17 Apr 2014

'I liked what I saw': Carra says £40m star has a 'big future'. Better than Sterling?

Manchester United's downward spiral into mediocrity is - along with LFC's charge for the title - one of this season's true pleasures, but despite their struggles, Adnan Janujaz continues to perform with distinction, and he is (arguably) the only real challenger to LFC's Raheem Sterling for this year's Young Player of the year Award. Anfield legend Jamie Carragher is a fan of the Belgian attacker, and believes he has a big career ahead.

In a recent column for the Daily Mail, Carra enthused:

"The one bright spot [for Man Utd] is the emergence of Januzaj.

"He’s played 32 games, which is a lot for a 19-year-old, but he has a big future. I liked what I saw of him in pre-season and he has built on that impression".

In February, Paris St. Germain were linked with a £40m move for Januzaj, which is a quite ridiculous sum for a 19-year old. However, if Man Utd fail to qualify for the Champions League - which is an absolute certainty at this stage - then Europe's big clubs will inevitably pick over the bones of their squad, with Januzaj a particularly attractive option.

As for Sterling vs. Janujaz - who is the more effective player in the league this season?


Minutes played: RS: 1870 | AJ: 1422
Passing Accuracy: RS: 80.5% | AJ: 81%
Goals: RS: 7 | AJ: 4
Assists: RS: 3 | AJ: 3
Shot Accuracy: RS: 66.7% | AJ: 40.7%
Cross Accuracy: RS: 16.4% | AJ: 23.9%
Chances Created: RS: 41 | AJ: 24


Tackles Won: RS: 77.5% | AJ: 80%
Clearances: RS: 13 | AJ: 8
Blocks: RS: 1 | AJ: 2
Interceptions: RS: 16 | AJ: 14
Duels Won: RS: 174 | AJ: 113
Aerial Duels won: RS: 20 | AJ: 16
Recoveries: RS: 133 | AJ: 73

It should be noted that Sterling has played 5 more league games than Janujaz, which means he's had the chance to accrue higher figures in some areas. Both are clearly top quality young players, but if Januzaj is worth £40m, how much is Sterling - who's clearly performing at a higher level - worth?

Here's hoping PSG come in and steal Janujaz over the summer. Anything that weakens Man Utd gets the thumbs-up from me :-)



  1. He stands out cause he plays for an average mid-table team. Lol

  2. Both Sturridge and Hazard are both eligible for the young player of the year award - those two would be clear favourites in my opinion

  3. It'd be a shame if one of those two won it, with a player like Sterling being so much younger and playing so well. What exactly is the cut off age?

  4. I believe that it is 23 at the start of the season, and I agree, I think it should really be 20 at the start of the season, Sterling deserves to win

  5. Was hoping we're the thief,that'll give them a double blow loll...

  6. For sure, 20 or 21 at the most. It'd be interesting to know how long that age limit has been there.

  7. To be fair though, how many U21s were performing at the level that Sterling, Januzaj, even Stones and Flanno and Shaw have 5 years ago? Even just 3 years ago, guys that would have been eligible for a U21 award like Hendo and Sturridge were'nt near what these kids are doing. The award seems too old when in reality the kids are just insanely good.

  8. I think it will be:

    2. Sturridge
    3. Sterling

    That is if they bother doing a top 3 with this- I'm not sure they do. That is what I think it'd be in order of votes anyway.

  9. Personally I wouldn't swap sterling for any similarly aged player in the league. If hazard's eligible for young player award he'll prob win it

  10. No I don't think so. I think he will be neither considered nor (in my opinion) does he deserve it over those 3. Maybe more than Sterling since he has been a key part of the team throughout the season and Sterling only since November/December.

  11. You sure that 24 years is still considered 'young'. Certainly not old, but long way off rookie too.

  12. biggestfandownunder5:11 am, April 18, 2014

    Great stats on both kids. What has amazed me most about Sterling is his flexibility under BR this season. Who could have seen him playing in the number ten role so effectively?

  13. Hazard deserves it he's had a fantastic season all season not just half as per Sterling. Club allegiances aside there's none more deserving.

  14. What about a stat on diving? AJ wins that one hands down.
    Or one on speed...RS gets that one.

  15. Big fish in a small bowl!

  16. Januzaj is a top top young player there is denying it. Sure he's gone off the boil as the season progressed but it's too much to ask from a kid that age to lead a team in one of the top leagues in the world if its senior players are putting out nothing more than mediocrity. Look at Sterling though, one year later and wait and see what happens with Januzaj. If Man U can hang onto him and build around him, they'll stand a good chance of competing sooner rather than later.

  17. If you're talking about Sturridge, he was 23 at the start of the season, so he qualifies (by about a week, I think). Anyhoo, the nominations are out now so we can see it was legit.

    I think comparing 23 year olds to 18 year olds is a bit unfair but sometimes it is worthwhile to acknowledge slightly late bloomers.