26 Mar 2014

€24m star to Anfield? - 'World Class' winger responds to 'top club' transfer rumours

Bayern Munich benchwarmer Xherdan Shaqiri has moved to clarify his recent comments about a potential move to Liverpool this summer.

When asked last week about LFC's interest, Shaqiri told reporters:

"When you hear these names you have to listen to the offers if one of these top clubs is interested"

After receiving criticism for his comments this week, Shaqiri insisted last night that he's 'very happy in Munich', adding:

"I never said I want to leave. I'm not thinking about leaving, but if a top club comes in, then you've got to consider it - every player is like that."

In December 2013, ITV Sport claimed that Liverpool are interested in signing €24m-rated Shaqiri, but given the fact he plays for one of the world's best teams, and is practically guaranteed trophies every year, a move to Anfield seems unlikely at this stage.

Shaqiri - recently hailed as 'world class' by Munich's Sporting Director Mattias Sammer - made only 17 starts for Bayern last season, and after seven months of the season, Shaqiri has made only eight Bundesliga starts. Clearly, with the vast array of elite players at Munich, the Swiss winger is finding it increasingly difficult to make the breakthrough.

Would Shaqiri improve Liverpool? Would he be regular starter, or would the situation be similar at Anfield? I'd rather the Reds went for Hoffenheim's Roberto Firmino instead, an attacking player with 31 goals/assists in 28 games this season. He'd be significantly cheaper, and he's consistently proven his ability in one of the world's best leagues.



  1. perfect player who would fit in our squad

  2. I don't know about comparing him to Firminio. I haven't seen a great deal of the the latter but what I get from youtube and such is that he is more a number 10 than Shiqiri. I feel (personally) that despite playing largely as a winger or AM he could play a bit deeper. A more Allen type role in a three in mid. It would give us some better balance as he is left footed too. I think he would inprove our first team but I am not sure it will happen. If we are interested in him Firminio and Pjanic it does stand us in good stead as if we only get one of these by the looks of things we would have a great player coming in.

  3. Sterling is our only real winger, We need another couple, can't think of too many better realistic options out there. But yeah firmino would be awesome as well

  4. Mr. Point Of View2:57 pm, March 26, 2014

    i prefer BOJAN

  5. Really and throw Rakitic in the mix because he would be worth a bid too and you just never know which will accept.

  6. Michael Blankson6:11 am, March 27, 2014

    Buy Shaqiri, I'm a great fan of the kid. He has unbelievable pace and close ball control, plus, at his age, he's only going to get better. The kind of player that will improve our squad vastly. ;)

  7. What kind of player do we really need? With a front 3 we don't really need "wide" players. We're never going to be a team that lumps 40 crosses into the box. Do we maybe need a pure 10 or someone who can shift in the front line? Suarez and Sturridge are classed as strikers but Rodgers claims they are "9 and 1/2" players. They are all comfortable drifting a bit wide so if we got another player in the front three I wouldn't expect him to be a dedicated wide player either. I personally think we'll go for someone who aspires to the 10 role but is more of an all-rounder. Coutinho is good but he just doesn't score enough goals. I think we need a player with his passing vision but also a genuine scoring threat. I'm not sure Shaqiri fits that role, but as a few ppl below are saying ... why not both?

  8. Lucas Moura,shaqiri, luke shaw and morata

  9. Well...Firmino is out since he has just resigned thru 2017 with Hoffenheim. The buyout clause is 25M Euros, but probably not till 2015 at the earliest.