, and producing the wins, 11 in a row is not something to dismiss.

  37. I know its been said somewhere before, if you look at BR's main targets last summer, Miktarian, Costa, Eriksen, and Willian, all 4 of them have been very good to exceptional for their current clubs. I think we will have less of a problem signing these types of players this summer with CL now guaranteed.

  38. Now that we've secured CL, we can start to think about squad for next year. For me the priorities are a scoring CM, LB and CB. Given BR is likely to have a pot of £50m to spend including any house cleansing who should we go for.

    One way would be to spend big on a signature player, eg Fabregas or Barkley. As much as I'd like that, it is putting a lot of pressure on one individual to come in and make the team even better. And what happens if that player gets injured.

    On top of the three priority positions, we also need to improve our bench strength, if we are to cope and hope to progress in the CL. Hence do we bring Borini back and let Aspas go?

    Lastly, BR faces a dilemma with Mignolet. He started well but his deficiencies have come to the fore (distribution and command of the aerial ball). Does he bring back Reina or look for another keeper. I think BR will stick with Migs, but that would lead to all his deficiencies being exploited by the opposition next year,

  39. This win had plenty of warts but in the end we won. That's significant to me because in the last 6-7 years this was a game we would have tied or lost. The coaches are keeping the boys better grounded than in the past. I am definitely not an Allen fan but he played well in several spots. We just looked a bit ragged in the back when Norwich gained momentum and could have tied or pulled ahead. Mids and the D need to get their signals straight. We missed Hendu energy, offense help, defense help especially when defending corners. Still won thoug. Hope we weave in Texeira and Ibe next year and offload some of the excess guys ow cost us too much.

  40. I tend to agree with your view re Texeira/Ibe. I'd also add Suso and Coady to that list.

    We need to learn a lot from from how Shanks started out in the 60's (since there are many parallels) as well as Man Utd of the 90's. No matter how much I disliked Man U, they had a strong nucleus of 5-6 younger players with the legs who balanced the flair of the experienced players. If BR can add Tex/Ibe/Suso/Coady to Sterling, Hendo et al, this will enable him to spend big on a number of marque players.

  41. Scrappy win, but a game against a team in the relegation fight at this stage of this season is one of the hardest kinds to win, and it's natural that a bit of nerves creeped in for us - the important thing as you said is that we got the win, where in the past couple seasons we might have drawn. I'm honestly more worried about Palace away than I am about Chelsea at home right now...I have no doubt that we will get a result against Chelsea at Anfield, most likely a win but no worse than a draw, but the Palace away game with the form they're in is the one I'm unhappy about...I'd much rather be playing someone else. That being said, Man City has to go to Palace and then Everton the next two weeks, and I have no doubt they'll drop points...I wouldn't be surprised to see up to 4 points dropped. We get the win or at worst a draw v. Chelsea, even with a draw we'll still control our own destiny and have a 5 point cushion on them, and Man City will drop points again before the end and we'll have the title wrapped up before the last day, that's how I see it unfolding. It would be a dream scenario to need a win at Anfield v. Newcastle and absolutely demolish them on the last day, but I'm happy to wrap it up before then and take a victory lap.

  42. I've got to say I disagree with you on the Skrtel Sakho partnership...I can't fault your opinion on the evidence of recent performance, but there are a few other relevant factors. Sakho joined us from PSG on September 2nd, where he had been slightly frozen out. He did not have a preseason with us to learn our style of play or get up to speed (the times he looked most at sea are when getting the ball taken off him or making a mistake in distribution, and he didn't have the preseason to work on playing this way...in general he has been fine, but a few glaring errors) and he has been in and out of the team with injury throughout the season, making it difficult for him to get up to full sharpness in matches and to get in the proper work in training. The premier league is also known as a league that is difficult to adapt to...most think a player needs a full season under his belt before he's truly adapted. I think he'll finish the season strong, though not without another nervy moment or two, and if he can remain fit through the start of next season we'll see a much more composed and effective player. He is excellent in the tackle and a beast in terms of strength, all he needs is to get up to speed on our style of play, his confidence within that system, and sustained fitness.

  43. He got hit in the leg. Could have been a foul, but given all the comotion,rarely would that be called - wasn't like westham, but still a fould. Eitherway not of much consequence.

  44. Allen, had a pretty decent game, was energetic, his effort on goal was decent, made a lot of tackles. Think with Henderson out (the one constant all season) Lucas didn't compensate - think it was probably his best performance all season.

    Lucas, too bad he didn't get the elusive goal, it was there in his grasp and he didn't get it - he's a little too slow to be up front, missed a couple of balls due to lack of pace, but overall wasn't bad.

    Mignolet, well he made a slight error, was only off by inches, and maybe the contact had something to do with it. But overall he has been changing his game to claim more crosses, as well as being more vocal. I think he will get better.

    Sakho, again, not the greatest display, but not bad, I think he needs to settle get some rythm, and he'll be fine.

    Flanno, made some amateur mistakes, but is young and has room for improvement.

    Johnson, has to be the end of the road for him, don't think he's passed the test to get a decent contract renewal. He has all the skill required for the job, but his decision making is terrible - he slows down play when it shouldn't be, he sees the forward pass and passes back, he sees a pass and tries a dribble when he shouldn't, he doesn't press well and invites dangerous play, and he can hardly get a throw in right. If any of the starters need to go its him.

    Still happy for the win - if Sturridge is back next week, Allen can play the first half, Lucas the second to shore things up.

  45. I'm also an Allen critic, but I can't fault him for his efforts when he has to play in an annoying midfield diamond where he has the defensive duties of not only a central midfielder but also a winger - I think it's ridiculous and Lucas/Allen should not play there, we should just stick with 4-3-3.

    I think we missed Henderson and I believe he is better than Allen in every aspect I can possibly think of, except cutting off passing lines for opponents, that's it. Allen has had numerous first team opportunities and hasn't taken them, I don't mind him being a squad player for us but the reality is he cost 15M.

    Lucas - In the first half he must of made five or six tackles, he was very effective in our dominant opening period. He runs at a snails pace though and he gets caught out, unlucky not to grab a goal, but overall he was decent I think. With a Hendo+Gerrard+Coutinho midfield Lucas is now a squad player, but it's a good squad player to have with a specific and valuable purpose of being that defensive cog in the team. On the other hand Allen doesn't offer anything specific. If Hendo makes all the runs and completes all the passes, Allen just isn't needed on the pitch.

  46. You can't control the game for the whole 90 mins. Bayern and the Barca of old do it a lot better, they choke their opponents and often have over 60% possession but our team is a lot more direct, more threatening on the counter attack. We don't mind losing the ball as much as other teams with similar styles.

    Norwich actually played really well, they pressed really well. If your under immense pressure mistakes are inevitable, that's why Johnson looked out of sorts and Sakho was falling over his own two feet. Rodgers promised possession and pressing and it only comes off sometimes. You can see the difference between our total annihilation of Arsenal for the entire game and failing to get the ball of Norwich and weathering the storm. I think we have adapted, and made a sacrifice in that we use our counter attacking strengths, explosiveness and pace to win the games. If a forward under Guardiola lost the ball as much as Suarez does for us he wouldn't play the following week.

  47. Someone was watching MOTD 2! But as you say and as with most stats you need to delve deeper to fully appreciate what they might be indicating. On the face of it though an interesting stat worthy of closer inspection.

    Not referring to the poster but it amazes me how otherwise questioning and intelligent people seem to just accept and promote, as facts, stats that "prove" one thing or another. Usually, of course the particular argument they wish to pursue.

  48. We are a great attacking side with pace and players who are able to create goal scoring opportunities and finish thats why we have done so well this season . We have been starting matches so well recently that we are virtually unstoppable. Our Achilles heal has been after getting two goals + up we then take our foot off the pedal and fail to control the game . We lose midfield and are forced into defending deep where it is always panic stations when we are under consistent pressure and concede the inevitable corners or set pieces . Look how many goals we have conceded here ! Opposing sides are realising this now and know that if they can ride out the storm they will break us down second half. Fortunately we have always been able to get that extra goal . It will be so unfortunate if this costs us top spot in goal difference . We need defenders who are able to slow down the play when under pressure and hold the ball.
    If we can work on this and get the necessary player /s in the Summer .... the sky 's the limit for us in future !
    Best PL season ever guys - YNWA

  49. biggestfandownunder9:46 am, April 21, 2014

    Jaimie, I think you're too harsh on Allen and Henderson, too. In the way BR sets up the team, with SAS and Couthino and Sterling geared to get goals, the midfield's industry and unselfish work allows the forwards to do so. With 96 goals as a team, we've got to say it's working, and the midfield must get credit for setting up the platform for this.

    Lucas struggled today, unable to replicate Hendo's energy and combativeness, and everyone barring Steling looked tired and understandably nervy. Allen needs a regular run of games too, but the excellence of the others hasn't really allowed for this.

    The challenge for next year, as you intimate, is to shore up the defense while maintaining the offensive mindset. A tricky balance to negotiate.

  50. A huge attraction to players especiallu the young ones is the London Life. We cannot give them that. So Spurs/gunners/chelski will always be appealing.

  51. I was indeed. Who ever it is against doesn't matter we've seen this year time and again it is the lower league opposition that causes most trouble.

    I don't actually think stats are the best way to judge a player and his potential or contribution. If they where they Charlie Adam and downing would be world beaters.

    Having read this site for a while (and what a gd job jamie does with it) he does like his stats to come to a judgment on a players worth to the team so I used the one above. I thought Allen was superb yesterday as I think has been a number of time this year when he's played. Allen and Henderson both play the same type of role and both have proved there worth this year to me.

    Mistakes will happen this time of the year you need to scrap to win one big push left

  52. Agree with most of what you said above Jaimie but are you not forgetting Manchester City when you said '..but even if Liverpool lose, they'll still be two points clear of the Blues, and the title will remain in the club's hands.' Please tell me my arithmetic is wrong but I make it that Liverpool and Manchester City will tie on points if we lose to Chelsea and City and Liverpool win the remainder of their ties. - Then it would be down to GD.
    Rather like John Aldridge I'm finding it difficult to watch these final ties. When playing Manchester City at Anfield I decided not to watch so I went out and cut the hedge until my wife disobeyed instructions and ventured out to give the score. Then I was told to go out again when City levelled. At least Sunderland have complied with my request to play like they did at Anfield in their remaining matches. At least the Reds did them a favour yesterday. C'mon the Baggies! - Allow me to watch the Reds in comfort.

  53. Don't forget shearer/cole did it with 40 game season. In a 38 game season it 31 :-)

  54. Yokohama Liverpool Fan5:13 pm, April 21, 2014

    Let's add Alberto there as well.

  55. I feel like you've hit the nail on the head.

    I personally thought that Norwich played well after Suarez scored. Granted our team made some mistakes, but I felt that Norwich was pressing and playing well and forced us into some of those mistakes. It wasn't a major gaffe (ala just about any Kolo Toure own goal this year).

    Mignolet, in particular, needs to be better on balls coming into the box. He's still too tentative. He had cured it for a while (and he even made some better plays after his mistake). But we can't afford for him to make the mistake and then fix it. It needs to be fixed heading into the game.

    Still for all his mistakes, his positioning to stop shots was very good yesterday. Especially on the van Wolfswinkel header.

  56. Yokohama Liverpool Fan5:21 pm, April 21, 2014

    Latest news is we have been linked with David MarShall from Cardiff.

    We have also been linked with Keylar Navss from Levante.

  57. I agree, but Sakho falls to pieces when he is pressed. He has to get rid of the ball sooner because he is defenseless trying to hang onto the ball in the face of pressure. It isn't a sign of weakness to clear a ball when danger looms.

  58. Lucas and Allen tire faster than others because they haven't had game time. Allen should have a better game next in the fitness department. Should be able to add another 10 minutes to his energy levels. Lucas just hasn't been in the game especially higher up where one has less time. Unfortunately the only remedy is to preserver in a real game. Also may work itself out with more time. >> skin of our teeth wins but still wins. What a memorable year. This will be my first tattoo. :) Sorry Mom.

  59. Wouldn't say Sakho fell apart but he had dodgey moments. He doesn't like using his right foot too much and I feel this affects him. That is a worry but it is something that can be worked on and he is young. God look at Skrtel, he goes against what seemed to be his natural instinct to just get rid, now he plays the ball well. I have hope for them as a partnership. I will bet Jaimie and pie in the face that Sakho (if fitness is not an issue) will be first choice next season.

    It's hard to say if the problem in midfield was one of personnel. Allen made a lot of tackles most in the team according to whoscored, twice as man as the next top. He made one key pass but that was more than Lucas or Gerard, his movement and touch for his shot )he had two but the main one) was quite good and deserved more. He had as many through balls as Coutinho, only Suarez having more than the two small fellas. Allen presses quite well. Only Coutinho on his day (Arsenal for instance) and Hendo match or better his pressing. This is not the most glamorous part of the job but necessary.

    The Brad Jones comment doesn't make sense. Don't you need six appearances? Plus think about the late save by Mings, some doggeyness aside he is a great shot stopper by far a mush better one than Jones.

  60. They just haven't played together enough (Sakho at all). The clean sheet thing is a non stat. If you look at how many own goals or ridiculous errors (nothing to do with Sakho) that were conceded in lot's of those games you question the validity of using that to make a point.

    I think it has been hard to judge our defence at all this season due to the chopping and changing. On place in the team you need stability more than anywhere it's defence.