21 Apr 2014

'He scores lots of goals': BR wants exciting £20m star hailed as 'best in La Liga'

Last year, the Agent of Real Sociedad star Antoine Griezmann claimed that Liverpool were interested in signing the exciting left-winger during the summer transfer window. A deal didn't materialise, but reports this week suggest that the Reds will go back in for the French international this summer.

According to The Mirror today:

"Antoine Griezmann [is] summer target for Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton, and Arsenal.

"Real Sociedad this will listen to offers around the £20million mark".

Speaking to Reporters in May 2013, Filippo Vergani - Griezmann's Agent - claimed that a host of top clubs across Europe want the 22-year old attacker:

"Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal are constantly watching him, as are Marseille and PSG in France; and Milan, Juventus and Fiorentina in Italy"

When asked to describe Griezmann's playing style, Vergani waxed lyrical about the youngster's attacking versatility, and insisted that a 433 formation - Brendan Rodgers' preferred approach - suits him perfectly:

"Griezmann can play on either flank, but is better on the left. He is fast, and one-on-one situations are his strong point, and tight-marking doesn't work on him. He has the ability to open up defences and change games"

Former Real Sociedad boss Philippe Montanier is also a fan, and in a recent interview, he enthused:

"He [Griezmann] is a complete player. One of the best in La Liga. He is able to play multiple positions, and he is crucial to us. He has a lot of potential, and I think he has a great future"

Griezmann recently received his first call-up to the France national team, and in an interview last month, France boss Didier Deschamps explained why he selected the 23-year old:

"He is very clinical, scores a lot of goals and creates a lot of goals. He is equally comfortable on either side and through the middle. On top of that, he is tactically very aware – that's why I called him up."

With 20 goals in 44 games, Griezmann is having a very productive season goalscoring season for Sociedad, but Deschamps' claim that he 'creates a lot of goals' is not really accurate. Three assists all season proves that the he struggles to create goals, and for an attacking midfielder, that's a problem. Griezmann's previous assist-history is also not that great:

* 2012-13: 3 assists in 35 apps.
* 2011-12: 4 assists in 38 apps.
* 2010-11: 1 assist in 37 apps.
* 2009-10: 0 assists in 39 apps.

Maybe it's just me, but £20m seems massively overpriced for a player with an assist-history of this paucity. If Griezmann struggles to create goals in La Liga, will he do any better in the more physical and faster Premier League?



  1. What are his key passes like. Much better indicator of what he produces than assists. He may not have any players who play with him who are good at scoring. Conversely an assist can com from you just passing the ball three yards sideways and you teammate belts in a beauty.

  2. I've got to say that I'm not remotely impressed. I've heard a lot about this guy, but Konoplyanka and Cuadrado both look tons better.

  3. The guy just turned 23 and has 40 career La Liga goals as a winger. He's also got 16 assists if you believe transfermarket.com. Plus he is playing in a rather average team. 20m sounds fair value to me. Looks a lot stronger and meaner than say Aspas. I'd like him at Anfield.

  4. Thats an average of 10 goals a year (starting in 2009 according to Wikipedia). While that would be impressive at a more rigorous league, goals aren't that hard to come by in La Liga. Griezmann is obviously more talented than his teamates, and could even grow to star in La Liga, but does he have the flair and incisiveness to thrive in the Premier League or Bundesliga? And 16 assists is terrible for the amount of games played, as shown by Jaimie above...

  5. This lad can really play and has all the attributes to make it in the EPL 20 million is still good value.
    Only problem with this is he has been rumoured to be joining Liverpool for a few seasons and am yet to see him go anywhere.

  6. We were linked with 77 players from Sept up till Jan 31st, how many signed, ???
    For me it gets tedious, I dont even bother to read the full articles anymore.

  7. It's their standard response to rumours like that and they are true to their word: they don't respond to speculation. I agree that it's not really classless to make a "no comment" type of statement. If this all turns out to be baseless rumours then they've said exactly the right thing.

  8. I am with you on this one Johnny.

  9. The article said this guy has 20 goals in 44 games this year. Until now, his stats are like a center back. Either he suddenly became Christiano Ronaldo one year isn't enough to blow all that cash after which he reverts to the median performance of the past which is totally unimpressive.......

  10. gargantuan, always wanted to use that word...someone been watching kill bill recently?

  11. Eummm...aging players or not, Ferguson made them champions in his final season. They didn't turn OAP overnight. Fact is, Moyes can only play a certain brand of football and cannot deal with the personalities at that club. On top of that, he also felt the need to let go of a hugely successful back room staff to bring in his own whereas keeping they would have helped him, especially in his first year. He was allowed to spend but he wasted it on Fellaini and Mata rather than bringing in hungry, ambitious players. Fellaini is one of the most overrated players in the league and Mata is coming out of six months of wilderness straight into an underperforming and, no doubt, demoralized team of prima-donnas. Moyes just did a terrible job, end of. All that said, I believe a new manager should always be given at least four or five seasons to try and get it right...

  12. Here's an idea...since you know so much, maybe they should give you the job? Back to your big squad you go my friend. A big squad o'nuthin'

  13. I agree but it does make you wonder what could have been had you brought in the right manager. I maintain you'd have been a hell of a lot better off leaving Moyes for Everton and bringing in Martinez yourself.

  14. Don't rate him one bit.

  15. Raheem Sterling only has 4 assists in 31 matches but that does not mean he has not created chances.

  16. I agree with that. The assist metric is far too subjective. Chances created is better.

  17. Moyes has been sacked.

  18. Yes, I think that 20 million is too much for any player sporting blonde highlights. Seriously, how many top class players have had blonde highlights? Maybe my memory is gone, but I can't recall a single one.

  19. Looks like Giggsy will be taking the reigns until they can ship in Van Gaal. Players - lock up your wives!

  20. Thought you guys would like this.

    Poyet had an interview on Uruguayan radio and he said the following:

    Suarez sent him an SMS after the chelsea game which said:
    Vamooooo! Bien uruguayo..." Translates to "goooo! Well in Uruguayan"

    His response was:
    "Ahora te toca ganar a vos" Translates to "now you have to win" in reference to the Norwich game.

    Let's the conspiracy theories begin. :)

  21. Kono has already been identified, comes at the right price and is a good fit for the team....I will be surprised if he's not the winger bought in summer.

  22. feel sorry for him. poisoned chalice Man U. he had a job for life at Everton. He will end up in a struggling team now.

  23. Liverpool owner John Henry says the club’s biggest challenge is sides that ignore Financial Fair Play rules. The American says it makes things difficult for the Reds when other sides overlook the current rules in place to ensure financial fairness across football.

    “The biggest challenge for us has been the ignoring of Financial Fair Play - It's challenging, it makes it difficult. There are only four Champions League spots, we have three teams that seem to have unlimited budgets, at least two so it's challenging,” Henry told the BBC.

    Liverpool are reportedly lining up a move for Cardiff City goalkeeper David Marshall. Marshall has been one of the best performing goalkeepers in the league this season, despite Cardiff’s position, and is rated at around £6 million making him a potentially good value addition to the squad this summer.

    TalkSPORT has reported that Madrid based La Liga sides Atletico and Real Madrid have entered the race to sign Hamburg’s Hakan Calhanoglu. The 20-year-old Turk has been linked as a possible summer addition for Brendan Rodgers as he seeks to improve the attacking area of his squad.

    Liverpool star Raheem Sterling has said the side will remain modest in their hunt for a first league crown since the 1989/1990 season. The Reds are in pole position to win the league after Chelsea were beaten by Sunderland and they won at Norwich.

    “We come in every day at Melwood and see each other, everyone knows what the dream is at the end of it, so everyone is just keeping each other modest and we know that if we keep working hard there is this real goal at the end of it now,” said the winger.

    Sterling has been widely praised for his performance in the weekend win by teammate Joe Allen. Allen says Sterling’s first goal against the Canaries demonstrates the talent he possess at the moment.

  24. £20 milion is very high fee and meaning high risk for young player who never given big proven yet.He is look like next Frank Ribery from France. £12 miion maybe reasonable price for him.

  25. 1 KP/game. It's true this is the better measure, just because you create a chance, doesn't mean it will be taken. Suarez last year was creating even more chances than this year, but had a measly return. Silva is the top chance creator, but doesn't have the assists to match.

  26. All we need is for Diego Lugano and Gaston Ramirez to do something to efect the league. But hey if this is the year Uruguayans win the leauge, I won't have any complaints.
    Hope Sunderland stay up, they haven't done entirely bad under Gus - and at least give teams a run for their money.

  27. Carlos Vela is arguably their more valuable player, 13 goals and 11 assists in La Liga, but not sure if either would hit the ground running.
    Will be interesting to see how many transfer stories run in the summer. This time, none of that "I want Champions League" stuff working against us, it will be working in our favour. With United and Barca out of the picture, would seem that the laws of supply and demand will work in our favour price wise too,.

  28. So Notes is gone. Classless board with classless fans. ManU did not win squat for SAF's first 7 years. I hope this starts the curse of David Notes. MANU does not win a title again until the curse is lifted.

  29. We had the same issues when Hodgson was made manger. I do not agree with the way a small select few fans treated him, however he was never the right man for the job and same can be said for Moyes.

    The fans knew it was an appointment would never work, both managers got of to bad starts and both managers failed to win the fans over with their style of play, their interviews etc...

    Moyes did well for Everton but that is it, he did not as many other people like to make out was a fantastic manager.

    He never beat Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea or Arsenal as Everton manager, he never reached a cup final where as others with less money, smaller squads and less resources did reach finals and won them.

    Moyes never showed any real ambition whilst at Everton and never showed anything that would lead you to believe that he could manage at the very top level.

    The same can be said for Hodgson.

  30. I'm just grateful that Moyes didn't have any clue as to what he was doing in the transfer market last year.

    United should have (more importantly could have) brought in a host of players to improve the team.

    He brought in Fellaini for too much money and disrespected the Everton fans in the process. And then bought Mata in a panic in January. Think about it... he paid almost 40m for a player warming Chelsea's bench.

    And Liverpool is there to reap the benefits :)

  31. Yes he made them champions with an ageing squad but I'm not on about them becoming champions again, I'm on about Ferguson leaving his supposed legacy with ageing players. He should have started the rebuild before he left instead of leaving ageing players. Yes, they did't turn OAP and yes Moyes did a terrible job (I still thought they would have been top 4) but he was not left a legacy, it's sort of like when Dalglish left Liverpool the first time (I know for good reasons) he left an ageing squad which Souness had to rebuild and we all know how that went.

  32. Same when Mourinho left Inter. Old squads have a tipping point and when they start tipping, you tend to end up with an avalanche of shit.

  33. I don't think it reaffirms his legacy. I think it reaffirms his quality but the legacy, that which follows your leaving, has been an aging squad that was not fit to compete.

    Moyes has still done a poor job though. Just the wrong man for the job. Always was. I was desperate for him to stay in charge for the summer splurge.