17 Apr 2014

'I'm in Top Form': LFC favourites to sign exciting £20m star who's 'like Lionel Messi'

Liverpool are reportedly lining up a summer move for Fiorentina winger Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, who is also wanted by Arsenal, Spurs, and Manchester United.

According to reports this week:

* Liverpool are planning a £20m offer for the 25-year old attacker.

* 'Sources close to the player' claim that Cuadrado wants a move to the Premier League is his preferred destination,

* The Reds are allegedly in pole-position to seal the deal. and that Liverpool are currently leading the way to sign him.

* Fiorentina are willing to sell.

With the ability to play on either wing, or at right back, Cuadrado is the type of player Rodgers - by his own admission - loves: versatile and flexible, with the ability to slot into several different positions. Some info about Cuadrado:

* Co-owned by Fiorentina and Udinese.
* 78 apps for Fiorentina.
* 27 apps for the Colombia national team.
* Two loan spells in the last four years.
* Serie A's best dribbler (4.2 per game)
* This season: 11 goals/6 assists in 39 apps.
* 2012-13: 5 goals/6 assists in 39 apps.
* Two Year Total: 17 goals/12 assists in 78 apps
* Goal/Assist every 2.7 games

When asked in February about his future, Cuadrado told reporters:

"I am very happy to be here with this team and am focusing on the present, which is Fiorentina.”

In March, Cuadrado was asked again about interest from other teams, and he once again outlined his loyalty to Fiorentina:

"I would be an hypocrite if I said that I don’t like that many teams want me but I think about the present and its name is Fiorentina. I dream of staying here, Italy is beautiful.”

In the first part of the season and over Christmas, Cuadrado experienced a noticeable slump in form, and when asked about this in February, Fiorentina boss Vincenzo Montella explained:

"He [Cuadrado] had some physical issues that caused this slump. From players like him you always expect the best and he always gives a lot. He has to come back doing what he can do.”

Since then, Cuadrado has hit 6 goals in 13 games for the Viola, and he's happy with his form. He told reporters recently:

“I’m in top form, I’m fine now. I only suffered a bit after an injury. My family and I are very happy in Florence. I’m happy that Fiorentina count on me. Montella wants me to be more cynical in front of the goal, I also train hard for the defensive phase.”

In a game against Siena earlier this season, Cuadrado ran from deep inside his own half, dribbled past four opponents, beat the last defender with some dazzling skill, then chipped the goalkeeper, only narrowly missing the goal. This prompted some effusive post-match praise from Fiorentina coach Serse Cosmi, who told reporters:

“If Cuadrado always played like he did today, he’d be like Lionel Messi.”

Overall, I don't see how Cuadrado is worth £20m. He has only two assists since November 2013, and none in the last four months which is a concern for a player who plays mostly as a winger. If LFC are to spend big bucks on an attacking player, it should (IMO) be someone with a a great record of goals/assists.

Additionally, there's the Serie A factor to consider. It's almost a cliche these days, but players from Serie A never seem to do well for Liverpool, and that's been proven countless times over the years. Spending £20m on a player like Cuadrado is a gamble on par with spending £11m on Borini, and £35m on Andy Carroll.



  1. no give me luis muriel konoplyanka and rakitic and were sorted although i wouldnt turn down a LB if we had extra funds

  2. my comment deleted nice one jaimie stick your discussion

  3. Your always so negative towards any player were linked with

  4. Well JK I am a LFC fan from Kosovo who lives only 90 minutes away from Florence and I for one am against buying from Serie A but Cuadrado can be an exception... I watch him play week in week out and he's been fantastic for "la Viola" this term. Under Montella he's developed his game at a great level and with BR man-mannaging skills I see Cuadrado as a very usefull signing as I see Juan Iturbe (who plays for Hellas Verona). Hope we can sign both of them if we are to sign players from Serie A. #YNWA

  5. Spend big on Lallana!!!

  6. he is class and i think he would be similar to our own Sterling and Coutinho with the direct running etc .would work out i think

  7. He has previously mostly occupied the RM role in a 3-5-2. He has incredible pace and stamina, and if he starts on a wing, you can do a sub and play him as RB for a more offensive balance. I hope we buy.

  8. No players from Italian Leagues please. It is a snail paced league. Coutinho was average there because none of his dipshit teammates wanted to make the run behind defenders.

  9. bags of potential there. Probably 12-16 million, not 20 because he's far from a finished article. Probably will need one season to get used to the premiership, then again Coutinho set the Prem alight almost immediately.

  10. Interesting stat

    Club/Average weekly pay
    1 Manchester City $NZ198,600
    2 NY Yankees $198,000
    3 LA Dodgers $192,000
    4 Real Madrid $187,000
    5 Barcelona $183,500
    6 Brooklyn Nets $168,000
    7 Bayern Munich $165,000
    8 Manchester Utd $162,000
    9 Chicago Bulls $149,000
    10 Chelsea $149,000
    11 Arsenal $146,000

  11. I agree but with hendo and Studge out I reckon coutinho will end up out wide. However I have absolute faith in Brendan to get it right. I can only talk for myself but I'm finding it very refreshing to have a manager I truly believe in. Don't think there's that many football fans in the world who can say they truly believe in their manager

  12. You're using kiwi currency...seriously? :p

  13. yeah. btw he not italian and he south american. so he can cope in epl. like other south american he has the flair. why people always say player from serie a cannot do well in epl ? look henry,zola,cou, and some other. their can cope with epl pressure. btw serie a was the best league in the world before epl .

  14. Man City are one of the club under investigation for breach of the FFP rules. They will learn their fate around the 5th of May but chances are they will have come up with ways to outsmart the system. Money talks BS walks.

  15. as posted in the NZ Herald which I read online each day as I've been living overseas many years. Who gives a shit what the currency is. The stat shows Man C highest salary sports team in the world.

  16. I'm an Aussie. You really think you'll get away with not being teased by me?

  17. He could start against Norwich without Sturridge and see how it goes.

  18. Hahahahahaaa

  19. Here's the top 20 annual pay per player in US$
    (Total wage bill in braces):
    1) Man City, PL - 8,109,912 (202,747,812)
    2) Yankees, MLB - 8,031,948 (208,830,659)
    3) Dodgers, MLB - 7,778,336 (241,128,402)
    4) R Madrid, La Liga - 7,586,438 (189,660,944)
    5) FC Barca, La Liga - 7,446,562 (193,610,600)
    6) Nets, NBA - 6,814,067 (102,211,009)
    7) Bayern, Bun - 6,689,311 (173,922,091)
    8) Man Utd, PL - 6,566,775 (164,169,367)
    9) Bulls, NBA - 6,055,463 (78,721,016)
    10) Chelsea, PL - 6,053,686 (151,342,140)
    11) Arsenal, PL - 5,928,172 (148,204,312)
    12) Knicks, NBA - 5,867,808 (88,017,120)
    13) Tigers, MLB - 5,824,233 (163,078,526)
    14) Phillies, MLB - 5,791,002 (179,521,056)
    15) Red Sox, MLB - 5,717,792 (154,380,395)
    16) Heat, NBA - 5,568,543 (83,528,143)
    17) Giants, MLB - 5,490,339 (148,239,158)
    18) Juventus, Serie A - 5,336,821 (149,431,000)
    19) Lakers, NBA - 5,182,926 (77,743,891)
    20) Liverpool, PL - 5,171,351 (129,283,779)

  20. I like his footwork and speed. I'd still rather have Rakitic for his vision and brain.

  21. "Players from Serie A never seem to do well for Liverpool" - Coutinho?

  22. Oh please! Yet another guy we are in the pole position for. Just like half of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and holland. Waste of brain cells. Let's just focus on not letting down against Norwich.........the summer is the summer.......

  23. I can't see Studge playing today. I think BR will go with Lucas and Allen as he trusts and knows what he is getting from these two.