17 Apr 2014

'Not serious': Massive injury boost for LFC as BR hints at 'very good recovery' for £12m star

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed some positive injury news ahead of this weekend's Premier League game with Norwich City.

Daniel Sturridge suffered a hamstring injury during LFC's massive weekend victory over Manchester City, and when asked about the nature of the injury, Rodgers told reporters:

"He [Sturridge] may well make a very good recovery over the next few days and ready for the weekend.

"At this moment in time, we're just assessing him. He does recover very quickly, and it's certainly not as serious as hamstring injuries can be"

That's good news, but in my view, Sturridge should be kept out of the Norwich game irrespective of his recovery.

Obviously, Sturridge want to play, but there's no sense rushing him back and then risking an injury relapse. hamstring injuries are tricky, and if he's not sufficiently well-rested, there's always a chance of aggravating the hamstring again.

A similar issue arose with Daniel Agger earlier in the season. The Dane got injured on international duty, and then played against Southampton, only to be forced off with a reoccurrence of the same injury after 56 minutes (having made a mistake that led directly to the Saints' winning goal). After the match, Agger admitted:

"I shouldn't have played. I made a mistake to say I was ready"

I foresee a similar situation with Sturridge, but hopefully, Rodgers won't make the same mistake again.

If Sturridge must be in the squad, have him on the bench; Liverpool need him fully-fit for the Chelsea game, and I'm sure missing that game will be more disappointing than having to sit out the Norwich match.



  1. Totally agree. If I'm correct, sturridge hasn't featured in our previous 3 games against Norwich and Suarez has terrorised them as a lone front man. Sturridge being fit for Chelsea has to be the priority

  2. The two questions are:

    If he can go, will he run the risk of injuring himself further?

    If he can go, will his injury limit his ability so much that he becomes a detriment to the team?

    If the answer to either of these questions is "yes", then he probably shouldn't play.

    If the answer to both of these questions is "no", then he should play.

  3. I rubber stamp this, Yes we need to win every game to the end but lets not risk him. We can try Aspas who has been royal or Moses against Norwich, God on our side as he has been with us this Season we will win. YNWA, Will continue praying for Liverpool we win the EPL Title and thereafter for more success. God bless Liverpool.

  4. I don't think it'll be Aspas... I think we'll flood the midfield with Lucas, Gerrard, Allen, and Coutinho. Sterling will be up high with Suarez.

  5. Do you not remember the 'Ghost' Assist last season at Anfield?

  6. I think Aspas is definitely a good option. While he might not be as effective as Sturridge, he offers largely the same style of game and will occupy a defender. By playing both Lucas and Allen, we suffocate the midfield, and while that is good in some cases, we have not played that way for some time. Aspas would allow Coutinho to play in his favored AM position, and Aspas will have hunger to prove himself, unlike Moses.

  7. I reckon we'll go 4-3-3, a midfield 3 of gerrard, Lucas, Allen and coutinho, Suarez, sterling up top

  8. Gotta be honest and say no...

  9. pass from lucas to sturridge, who played the dummy and let the ball through to suarez who neted in easily

  10. I think the best idea would be to put Sterling up front with Suarez and put Tex on the wing with Coutinho playing the #10 slot.

  11. I could certainly see that being the case.

    Or even a 4-3-2-1 or 4-3-1-2.

    I think Coutinho is so much more effective playing in the middle of the pitch as opposed to out wide.