22 Apr 2014

Aldo: Forget Gerrard move. £11m masterstroke is BR's best decision this year. Agree?

On Saturday, on-loan Liverpool striker Fabio Borini stuck the knife into Jose Mourinho's dwindling title chances with the winning goal against Chelsea, and LFC legend John Aldridge believes that Reds fans will now welcome the Italian back to Anfield with open arms.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo today, Aldo argued that the Chelsea goal is 'Borini’s biggest contribution to Liverpool since he joined the club' and suggested that he now 'has a future at Anfield'. He added:

"Of all the decisions Brendan Rodgers has got right this season, sending Borini on loan [is] the shrewdest of them all.

"The fans love him now. He’s had a decent season [and] if he comes back, he will be getting a fair few pats on the back for sure"

Borini has 7 goals/2 assists in 38 appearances, which is only 'decent' and nothing more. Is it enough to earn the Italian a second chance at Anfield? As a squad player, perhaps, but there's no way (IMO) he'll ever be first-choice for the club.

It may all be moot anyway. When asked about Borini's future recently, Sunderland boss Gustavo Poyet made it clear he wants to keep the Italian. He told Sky Sports:

"If we stay in the Premier League I would keep him. Fabio cares, and he gives everything - the perfect professional".

With Liverpool back in the Champions League, I imagine Borini will want to stay at Anfield next season, and Rodgers seems to be open to the idea of keeping the striker in the squad. In an interview with the Liverpool Echo in March, he noted:

"Fabio has got games and scored some very important goals. He got the opportunity to play in a major final at Wembley. All that bodes well for the future".

Borini's agent is also convinced that a return to Anfield is on the cards. He told reporters recently:

"After the season returns Borini to Liverpool, where he is one of Brendan Rodgers favourites. You should talk to him about a possible sale, but I do not think that is the intention".

To be honest, I'm ambivalent on this issue. If Rodgers decides to sell, great, but if Borini stays, that's fine too, and the stats suggest that the he could be decent squad player.

There's one major upside to keeping Borini: After another year of Premier League experience, he should - in theory - be more equipped to make an impact for LFC, and if that happens, it will be like having a brand new signing.

Additionally, with four competitions on offer next season, the striker should get a healthy number of games to prove himself, though more attacking players will inevitably arrive in the summer, which could limit his chances.

There's also the cost issue to consider. It's unlikely that LFC will make back £11m on Borini at this stage, so it probably makes sense to keep him for another year (or the first part of next season at least) in a bid to raise his transfer value.

Ultimately, I'd rather see Aspas leave over Borini. Whatever happens, one of them will have to go as LFC will not (IMO) be able to accommodate both players next season.

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  1. I voted keep. He has played as deep as left midfield for Sunderland. He can play anywhere in the front 3 but he is a pure striker and you can see that in the runs he makes. Overall, I like his energy, and time is on his side so I think we should bring him back next season.

    If Suso returns, and Ibe is in there too, it totally eliminates the opportunity for Rodgers to look for those type of signings which have failed him (Aspas/Alberto medium priced buys). We have our own players, and now we can really look for one or two reputable players to come in and make a major difference.

    IMO, it would be ideal if we signed one quality fullback, maybe two, to replace Johnson. Sterling is first team material and we have other youngsters waiting to get a proper go - Konoplyanka for example, would be a waste of money.

  2. Borini is a good player,with high energy that suits our pressing style. I've no doubt Brendan has him in his long term plans. We have a lot of young players returning with some first team experience,which bodes well for the future. Every level of the club is performing at a high level,we are on the cusp of a red tidal wave...

  3. His performance should rise further surrounded by better players too.

  4. Nowhere near good enough, best for him and the club to let him go

  5. Aspas technically is a good player but with Suarez, Sturridge and now Sterling way ahead of him in the pecking order, he was always going to struggle to get a starting place this season. Next season is going to be a completely different story when we have many more games on the plate so there is a possibility that we keep both Aspas and Borini to cope with the fixture list.

    Cissokho will be going back to Spain so in all probability we will sign LB. Moses will be going back to Chelsea so in all probability we will sign another versatile forward. Then we will most probably sign another deep lying midfielder. Any more signings will depend on departures.

  6. I'm not sure but if we can get a really good striker or have sterling work on his finishing and play up front, then we could sell borini and buy a suitable competitor for Coutinho's position.

  7. If your replacing Johnson id say its safe to say Enrique must go too as its unlikely he is sound enough to make L.B his for a season.
    They definitely need a L.W too Moses is a goner which is good but they need a decent player in that area id like Griezmann but it wont happen.
    The rest i agree with not sure myself about Konoplyanka but we will see.

  8. I think he's done enough to merit another crack at it at anfield. As far as I can see, he's the perfect third striker for ya. Has potential, a good attitude and won't expect to start every game

  9. We'll be playing CL football as champions of England next year. If we want to make an impression during our first season back amongst the elite of Europe, we cannot have players like Borini, Alberto and Aspas in our squad. It needs to consist of top top players and hungry and exciting youngsters who are the envy of Europe. Focus on Sterling type gems and big Diego Costa type transfers. Iturbe, Vinicius Araujo or Mitrovic at Anderlecht are the strikers of the future. The likes of Youri Tielemans, Quintero, Klaassen, Sean McDermott, Loris Karius, Aymeric Laporte, Matthias Ginter, Eder Alvarez Balanta and Juan Bernat should be our 5 - 8 million pound signings and not players who've not made the step up by 25 or who have not seen first team football at the age of 21.

  10. What has Aspas shown you to make you feel he is technically a good player? Whatever that means...

  11. Give him a good bonus and let him go ..... unless we keep him to take pens when Stevie is injured ;-) He will not cut it in CL and we have enough young squad players who have more potential IMO . We now need to get the blend right between youth and experience to hit the ground running in Europe

  12. The are a couple of ways of explaining it.

    Aspas has the understanding of Rodgers style of play. He He is versatile meaning he has the skills to play in more than one position.

    The other way I can explain is by comparing a player like Aspas vs Andy Carroll who's functionality is very limited.

    Hope that helps.

  13. Are you serious? He scored a worldy against city in the cup final. He may not be a prolific goal scorer,but he's definitely a scorer of important goals. He has a great attitude,work ethic and plenty of ability,not to mention he's very young,Brendan will have him back next season and I believe we'll see his quality then.

  14. Not many Sterling type players around Eric!! I've watched Borini play for Sunderland all season and he has impressed in a poor team. He was loaned out to develop and I've no doubt he'll be a part of our squad for next season,he's a good young player,with the right attitude to be a success at Liverpool.

  15. Nothing you've stated here is proven in practice. If Aspas understands Rodgers' style of play, why does he never play? What evidence is there that he's 'versatile', with the the skills to play in 'more than one position'?

    Once again, you're a raging apologise for Rogers' poor buys in the transfer market, and you will make up reasons to support the unsupportable even when, in reality, they have zero logic or credibility.

  16. 100% serious, he is not good enough!

    I would maybe play him in the lesser cup games (to avoid injuries to quality players) but i would not start him in the league or the CL.

    Hopefully BR will be given decent money to replace poor players such as Borini and Aspas

  17. Agree Aspas has looked a bit light weight,but to be honest there isn't many players out there who would've pushed Suarez, Sturridge, Sterling and Coutinho out of the team. We've had past managers who have played players they have signed to the detriment of players coming through,no one can accuse Brendan of doing this,he gives everyone a fair crack of the whip,which is the sign of a top manager.

  18. Aspas Says Rodgers' Tiki-taka Barcelona Method Has Taken Liverpool to the Top

    By Eduardo Fernandez-Abascal
    April 14, 2014 14:45 GMT

    Liverpool Spanish striker Iago Aspas has told IBTimes UK that Brendan Rodger's methods are quite similar to the tiki-taka style that in recent years have seen both Barcelona and Spain conquer the world.

    During his successful career at Celta Vigo, where he scored 50 goals in 152 appearances, Aspas was managed by both current Barcelona B manager Eusebio and former Rafa Benitez assistant at Liverpool, Paco Herrera.

    Asked in an interview with IBTimes UK about Rodger's style, Aspas said: "He is a young coach with Spanish philosophy."

    "I was used to train with Eusebio and Paco Herrera at Celta and the training sessions are almost equal. Maybe a little more physical but Rodgers also likes dealing with the ball and having the possession. Indeed two days a week we do 'rondos' (a Barcelona popular training method which consists of passing the ball between each other with just one touch in a circle) like Barcelona. I also did that with Eusebio at Celta. They both want to have the ball, Rodgers insists we do that a lot. "

    Rodgers has always tried to imitate the Catalans' game, with its emphasis on short passing and the stamina to press the ball for 90 minutes.

    His former Swansea side were even dubbed "Swansalona" while at Liverpool even though he tried to impose the passing game during his debut season he has finally opted for a more direct and counter-attack approach.

    Questioned about the difference between this Liverpool who are leading the Premier League and the one that finished last season in seventh, Aspas said: "For me last year having not qualified even for the Europa League was a failure."

    "A club like Liverpool, who have five Champions League cups and are considered one of the best clubs in Europe, always have to play in Europe. This year we are meeting the expectations, we are fighting for the league and qualification for the Champions League is almost assured," Aspas added.

    "From the first day I have seen the expectations are very high as it should be because of Liverpool's history. The quality of the players and the desire of winning that they show in every training session are the reasons that keeps us winning."

  19. A Goalie is a must.

  20. La Liga expert on Iago Aspas

    24th Jun 2013 - Latest News

    Journalist and La Liga expert Andreas Vou tells us what we can expect from new striker Iago Aspas...

    What are your thoughts on Liverpool signing Iago Aspas?

    I feel it is a very positive move from Liverpool. Iago Aspas will bring a lot of energy to the team; he looks to have finally come of age and is currently in the best form of his career after playing a pivotal role in keeping Celta Vigo in Spain's top division. Brendan Rodgers is extremely picky, in a positive way, in the sense that he only goes after players that he is 100 per cent sure about. Bar Kolo Toure, the players signed in the Rodgers era have all been 25-years-old or younger who are hungry, who have great potential and are determined to showcase their ability at a top club. Aspas very much fits that profile.

    Was there other interest in him?

    Swansea made no secret of their interest in December and he was one of their top targets for this summer. Valencia were in fact close to agreeing a deal in May but their financial problems hampered the chances of the deal going through. Other offers were said to have come in from Italy and Portugal too but that was only after Liverpool were in advanced negotiations.

    What are his key attributes?

    His most prominent attributes are his first touch, his agility and his dribbling. His small stature gives him an extremely low centre of gravity which allows him to jink past players just when it looks certain he'll be dispossessed. He has blistering pace too while his finishing has substantially improved in the last two seasons.

    Where do you see him slotting into our side?

    His preferred and most common position is centre-forward. However, similar to Daniel Sturridge, moving him to different positions in the front line where he could have more of the ball and a bigger influence on matches helped him vastly improve his all-round game. He is a very versatile player and will have no problem playing as either the centre-forward, on the right wing of a front three or even just behind as a playmaker. Also the fact that the newcomers in the Rodgers era all have common traits will help Aspas adjust to Liverpool's philosophy.

    Do you think he'll be able to adapt to the Premier League?

    Judging by the success of Spanish players in England, it's now more of a question of whether the British players can adapt to them. The Premier League still holds its core characteristics but, year by year, it is evolving technically, a quality which Aspas possesses in abundance. He is known for his aggressive nature and determination; he works for the team and will fight to regain the ball if he is dispossessed.

    LFC TV Online subscribers can watch our first interview with Iago Aspas exclusively online now. Need a subscription? Click here to sign up>>

    Aspas: It was easy

    The video you selected is only available to LFCTV Online members. You are now watching our Preview video, login or click here to sign up.

    If you had to compare him to another player?

    His playing style reminds me very much of Italy's Giuseppe Rossi: left-footed, very nimble, extremely elegant on the ball and developed into a complete player as his career progressed. In terms of his character, I would liken him to someone who the Liverpool fans took to very well in his time at Anfield - Craig Bellamy.

    Should supporters be excited?

    Liverpool fans have every reason to look forward to seeing their new man in action. It is important that they do not put too much pressure on him by expecting the same kind of instant impact that Luis Suarez had. They must be patient but I am sure the fans will give him all the support he needs for him to feel at home.

  21. I am 100% confident that Mignolet will still be our No 1 for next season.

  22. Very simple really. If we sell, we lose. If we keep, possibility to shine or be a squad player. Either way we have options. And Hey. If Rodgers can make Hendo play football? Rodgers can make Borini too.
    Lets give the lad a chance. If he wants it at LFC that is???

  23. Do you deliberately make personal info available?

  24. And why is that? He is nearly not good enough for us. Go watch the goals we have let in this season. More than half are his mistakes. A good Goalie saves the Ball and clutches to it. MIngs just wants to push the ball away resulting in many corners and goals.

    Your confidence baffles me.

  25. Not all players develop as fast as Sterling or Coutinho, if we were to discard players after a few appearances,then where would Lucas, Henderson and Allen be plying their trade?! Football is about opinions and since the onset of the video games and social media,everyone believes they have more football nous than the manager of their respective team. I think in this instance,I will have to agree with Brendan Rogers,when he says "Fabio Borini is a talented young player, with a bright future in the game". He has done enough at Sunderland,to deserve his chance.

  26. Here are the reasons as to why Mings does not qualify to be no.1


  27. Ah..gotcha. Wikipedia doesn't keep track of those things and I forgot Celta Vigo was recently promoted. I suppose thats why I shouldn't use Wiki as a source ;) Anyway, I'm still not very impressed... If Griezmann has 20 goals this season, but has 40 over 5 seasons, then he scored 20 over 4 seasons, or 5 per season... not very good if you ask me.

  28. I believe we will keep him for one more season for his attitude and desire while on loan albeit for a lesser side Sunderland.He also has been unlucky with injuries and i do hope he gets another chance like Hendo/Allen to prove himself .Cheers

  29. Login - re your now deleted comment. I am getting sick and tired of your antagonistic questions. Once more, and you will get a 2 week ban.

  30. I am sure you can remember the article i wrote which you posted on your site where I mentioned that Aspas looked a bit out of his depth and most probably will be moved on YET you can call me a raging apologist for the signings Rodgers made?

    Aspas is a good player but unfortunately for him he has not had many chances to prove himself and there could be many reasons for this which only the player, Rodgers and coaching staff will be able to explain.

  31. Agree here he really has to improve on his catching ability and authority in commanding his area . Also his distribution is sadly lacking ...... If these things aren't in his locker then he will only ever be a no 2 for us. Anyways a backup keeper of European standard is definitely needed.
    Hard game for Chelski tonight and a few knocks and bruises .......

  32. What counts in Borini's favour is that he is a good egg and has proven most effective for Sunderland in their biggest games. I'd welcome him back.

  33. I'm sure he has became accustomed to being in a struggling team over the past 10 months.

  34. Poor man's Ibrahim Ba.

  35. Griezmann isn't really an attacking midfielder, he's a winger, so while his assist numbers could be better his goals are what catch my eye. And as I've said before, on a lower quality team I'd be more interested in his "chances created" numbers than his assist numbers...to get an assist requires someone else to finish. What's so interesting to me about this player is that he is left footed and plays from the left but still scores a boatload of goals...most of the modern day goalscoring wingers play inverted. 20mil might be a little high, but this kid is so talented and young...I hope we get him and I'd be happy to pay that fee.

    PS...paucity? I thought they taught you writers to forego the 10 dollar word when the 10 cent one will do haha

  36. Definitely rather see Aspas leave over Borini. Here's a question though...if we beat Chelsea to the title by a point, will you still be saying Borini has made zero contribution to the cause?

    Still waiting on a reply in a previous thread about at what point you consider a player a failure.

  37. Assaidi-Borini + Josehappyspeci(alone) = LFE!!! This LFC loanies goals are for you LoseMourinho, because there is divine retribution even for you (last chapter this weekend in Anfield, Chelski one)...!!!

  38. All I am asking is to remove my details when you reply. That was not the fist occasion.

  39. That is not what you asked; you insinuated that I do it on purpose, just like you made snide insinuations about me visiting a Man Utd site the other day. Stop it, or as I said, you'll be banned. If you have an issue, email.

  40. He'll be back next season, he was Brendans first signing and has been with him at 3 clubs now I don't think he would have signed if he didn't think he was a good player. His an option on the left and we haven't many worth starting apart from Sterling and will get games upfront in the cups. We'll have Europe next season and hopefully deeper cup runs. Dont forget there not much chance Daniel Sturridge will be fit for 38 games and I think he would have played parts where Aspas didn't this season.

  41. Chris Rossington8:43 pm, April 22, 2014

    I think now we have been playing a diamond, borini would do a better job than aspas in one of those forward positions as cover. Aspas is too lightweight, has a terrible touch from the limited action i've seen him in and just doesn't seem to bring a lot to the table. Not sure if Borini will make it long term though.

  42. He's probably our third best striker and versatile enough to play wide. So unless we buy another striker I'd say he'll be needed with all the extra games.

  43. Agree with others that assists is a poor statistic. Obviously if you are working with poor finishers you won't get as many. I looked into this a little and Vela with 18 is the only other player in double figures for Sociedad. I think in a team like ours he would likely get a lot more assists.

    That aside, I would argue that a 23 year old winger with 20 goals in 44 games (who doesn't even take penalties) would be an absolute bargain at £20m in the current market. It sounds like a bit of an FSG dream transfer in my opinion.

  44. What I meant was that we should only shop for youngsters who have first team experience or sign the cream of the crop as far as teenagers go. Sterling was already highly rated as a 15 year old and those are the type of youngsters we should be looking at. Not the Alberto's of this world. All the ones I have mentioned are the top players in their age group, in the world.

  45. Fernando Torres....oh he's not a top player anymore is he?
    ''I'll get me coat''

  46. City fans fault, they should leave the humor to us...the man
    a genius who really wasn't given enough time to get them relegated.
    Dam, missed opportunity there, so they final managed to see though Slur Alex haze. How many got refunds for the blatant lies portrayed in his book,if you was fool enough to buy it in the first place.

  47. Borini may not be a prolific goalscorer, but his high energy levels and darting runs tire defences out, and that is needed almost as much as the goal scorers. Have a look at Henderson's contributions this season, which he does from midfield; need someone similar upfront too.

  48. Mignolet is a terrific shot stopper, but has a lot to learn about commanding the six yard box. Still young enough to become a great goalkeeper.

  49. You certainly know your players Eric. Do you do anything else in your spare time.

  50. He's a good player and was unlucky at times for us. He came into the club when things really didn't go very well and Sturridge has since made it almost impossible for any striker to get a regular starting spot. Having him on loan has been brilliant and those two results should not be dismissed as just a cute story for the papers. Sending good players on loan to lower clubs so that they can hurt your rivals actually makes a lot of sense and in this case it's really worked out well for everyone. I expect him back at Liverpool next year. Aspas probably needs to go because despite doing a job when asked of him there just isn't a place for him in the team when all our strikers are fit. We'll bring in some quality attacking players in the summer and Aspas will only slip further down the list. He could be used as a trade piece in deals with Spanish clubs.

  51. Haha, someone has been paying attention. Physically weak, inexperienced, and untested, overpriced Spaniards are my favourite type of players and I have already ordered my Aspas kit for next season.

    Shame we never pinched the proper players like Sivla, Mata or Negredo.

  52. Uhhhh..."decent money to replace poor players"...who brought em here?and what if the decent money was again utilized on poor/squad players?no need to sell any1 as we need a very big squad next year...all we need is an addition of rakitic/Mkhitaryan and contreao to the existing players...

  53. The tissue I used to blow my nose with this morning looked a lot stronger than Aspas

  54. I'd like to bring Marshall in. Not convinced with Mignolet at all.

  55. hes French you tit

  56. Who is french? Silva Mata and Negredo arent Griezzmann is though.

  57. Well if you look at all the various threads on this and other sites you will see that most seem to come to the conclusion that the Barcelona ban is on buying not selling. The question then follows as to whether they might to sell if they cannot buy replacements. Then there is the possibility of the ban being lifted while any appeal is held or that the ban itself might be illegal and so the story and speculation goes on ....

  58. A Griezmann(22) is a good winger, but there are better wingers that B Rodgers could bring to club for same value, cheaper or a bit more.

    1: Y Konoplyanka(25) Of Dnipro for £15-£17M

    2: Susaeta(26) Of A Bilbao for £10-£14M

    3: J Rodriguez(24) Of Southampton £12-£15M

    4: Pedro(26) Of Barcelona £17-£23M

    These 4 wingers are all better than Griezmann(22)

  59. I think someone was too lazy to read before they jumped into the conversation :)

    P.S. Farina out, Moyes in! ;)

  60. Christian Tello is class and at €10 million is an absolute bargain .