4 Apr 2014

Bundesliga Raid? - LFC plan summer bid for 'important' £15m star who's admired by BR.

Liverpool are reportedly interested in signing Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng this summer, a player who is also wanted by Premier League strugglers Manchester United.

According to German newspaper Bild this week, Brendan Rodgers is an 'admirer' of the 25-year old centre-half, and is considering a possible summer transfer.

Liverpool may be interested in the 6'4 German, but Boateng only recently signed a contract extension with the German giants, which takes him through to 2018. After signing the deal, he enthused:

"I am happy. FC Bayern are one of the biggest clubs in world football. I want to achieve more success here."

During Tuesday's Champions League draw with Manchester United, Boateng made a glaring error, which almost lost Bayern the game. He failed to clear the ball, and under pressure from Danny Welbeck, he fell over, allowing the United player a free run on goal. Luckily for him, Welbeck fluffed the chance, but it could've been a costly error.

According to Bayern Chief executive Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Boateng is 'one of the most important players at the club', and even if Liverpool win the league, I can't see the Reds pulling off this deal.

Boateng - who cost Bayern £15m - plays for one of the top clubs in Europe, and is managed by one of the world's best managers. He's practically guaranteed Champions League football - and trophies - every year, so why would he leave?

Additionally, with a long contract in place, Boateng's transfer fee is probably prohibitive.



  1. So in summery; Unlikely reported Liverpool target unlikely.

  2. 'Premier League Strugglers Manchester United'
    I see what you did there.

    Anyways, isn't this guy a Manchester City reject, just like how Matic was, a Chelsea reject. If he can't handle Danny 'The Superstar' Welbeck then he'd be useless against the Benteke's and Lukaku's of this league (The reason as to why we are looking for CB's).

  3. I bet it was supremely satisfying to type 'Premier League strugglers Manchester United'
    Doing so just now has filled me with girlish glee.

  4. Yep, you're damn right, it was satisfying. Whenever I get the chance to stick the knife into Man Utd in an article, I take it :-)

  5. No truth to this whatsoever

  6. But wouldn't that go against your detractors who claim your a Man Utd fan?

    Could you fathom they are wrong!?!?!!?! :)

  7. Aspas: "I think the best would be to transfer to another club that I find the best fit for myself and the club."

  8. it's like the opposite of when in the lion king, the hyenas keep on saying mufasa to each other to get the chills.

  9. hahaha ohhhhhhh yeahhhh

  10. I think you actually just made up the rumor to have an excuse to write it :-p

  11. Id say he also admires messi but does that make him a transfer target? I think not. What a pointless article.